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Rugs are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your space. They also help with noise reduction, so they're perfect for living spaces or bedrooms. One of the best ways to make your space feel cozy is by adding a rug. Rugs are wonderful because they can serve as decoration and function, giving you more bang for your buck! We have 12x15 rugs in all types of colors and materials at discounted prices! You'll find wool rugs that are durable enough for high traffic areas and soft enough for the bedroom. For those who prefer a more contemporary look, we carry cotton area rugs in vibrant shades of green, blue and red that will stand out beautifully against any neutral backdrop. If you're looking for some new rugs, check out my blog post about 12 x 15 rugs today! You'll find information on what size rug to buy based on square footage measurements and everything else you need to know before buying. Whatever style you choose, our 12x15 rugs can be used as flooring or wall decor - there's no wrong way to use them! Welcome to the blog post about 12 x 15 rugs! We are here to help you find the perfect rug for your home. If you're looking for a stylish and affordable rug, then this is the place for you. We listed the 15 Best 12x15 Rugs For 2024 and where to buy them online! So let's get started!

1. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Brown Ziegler Area Rug is handmade with 100% natural wool yarn. This beautiful area rug incorporates a traditional motif and intricate pattern into the meticulously crafted floor covering perfect for every living space. The Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect addition to any room. Its handmade, durable wool construction means it will stand up well to wear and tear, so you won't have to worry about ruining your investment. Its collection of colors are as luxurious as they come. With the ability to customize the size, color, and style of your new area rug, this piece would make an excellent gift too. Shop today at RugKnots.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

2. Red Overdyed Area Rug

This designer rug is handmade in India from wool, with an overdyed intricate design on the top surface. With its soft pile, it's quite heavy and durable for years to come! It measures 12x15 in size. The red Overdyed Area Rug comes backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee, which covers defects in materials and workmanship as well as any damage caused during shipping. Orders for free shipping within the US.

Red Overdyed Area Rug

3. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

Are you looking for a place for your living room to shine? Add the Brown Gabbeh Area Rug from RugKnots to your floor. Solid in color and pattern, this rug brings out vibrancy and diversity without turning into an overload. Layering is a common technique in home decorating that plays with light, depth, and colors; the Brown Gabbeh rug will allow you to have layers of patterns all at once! If size matters to you when choosing rugs, this piece should be perfect as it is 12 by 15 feet in size!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

4. Red Ziegler Area Rug

The Red Ziegler Area Rug is crafted from 100% Luxury Fibers. The Ziegler Area Rug is hand-Knotted with an intricate pattern in a classic color. The beautiful colors in this rug make it the dazzling focal point of any room. Show your creative flair with modern, retro, or traditional furnishings to complement its classic lineup of muted solid and earth tones, making this rug perfect for any decor style. This area rug also has an easy-to-clean surface for spill clean-ups. The customer service report can be submitted online, and our customer service staff will provide assistance shopping for other area rugs or answer any questions about the product. Hurry on over to see more about the Ziegler Area Rug?

Red Ziegler Area Rug

5. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

Tan Gabbeh Area Rugs are handmade using natural fibers of wool. The wool content maintains the rug's beautiful quality and softness after many years of use. These rugs are handmade and will bring any room to life. This area rug is sure to fit your decorative needs. Super soft wool pile binds these tightly woven rugs together for long-lasting comfort! All new dyes have been created to last a lifetime! Place one of these incredible Gabbeh rugs in your home today! The calming effect is added by extensive weaving work on the edges with threads that create elegant and deliberately humble patterns. 

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

6. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

The Ziegler Area Rug provides an instant upgrade to any room with its chic, transitional style, and soft touch. The solid color takes on a life of its own, making it the perfect addition to your space. Lay your tired feet on this soft pile to feel the comfort of home. Hand-knotted, 100% wool gives you some peace of mind about bugs in a household with children and pets. Latest trends series in color hues subtly influenced by palettes from nature such as sunsets, foliage, mountain colors. Closes Midnight et shopping, which ensures your floor aesthetic. Contact customer service for any questions or concerns.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

7. Red Gabbeh Area Rug

A stained red highlights the vibrant grandeur of Gabbeh Area Rug. It is the perfect complement to any décor or theme you are bringing into your home. You will find this beautiful rug self-amplifies a room, making it as intriguing up close as from afar. This magical design features a plain surface in deep tones with intricate detailing for even more beauty. The single color infused with abstract textures - both soothing yet stimulating! We're confident that you'll love this piece just as much as we do! 

Red Gabbeh Area Rug

8. Navy Ziegler Area Rug

Live your life with this area rug. Made of durable wool and designed for high traffic areas, you'll never worry about ruining it again. Its beautiful woven design will give a classy appearance to any room in the house. With a delicate, silken feel and an unmatched sense of sophistication, our navy Ziegler Area Rug will make your room look like it came straight out of the pages of a mid-century modern magazine. Whether you're decorating with eclectic flair or sleek, modern class--you won't find anything to compare at this price point.

Navy Ziegler Area Rug

9. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

You've finally found it. Brown Ziegler Area Rug offers the perfect balance of functionality and style without breaking the bank. Thanks to careful construction by hand-knotted artisans, you'll be able to enjoy this rug for years to come with little wear and tear—vacuum and shake off as needed! This wool rug is an attractive option that's not only durable but will keep your room comfy all year round with its soft pile. It also comes in three different colors in multiple sizes so you can pick what suits both your taste and budget.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

10. Red Gabbeh Area Rug

The area rug is a major consideration for anyone looking to buy an accent piece for decor. The Gabbeh Area Rug comes with soft wisps of hair on one side to give it the feel and look of sheep's wool, which in turn gives your living room that cozy feeling you've been searching for. With color variants, there are endless ways to decorate your space while always being off-the-beaten-path. Leave it lying on the floor or use it as a carpet! Closes midnight est shopping, so don't worry about missing out on the latest trends when online shopping at any time according to our weekly hours.

Red Gabbeh Area Rug

11. Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

The 12 x 15 rug features hand-knotted construction with 100% wool and a sophisticated color palette that is the perfect bend for any home décor. We love when our customers give us some insight into their needs, and this ivory Ziegler Area Rug is perfect for a room that needs quite the makeover! Large enough to cover most of your flooring, with a blend of colors from browns to tan and ivory, it'll be sure to please you in more ways than one. You deserve soft fibers under your feet, don't you? This rug includes an easy email address submit option to contact our customer service. Buy now with Ziegler's shopping assistance!

Ivory Ziegler Area Rug

12. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

This rug is designed with a unique look in mind that will take your breath away. The pile thickness ranges and its low pile height means more comfort for bare feet if you're using these carpets on your floors. These Brown Rugs have a tactile stripe pattern design which can calm most people down after an intense workday (optional). Gabbeh area rugs currently run in many colors, so there is something for everyone. This rug will go great with your home décor. Gabbeh area rugs are designed to be laid on the floor and not used as wall decorations; however, some customers might prefer to hang them.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

13. Beige Ziegler Area Rug

This high-quality area rug is the perfect addition to any living space. Hand-knotted in 100% wool for an authentic feel, it's a refined classic that will enhance your home for years to come while implementing the utmost functionality for daily use with its medium pile height and FREE return policy. The available sizes of width min 12' and length min 15' are perfect choices if you're looking to provide decorating assurance! We offer FREE shipping with quick delivery, so contact us today at RugKnots to learn more about our products and get started on creating a home you love!

Beige Ziegler Area Rug

14. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

The latest trends you'll find only at RugKnots! Today's trendiest rug, the Gabbeh Area Rug, lends a calming touch to any room. Made in durable wool with an elegant yet subtly colorful pattern that will become your newest decor obsession. The 12 x 15 size is ideal for smaller rooms and round ottomans. The colorful Rug by RugKnots has a simple, elegant pattern that will bring an inviting sense to your room. It's handmade in Pakistan, where family workshops make rugs with all-natural vegetable dyes and handmade techniques that have been unmodified for generations. With a stylish combination of traditional design touches combined with contemporary colors, this contemporary rug is perfect for any modern home. 

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

15. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

This is the perfect piece for the long-standing customer who wants to add a traditional rug with a modern twist. The brown Ziegler rug boasts intricate patterns that have been passed down for generations from weaver to weaver. With durable wool fibers and hand-knotting construction, this beautiful rug will stand out in any room as your guests admire its beauty at first sight. The woolen pile height leaves enough cushioning and softness for you to comfortably sit on while hanging out watching television or reading your favorite book without too much pressure from the floor.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

Frequently Asked Question About 12 x 15 Rugs

1. What Is The Largest Size Rug You Can Buy?

The largest size rug that RugKnots offers is 12 ft x 15 ft. RugKnots specializes in custom-made area rugs, so the sizes we offer are dependent on our customer's needs. The largest pre-made area rug we offer is 12' x 15'. If you need a large rug size, please contact us to discuss your query! We realize that the question was geared more towards purchased rugs than those ordered from RugKnots and customized for size.

2. Can I Get Rug Size Greater Than 12 x 15?

Yes, RugKnots offer a customized rug option for their customers, so they don't have to settle for the size you give them. Trust me, we're all on the same page here.

3. Why 12 x 15 Area Rugs Size Better?

With a 12x15, you can get the comforts of the home, office, or whatever your needs may be in one rug! Covering more ground and providing an expansive area to walk on is what makes this size so great. Plus, it's perfect for smaller spaces because its dimensions allow it to fit just about anywhere while still providing comfort with a 1-inch thick pile height. See our all close search about 12 x 15 rugs on top of the page.

4. What Is A Good Pile Height For An Area Rug?

The best pile height for your area rug depends on the location it will be in. 

Low pile height(less than ¼ inch) - low things, like couches or chairs. 

Medium pile height(¼ to ½ inch) - lower to ground, leveled table surfaces, and chair seats. 

High(½ to ¾ inch)- high or elevated surfaces like desks, higher tabletop areas, and shelves. The highest of all pile heights is known as shag and would most suit animals but not humans!

5. What Should I keep In Mind While Deciding For Rug Size?

The best time for rug installation is before any furniture that would be in the way of the rug has been moved, or after all, furniture has been removed. Whenever you walk on a rug, it will shift and need to be pushed back into place. This can make sizing (and balancing) rugs tricky if there's furniture in the way of where it needs to fit. If both the width and length are needed to find an ergonomic size, analyze how much space is available first and then decide what distance between chairs or sofas may be needed for comfortable seating without being bumped by each other or by walls around them. go to our site and see our best deals about area rugs 12 x 15.


RugKnots is the destination for all your rug needs. We have every kind of rug at affordable prices, and we offer free shipping and delivery! Whether you need a new area or runner, kids play mat, or even an outdoor patio set, our selection ranges from 2x3 to 12x15, so there's something perfect for everyone! Shop now with Rug Knots today and get back to living life without worrying about finding that perfect flooring solution. We want to help you with your decorating needs. If you're still unsatisfied after receiving that new area rug, shoot us an email at info@rugknots or contact our team by phone at (301) 660-7046, and our team will be happy to talk through any issues personally with you if anything is unclear. You can also explore lots of blogs on home decor from the comfort of your device - we agree that reading reviews helps us get better. Happy Shopping!

Red Isfahan Area RugRed Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Red Isfahan Area Rug - AR5569
$3,457.99 $6,915.98
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Free Shipping

Ivory Ziegler Area RugIvory Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Ziegler Area Rug - AR3597
$2,119.62 $4,239.24
Sold out

Free Shipping

Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
Rugknots Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug - AR3441
$2,650 $5,300

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496Ivory Isfahan Area Rug
Rugknots Ivory Isfahan Area Rug - AR5496
$2,545.47 $5,090.93
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Free Shipping

Multi-Color Ziegler Area RugMulti-Color Ziegler Area Rug
Rugknots Multi-Color Ziegler Area Rug - AR5075
$3,619.33 $7,238.67
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