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It’s the little things that make a space look ravishing and one of those “little things” is rugs. However, by that, we don’t really mean that rugs play some less part in home décor but we always emphasize on the fact that rugs are little yet a huge part of it. We just can’t deny the integral part that they play in the styling of any area. Rugs come in many sizes and shapes and one of those is round rugs. By the name itself, it must be pretty self explanatory that they are round and circular in shape. Round rugs are one of the most defined rugs among all. They are not only defined in their individual selves but also make the whole look of the area detailed. They not only look extravagant but make you feel extremely comfortable, too which is oh so awesome! They have luxury, decency, sophistication and funk- all in one! They can make or break the décor of an entire room or area. So, you need to be actually very careful when buying and choosing rugs for any area of your house. Choosing them wisely is an ultimate drill which you just can’t mess up over. To help you decorate your home with round rugs and ace it in the first attempt, all you gotta do is to follow the ways and steps we tell you. Let’s get started!

1.  Round over round

Obviously, one of the top notch ideas to decorate with round rugs is to place them over round rugs. Of course, rugs are round and when placed beneath round furniture like a round table, a round dining table or a round sofa. It is one of the most common techniques when it comes to styling with alike items but it always makes your space look mesmerizing. Also, another way is to showcase or highlight the presence of another round object such as a round lantern or a round lamp on the ceiling. This will help stipple both the round object and the round rug. However, one basic thing should be kept in mind that the rug should be big enough that it at least covers the entire area covered by the table (for example). And some space surrounding the furniture that is extending a few centimeters should also be covered so that whenever you even pull some chair out, it’s still on the rug and is not uneven. To check the sizing, don’t just “estimate” it but rather be very sure about what size is best for your area. Get a meter scale or meter tape and measure the exact dimensions of the rug size i.e. width and height. On the other hand, a rug that is smaller in size is a big fatigue in the longer run. Shipping it back and forth is not just costly but a huge hassle as well. Because the rug is bulky so you don’t want yourself and the shippers to take so much pain just because of your mistake. So, always beware over such stuff. But never shy away from experimenting or even getting main-stream at some points. We are there to support you in any way and always!

2.  To create an exclusive space

You want some area of your house to be designated solely for some distinguished purpose but you can’t really make one for yourself with the help of your already existing and typical furniture items. For that matter, you would actually need one “distinctive space with distinctive items” . We believe that round rugs are the best option when decorating and building such areas. The reason to build such an area can be for the love of reading or meditating or simply just sitting and relaxing. In this case, let’s take an example of creating space for book reading. For that matter, you would need obviously a large bending chair and a lamp on beside the chair which could shed light from above your seating level so you get all the light that is needed even if your studying at night, next thing that you would need is a side table which will help you place your book and other important stuff, too. And last but the most important thing is the rug! And that is not just any other rug but a round rug that matches the vibe and aura of your space. Make sure again that it is beneath the space where your feet are supposed to touch (at least). Get a round wool rug which would not only make your space look good but it would also feel very comfy and cozy.  

3.  To make your room look larger

Round rugs can help camouflage the size of your room that is; they can help your small sized room appear and feel bigger. That is because the curve and arc that a round rug has has an appearance effect that helps the room to be looked across and seem larger. The room looks outstretched and outspread which helps look like a small room with congested furniture, a decently furnished and spacious room which is amazing in every way. Also because the round rug will catch all the attention as they are visually appealing and most of the time seem really cute and ultimately draw the entire attention towards them. This way the small and cluttered look of the room actually transforms into a minimal and limited. A piece of furniture or any item that helps camouflage the size of your area is definitely worth trying especially when it comes to styling small areas. Nevertheless, placing round rugs in small areas will not only help you decorate your little room but also benefit loads when it comes to transforming the entire room in terms of styling but also draws attention to itself rather than other small things that may matter otherwise.

4.  Colors and patterns

Colors and patterns are one of the most important features that you need to always take note of when it comes to styling with rugs. Whenever decorating any specific area, all the features and specifications of the room need to be clearly noted and matched. Not only your furniture but your walls and your rugs should also not mismatch. Everything goes hand in hand. One of the foremost and only things that help you match and choose is the color combinations. Obviously, the color combinations should be properly and must not contrast each other on a large scale. For example, if the vibe of your room is funky and chic then you should opt for area rug color emitting the same vibes and are of vibrant colors such as blue, pink, orange and yellow. It may be a combination of colors in the round rug, too. However, if you are opting for a tied down and dull ambience and vibe then you should try rug color and patterns that are dim such as grey, black etc. In addition to this, if your room consists of a combination of colors and patterns and is not too extravagant or fun nor is it very dim then opt for neutral rugs as they would look the best in that scenario. However, round wool rugs look the best in almost every situation, try to just follow the main drill and the main rules of placing and adjusting round rugs and you’re good to go! The color, patterns and textures around the room and of the round rug should compliment each other and never contradict the vibes and the overall layout.

5.  In the bedroom?

Yes, round rugs are not just for your living room, or drawing room or any other distinguished area but are also perfect for your bedrooms, too. Your bedrooms are obviously one of the most visited and frequently attended places of your house. Obviously, you want to feel the most comfortable in your room. We don’t want you to step out of your warm and cozy bed and then you immediately lift your legs up because the floor is too cold. We always want the most comfort and fit for you. You should place a cozy round rug beneath your rug so t;yphat you can achieve the decorative pattern as well as the soothing effect. Make sure that you do not place your entire rug under the bed which would hinder its ability to be seen and noticed and obviously you don’t want your beautiful and luxurious rug to be ignored and go unnoticed. The, you should place the rug at an angle/ place so that it certainly shows and extends out of the bed. Half part of the rug should be extending out of the bed while half can be placed under the bed. One other way to style with round rugs in your bedroom is to place the entire rug at a clearly visible place. No part of the rug should be covered and can be placed in front of the bed so that it is entirely seen. This way you can decorate and style your bedroom and make it look eternal and fantastic!

6.  Layering is the best

Ughh, we can’t stop emphasizing on layering but for all the right reasons. We just can’t stop drooling over this technique as it always completes all our decorative guides regardless of the rug type, shape and color. In case of round rugs, one way to do layering is with carpets. You have your wall to wall carpet and then you place your round rug on top of the carpet, this is one way that some people still practice. However, it is not a very considerable option if the statement you are trying to make is bold and unique. It would decrease all the monumental features and textures that could have been achieved if such layering was not practiced. Another way to layer is to get a large round area rug and place it beneath a relatively smaller round area rug. Also, you can take a normal shaped rug like a square rug and then place a small round rug on top of. It is also a very considerable idea in terms of layering. But one thing should be kept in mind while practicing layering and that is being open to a wide range of ideas and styling methods. You should be open to making blunt and risky decisions as it’s all about that.

If you have made it up till here, congrats! You are a genius. Round rugs are undeniably one of the most breath-taking rug collections among all. They just never fail to impress us anyway. With our guide, you can make your house look unbelievable. You should try all these methods and ways out in order to decorate your house with these circular rugs. They may look very simple but they still don’t ever shy away from making loud statements. We hope that you found this blog post helpful and informative and you must have made up your mind as to where you exactly need a round rug for and also how you can decorate it in the best way possible.

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