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Rugs are indeed a captivating piece in any space. A home is only 98% percent completed without rugs (that we are exaggerating!). Rugs present you the face of a home and thus it is needed in every room. Now the rugs are also used outdoors like lawns and the places where you sit. We know that you must by now also understand and realize how beautifully rugs can function outdoors as well. Area rugs can completely transform the entire look of an area whether it’s your living room or patio, rugs are an ultimate go everywhere! We can’t stop emphasizing the idea of outdoor rugs. We feel that they have now become all you need in your lawns and balconies. Your outdoor areas are totally incomplete without these and that too, for all the right reasons. They not only transform your space but also provide great benefits in your outdoors. For example, they protect the floors in your outdoors and also provide safety to your feet. They act as great protective tools which means that they are all in one! The best part about outdoor rugs is the fact that they can be placed indoors as well. You must be wandering around finding the best outdoor rugs but could not really find something of substance. We can understand your position and yet again we come to your rescue. We present you a list of 7 most captivating outdoor rugs that you can bring inside, too!

1. Multicolor Ziegler Area Rug 

This is one of the most intricately and conscientiously designed rugs and you can tell that just by looking at this rug. This Ziegler outdoor rug is full of designs and patterns which give out great visual appeal. In addition to that, the rug is multi- colored which is just another solid reason to not miss out on this rug. You will find all the warm colors like silver, red blue, ivory etc. which look great in the rug itself. This multicolored rug is made up of 100% wool material. A rug made up of wool means that it has great longevity and durability. It provides great comfort under feet as it one of the softest in feeling. Also, they are very stain resistant which means that it won’t be a problem if they are placed outdoors. It is hand knotted and is regionally designed from Afghanistan. This rug gives out all the traditional vibes as well. Shop this rug without it getting sold out!

2. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

This beautiful coastal rug comes in multiple sizes and is best to be placed near pools and aquatic areas. As the design suggests itself, this gives the perfect vibes of getting placed outdoors. Also because the rug is blue and navy in color with very beautiful aquatic species designed around the borders of the rug. The unique thing about this outdoor rug is that it is made up of Chinese hooks in china itself. Not only that, the rug is made up of wool and polyester which means it has maximum benefits. This coastal rug is best to be placed outdoors as it is durable and can withstand high wear and tear. Most of all, it is found to be very soft. It is spill and stain resistant and easy to clean as well. This rug is also weather resistant and is easy to manage, too. It is ideal to be placed outdoors as it is just the best in terms of everything! What are you waiting for? Get this rug already!

3. Navy Geometric Area Rug

This geometric rug is the perfect addition to your space be it, your outdoors or indoors. Just look at this rug, it has such a soothing visual effect. It looks so decent, simple and elegant yet so bold and statement making. The design around the borders of this rug is just unmatchable. The navy color of this rug alone stands one major reason to drool over this rug. This geometric rug is made up of 100% polyester material which means that it is a perfect outdoor rug! A rug made up of polyester material is one of the most weather resistant rugs out there (if not the most) as it is resistant to mildew and doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight. The best part about it is that it does not absorb the moisture in damp climates. Moreover, it is very durable and is easy to wash and maintain. This rug is all in one and there is no reason left to not buy this rug so place an order like ASAP!

4. Grey Barjasta Area Rug

The most amazing and unique feature of this rug is its color. Some might identify it as pink in color and some ferozi in color but it is rather a mixture of both (we guess) as it is barjasta in color. We know, we get it, the color name sounds a bit weird but it’s unique and it looks great (after all, that’s all that matters). The design and pattern of this rug is so fascinating and gorgeous that we can’t keep our eyes off of it! The rug is made up of wool material which speaks for durability and comfort. It is also extremely comfortable under feet. Most of all, it is a good stain resistant and absorbs moisture. This rug is a perfect depiction of beauty and elegance, so why not place and order for it right away!

5. Blue Ziegler Area Rug

An outdoor area is incomplete without a round area rug going through its way! Round rugs work best in any space and why not add a round rug in your outdoors, too! The traditional design of this rug is just everything one could ever ask for! The different shades and tones of blue are a great visual aesthetic which depict so much of refinement and grace! The Ziegler rug is made in Pakistan and is hand knotted which illustrates the amount of hard work, time and care that went into constructing this very rug and bringing it to life. This rug is made up of wool material which is whether resistant and is very durable plus comfortable. This rug is one must have in every house and we don’t want you to miss out on this must have. Go get it!

6. Tan Barjasta Area Rug

This rug is one of the most funky and lively rugs out there. The design of this rug is one of the most unique and different designs. The circles within the circles make the rug look extremely ethereal and we can’t stop looking at it because of its intricate and modern design and texture. Moreover, the colors that can be seen in the rug i.e. grey, bisque and yellow is one major attraction of this one of a kind rug! It is made up of wool material which advocates the durability and comfort factor. The rug is found to be very soft and weather resistant. Not only that, this tan rug is hand knotted made from Pakistan!

7. Multicolor Ziegler Area Rug

This rug will give your outdoors a very traditional yet modern look. Your outdoors will look like something very royal if you place this Ziegler area rug. The mixture of colors in this is a whole visual treat that we just can’t obsess over it! You can see the complex design and style of this rug which speaks for itself. Everything in this rug is a great aesthetic that we all need in our houses. Moreover, the rug is of 100% wool material. The rug is hand knotted in type and is made in Afghanistan! All you need in your outdoors is this rug, place an order already!

8. Gold Gabbeh Area Rug

This gold Gabbeh rug is one of the most wanted ones tugs out there! Available at a very reasonable price, this rug offers you everything starting from style to comfort. The rug is found to be extremely durable, long lasting and comfortable as it is made up of 100% wool material. One of the most attractive and beautiful colors i.e. golden has all eyes set on this Gabbeh rug. Get your hands on this rug before it gets sold out!

That brings us to the end of this blog post. We hope that you found this blog post helpful and informative. These are all the amazing outdoor rugs that you just can’t resist bringing inside of your house. There are many more rugs like these but these were one of our top most favorites. Don’t forget to place orders for these as you don’t want to miss out on these 8 amazing and captivating outdoor rugs.

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