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It's important to give your home some personal style. A great way to do this is by choosing rugs for different rooms. Bokhara rugs are a very popular choice because they come in many colors and designs.

Bokhara rugs were originally called tekke rugs. Ancient people liked how the geometric patterns circled the rug. Rows of patterns called guls were above the designs. Tribes from Central Asia inspired some of the patterns on Bokhara rugs.

RugKnots offers many different Bokhara area rugs so you can make the most of your space. Bokhara rugs come in various styles and patterns to make your home feel grand and royal. The best part is they are inexpensive yet made from good quality materials.

You may know what color you like best or what type of rug works with hardwood floors. But do you know which pattern is best for your needs? Here are some tips to help you choose:

1. Make Irresistible Decor with Bokhara Rugs

The one-of-a-kind patterns on Bokhara rugs feature unusual shapes. The symmetrical, geometric designs form ovals and diamonds across the entire rug. This makes the designs easy to recognize. An octagon shape is also called an "elephant's foot". It has a deep symbolic meaning from long ago. Furthermore, the patterns and shapes vary depending on the tribe that made the rug.

High-quality wool is used to create these rugs. The wool is carefully dyed before use. Experts then intricately weave the wool into rugs. Different tribes have their own weaving techniques.

Imported wool is utilized to make the rugs lush. Furthermore, because they are woven by hand using durable knots, Pakistani Bokhara carpets last a very long time. The expert crafting and strong knots keep the piles of wool sturdy and plush. These results in rugs that can withstand wear and are incredibly durable.

2. Choice of Attractive Colors In Bokhara Rugs with Long Histories

When it comes to colors, Bokhara rugs are similar to other traditionally made rugs from Central Asia. Bokhara rugs are known for their traditional, symbolic colors from Eastern culture. Shades of deep red, vibrant green, off-white, gold, blue, and grey are possibilities.

Bold colors are another great thing about Bokhara rugs. Common colors seen in this style are bright red, green, and blue. In addition to these popular hues, Bokhara rugs also come in gray tones, gold, off-white, and other earthy colors.


The right rug color depends on your current decor. If your couches are plain and muted, and other furniture isn't too bright, a vividly colored Bokhara rug could work well. However, if your living room already has dark and bright colors, a more subdued rug is preferable.

You generally want balance in your whole design. The area shouldn't look too wild but you do want some life. Don't go over the top to where it seems like a clown room! In a nutshell, consider how a rug's colors will blend with your existing furnishings and space.

3. Create a Traditional yet Modern Aesthetics

Balancing a look is key to combining modern and classic styles. Brown Bokhara rugs have a naturally traditional feel with historic patterns and vibrant colors like classic red, bright green, and blue. Because of this, when decorating a modern home, many people don't consider getting a Bokhara rug. Instead, homeowners choose contemporary rugs which can sometimes seem plain lacking the elegance of a handmade rug.

Indeed, achieving a blended transitional style isn't for everybody. Creating this kind of look takes skill. An experienced interior designer can advise you on how to fit a Bokhara rug into a modern space. While attractive, modern rugs may not have the historic charm. Bokhara rugs have stood the test of time with their visual appeal and quality craftsmanship.

With guidance, it is possible to beautifully blend the classic patterns and feelings of a Bokhara rug into a home with clean modern lines. An expert can show you how to incorporate the rug so it adds flair rather than looking out of place. Achieving the right balance between modern and classic elements takes an experienced eye.

Here are some simpler decor tips using handmade Bokhara rugs:

  • Place a red Bokhara rug under a soft couch. Add red pillows and a wooden table to match.
  • Use a neutral ivory Bokhara rug with beige furniture for a calm look. Put plants to finish it.
  • A large Pakistani Bokhara rug under the dining table makes meals pleasant.
  • The rug shape should fit the table shape.
  • Welcome guests with a red Bokhara runner in the hall for tradition.
  • Stick to one color theme to keep the style together.
  • Balance a bold crimson rug pick with basic neutral decor.
  • Red can feel cozy but too much makes a place dramatic, not inviting.
  • Protect an expensive handmade rug from damage by location, sunlight, or careless handling.
  • Vacuum twice weekly, keep dry, and get professional cleaning yearly to prevent early rug wear.

4. Choose The Rug Unique In Its Kind

Bokhara rugs are easily spotted. Their patterns may show details about them. Symmetrical designs repeating in diamond or oval shapes across the rug are normal. Dark blue, brown, black, or off-white “elephant foot” motifs are usually included. Motif shapes vary by the tribe making it. Differences in motifs indicate where it came from.

Wool is now mainly used, tied with Persian knots and cut short. Quality differs so rugs range from low to beautiful. Since handmade and machine-made exist, checking a known Bokhara helps authenticate others better.

Motifs traditionally are red but also gray, off-white, and green. Durability from high-quality wool may stand out the most. Extra care in hand-weaving and durable Persian knots allow it to last more than many rugs.

A Bokhara’s color scheme reminds of wealthy Eastern culture also distinguishes it. Colors extend from classic red to royal off-white. Charm grows from colors across customs like red to off-white. Fine wool, patterns, motifs, and handcrafting add admirable longevity and value as statement pieces.

Quality varies greatly so examine rugs closely. Identifying authentic qualities in a known Bokhara facilitates recognizing other quality weavings. Durability, color schemes, and motifs speak to their value and history.

5. Strategic Placement of a Bokhara Rug

  1. One way a rug defines a space is in open floor plans. A Bokhara rug benefits these areas.
  2. Some like Bokharas in music rooms since wool absorbs noise and echoes, improving sound quality. Or center a piece on a Bokhara to add drama.
  3. For balance, place a Bokhara in the middle of an asymmetrical room.
  4. Bohemian Bokharas provide warmth perfect for bedrooms. Place matching ones on either side of the bed for a simple alternative to one large rug. Mix and match too.
  5. Keep rugs in good condition by learning how to protect them from bugs and moths. Know when to clean and properly care for them.
  6. Decorating your home can seem hard but also fun. Experiment with styles, themes, and colors to reflect you.
  7. No room is complete without a beautiful handmade rug. They anchor, warm, and energize a space while making it feel welcoming and well-designed. Many options exist when choosing a handmade rug.

6. Traditional Patterns with Style

Bokhara rugs have a fundamental classic and simple appeal in their design. Tekke tribe Bokhara rugs feature symmetrical octagon "elephant's foot" motifs running all over. A border of similar geometric patterns surrounds these motifs.

The design holds deep meaning based on ancient styles by the Tekke tribespeople. Sometimes the Salor tribe of Central Asia influenced the patterns.

A Bokhara rug can become the focal point when paired with basic couches and a few accessories. Their unique majestic feel, velvety texture, vibrant colors, and engaging geometric motifs set them apart.

If unsure about handmade rug styles, a Bokhara is a safe choice. Especially in the classic red hue, it works well in any space. Subtle patterns blend easily whereas bold colors become a statement.

Their timeless designs have an enduring charm for any interior. Quality materials like woven wool also ensure comfort and longevity that becomes more valued over time.

7. Selection of Durable Materials That Suit Your Theme

Bukhara’s are often made of wool and cotton like quality handmade rugs. In the past, weavers got the wool themselves and dyed it naturally from plants. Now wool is high grade but synthetic dyes are common. The feel is still soft and lush though.

Real handmade Bokhara’s are made by experts trained by family in old skills. They dedicate their lives to keeping the art alive. Their fingers are so skilled in tying every knot that they never make mistakes.

The classic Persian weaving technique used most makes each one unique. Weavers pass down generation’s worth of practice to make the rugs with care and precision. While materials may change over time, handcrafted Bukhara’s still preserve tradition through talent passed down from grandparents.

8. Long-lasting, Low-maintenance Design

These rugs use the best wool and cotton. Experts make them with special knots from places known for fine rugs. This allows them to last a very long time.

Bukhara’s still need care to stay looking great. Follow these easy tips:

  1. Vacuum the rug 3 times each week.
  2. Clean up spills fast before the stain sets in. Dried stains can be hard to remove.
  3. Don't leave the rug in bright sunlight, it can make the colors lighter.
  4. Keep it away from heavy things or busy places that may damage it.
So when shopping for a long-lasting handmade rug online, think about choosing a Bokhara! With good care, they can look new for many years.
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