Bokhara Rug Bokhara Rug
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Bokhara rug 8x10 has become one of the most desired rugs among people. Before moving forward, let’s discuss what Bokhara rugs are. They are also known as Tekke-faced rugs. There was an area named Bokhara in Central Asia and Tekke is one of its tribes. Usually, geometric and guls patterns are used to create the design of these rugs. Also, it is known that different facts of the Salor tribe are used to create the design of these rugs. History reveals that the tribe Tekke defeated the tribe Salor, and so they adapted their strategies.

Bokhara Rug 8x10 Enhances The Interior

Interior designers tend to recommend Bokhara rugs 8x10 red to add a spark in the appearance of an office or a home. These rugs can be the best fit for you whether you would like to give an elegant look to your hallways or bedrooms. Repeated geometrical patterns are designed on them to make them unique and eye-catching. You should get your desired rug from a shop that is dealing with real rugs only. Be sure that the rug doesn’t contain silk material.

Wool Material: is used to produce these rugs. The use of high-quality material gives a feel and appearance of silk. 100% pure wool makes the Bokhara an easy to handle rug. It can compete with different weather.

Color Red: is the primary color, however, you can get them in various other appealing colors and so you can match them with the overall look of your hallways. We have the large collections of runner bokhara in color red.

New Zealand wool is a fine material that helps in making these rugs the best among all. Makers prefer making medallions and gul patterns as they are the trademarks. This is what makes them unique as well as traditional. A double knot technique is used to make them. This technique makes the design more complex. Durability & delicacy of these rugs increase their demand not just in Central Asia but all around the globe. You will literally feel pleasure when you walk or sit on these rugs as they are durable.

Why People Would Like to Get Bokhara Rug 8x10?

People go for Bokhara rug 8x10 because they are;

  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Unique design
  • Handmade
  • Versatility In Colors

    [Available in a wide range of pretty colors (Terracotta, Cream, Black, & Red). However, the primary color is none other than red.]

  • Durable
  • High-quality

Where Bokhara Rugs Are Being Designed?

Nowadays, Bokhara wool rug 8x10 is produced all over the world. Central Asia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran are the top listed production countries of these rugs.

Believe me! You will not find another fit to give a stylish yet delicate look to your bedrooms except Bokhara 8x10 rugHowever, the use of these rugs is not limited to the household only, but you can buy them for your office. Hopefully, the above-mentioned details have helped you in finding the desired carpet according to your needs. You can check our amazing collection of rugs as you can buy them from the comfort of your home. Get them from RugKnots

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