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When it comes to choosing a rug that is not only the best fit for your living room but that also complements your décor, you could never go wrong with the good old Bokhara rug. But if you are looking to buy Bokhara rug online, it is that essential you have some key knowledge about these hand-knotted goodies. Bokhara rugs are in-demand because they have the most eclectic combination homeowners look for: traditional and personalized. And what makes them more tempting is the price tag. Bokhara runners and rugs are quite affordable! Hand-knotted in Central and South Asia, the Bokhara range is an indispensable part of any rug collection. Take RugKnots, for instance, their Bokhara rugs – shipped exclusively from Pakistan – are one of their best-selling rug categories. So, what makes a Bokhara handmade rug special? Keep reading to find out!

What Do We Know About the History of Bokhara Rugs?

Woven by highly skilled weavers in the villages of Pakistan who have had the craft passed on to them for generations, Bokharas sport a traditional elephant’s foot motif. The design first originated from the Bokhara region of Uzbekistan. As a result, the timeless design of Bokhara rugs is purely Asian and gives a rich traditional vibe. What started as a craft inherent to the Central Asian weavers soon grew across the continent, and became all the rage in the carpet-weaving world. Rug-weaving countries like Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan brought their own skill to the table. And today, they sell some of the most ravishing pieces of Bokhara carpet all over the world. The popularity of Bokhara runners has grown so far-and-wide. So much that they have become an increasingly in-demand carpet in the US and Europe. Today, you can buy Bokhara Rug Online in the US and bring your own piece of a traditional home! Check out RugKnots Bokhara rug collection if you are interested!

Why Should You Buy Bokhara Rug Online?

So, what makes Bokhara Rugs so irresistible? We know that they have one-of-a-kind designs, and they are the hallmark of quality craft, comfort, and luxury. Yet, what makes them so different from other Persian and Oriental rugs? Let us find out!

  • They Have a Distinctive Pattern

Bokharas have geometric patterns in oval or diamond-shaped motifs that dominate the rug design. The symmetry of design is so trademark-Bokhara that it makes them stand out from other Oriental rugs. Most of the Bokharas have the usual octagon-shaped motifs we refer to as the elephant’s foot. The patterns usually depend on the tribes that craft the rugs.

  • Weavers Use High-Quality Wool and Double-Pile Construction

Bokhara rugs have a 100% double-pile wool construction. Weavers use a blend of imported New Zealand and local Pakistani wool that gives Bokhara runners a soft and luxurious feel. Durable and heavy, a Bokhara rug pile will never disappoint you with the cozy comfort it offers!

  • They Have an Eye-Catching Palette of Colors

Come to think of it; the Bokharas’ color scheme is not very different from other traditional handmade rugs. They feature a rich set of hues common in Eastern culture. Most Bokhara carpets and runners range from bold shades of red to bright green, ivory, taupe, rose gold, blue, and shades of grey.

Why Are Pakistani Bokhara Rugs Popular and Who Should Buy Them?

Pakistani Bokhara carpets offer a subtle vintage style that is reminiscent of Eastern art. They are famous for their vivid colors, quality wool, and a heavy pile woven to last for decades. To add to that, they offer an affordability that is often rare when it comes to the purchase of authentic handmade rugs. So, if you are looking to buy Bokhara rug online, a Pakistani Bokhara is the one you should get. A Pakistani Bokhara will make the dreariest rooms come alive in a fit of culture and traditional art. And that is why handmade Bokhara rugs from Pakistan are one of the best purchases for a Western-style home. If you are looking for a well-priced, hand-knotted rug, buy a Bokhara rug. Do not believe us? Why don’t you check out the Bokhara rugs at RugKnots and try them out for yourself? The Pakistani Bokharas will offer you cheaper prices but a quality that rivals the best on the market. Handwoven with care and skill, these rugs are primarily known for their soft, silky feel. Trust us; a Bokhara never goes out of fashion. And once you buy one, it will stick with you like a loyal friend. So, go ahead, buy Bokhara rug online at the best affordable prices, and experience the quality and comfort they bring to your home!

What Are the Different Types of Bokhara Rugs?

If you set out to buy Bokhara rug online in the US, you will find that these rugs are diverse in variety. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Let us have a look at various types of Bokhara rugs you can find in a rug store:

  • Salor Bokhara Rugs

Salor Bokhara rugs are the work of the Salor tribe near the North Afghan border. These rugs are typically a rich red in color and feature elephant foot, or diamond-shaped motifs lined up in symmetrical rows. The insides of these motifs feature swirls of floral patterns.

  • Tekke Bokhara Rugs

Tekke Bokhara rugs are a popular kind of Bokharas further divided into more types of Tekke-face rugs:

  • Princess Bokhara Rugs
  • Royal Bokhara Rugs

Princess Bokhara Rugs

Also referred to as prayer rugs, Princess Bokharas are commonly in use for religious purposes by Muslims all over the world. Rich in cultural importance and extravagant in feel and design, these rugs feature beautiful Islamic art.

Royal Bokhara Rugs

Lined with multiple rows of elephant’s foot and diamond motifs, Royal Bokharas are non-prayer rugs. They feature horizontally and vertically connected rows of motifs to make for an intricately detailed rug.

  • Yomud Bokhara Rugs

Named after the popular Yomud tribe that lived in a large part of Central Asia, these rugs have more of a Caucasian flair to them. The wool has a deep red dye with Persian or Turkish knots woven with expert artisanship. A traditional Yomud rug features a diamond lattice pattern and geometric medallions. Each of these rugs is unique in its design and value. So, whenever you decide to buy Bokhara area rug online, make sure you know exactly which type of Bokhara area rug you are looking for!

We could give you plenty of reasons to buy Bokhara rugs, but in the end, it is you who must make a choice. Many homeowners love Bokhara rugs for their luxurious feel, plush texture, and heavy wool pile. So, for those of you looking for something soft and comfortable, Bokharas are a perfect choice. They are durable, affordable, and will probably out-live you. With a silky wool pile, the tufty thickness of a Persian rug, and the downy softness of a shag rug, if there is a must-have in rugs, it is a Bokhara. Buy Bokhara Rug Online today from RugKnots’ extensive Bokhara Rug collection and adorn your home in rich tones and traditional style. So, what are you waiting for?

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