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Before you buy cheap rugs online, you need to think about some things. For instance, floor Decor is one of the most essential elements in the making of a house. However, it takes a lot of time to work on. For instance, which type of flooring is better and which doesn’t look as high as the rest of them, is a question to think about. A survey revealed that when people buy cheap rugs online in the USA, it is about the likes and dislikes, budgeting, and the color, which one looks for. Some of us may like marble floorings, others may like wooden or laminate flooring. In short, “to each their own” suits well in this situation! Flooring techniques to make it even better is by using 3x5 rugs flat weave to beautify space. 


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Facts about Buying Cheap Rugs Online

Cheap braided area rugs need proper cleaning and washing. What else does it need? Have you ever thought of aspects that help you buy cheap rugs online for a living room and Modern outdoor rugs? If you are skeptical and not too sure whether to buy cheap rugs online in the USA, then this article will come in handy. The reason being, it has a complete guide on buying Persian rugs, Safavieh and Oriental Rugs along with a checklist. Let us start with the checklist and then the explanation of the same handmade home decor. Visit our new arrivals with a discount.

Checklist of Aspects before Buying 3x5 Rugs 

  • Perfect size 3x5 rugs 
  • Shaping, the ultimate factor 
  • Selecting from the appropriate category 
  • Cleanliness and maintenance factor 
  • Personal taste and style: Used to
  • Use of the rug
  • Matching with accessories of the room 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Hues and patterns

You cannot ignore the above-mentioned factors. Without them, you might end up choosing an unsuitable area rug. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the checklist thoroughly to buy cheap rugs online that are suitable for your surroundings. Below is an explanation of each aspect that helps in the selection of cheap area rugs. I hope this helps!


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Perfect Size 3x5 Rugs 

Fitting the space with cheap large area rugs without measurement is like buying a spice without knowing its name and use. It is a call for disaster and many problems attached to it if you go rug shopping without the exact measurements. Reasons for this include:

  • Area Shag rugs are of different sizes. You will be lost in the measurement if you will not carry precise measurements. 
  • Without proper measurements, you might end up buying area rugs that are too out of proportion than the ones that you need. In any case, that is something that you would not want to happen to you. Right?
  • If you do end up buying something out of size, it might leave you frustrated. The frustration of getting it exchanged. At times, the return exchange policies can be a real pain and you may end up taking it back with you.
  • Rugs that do not fit in well actually look weird and bad to eyes. Instead of bringing peace and glamour, it adds more troubles. 
  • Appropriate zero space from the sides adds more meaning for which again, right measurements are required. 
  • Measurements are also vital to give a well-balanced feel. If you get a hand-woven 3x5 rug, then the impact of the room will be spacious. 
  • On the other hand, larger cheap area rugs will leave the room with a stuffy or crampy ambiance. 
  • If you want to decorate a room with bigger accessories, then the rug you should choose should not be of the same size. Instead, playing with tactics and various sizes, it should be in contrast.

The basic formula that applies here is:

  • Bigger accessories with smaller rugs
  • Small-sized decoration items with bigger rugs

This creates harmony and balance in the room.  Typically, you should place the rugs in all those areas where you can easily walk barefoot. It is the source of contentment and treatment for many foot-related concerns. However, in this regard, you have to pick a rug that does not trigger the disease or condition. 


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Shape – The Ultimate Factor 

Another factor that plays an important role when you want to buy cheap rugs online is its shape; of course, the quality also matters. The shape is a factor that you cannot miss or ignore. The reason being, without determining the shape, it becomes difficult to pick an appropriate rug. Even if you buy cheap rugs online, never compromise on the shape. It means that you should pick rugs based on their shapes. They should match the room’s structure. The right rugs create more space and meet all the necessary pointers. If you are new in selecting rugs for your house, then we have some instructions. These instructions will surely assist you in selecting as well as knowing the best for your room or space where you should place the rugs. Some spaces should not have round rugs. That is against the symmetrical policies and rules. Just imagine a hallway or corridor with big round rugs in the center.

  • Would you like it?
  • Wouldn’t it be too much for a narrow space?

Even if space is not too narrow, the spaces like corridors are not supposed to have round rugs. They look odd. While some round rugs will look exceptionally well in an open space, layering could always work in either of the circumstances. For instance, a round flat weave rug could complement your living space with a rectangular area rug under it. Alternatively, complementing the two rounds of a coffee table together with a round rug underneath could work just as well! Rectangular Rugs are the perfect choice for decorating spacious and roomy areas. Such rugs are suitable for living rooms, seating areas, hallways, and offices. If you are looking to buy cheap rugs online in the USA, which are suitable for your kitchen, rectangular rugs are the ideal choice.  Oriental rugs like Turkish rugs and Persian rugs are the options available. Square Rugs are ideal for square-shaped rugs where rectangular rugs might seem out of place. You can place the square rugs under square shaped tables.  Since there are various shapes and designs of rugs available in the market, it is safer to opt for rectangular in bedrooms, washrooms, entrances, dining rooms, lounges, and sitting rooms.


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Selecting From the Appropriate Category 

Have you ever bought anything without any purpose? Not exactly, right? Well, if you do consider the tenacity of the use of rugs, it becomes clear that you have good reason to buy cheap rugs online. At times, it is all about decorating an area that would complement your furniture. For instance, if you want to decorate your dining room by adding a rug, you can place it under the table or side to add value to the room. Alternatively, placing a rug in your bedroom would for sure add a feeling of comfort. In this aspect, you need to be aware of the agendas of the use. Here are some guidelines regarding the purpose of 3x5 rugs, cheap large area rugs, and medium-sized rugs:

Knotted rugs- are well-knitted mostly by hand and at times by machines. These types of rugs are best for a variety of colors and versatility. Patterns, designs, and styles are not common but very unique and soothing to eyes.

Embroidered rugs- are great for decorating rooms and at times, even used as wall hangings to add more serenity and color. Now, these rugs are not exactly cheap, however, they are truly a work of art. Manufacturing companies work on cotton backing or linen to give a beautifully clean and final form of the product. They customize them as per your demand!

Tufted rugs- are probably the most popular rugs in the market. These rugs are the easiest to work on and require less effort. To secure the rug from wear and tear, it has been backed by linen and cotton.

Woven rugs- have been around for a long time now and are manufactured using conventional methods.

These rugs are considered to be high end and are labor-intensive thus being expensive.


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Cleanliness and Maintenance Factor 

Taking care of rugs is mandatory; there are no ifs and buts attached. However, people frequently ask the questions

How can one take care of rugs in a house?

For that, you have to read on to comprehend a variety of situations. In addition, the steps mentioned below could assist you in cleaning, washing, or taking care of rugs. Dusting off the dirt from any type of rug is possible through vacuuming. Do this regularly to avoid dust settling inside the fibers of the rug. It might be especially hard to get it out long since the last vacuum. Create a solution of vinegar and water to spray on the spots and spills, which appear prominent on the rug. Further, clean it with the help of a damp cloth.  Another way of taking care of rugs is through hanging it on a strong wire or preferably a fence for some time under the sun to eliminate any germs and bacteria. 

  • Small-sized rugs are easy to take care of in comparison with larger ones, right.
  • What can you do to keep larger ones safe from being dirty?

The best way is to hire professional cleaning companies. Otherwise, we have the option of trying solutions like water and vinegar, baking soda and water, etc.  Always remember that we do not only have to clean them but also maintain the same quality of rugs for years. Rugs can prove to be a great investment if you focus on their proper maintenance. Overall, it is all about the size, design, shape, and most importantly material of the rugs. 


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Personal Taste and Style 

No wonder, we all tend to buy items and accessories that attract us more. Likewise, when you buy cheap rugs online or choose one, the first thing you have in mind is the taste, as in likes and dislikes. Therefore, if you have plans to keep the rug for a longer period, then most probably you will be investing a considerable amount too. Well, in that scenario, you should know that there are mainly three types of rugs, which are: 

Transitional Rugs- Transitional rugs are a blend of both contemporary and traditional designs. These rugs Deal with patterns and elements of each style.

These rugs impart the elegance and perpetuity of traditional design while maintaining its formality at the same time. They are available in colors that are rather neutral and subdued. Taken its inspiration from traditional rugs, its designs and styles carry repetitive elements such as floral/leafy and geometrical designs. The designs of these rugs aim to complement both traditional and contemporary furniture. 

Traditional Rugs- Traditional rugs usually come off as being too formal for home decor because of their traditional Asian and European designs.  

However, you can use these rugs in casual living spaces such as your bedroom and even near your fireplace to add a more rustic feel to it!

Contemporary Rugs- You can differentiate contemporary rugs because they have sharp contrasts, striking use of color and free-form style or geometric patterns and designs. Contemporary rugs have a more modern and have an architectural touch to them. Therefore, if you are willing to make your home have a more artistic touch to it, contemporary rugs are the ones you should opt for. 

Nevertheless, a question that arises here is what are the main factors to keep in mind before buying a rug? The Answer to This is Simple. Buy a rug with a pattern that is timeless. This means that you should get something that does not age or expires with time. Fashion and taste changes but there are some colors and patterns that never go outdated. Pick one of those and not that have time restrictions. Selecting and opting for vintage or antique will keep you away from it being outdated. Vintage rugs seldom go out of trend. RugKnots is one of the best sellers in quality and variety. You can buy cheap rugs online right here with peace of mind. We have a large collection of cheap Pakistani rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, and accent rugs. You can also find any type of geometric pattern by requesting us on the custom rugs page.


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Use of the Rug 

  • Have you ever considered the core element of the use of a rug in your house?
  • How it is used?
  • When it is used?
  • Why do your family members or those living in the same house use the rugs?

If not, then consider these pointers too. They help in fixating the type of rug you are about to buy. For instance, if it is a house where kids like playing on rugs or a heavy-trafficked household, then it is best to decide on choosing a rug that is thick, woven, and of high-quality beautiful rugs and rug pad. Moreover, in this regard, we need to work on the following aspects before you buy cheap rugs online. The size of the room or place where you will keep the rugs matters. If you have a large room, it is wiser to split up the conversation areas and use different rugs for each area. They do not need to match. However, it is advisable to keep them tied in concert by either a specific color or pattern. For average-sized rooms, there should be at most 10-20 inches of exposed floor between the walls of the room and the area rug itself.It is very important to position the rug properly because the distance of all four sides of the rug to the wall should be equal. No matter what the size of your room, it is essential to make sure that there is adequate room for people to walk on the rug, especially in heavy-traffic households. The area where you want to place the rug is very crucial. If you are looking for adding more comfort to your house, you can easily achieve that by adding them to your bedroom. Not only that, but it will also create an illusion of having more space in your bedroom then there already is. If you are tired of your kids constantly playing on the bare floor, since kids love playing on rugs, adding a rug will surely keep your mind off it. So buy cheap rugs online from us today. Placing a fun vibrant cheap kid’s rug in your child’s bedroom or game room will create a gratified environment.


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Matching With Accessories in the Room

Matching and contrasting rugs with the accessories of the house or room is very crucial. Factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a rug for your room are as below. Buy cheap rugs online which balances and colors of accessories in the room. Bear in mind that bold or dark colors work well with submissive décor. That décor is subdued with colors. However, in a bold and noticeable décor of the room, rugs with neutral colors gel in well. In short, pick a rug that takes care of the needs. That way, you will enjoy the rug for long without getting bored. It would be best to consider these points before the purchase so that you can enjoy it in all the years to come in the future. 


It will not be wrong to say that lifestyle plays an important role in the selection of a rug. Knowing and addressing the following questions beforehand can assist in selecting a cheap rug online.

  • How to use the space for a rug
  • How to manage it properly daily
  • How to keep it safe from pets or kids
  • Will the décor be changed frequently

Opting for a wool rug that is easier to clean with the lowest pile to clean dirty spots instantly will be superlative. In addition to it, buying a couple of cheaper indoor area rugs instead of one expensive rug would be a smart decision.


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Hues and Patterns

Choosing the right color and pattern for your rug would certainly tie the whole look of your room together. For this, you would want to opt for a rug that compliments two-three key colors in your room. While going for rug shopping, we advise you to take a color swatch of your furniture, walls, and drapes with you. Otherwise, without any reference whatsoever, it will be extremely difficult for you to be sure what color combination would work. 

Here is something to help you get started

Select a patterned rug if your primary furniture has a solid color. When it comes to choosing the correct color, consider matching the secondary color in your rug with the color of your primary furniture. For instance, match it with your sofa. Work with the third color in your rug with the color of your pillows, drapes or wall color. If, your primary furniture has a detailed design, choosing a solid color for your rug would be the ideal choice. To make sure that a solid-colored rug works well with your furniture, harmonize it with the accent colors in your room; like the artwork or any sort of decoration piece. Since the color and style of a rug tends to set up the mood of a room, you should give some thought to this element. Dark and rich hues establish an intimate space while soft and light hues incline towards making a smaller room look more spacious. Sharp Hues such as orange, red, and yellow create warmth and on the other hand, cool hues create a sense of calmness in a room.


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Check the Material Content

Rugs are made of several different materials. When shopping for cheap rugs, do not just get the one with the nicest pattern of your liking. Investigate and explore what the rug is made of. Since you probably will not have any lead yourself in the appropriate materials, read up on it and do your research. You can always seek guidance from the salesperson, but it is always best to have some knowledge of your own too. After enough research and guidance go for the material better suited for your use. Following are some tips for choosing the right material with cheap rugs:

Jute- Jute and other grass rugs are usually very durable. People often use such rugs on porches, balconies, or patios. Apart from that, these rugs are largely preferred for bathrooms as well. Jute and grass rugs are not warm and cozy. The fibers do not insulate well and are rough to the feel.

Synthetic- Synthetic materials are durable, not very expensive, and easy to maintain as well. Besides, they can have a very nice plush too. However, synthetic fibers may have a certain smell after it is shipped from the factory that might last a while until completely gone. 

Polyester- in particular, is a safe option and a great alternative for homes with babies and toddlers. Being low maintenance it is perfect for areas that are more prone to stains and spills. Since polyester rugs are exceptionally tough, these rugs can be trusted in cheap pricing as well. This might as well be your best bet! 

Olefin (polypropylene)- Initially, Olefin was widely preferred for outside use and cellars. This is because this material offers great protection against dampness, water, mold, and shedding. In addition, its wool-like look and feel make it a great option that is opted by most families for both indoor and outdoor areas. However, even though people consider Olefin a colorfast, it can sometimes fade with time with direct daylight hitting upon it. This is of course when you are using it for the outside!

Nylon-  is a very well-known fabric, which people frequently use in rugs in carpets. Originally, it served as a cheaper substitute for silk since its fibers are just as soft and bright. Along with its similar silk-like qualities, it is the strongest synthetic fiber there is. However, this may not be your best bet. Nylon can be expensive at times because of its durability and silk-like feel. 


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Durability- is a very important factor to consider before investing in a rug. It is necessary to know about the needle/line count and type of pile rugs. Understanding these terms will give you a better idea when you want to buy cheap rugs online. This will help you find the right rug for you. Low pile rugs tend to be firm and less plush, giving rugs a rigid look, while high or deep piled rugs have soft and longer fibers. Low pile rugs are easier to clean and wear off better in comparison with Deep or High pile rugs. Deep pile rugs are the best for being “throw rugs” and are more suitable for resting or for our kids to play on. Line count deals with many knots and stitches. Generally, the quality rises as the number of knots rise. Typically, these rugs are handmade with detailed patterns, which ultimately makes such rugs expensive. 

Underlay- While looking for the right rug, it is important to consider its underlay as well. This is because placing the right underlay for your rug assists in diminishing pile contraction causing the appearance of the rug to be intact thus extending the life of your rug. They also prevent any slippage when people walk on them. Many people confuse Carpet Underlays e.g., foam and sponge rubber underlay, for Area Rug Underlays. However, you should do this because the carpet underlay is unbalanced and may cause uneven wear and tear of an area rug. If you are purchasing a large area rug such as an oriental rug, thicker padding is important, because the padding should be able to protect the rug from constant wear and tear. Use materials such as jute and felt. However, if it is the other way around, do not use thick padding under small area rugs. This is because they do not protect such rugs from wear and tear but they only keep the rug in place. Therefore, thin padding such as rubber and nonskid types of vinyl should be the ideal underlay for small area rugs. 


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Should Buy Cheap Rugs that Match Your House

The cheap area rugs in your house do not always have to match. While some might have, a different perspective according to their taste but there is always room for some experimentation. Now, cheap rugs can be different in terms of size, color, shape, and material as well. You can always play with the placement too! For instance, when it comes to layering you do not always have to opt for the boring old rectangular over rectangular! You can very well place a round rug over a rectangular one! Similarly, your layering does not always have to be central, which is the oldest tried and tested approach to layering! A little off-center approach could work just as well, especially with an L- line couch. You can also play with colors and patterns in terms of the cheap rugs in your house. A bright colorful hued rug does not necessarily have to match and be in a room with a similar tone. It might complement a room with more neutral tones of the. Therefore, each rug will alternate in terms of the color, shape, size, and placement according to the need of the room. They do not always have to match!


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Where Can I Buy Cheap Rugs Online?

You can very well buy cheap rugs online too! There are several options available online to shop. It is easy, fast, and most often reliable to buy cheap rugs online you are shopping from the right seller! However, make sure the website you are shopping from is legitimate and that it would not provide you with counterfeits.

You can make sure the website is not fake by considering the following options:

-  Unbelievably low prices/discounts

Set at an extremely low price, such websites aim to lure bargain-hungry customers. They might then charge for you for poor quality or counterfeit products that sometimes might never even show up! However, during the holiday season or so, if the sale or discount is a common factor amongst other retailers, then the website might be reliable. Make sure that when you double-check with the reviews and other aspects mentioned below!

-  Questionable payment methods

If the website does not have a reliable payment method to pay with a debit card, credit card or PayPal account or, also, asks for a wire transfer, BEWARE! Before you buy cheap rugs online, be cautious if the website asks for unnecessary personal information!


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-  Shady contact information

Not having a proper contact channel is another sign of a scam website. If the website fails to give any contact information and asks for the fulfillment of a form instead, chances are it is a fake website! International contact details are not always correct either unless double-checked. Always make sure the contact details mentioned are relevant and real!

-  Improper websites 

Make sure the website’s URL has a reliable domain. Legitimate websites have a simple URL, where they use their trademark in the link. A fraudulent website will add more characters to the existing official website. Do not fall for such traps! Once you have made peace with all the above-mentioned possibilities, you can scroll through the options according to your liking and use. 

At RugKnots, you can filter through price, color, size, collections and even discount options. We make it easy and reliable for you to buy cheap rugs online. These options help for a better understanding and easy access to your favorite rug! Shop our cheap rugs that are available at affordable pricing.


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How Can I Buy Cheap Rugs Online?

You can buy cheap rugs online by skimming through options depending on the use of it.

-  Placement 

First, decide on the placement. If the placement is for outdoor use that you would like to keep for longer than opt for cheap rugs in synthetic materials! For cheap outdoor rugs, there are several options available in synthetic rugs. Buying cheap rugs online for areas more prone to damage like the kitchen, for kids’ room or outdoor space is always a good idea!

-  Look and feel

Most synthetic fibers are a good alternative for when you are trying to achieve more wool or fleece-like feel. For instance, Nylon and Olefin are a cheaper alternative for a feel similar to a woolen rug. Be clear in your head about what you are trying to achieve for your space.

-  Price

When looking to buy cheap rugs online, the most important aspect of it is the budget! Define your limit and then skim through the options available.

This way you will not fall out of your budget and are sure to get a decent option at RugKnots, where we cater to every price range!


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