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The interior of your home defines you and your style. Every element you add to it is the reflection of your own personality. This is true for every area rug you choose for your room too. Every type of area rug you lay in your room is your portrayal. Before you buy one for yourself, you need to know everything about the rug that you choose. This blog is to discuss the types of Moroccan rugs that go with your personality. Moroccan rugs are picking up the heat for quite some time. They are considered an effective way to enrich your room. The perfect shades, the perfect color combination and the perfect weaving makes them an ideal choice for every household. Their character and texture add a fresh look to every room. Let’s discuss the types of Moroccan rugs and how they can be a great addition to your home.

1. The Raven Rug

The Raven rug at RugKnots stands out due to its unique colors and patterns borrowed from the Moroccan culture. The rug showcases beautiful graphics. With the beauty in its weaving, mesmerizing colors of brown, black, blue, and yellow add to its grace. This rug is a depiction of a warm heart and an elegant mind. Tribal accents are blowing in this rug. This Moroccan rug, with different colors stitched in, is a portrayal of a free soul. If you have the passion to explore every side of this life, this rug absolutely defines your inner desires.

2. The Bohemian Rug

RugKnots designers call this Moroccan rug the best thing in here. This is due to multiple reasons. This rug is loved and cherished by many. It is one of the bestsellers of the store. Every customer that comes looking for it calls it different names. It has a combination of black, yellow, blue, red, pink, and grey. The rug, with its vibrant colors, depicts a free soul. A soul that garners attention wherever it stands, just like the rug itself. Its electric and retro look makes it among the creative designs. The Bohemian rug is made for non-conformist beat generation.

3. The Ivory Rug

The ivory rug from RugKnots is made through a mix of different colors and designs. It has a minimal feel to it. The rug is pure and this shows in its beauty and its attraction. The ivory rug is making a statement in many households of the USA. This Moroccan rug is known for its simplicity and portrays a peaceful character. This design is the definition of “less is more” and is a balanced mix of calm and serene. The ivory rug is made for the minds that prefer tranquility and flourish in composed environments.

4. The Sand-Castle

SandCastle is an eyecatchy piece at RugKnots. The colors of autumn and the colors of a desert all mix together to create this beautiful masterpiece. This sought after creation uses light tones making it perfect for spacious minimalist homes. Each SandCastle Moroccan rug is made with repeating geometric shapes that are durable in nature. The rug is among the mid-century, rare collectibles that make it a perfect match for the history lovers. The regional flora of the rug is highlighting the quality of a down to earth personality. Every thread is woven to open each aspect of the craft lying inside the rug.

5. The Rusty Moroccan

The rusty Moroccan rugs are unique rugs that complement your furnishing. The lovely shades of red and brown mix up to create this beautiful rug. Its intricate designs are woven with extreme care and attention. This rug has a flow of patterns running at a continuous pace. It is made of the finest wool and is truly a stunning collector’s piece. The rusty rug is a depiction of art and true artisan potential. This is a visually captivating masterpiece. A free thinker and unconventional soul is the idea of this rug. Filled with imaginative ideas, this rug is a result of a creative mind.

6. The Cerulean

The Cerulean is one of the masterpieces that are weaved at RugKnots. This Moroccan rug is beautifully weaved with a color palette. Its attractive colors mixed all together bring a hint of tribal chic to your home. A mixture of pink, red, green, blue, and brown in the rug complements every furnishing and flooring in the house. The Cerulean is a story of a nomad traveler that has to go a long way in life. Inspired by tribal wanderlust, this rug puts a unique twist to the surroundings. It is a depiction of an earth-loving warrior.

7. Moroccan Ruby

The Moroccan ruby adds a splash of red to your flooring. Adorned with a hidden texture, this beauty makes to the list of RugKnots’ bestsellers. The color and texture adapt to the seasonal changes and emits the same energy every other day. This rug is flat woven and is hence pile-less. This makes it light and easily transportable. The Moroccan ruby is one of the Moroccan rugs that portray an expressive visionary. Its color and the texture makes it pleasing for the eyes and comfortable for the feet. An always evolving nature of the rug is also the feature of an optimist.

8. The Shamrock

Shamrock is among the distinct Moroccan rugs at RugKnots. Passionate about interior and aesthetics, the designers came up with this masterpiece. Inspired by the abstract painter, Shamrock became an everlasting beauty. Crafted with tremendous care of the artisans, the Moroccan rug is a picture of practicality, tradition, and storytelling. Moroccan Berbers are experts in generating these beautiful pieces. 
To see what else RugKnots has in store, visit our Moroccan collection and many more to choose from more than 8000 unique options. This is merely just scratch, you can find endless variations of culture on the platform of RugKnots.

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