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These days, rugs have become a great essential. They are now becoming a part of every space and room of your house and that too, for all the right reasons. They make any space look like never before. Not only are they great design tools but also possess remarkable benefits. Rugs are a very important part of a house. Not only are they essential for your living rooms but are crucial for your kids’ room as well. They can save you children from serious accidents and will protect your children against injuries. Rugs in your child’s room may sound a bit hectic but it’s actually not when you buy the right kind of kids rug. Buying kids rugs can also get very confusing because of the sparkling colors and designs but don’t really worry about it because we are here to get you out of that confusion. While getting a rug for your kid’s room, you have to be very vigilant in terms of also everything. The pressure of getting the right kind of material, fibers etc can really get to your nerves and you might feel helpless. We understand that you want the best for your child but don’t really know what’s that “best”. We know, it might be a little tricky but not when we guide you. In this blog post, we tell you all the right and best things in terms of your kids rugs. Starting from the scratch, so that you don’t have to stay half informed. All you need to do is to continue reading with the blog post!

The Right Kind of Material 

The kind of material a kids rug should be like has to be soft and hard at the same time. There are some things that you should consider when selecting the material of your rug. Kids tend to be messy and they can cause some serious mischief around their rooms which directly affects the kid’s rug as well. You should make sure that the material is spill and stain resistant since your children will obviously cause some spills as well as stains. At the same time, your rug needs to be very comfortable and durable. Considering the fact that kids are highly energetic so a rug which can stand wear and tear is the ideal one. A rug that camouflages is definitely a big plus. Rugs come in two types of fibers; synthetic and natural. Natural fibers are the ones that occur naturally for example, wool. However, synthetic fibers are fibers that can occur artificially such as polyester. All these among others are the ideal qualities that should be found in a material for it to be placed in your child’s room. So, let’s just have a look at some of the materials that are best for kids rugs.

Wool Material (Natural Fiber)

Wool is one of the ideal materials for kids rugs. They are found to be extremely soft which obviously provides comfort to your child. They are very durable and are stain resistant. Moreover, they can definitely withstand the wear and tear in a kid’s room. There may be a shedding problem at first but they are ideal in the longer run. However, they can be a little costly.

Cotton Material (Natural Fiber)

Cotton rugs are also very durable and are very spill and stain resistant. Easy to clean and are affordable as compared to others. The best part about these rugs is the fact that they are naturally hypoallergenic! However, they may not be able to withstand prolonged wear and tear.

Jute and Sisal Material (Natural Fiber)

This material is very durable and is ideal in withstanding wear and tear. They are often used as a replacement of wool rugs. They are also easy to clean. They might feel a bit hardy.

Polyester Material (Synthetic Fiber)

This is a way cheaper option than others. They are very much stain-resistant and can be a great option for a kids room.

Nylon Material (Synthetic Fiber)

They are one of the best for high traffic areas and thus can take the wear and tear. They can be great options for a kid’s room. They are also very resistant. Moreover, they are also found to be extremely durable and comfortable.

These are some among other rug materials that are found to be suitable for a kid’s room. We would suggest you to always closely inspect the material you are getting. The qualities that we have listed above are one of the ideals in a kids rug so always make sure that the rug you get for your children has these qualities and features. Without these, it might not be suitable for a kid’s room rug. never forget to ask questions regarding the rug material to be one hundred percent assured about the fact that you are getting the right kind of material!

The Right Size

We always emphasize on the sizing aspect it is extremely important to get the correct size of your rug otherwise you are in trouble. It is by far the most significant aspect when not just buying kids rugs but also rugs in general. The most commonly committed mistake is that people often fetch a smaller rug which eventually looks really awkward. So, it’s always a big plus to get a rug that is large enough to anchor your furniture. Your rug should be able to cover your furniture and not partially cover it. Most of the time, people usually get a rug and when placing it, only some parts get covered by the rug. That looks horrible. When we talk about a kid’s rug, you should make sure that it covers all the necessary furniture areas. For example, if you have a study table, the rug should cover both the chair and the table in order for it to look ideal. But, if you want to buy a smaller rug, then it should be small in real terms and can be placed around anywhere. It shouldn’t be in the middle and should rather be placed let alone. One way to get the ideal size of the rug is to measure it yourself. Wondering how to do that? Well, it’s very simple. All you gotta do is to tape the area you want the rug to be placed at, then simply measure the dimensions i.e. the width and length of the area that you have tapped. This way, you will get the exactly accurate size of the rug. So, don't just try and estimate the size you need because it would cause you real problems and hassle in the longer run. It’s better to measure it correctly to avoid problems in future. Shipping the rug back and forth can be a great hassle and pain and we don’t want you to go through that phase. 

The Shapes

When working in a kid’s room, you have to get funky and weird and that too, at a greater extent. You want to match the vibe of your child which will obviously be childish but you gotta do it anyway. You would also want to think of the box by considering shapes that are out of the ‘standard’. The most common rug shapes are square, rectangle, circle etc. but it might not be your child’s favorite. However, there are many more shapes that you may find weird but are actually not. For example, rugs are present in shapes such as cloud, triangle heart etc. Make sure that you take your kid into confidence before choosing the shape of the rug.

Colors and Patterns

Colors are patterns and are yet another very crucial aspect of buying rugs. If you go wrong here, your room would look a complete mess. So, matching the colors and patterns with the room’s layout is very important. One thing that goes well with the color and patterns aspect is to rather contrast than to match. For example, if your kid’s room has very sparkly and bold colors, then go for patterns and colors that are more neutral and minimalistic. The rug should be toned down. This way, you can achieve the perfect visual aesthetic. On the other hand, if the furniture and wall color is very neutral and not very flashy, then go for rug colors that are rather glittery and bold in tones. This contrasting mature can bring about great visual pleasure as they are going to be contradictingly magical. Also, you can even get a multi colored rug for your kids as it would reflect the true vibe of a child and of course, children love it when it is all colorful.

The Rug Pad    

The rug pad is by far the most essential item of rugs. People don’t really get their significance since there’s not much awareness about them out there. But in reality, rug pads are extremely very important especially in a kids rug. If you are looking for protection and safety for your kids and rugs but without a rug pad, you are completely wrong. A rug pad under a rug will protect your kids and your floors, too. Especially in a kid’s room, where they tend to move and run here and there, you don’t want the rug to slip and harm the child. Rug pads are a great way to add protection and resistance in your rug. it not only protects your kids but also your floors.

Other Considerations

As we have mentioned before that when buying rugs for kids, you need to be very vigilant and aware of everything. You need to be extremely sure of where you are investing when it comes to your kids. There may be some questions and concerns that you would need to clear before purchasing that ideal rug. For example, if your kid has allergies or any other sensitiveness, get a rug that is safe and doesn’t cause and harm to your child. Make sure that it doesn’t trigger your child’s health which obviously is your topmost concern. Moreover, in all the buying process, don’t neglect the likings and disliking of your child. At the end of the day, it’s your kid for whom you are buying the rug in the first place. Asking them what they exactly want should be your first question when starting the quest of buying the ideal kids rug. So taking your kids into account is really very important. If you don’t do so, it might happen that you do everything possible and go way out to buy the perfect kids rug but turns out your kid doesn’t like it. It’s going to be heartbreaking but it’s kinda your fault. Ask them what they want in terms of colors, designs, styles, and patterns etc because it needs to be attractive for them only. That’s the ultimate goal, right?

And that’s all for today! We hope that you found this blog post helpful and informative. We can totally understand the sensitivity attached to buying kids rugs because after all, you are making a choice for your kids and you want it to be the best. For this reason, we have gathered together all the information regarding buying kids rugs in one blog post. Only for your convenience, we have tried answering all your questions. We have presented you a full guide where we have listed all the aspects of buying a rug for your kids. It might get a little confusing at some point but don’t worry as we got your back.

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