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Traditional rugs or modern rugs, which one do you choose? It’s no mistake that wool rugs bearing ancient designs are often lumped together under the umbrella term “traditional."  Wool rugs not only offer style, but they also add warmth to your living space! Their symbols Motifs and geometry have been transmitted not through books or formal education But from the hand's Hearts And minds of one weaver to another despite the habit of collectors and academics alike to codify oriental rug patterns the art of rug weaving remains a living tradition. One that is constantly evolving as it courses through the lives of those who practice it.

Modern Rugs VS Traditional Rugs: Which Is Best?

Modern & Traditional Rugs

Below we’ll address these questions and ask a few more as we dive into the relationship between the traditional and the modern rugs. But first, we would like to define these classes separately along with their major characteristics. It will let you understand the depth of their association. First things first, so, we will begin with the question, what are traditional rugs? I think everyone is able to identify this class. These rugs principally belong to a prominent group of Oriental, Persian or other classic styles. The traditional area rugs are usually very complicated and contain fine details/designs on them. The pattern we see on them today was actually created centuries back during the royal period. Few of these rugs even have real-life scenes on them. They can add a formal, elite, and sophisticated look to your living room.

Modern & Traditional Rugs

Now, come to the second category i-e modern rugs. Modern or contemporary rugs are a unique piece of art. They don’t carry the essence of centuries-old designs. Rather, their patterns are exclusive. They sometimes have a contrasting geometric print that matches the taste of the owner. These rugs can give a vibrant, formal, or even dreamy look to your room depending on their design.

Modern & Traditional Rugs

How To Make Traditional Rugs?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say it involves TONS of effort. Yes, right! The process starts with the extensive spinning of yarn. After that, the design is made that involves drawing the pattern on a grid paper at a 1:1 scale. The weavers take assistance from this template and weave it on the rug. Once all these preparations are done, the actual weaving task starts. The design of the rug isn’t even identifiable after removing it from the loom. It is because of the thick yarn pile on it. It needs clipping and knotting to make its pattern observable. The base/foundation of rugs is then knotted together to tie them. The last major step involves proper washing of the rug to refresh its looks. Let’s come back to the relationship between modern and traditional rugs!

How to Make Traditional Rugs?

Traditional Rugs Can Enhance Modern Interiors

The modern aesthetic can often seem a bit divorced from the reality of lived human experience. Its emphasis on stark geometry, muted colors and stripped-down minimalism is a reflection of the industrial mind; Machines have no need for ornament, the function is their only concern. This modern tendency to reduce everything to a point of pure geometrical abstraction has its own undeniable beauty, hence the appeal of introducing traditional elements into modern design. When paired with a modern interior, A traditional wool rug can provide a foundation that roots the modern aesthetic in history and nature alike. Traditional area rugs are natural not only in their design motifs, which often recall the geological and biological environments of those who weave them but also in the very materials used in their creation. One of the very good examples of traditional rugs is prayer rugs whose designs give it a traditional look. Sheep’s wool fibers are dyed with colors sourced directly from the earth.

Traditional Rugs Can Enhance Modern Interiors

FYI: Navajo rugs are considered as one of the most colorful and best textiles produced by North American Indians.

Well, what is the dye used in traditional Navajo rugs? To your surprise, it involves all-natural elements. According to the dye chart provided by an expert weaver somewhere in the 1950s, here are the sources:

      • sunflower
      • red onion skin
      • alder bark
      • sagebrush
      • rubber plant
      • rose hips
      • small snakeweed
      • brown onion skin
      • gamble oak bark
      • Juniper bark

Two more famous dyes for Navajo rugs are Aniline and Blended wool dyes. RugKnots exclusively uses all-natural vegetable dyes to ensure that your new piece not only looks good in your home but looks good in Mother Nature's home. In this way, traditional oriental rugs not only reflect nature in pattern and design but embody it quite literally in construction.

Traditional Rugs Can Enhance Modern Interiors

Modern Rugs VS Traditional Rugs

By introducing a traditional oriental rug into a modern space, we can infuse an otherwise cold and calculated interior design with a sense of history and a touch of the natural At Some Point Modern Will Stop Being Modern

      • In the 50s, pink ceramic was "modern"
      • In the 70s, Wood paneling was considered "modern"
      • In the 90s, whatever this is was considered "modern"

You can see in the images above that oriental rugs have been in style for centuries and will never go out

      • Kings
      • Queens
      • Emperors
      • Caesars
      • Pharaohs

And Czars alike have indulged in the art of hand-knotted rugs. Now, If you don't want to go for the "traditional rugs for living room" look, learn how to place an oriental rug in a modern space.

Modern Rugs VS Traditional Rugs

Tips To Decorate Via Modern Interiors

A traditional oriental rug can serve as a fountain of inspiration for the modern interior design that surrounds it. Try expanding outwards from your traditional rug’s earthy palette; The hues found in a rug’s design are often inspired by Mother Nature herself. The tones can thrive when echoed by more modern art furniture and accents of similar color. Or, if you’re working with a muted space, A deep overdyed rug can add not only a subtle contrast in tone but also a touch of pattern upon the minimal surroundings. If you still want to keep with your monochromatic scheme, overdyed oriental rugs add the perfect amount of texture and intrigue. As always, trust your instincts. Take the time to let the rug’s unique character sink in and work outwards from there. Traditional oriental rugs are handcrafted works of art each with their own idiosyncrasies that make them unique and traditional rugs are also available in different colors and sizes like red and blue traditional rugs, traditional area rugs 8x10, etc.

Tips to Decorate via Modern Interiors

Decorate Traditional Modern Rugs

Some modern rugs do have their merit if you are looking to be trendy and replace your rug every two years, then a modern rug is a way to go, but A compromise is a modern style with classic material. With this method, modern runner rugs utilize traditional materials and construction methods but apply them to a different aesthetic rather than drawing from centuries (even millennia) old symbols and motifs. Modern round rugs embody the creative whims and inspirations of their designers. They are more personal and less historical. Rather than tying a room to a particular art-historical context you can create a space with a casual improvised sensibility Modern blue rugs often come in a swath of vibrant hues to contrast to their more subdued and earthy traditional brethren, or they can come in cool muted tones.

Decorate Traditional Modern Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Rugs

1. What Makes A Rug Modern?

A modern rug is a rug that has current trends in design and style. The designs are abstract, geometric, graphic, or unstructured with natural color tones like browns and neutrals. Modern rugs can be traditional (like the Persian) but it needs to have an updated feel to it. A contemporary carpet will typically also use fewer traditional architectural motifs like the arabesque. The rug needs to be timeless and clean looking, with a contemporary color palette that will help blend seamlessly in any space.

2. Are Jute Rugs Good For A Modern Style Interior?

Jute rugs are not considered modern rugs, but they can be used in an antique or rustic-modern design. If you place a neutral rug that has a jute material then you can surely bring a modern touch to your space due to the light colors. A Jute rug is just like flatwoven rugs that are perfect for wood floors. But, if you are looking for something that brings a modern touch to your space then choose hand-tufted wool rugs or shag rugs.

3. What Type Of Area Rugs Would Match My Modern Style Dining Room?

If you want to create a simple, modern look in your dining room then choose a rug that has black or light colors. For example, if you have white walls and dark furniture then it is better to install the rug with lighter shades of blue. Using Persian rugs that have floral patterns and a medium pile with synthetic fibers will surely make dining rooms look modern and sleek. Shaggy rugs will also go well in your dining room area as they have low pile and soft underfoot due to their pure wool construction. Also, If you want to choose a statement rug that speaks for itself then go for sisal rugs that have intricate patterns and match any decor style. These rugs are perfect for high foot traffic and are also fade resistant which is perfect for a dining area.

4. How To Maintain A Modern Area Rug?

For rugs with dark colors, area rug cleaners should be used to clean them. To maintain beautiful shades of light-colored modern area rugs, you can use an expert cleaner that is gentle on fabrics and soft fibers underfoot as well as safe for kids and pets in your home. Natural fiber rugs and synthetic rugs would be easy to maintain. So, if you have such rugs then you can wash them in the machine as they are machine washable and fade resistant. If you have a living room rug that has a traditional pattern and natural fibers and the rug's construction is made of pure wool with low pile height, then use a standard rug shampoo to clean it. It is important that you use the right cleaning method and product for your rug type, as some rugs are just too delicate or expensive to wash in a machine. For instance, a colorful rug, silk patterned rugs, a jute kitchen rug, or outdoor rugs can be damaged by detergents which contain fabric softeners because these products leave spots on the rug.

5. Are Modern High Pile Rugs Good For Wall-To-Wall Carpeting?

Many people like to have a rug in their living room or hallway, even if they do not want it in other rooms. If you are planning on using the modern high pile rugs for wall-to-wall carpeting, and your floors are either wood or tile, then this is a great option. The type of material that these rugs are made from is not as dense, which makes them the perfect choice for a smooth surface. They are extremely durable and will not show signs of wear and tear as quickly.

6. Can You Use A Modern-Style Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rugs are often the perfect addition to any outdoor space. They can be placed right on your patio, deck, or porch and they will add a soft surface that is easy enough for you to walk on while still protecting your floors from exposure. You can use a modern outdoor rug for outdoors as long as it has been made with UV-resistant material.

7. Do You Need Rug Pads Under Your Modern Living Room Rugs?

Yes, A rug pad is a must if you want to protect your rug investment and keep it in great shape. Whether you have higher pile rugs, a flat woven rug, rug runner, low pile rug, or any sophisticated rug, rug pads are necessary. They help to cushion the rug, keep it from sliding, and adding more comfort.

8. Where Can I Buy Modern Rugs Online?

There are many online retailers that offer modern rugs. One of the most popular places to buy from is Amazon, which has a wide variety and affordability. RugKnots have a vast collection of modern area rugs in different styles and shades. You can buy a good quality affordable rug from our website. You can choose any rug size and also customize the rug according to your needs. Just get the ideas from our collection!

RugKnots have a great collection of the best quality modern area rugs that brings charm and elegance to any interior. If you have any questions or need any information about rugs, then feel free to email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046‬. We will make sure to answer all your questions.

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