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Your home is a story of who you are and a collection of what you love. This collection defines what you really are and what better way to portray that personality than with the home accessories. When looking for a home accessory, the first thing that should be on our list is area rugs. Lifestyle today is going more advanced and people prefer modernity in everything they choose. Modern rugs are one of those things that depict the modern approach. The material, the color, the style, the texture, the pattern, everything has a modern touch to it. One rug can define your frame of mind and can give a chic look to your place. We have come up with some of the most amazing tips to help you decorate your home with modern rugs.

So without any further ado, let's get started!

Grey Modern Rug

1. Lay down the fluffy monochrome magic

While most of the trends are mixing up colors, styles, and patterns to create their signature style, modern rugs have a more simple yet elegant look to them. Fluffy monochrome rugs are single-colored rugs with a high density and height of pile to give it a shaggy feel. Mostly done with the light hues, modern interiors are decorated with one color, be it the furniture, wall paint, or the accessories. Monochrome rugs complement this stylish approach and provide the class to the whole room. Thinking of brightening the room, go with the bold color, need a more calm environment, go for the light colors but the rug should have a single color. These rugs have been trending for a while now and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

2. Spring in your rooms

Floral designs are popular among the modern rugs and their designs as they provide a subtle contemporary look to any room they are laid in. Floral rugs are harmonious for every room. Lay them in your bedroom for a dapper look. Bring floral to your kid’s room to give it a playful touch. Design your living room with it for a voguish interior. Floral just never gets old. They give a vibrant yet formal look to your home. Add colors to your rooms and give it a modern look using these floral designs and patterns. Pair your bold floral rugs to your calmer rooms to highlight its colors or use contrasting colors to the walls of the room. You can also paint your furniture with the most blooming color of the floral rug to make them go with each other.

3. Stripe it up

Stripes have been a part of the fashion industry for a long time. Our shoes, our bags, our clothes, all have been a part of this trend. The stripes then shifted towards our accessories and then to our interiors. From walls to rugs, to curtains, stripes have become a part of modern interiors. Striped rugs have an element of simplicity and sophistication to them which are also the elements for modern interiors. Striped rugs have taken over the modern rug industry with the most unique designs. Black and white stripes, vertical vs horizontal stripes, thin and thick stripes, and many variations of these are used in the rugs to inject new patterns. Stripes give an intriguing and exciting look to the area rugs. You can add striped rugs to the room with striped walls or even plain walls to give the room a complete look.

4. Jute rugs are still the deal

Jute rugs are the most cost-effective rugs when going for the modern look of your home. They are made from natural fibers that come from cor-chorus plants. Jute rugs add a contemporary look to your rooms. It adds class to your living style and the best thing about them is that they are super cheap. A common misconception about jute rugs is that they come in only one color or are only available in plain form. This is so not the case. Jute rugs come in all sorts of colors and patterns on them which can give your place a complete look. These modern rugs can accommodate any style that you want to achieve and adds a pint of chic to it too.

5. Patch the rugs

Patched rugs have become a part of modern rugs because of the temptation they provide for the multi-colors. These rugs, when combined with the right colored walls, give a sophisticated look. The patchwork adds up different colors and styles to create one masterpiece which is a treat to the eyes. Patched rugs have been becoming a trend recently. You can add the patched rugs with a combination of light colors or sleek patterns to the rooms with bright colored walls or the ones with bright colored patchings to a monochromatic light-colored room. Patched rugs not only come in different colors but also in different patterns. The patching pattern can also vary in these rugs. Sometimes, squares are patched to create the rugs, and other times it could be triangles or even random shapes to create one complete modern rug.
This leaves no reason to not surf through our collections and designing tips!

Light Purple / Grey Modern Rug

6. It’s a beautiful stain

Modern rugs have another type of rugs that look like they’re stained with the paint. These rugs are of either light colors having a stain of bright color on them or maybe are dark-colored with a light color stain on them. These rugs have an ultra-modern look to them. They go with the wall paint or furniture of any color. These rugs give a splash of freshness to the room. Pairing it up with the contrasting color curtains can give harmony to the room.
RugKnots is a one-stop-shop for all the trends that are taking their place in modern rugs. We provide the most elegant designs that not only are a perfect addition to the modern interiors but also portray a uniqueness. Visit our boutique or contact our consultant at RugKnots to know more about modern rugs. We will be more than happy to help.

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