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Area rugs have become a must-have when shopping for the interior of our homes. They bring together the elements of the room and the colors of decor. When you think of shopping an area rug, a square or rectangle-shaped rug comes into your mind but this isn’t the right trend anymore. Recently, round rugs have been making their place in the list of trending rug types. This trend has been welcomed by a large number of rug lovers. We are no more bound by the limitations of the shape of rugs. These rugs go with the room of every shape, style, and size. Round rugs might have attracted a large number but the one question that arises in every mind is how to style your home with round rugs. The struggle of finding the correct placement, size, and positioning is more than that of square or rectangular rugs. But once you find the exact spot for the right sized round rug, it looks like it is made to stand out. This blog will help you find out how you can use the round area rugs around your home.

In your bedroom

This is the most difficult place to fit in a round rug so we started from here. Your bedroom can use it one of the 2 ways- under the bed or beside the bed. How can you use it under your bed? Most of the beds in our homes are rectangular. Contrast or match the color of the bed with that of the rug and lay the rug in a way that exceeds the legs of the bed. This will enhance the edges and will highlight your bed’s beauty. The round rugs look lavish when laid beside the bed. Place it there with a floor cushion and add to the beauty of your room. You will now have a beautiful corner in your room to study, sit down with your friends, have a comfy place to have your evening tea. You can add another round rug if you have an additional piece of furniture in your bedroom. Place that chair or table on the round rug beside the other one. This will allow you to have a different color or style rugs in one room.

Blue / White Round Rug

In your living room

Most living rooms have a sharp edgy tone to them. From furniture to even a fireplace, the room is filled with edgy rectangles. A round rug will help you soften those edges. A plush carpet in the living room goes hand in hand for sinking toes. This makes the room more inviting and comfortable. The living room has different furniture pieces all gathered in one place. You can separate each furniture with a different rug. It’s like having several teacups on coasters. Many little rugs make the room more versatile but don’t overdo it. Leave the bigger furniture like a 3 seater sofa. You can also place a single round rug in the center of the room.

In your kitchen

Your kitchen can also use stylish round rugs in the breakfast nook or in between kitchen racks. These rugs can warm up these unexpected places and make them look more attractive. But be careful when choosing these rugs for your kitchen. You need a more braided or flat weave material to stand the spills and traffic of the room. The kitchen stains don’t go away easily so be very careful when choosing the color of the rug as well. Do not place these rugs in the places that are closer to the heat and fire. You can use half circles as mats in your kitchens as well. This will save you space and will also keep it from the places it shouldn’t be at. 

Pink Round Rugs

In the entryway

A foyer or an entryway might be a small area in your home but can add beauty to your home as you can unfold your creative side more freely. Having a centerpiece in the foyer makes it more elegant and stylish. Centerpiece or not, having a round rug in the middle of the foyer can surely add to its beauty. You can keep on replacing the rugs in the entryway every season to make it look more welcoming. A warm cozy one for the winter and a cool breezy one for the summer.

In the Kid’s room or Nursery

A child’s room has more colors to it. You can experiment with more playful decor and you can never go wrong with the colors. This is the perfect place to unveil the bright side of your mind. Play with bright colors in the room and use different color round rugs around all the furniture of the room. You can use the rugs of different sizes and can include different patterns in it. 
Round rugs with the imprinting of your child’s favorite characters can also make it more attractive for your child. 

Ivory Round Rugs | Best Sellers

In the study room

Your study room needs a calmer and soothing environment. Every accessory placed in it plays a vital role in setting the mood for study. It is better to use a single big round rug in the whole room to give it individuality. If your study has book racks of wooden colors, go with the oriental rugs but if you have a calm light-hued library, you can always use the plush, comfy monochromatic round rugs here as well. The lighting of the study room is different than that of other rooms so before you make a decision on the color, consider the lighting too. 
For your study room, you can also find a corner to lay down the round rug and make the floor your listener. Add cushions matching with the color of your rug and make the place more toned to your geeky side.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the blog, you can always contact the consultant at RugKnots to find more about the round rugs we provide here. RugKnots is a one-stop-shop for your rug love. We will love to help you out with your hunt for the ideal rug for your home.

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