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Rugs are indeed an integral part when it comes to styling your interior. You can fill your home spaces with everything but still feel like something is missing when you don't have an area rug going through your way. A good and beautiful area rug can change your room or area in a heavenly place. It's very obvious and understandable that a lot of people out there think that a rug can only be placed at the floor and that is what you thought as well, right? Well, we don't necessarily blame you for it because it is a mainstream mindset and we are here to clear that out for everyone out there. Whether it's your living room or your bedroom, kitchen or your balcony, we have the best styles and tips to make use of rugs to enhance your room's vibe and presentability. Your guests, friends and visitors are going to gush over your glowed up home and will definitely ask the secret to your home's beauty. Let's dive into the scheme!

Clothe the wall

Yes! Clothe the wall. One of the most useful ways to give your home chic yet sophisticated look is to clothe your wall by placing a rug onto it. You must have seen people hanging pictures and paintings on the wall and that's what's walls are for, right? Well no, because we believe that even your walls are much more worthy than that! If you made up your mind to place a rug on your wall, we suggest placing an area rug that seems traditional, especially. Not that, we are restricting you to place something that is only traditional. Of course, you can choose whatever style you want but, adding a little traditional vibe is always considerable. Moreover, try adding some vibrant colors as well. We suggest you to look over our Pak- Persian collection here at RugKnots because that's the subsequent vibe we want you to feel!

Fill your seating

Do you have an old couch? Are you losing interest in your seating arrangement? Are you getting bored with your same old sofa? Well, it's a sign that it is time you start changing your seating ambiance. How to do that? You can place a rug on it! Yeah, it is as simple as that. Consider buying a flat- weave rug since that would be the best for your sofa/ couch. Try using colors that are lively and sprightly because your seating is a place where you tend to be 24/ 7. Commonly, people use this tactic at sofas in their living rooms! And just like that, colors that seem energetic can eventually make you feel energetic and high- spirited, too. So, keep that in mind!

Layer that in

If you're wanting to define your living room, then you should definitely try layering. You might think at first that it is a long and difficult process to carry out or you would need extreme professional help. You're wrong! You just need a little know- how about the layering process and that too is very simple. As always, we have got some tips for you. While layering, make use of a small rug and one long/ big rug and place them side by side. This will intensify and help in grain variation. Moreover, use both area rugs of multi colors, geometrical shapes or the ones that are of uni color and tri- color. One more tactic to make them look good is to place them at an angle where they dissect each other, are diagonal or upside down. We assure you, it would look amazing!

In the kitchen

It may sound silly to place an area rug in the kitchen considering the wear and tear that the rug will go through. But, it is possible and it actually looks very beautiful. You must be thinking that a kitchen is messy and there's spills and multiple other stains but, there is a solution to that and that is to choose area rugs that are made up of stain resistant materials such as propylene and nylon material since it's stain resistant and washable. Adding a good and lively area rug in your kitchen will not only make your kitchen look good but will eventually light up your mood as well. Your food is going to turn out as delicious as it never was! 

The Bathroom

Yes! You heard it right, in the bathroom! It was medieval times when placing anything other than a tub, a toilet and a shower in the washroom was a sin. Well, it is not, anymore. In fact, it gives your home a very modern and unique touch. Place an area rug that is flat weave and a material that is water absorbent i.e. polyester material or even jute and sisal material. Use dark and dim colors in your washroom so that it gives you a vintage and enduring feel. Break that stereotype!

Hallways and passage- ways

Don't let your passage- ways stay empty. Try using runner rugs (which you also find at RugKnots in the best price and in the best quality ever) in these passages. Buy boho and chic rugs for those never- ending passages. You can even get customizable area rugs from your very own RugKnots. Make it look visually appealing by adding some chic shades and colors onto it. Use geometric patterns as well.

Dining area

Do you know that there are rugs available in shapes like triangles, too? We understand that most of you didn't. And, that is exactly why we are here, to bust that myth of you. Add area rugs that are of shapes like triangle, round or even rectangular (if you want to) at different areas of your dining/ drawing room. Or, if you do not like it that way, place a large area rug, if that matches your vibe. Trust us, it would look stunning! 

The Stair- case

While trying to give your house a makeover, do not miss out on your stairs. You can bring back your same old woody staircase to life just by adding a classy rug to it. Of course, you would have to glue your area rug to the stairs in order to place it well. Go for it!

On your Bed

I mean, we are not asking you to put an area rug in the place of a bed- sheet. But, you can always layer your bed up by adding an extra layer/ coating on top of your bed- sheet to make it look lively. Make use of a vibrant flat- weave rug made up of coruscating patterns and colors. You can let some part of the rug hang/ climb down the sheets and the bed because that looks good, too. In addition to this, you can even layer it beneath your bed to add extra softness or thickness to your bed (we know that feels amazing!)

For Decoration

You must be thinking that all these tips in itself are helping us decorate the household but, no that's not what this blog post is about. Sometimes, you do not have to make use of an area rug for a reason but for solely no purpose! Sounds vague, but it is not. You can use area rugs as pieces of arts and decoration pieces at different areas of your house comprising different sizes, shapes, textures and styles. Whichever place or wall seems/ feels empty, add a rug to it!

On your Tables

Rugs look the best on your tables, as well. Whether it is an iron stand/ table or a normal table, placing a flat- weave area rug works the best. Don't worry about rugs getting slippery or causing mess because as always, rugs made of good materials are always helpful.

Outdoor Areas

It's one of the best sights ever to be in your house outdoors and having to live the best aura ever. You don't have to worry about it getting dewy, watery or its color fading away because you can always roll it back in and then place it, too. However, people who want area rugs to be placed in the outdoor in the longer run should use rugs made up of sea grass are the best for outdoor innings since its water- resistant, durable and its color doesn't fade, as well. So, you're in safe- hands! 

Place it everywhere!

Live your heart out and place rugs just everywhere! Wondering what that means? We suggest you go all out with the rugs. Place it everywhere. Fill your room with rugs and only rugs. On the walls, on the floor and even on the objects. It is simple, measure your room size and the walls and you are ready to go. We know you're going to ace it! 

Are you ready to make these little changes to your home? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go, get your home a glow up already. Giving your home these little and gorgeous makeovers directly affects your mood and habits. Of course, good changes mean good mood (and that “good” is achieved by adding rugs!) We have provided you with the most amazing and brilliant ideas to fill your home space up with area rugs in the most stunning way. Follow our guide, our techniques because it's all for you only. Add these minimalistic yet noticeable styles at your home and see the difference for yourself. We guarantee you that you would be left amazed 

Need assistance at any point? We are here! Whether it's your living room, your bedroom, kitchen or even your bathroom! You can style it all up with these tips. You can shop online area rugs any kind from at RugKnots, too! 

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