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When in doubt, buy a rug! As we always emphasize on the fact that everyone needs an area rug anywhere and everywhere. Having a rug everywhere is always a plus point. As we dive deeper into this ideology we realize that people need a nursery rug, too. You might be thinking, a rug in the nursery?! Yes, you heard it right. Many people don’t really care or pay attention to placing a rug in their kids room. They look at it as a useless thing or something that doesn’t really need an implementation. But, in reality, it does. It not just adds color and pattern to the room but also plays a protection factor. How is that? It’s pretty obvious that toddlers live their life on the floor. A floor without a rug might feel very rough and hurt the kid. As a parent, you want your child to be as comfortable as anything. So, a nursery rug is a go for you! In this realization of buying a nursery rug, you obviously need extensive guidance and guess, we are here for it! We provide you a complete guide as to how you can find the best nursery rug.

Guide To Choose The Best Nursery Rug

1. Fishing For The Right Rug Material

The most important question that comes up in your mind is what material is best for your nursery rug. You should always look for softness, smoothness and see if the rug is found to be comfortable. As you are buying it for your kid, it is very important that comfort is your topmost priority while buying a rug. The most picked material for such rugs is the shag material as they are cozy, soft and comfortable as well, best for high- traffic areas. Not only that, natural fibers are also one of the most popular and suitable (as always). Cotton and wool rugs are very fit for your kids as they are easy to wash, have high durability and are stain- resistant (what’s better than that). These materials are the fittest for any nursery rug out there. Of course, due to their properties and specifications they stand out and rise as the best picks for a kid’s room rug.

Fishing for the right rug material

2. Rug Pads (An Under- Laying Essential)

Yet, another ignored essential is a rug pad. People think why to “waste” money on stuff that no one can see. But, it’s certainly the most important aspect when it comes to buying rugs. As in a kid’s room, a rug that doesn’t slip and protects both; the child and the floor holds significant importance. Rug pads help the rug stay at its place without slipping and causing any harm. Moreover, they help the floor stay in the exact form and condition as it was before placing the rug. Not only that, it increases its durability as it is the main protective layer. Rug pads are not only important for a nursery rug but are extremely important for any rug type placed at any area or area. Whenever buying rugs, don’t forget the rug pads!

Rug pads (an under- laying essential)

3. Look For Durability

As we have mentioned previously and emphasized enough over the durability factor. We continue to stay and support that stance. Checking for durability in rugs is one important thing. Realizing the fact that the rug is to be placed in a kid’s area, meaning, it is going to go through extreme wear and tear, spills and other stains among these. So, a rug without high durability is a big no! In a nutshell, durability lies in the material only, so buying a nursery rug with high durability is a go i.e. wool, cotton or olefin material.

Look for durability

4. Size Matters!

While buying a rug, considering the size is one of the foremost things you need to take note of. Be sure that you don’t buy a rug that is a lot bigger or even smaller. The question arises, what size? Buy a rug that at least covers your furniture. Imagine you buy nursery rugs that are only half way through your baby’s pram/ bed, how awkward and weird would that look! We suggest buying a smaller rug if you have a carpet already installed in a room. But, in order to free you from these insecurities of messing up, we suggest you first measure the dimensions i.e. length and width of the area you want to get covered and get a rug of that size only. Remember to get the nursery rug of a size that exceeds the crib so that if your child falls, he/ she is safe. The most common rug size when it comes to nursery rugs is 5×8 because it works the best! However, we still suggest you first measure the area up till your major furniture is covered and only then buy a rug for your kids. That is; because, we feel that sizes of rooms vary and are not always similar and same so it’s always safe to not take any chance.

Size matters!

5. Note The Shape And Patterns

Honestly, the shape of your rug depends on the overall layout and décor of your room. Obviously, rugs come in multiple shapes such as rectangle, round, triangle, cloud and heart shape, too! But, when placing the right shape, consider the vibe and layout of the room. Try matching the shape to the ambience of the room. Personally, in a kid’s room, you should consider adding stuff that’s cute and funky. As of that, it’s advisable to place cloud- shaped or heart- shaped rugs since that's the only place where you can add such shapes and not feel awkward! Moreover, adding little patterns in your room with the help of nursery rugs enhance your room’s vibe. Adding a large pattern of course largely intensifies your room, too. Adding patterns that suit and fit give a visual treat to anyone who sees it. To list its benefits other than the style/ fashion factor, they help camouflage stains and other spills which you’ll obviously get as your rug is placed at the most dangerous place i.e. your kid’s room. If you are prone to taking risks and experimenting every now and then, then, adding patterns will add to your thirst over that!

Note the shape and patterns

6. The Cleaning / Washing Factor

You wanna make sure that you buy a rug that’s not just durable but is washable, too. Why is that? Well, that’s because you’re placing it at an area where the area rug is most prone to spills, dirt and stains. Your rug will definitely get dirty, for sure. That’s not a bad thing but the rug not being washable certainly, is the bad thing. Looking if the area rug is machine washable or it could be spot cleaned is the first and last thing you should check and confirm. Whenever there is any stain, waste no time and try cleaning it with warm water and a cloth. Otherwise, wash in the washing machine to further assure deep cleaning. If your nursery rug possesses this trait, there’s nothing more relieving than that!

7. The Texture

Next up, is the texture that you need to investigate over. Never buy rugs (for kids) that have too extravagant and lavish of textures where it’s impossible that it is baby friendly. Remember to buy rigs that have flat weave since you don’t want to take chances on your child’s safety. A flat weave rug is way more comfortable and easy to play on than any other texture. Don’t forget that!

The cleaning/ washing factor

8. Other Considerations!

There are some honorary mentions that we would like to list as to confirm your feet on the perfect nursery rug you would want to buy! Check if the rug is stain resistant. Of course, it’s worth reviewing that the rug is washable but it’s even contemplating to check if the rug is stain resistant. As mentioned earlier, your area rug is going to go through constant wear and tear and would have to bear the stains and dirt, so getting a stain- resistant rug means you are good to go!    Secondly, the style matters, too. Rugs come in many styles from plain to traditional. All you need to select one is to again analyze the while rooms layout and pick the most suited and matching rug style. Moreover, evaluate the overall type of the rug as well. Always investigate if the rug that you are buying really is a ‘nursery rug’. As in, is it the best choice for your child or does it have any chemicals or features that might harm the child in any way?

Other considerations!

As we wrap it all up, we hope this Blog made up your mind to get a nursery rug for your child already. Furthermore, we also have hopes that you found it to be helpful and now know what to look for in a nursery rug. This is the ultimate guide to not fall under any traps and rather buy the best item out there. The eventual goal is the comfort of you and your child and we value that! Finding a rug (especially for your kids) is one hassle and difficult job and we completely understand that. Exactly for that reason, we bring you this guide to help you out in the most extensive manner.

Other considerations

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursery Rugs

1. What Are Nursery Rugs?

Nursery rugs are primarily used to add softness and warmth in a room where there is already carpet, but they can also offer style. They come in an array of colors that you may not find for other types of area rug such as reds or greens which would be perfect if your nursery has those color schemes. It brings a charming and exciting feel to the baby's room to make their quality time playful and entertaining. Nursery room rugs are usually rectangular or oval-shaped, so there are no difficult corners to deal with.

2. Which Material Is Used To Make A Nursery Room Rug?

Nursery room rugs are usually made of cotton, wool, or synthetics. They can be woven with natural fibers like cotton or synthetic fibers and synthetic material like acrylic to make them sturdy and durable for long-term use. These synthetic rugs are made of soft wool and cotton which are mainly used for a nursery to give a smooth texture to your floors making them safe for your kids.

3. Can We Wash Nursery Rugs In A Washing Machine?

Nursery rugs are durable and sturdy, so they can be hand-washed in a washing machine. In case the rug is very dirty, then you should use cold water to dissolve the dirt from it before putting it into your washer.

4. Does Your Baby's Nursery Have High Foot Traffic?

Rugs should be placed in a place according to the usage of the area. If you baby's nursery has high foot traffic then it's better to place a soft rug made of wool or cotton on a hard surface like tile or wood to avoid the rug from getting stained easily. Wool is stain-resistant and a low pile rug so it is perfect for high foot traffic.

5. How To Maintain A Nursery Rug?

Nursery rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, you may need to use the hose on it when cleaning off any stains or spills. These rugs have a pile height perfect for high traffic areas but as some might be machine-made and some might be hand tufted, it's better to take care of them to avoid them from getting damaged or torn down easily.

6. Can You Use A Round Rug For Your Kid's Room?

Yes, as long as they are not too small for the space, round rugs are fine! You can place a round rug if the room is already carpeted or you are using two rugs in a room to create a visual charming appeal on the room. Round rugs with intricate designs can bring a homey feel to the room.

7. Is A Crawling Mat A Type Of Nursery Rug?

A crawling mat is not a type of nursery rug, it's actually a floor protector for your baby. These mats are usually round and have raised bumps on them to keep the child from getting injured when they crawl around. You can place a crawling mat on top of the rug. The super-soft rug will protect your kids with it's soft surface.

If you still have any queries, you can ask them out as we provide 24/7 guidance and support. Moreover, you can buy the best nursery rugs of 2024 at RugKnots. Give no second thought and browse through our website and we guarantee you, that we are the best online area rug store destination. We are sure you’re gonna buy your dream rug from us only! If you want more information about rugs, email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046.

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