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Area rugs are a part of every type of interior today. With thousands of different rugs coming from different origins, each has its own uniqueness. Oriental rugs from Turkey have their culture embedded in them. Persian rugs are the type of oriental rugs that show the Persian culture in it. Pak Persian rugs are a mix of both Persian and Pakistani cultures joined together to create beautiful rug styles. This blog will help you know all about the Pak Persian rugs and how they are suitable for your home. 

The Birth of Pak Persian Rugs

In the golden era of Mughals in the Indian subcontinent, art was considered the most attractive thing. Many emperors and rulers put all their focus on the art. 25% of the world economy was made up of the trades going on between this royal rule with other continents. In this course, they imported many different artifacts from different areas. 

Persian art was dominant in every art piece. It spread its calligraphy, architecture, and the breakthrough art of carpet weaving in the Indian subcontinent. Pakistan, known for its beautiful, quality rugs, mixed the art of Persian rugs with their masterpieces to bring up a new kind of rugs called Pak Persian rugs. These area rugs are sometimes also considered a type of Oriental rugs because of their design supporting them. 

The art of carpet weaving emerged from the region of Persia but now has made its place in certain cultures. Persian art is known for its originality and artistic pieces. These pieces when met the high-quality wool of Pakistan, previously subcontinent, created even beautiful handcrafted lush patterns. These masterpieces then made their place in the palaces and other royal places. These mixed rugs used to be a symbol of wealth in older times.

The Mughal Empire transported Persian artisans to local cities and villages — namely, Lahore. They adapted the techniques used in this part of the subcontinent to improve their designs. The classic design was learned by many artisans and hence these rugs were obtained.

The most recent form of these area rugs is obtained by years of research and applying of more recent techniques of Lahore rug makers. These art pieces used high quality, organically dyed wool to create beautiful designs. The coloring of these rugs was also changed as more colors were added to the palette by local artists. The classic rich and saturated tones also added muted pastel accents to these colors and patterns. 

These ancient area rug designs are fading every day. Either they are turning into a cheaper version of these rugs or are not preferred due to new raw machined pieces that are easy to get their hands on. Persian rugs combined with Pakistani rugs are a perfect combination that is becoming very rare as the new artists mostly don't have the ability to create those art pieces. It's either that or they don't learn it. This is due to the fact that they are detailed and need more time when handmade. 

RugKnots not only preserves but treasures this ancient art of Pak Persian Collection. This collection is honored at RugKnots and is one of the bestsellers in the racks. 

How Do I Know It’s an Authentic Pak Persian Rug?

Pak Persian handmade rugs go through a different weaving process. Each thread is knotted to form a more complex design. The backside of these area rugs display a soft print of the top pile. These rugs mostly use fresh New Zealand wool to bring quality and elegance in them. The dyes used in these rugs organic and made from plants mostly. The Pak Persian rugs that use synthetic colors are not the authentic ones.

Choosing the Right Pak Persian Rug for Your Space

Depending on the style of your home and how many decors you have, it can be difficult to choose the right Persian Rug for your home. We recommend to first assess the style of the room. For example, is your space traditional, modern, modern-farmhouse, bohemian, minimalistic, or another style? Once you have a pretty good understanding of the type of room you want to put a rug into, you can move towards choosing the right rug. A traditional room can always use this rug to compliment the other parts of the room.

If you have more modern decor, you may want to choose a more neutral color than red. Blues, tans, browns, and blacks are all great colors for modern rooms. For a more modern style, you would also want to choose a smaller sized Persian rug. Perhaps instead of placing all your furniture on the rug, you can put the furniture half of it on the rug. This will allow the rug to flow nicely with your other decor without taking your entire space. For a traditional room, a large rug looks better. This is because larger rugs are more highlighted in such rooms.

Most oriental rugs have a district design and can include patterns like a centered, symmetrical medallion. So the Pak Persian rugs are good if used as a prayer rug as they mostly look alike Persian rugs. They are mostly purchased for this purpose. You can also use these rugs to layer upon plain background rugs. A bold colored plain rug, when paired with floral Pak Persian rug, can add elegance to your home, 

To get a royal look, a Pak Persian rug with deep, rich coloring and a traditional diamond emblem is perfect. A piece like our crimson Pak Persian rug with tangerine and black hues can add royalty with its vibrant coloring and sleek lushness. 

For a more glamorous look with a touch of elegance, warm tones with hints of gold will add comfort and chic to any living space. Our olive, golden-hued Pak Persian rug is perfect to create an austere and warm ambiance.  

What Are You Waiting For?

Pak Persian carpets are typically considered high in quality because Iran is known for producing intricate rugs with high knot counts.

Pak Persian rugs convey centuries of robust history and tradition, emulating semblances of grandeur and regality — akin to the palaces they used to adorn. The opulent, regal tones enhance any living space with refined luxury whilst adding a rich cultural history. With a lifelong lifespan, these gorgeous, meticulously hand-knotted rugs will never need replacement.

RugKnots understands the desire to test a piece in your own living space before committing to a purchase. Additionally, we offer a 30-day return policy — we understand a purchase of this variety is a great commitment, so we want you to be sure of your choice.

Whether you’re attracted to the complex cultural history or the intricate design,  Pak Persian rugs ensure lifelong luxury and quality to complement and enrich any living space.

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