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Jute rugs. What are they? Why are they so popular? Jute rugs are a hot topic in the interior design community, but are they actually worth the investment? At RugKnots, we have a small collection of Jute Rugs to choose from. Keep reading to find out what exactly jute rugs are and the truth behind these popular rugs.

    Jute Rugs Buyer Guide 

    A jute rug is a carpet made from jute fiber that is handwoven and spun into coarse strands. The jute rugs are a resurrected trend from the markets. There are vast quantities of jute rugs in the western world where they have become high fashion in the past few years; yet are they worth the hype? 

    What Is Jute?

    Jute is a type of grass found in Asia that is woven into a rug. The material is a natural, vegetable fiber made from jute grass. This plant is most commonly found in the Asian subcontinent and is a durable fiber that has recently become popular for use in rugs. The Jute is also known as Golden fiber is a central woody part of the plant stalk. So, they are composed of cellulose and lignin. Now, once the plant stem is cut down, an interesting process takes part to craft it into a fiber. After harvesting, the stems are put deliberately in running water (slow motion) for a few weeks. This practice makes ‘Stripping’ of Jute fibers easier as it softens the gummy. These split fibers are then further processed to transform them into a Jute yarn. A rug that would be woven using this jute yarn will be a jute carpet. So now, you know what jute rug is?

    What is Jute?

    What Do Jute Area Rugs Feel Like?

    Jute, being a natural fiber arouses a need to consider its actual texture before purchasing. So, what does a jute rug feel like? You should definitely not expect it to feel shaggy. Still, it doesn’t make sense like many other rugs including sisal, seagrass, etc. If we elaborate it from daily life, then it feels soothing for your feet, more like a comforting massage but you won’t enjoy taking a nap on it. Simple! Luckily! It is possible to get more softness from a jute rug. How? The most Jute flooring from RugKnots contains blending of 20% cotton with 80% jute. So now, you can soothe your eco-friendly nature along with added serenity.

    What Good A Jute Rug Can Offer?

    For a naturalist, here comes the biggest gain of jute rugs. It is a biodegradable and a natural fiber used in transporting vegetables. When it comes into contact with water or other elements, it starts to break down and decompose. So, it decays back into the soil leaving no waste behind. Also, its crop doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers. It means having a jute rug overall prevents our environment from chemicals. Though it is a natural fiber, it is pretty soft. You can let your kids and pets play on it without irritating their soft skin.

    Also, unlike other natural fibers like sisal, jute won’t scratch the hardwood floor. It asks for very low maintenance. Because of its earthy texture, it hides the dirt on its surface. You can do simple shaking or vacuuming in order to clean your jute carpet. For vacuuming, you should remove the beater bar suction or a brush attachment can do the job well. Vacuuming it from different directions for multiple times will be enough to remove debris or other dirt. However, it is said that frequent vacuuming or cleaning can prolong the lifespan of a JUTE floor. Being a natural fiber carpet, it can be coupled with almost any theme you want. Its neutral tone complements a huge variety of patterns, themes, or decor. Are you thinking about buying a bunch of great rugs for your business?Check some of them in our store.

    What Good a Jute Rug Can Offer?

    10 Pros Of Buying A Jute Rug:

        1. Jute rugs are cheap, durable, and easy to clean. So if you want trendy and budget-friendly flooring in your home, then jute carpet is the best choice for you.
        2. Your children can play on it without hurting themselves. It will also keep its color even when they spill everything from their food to drinks on it.
        3. Jute rugs are easy to clean, simply vacuum it occasionally and then wipe it clean with a sponge.
        4. Jute rugs are waterproof and easy to wash at home since they do not absorb water like other carpets. You can use soap or detergent with warm water when doing the washing. 
        5. Jute rugs are perfect for those who have allergies to wool because they are made of natural fibers.
        6. Jute rugs are durable and long-lasting since it is a 100% renewable resource. Because of its durability, you can use it for years without worrying that your kids or pets will ruin the rug.
        7. Jute rugs come in different colors and patterns which you can choose from, depending on your taste. Jute rug will help your room look classy, chic, and elegant because of its beautiful colors and patterns. This type of rug will make your home look more welcoming to guests.
        8. Jute rugs come in different sizes so that you can match them with the furniture of your living room.
        9. Jute rug prevents dirt and dust from building up inside your home because they are water-resistant. Dirt will not stick onto jute materials easily compared to synthetic carpeting materials.
        10. Jute rugs are eco-friendly. It is a natural material and environment-friendly, perfect for healthy living.
    10 Pros of buying a Jute rug:

    Setbacks Of Jute Rugs

    As it comes from a plant, it is a pretty good absorbent. It means, not only does the jute rug get wet very easily it stains and becomes moldy. In a few cases, it even worsens its shape too. Thus, you would need to protect it from humidity and water. It implies that you can’t use jute as a bathroom mat, or shouldn’t place it anywhere near a water tap. Going further, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to steam clean it. They need protection from direct sunlight too - as jute can fade its color, especially if it is dyed, on exposure to the sun. On comparing it with other natural fibers, it relatively breaks down earlier. Being less durable, it isn’t a good option to use a jute rug for high-traffic areas.

    10 Cons Of Buying A Jute Rug:

            1. jute being a natural fiber, it is usually lighter in weight as compared to other rugs made of wool or cotton. This makes it less durable for heavy traffic areas and damp climates. It may not be the best option if you are looking for a long-term investment.
            2. Jute rugs don’t hold up well to scrubbing. As it is more prone to fraying and tearing, regular cleaning can reduce the life of your rug.
            3. Jute rugs tend to fade easily as a result of exposure to sunlight or even some chemical cleaners and they are not hardy enough for areas prone to heavy traffic. They also have little effect on sound dampening.
            4. Jute is not a very pleasant material to sit on, it’s rough and prickly – this means that you should choose a pad underneath your rug so you can enjoy the benefit of comfortable padding.
            5. A jute rug can be used as a doormat, but it is not recommended for high-traffic areas.
            6. Jute rugs are more expensive than other alternatives such as rush and grass, so if you’re searching for the most cost-effective option with little maintenance involved, avoid this type of rug altogether.
            7. Jute rugs can also pose a health hazard if they are not properly maintained. It’s easy for them to become infested with pests, and even harder to treat their damage.
            8. Jute rugs are a great choice for areas that see little traffic as they have a medium pile, such as foyers or hallways. They can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens as long as you don’t mind the extra amount of work they require. However, it is recommended to use in areas that are just for decoration and not in use.
            9. Jute is a material that can be used for both flooring and rugs, which gives you the flexibility to choose a larger jute rug if you do decide to buy one. It also allows you to piece together smaller rugs in order to create an entire area rug. But, they are very thin, so you shouldn’t use them in any area of your home that gets a lot of foot traffic.
            10. Chemicals such as perfumes and cleaning products are absorbed by jute rugs, which is why they need to be washed more often than other types of rugs. The good news is that washing them isn't very difficult: you just need to use warm water, mild detergent, and a sponge. Let them air dry because they can shrink if you put them in the dryer.
    10 Cons of Buying a Jute rug:

    Are Jute Rugs Handmade?

    Making jute yarn is usually an all-natural process usually done by hand. But, not all jute fibers are made by hand. Now that jute has become popular, there is more push to make jute faster and cheaper. This means Jute is being made by machine too. However, if you adore the originality of hand-knotted pieces, RugKnots just got you there. Each floor covering depicts the art and skills of craftsmen. Though jute yarn is durable, it doesn't normally stay pretty. That is why we blend our Jute rugs with cotton. The cotton increases durability and helps them not to break down or wear out. 

    Here Are Five Gorgeous Jute Rugs That Will Surely Enhance Your Space:

    1. Tan Jute Area Rug

    2. Brown Jute Area Rug

    3. Tan Geometric Area Rug

    4. Grey Geometric Area Rug

    5. Blue Geometric Area Rug

    Frequently Asked Questions About Jute Rugs

    1. Should I Buy A Jute Rug?

    Of course, you should and don't think twice about this. Jute rugs are the most versatile and beautiful rugs out there and you don't have to crash your bank when buying these. Not only do they have immense benefits but also look extremely gorgeous anywhere! 

    2. How Well Do Jute Rugs Hold Up?

    Jute rugs are very good adsorbents as they come from a plant. As a result, they get wet easily which not only destroys the texture of the rug but also the shape gets damaged. Also, they are not very durable so are not a good option to be placed at high traffic areas! 

    3. Does A Jute Rug Require A Pad?

    Yes, Jute rugs are natural fiber rugs that are light and require a rug pad to avoid the rug from slipping and moving from its place. Not only jute rugs, but all rugs also require rug pads. They are like a protective layer on a rug that protects your floors and feet as well! 

    4. Can A Jute Rug Be Used As An Outdoor Rug?

    Well yes, you can, but it might not be the best option. While a jute rug can add warmth and texture to your outdoors, they are not very weather resistant. As they cannot resist the humid climate especially. 

    5. Where Can I Place A Jute Rug?

    A Jute Rug can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and hallways. It adds a warm texture to any area that needs it. And they are great at absorbing sound too! But, keep in mind they are not for high traffic usage so place it only in low traffic areas to make it last longer!

    6. Can A Jute Rug Be Washed?

    Yes, jute rugs can be washed, and to do this, you simply need to remove the rug from the area where it is placed. Then place it on a flat surface and slowly spot clean any stubborn stains. You can also use a mild detergent to wash. 

    7. Is It Recommended To Dry Clean Jute Rugs?

    It is not recommended to dry cleaning jute rugs as the jute fibers may become brittle. Also, it will cause the colors to fade or change and weaken the structure of the rug because of continuous exposure to chemicals in laundering.

    8. Can I Use A Carpet Shampooer On Jute Rugs?

    Do not use the machine for washable with a carpet shampooer as it is too tough for the jute fibers to withstand that kind of pressure and they may become damaged and will start to fray. However, you can spot clean them by using products specifically designed for jute.

    9. Is It Recommended To Put Jute Rugs In The Sun?

    It is not recommended for a jute rug to hang out under hot and direct sunlight as they tend to discolor or become brittle over time. So, Always dry your jute rugs in the shade. Or, if you want to place a jute rug in the outdoor areas then use shaded areas to prevent discoloration.

    10. How Should I Store My Jute Rugs During The Off-Season?

    It is highly recommended to store your jute rug in a cool, clean, and dry place for at least six months from the time you bought it. Just like any other natural fiber rug, these types of rugs love humidity, and keeping them in a dry place will preserve their elegance and color for years.

    11. How Do You Clean A Jute Rug That Is Extremely Dirty?

    Always try to spot clean any stains on your rug rather than trying to get the entire thing wet. You can use a sponge and some mild detergent for this kind of cleaning purpose. If the stain has been there for quite a time then you may use bleach for cleaning, but use it only when you have tried all other methods.

    12. How To Avoid My Pet's Nails From Ruining A Jute Rug?

    The best way of dealing with this sort of problem is to keep your pet's nails clipped. You can also try using a hard rubber nail guard in order to avoid this from happening. Also, if you have a cat at home then it is better for us not to put any rugs at all in the house because they become quite playful and might ruin the beautiful piece of art that you bought as a centerpiece.

    13. Where Can I Find Good-Quality Jute Rugs Online With Free Shipping?

    There are various online retail stores that deal in jute rugs as well as other home decor accessories like west elm, Amazon, eBay, Rugsusa, Wayfair, and RugKnots. RugKnots offer elegant and charming rugs made out of the finest materials. We at RugKnots also offer a 30 days return policy for customers who are not satisfied with the product or have any issues related to the product. So, If you want to buy a rug with excellent quality and unique styles and designs with free shipping, check out our website and start shopping!

    Choose your favorite jute rug and buy it from Us! RugKnots is a leading online rug brand that makes the best quality rugs in different sizes and styles at an affordable price. Let us know what you want and we'll get right back to you with a perfect rug. We guarantee you that you will be satisfied after ordering from us, so contact us. You can email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at 301-750-8392 We will be happy to serve you!

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    Your list is very contradicting! Pros: It’s durable, cleaning helps it last longer, environmentally friendly and safe, and children can sit on it without hurting themselves. But Also, the Cons: It will break down easily (not durable), cleaning often will reduce its life, it’s hazardous because it may get moldy and have pests (not safe), and it’s prickly to sit on (not comfortable). Simplify your article and provide true benefits and drawbacks.


    your list is contradictory.
    pro: durable, long-lasting.
    con: not durable, not long-lasting.


    Hello, approximately how many man hours would it actually take to hand braid a 8×10 jute rug and how much fiber is needed for this? Thank you