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As we enter a new year of interior designing, we step into a new world of trends and styles but these trends move in a circular motion. They end at the exact point where they started and the loop carries on. A new trend or style might make its place in the loop and stay there forever. Recently, Jute rugs have been talked about a lot. There’s a hype about them everywhere and you might be intrigued to buy these for your home but before you do, go through this guide that explains everything about Jute rugs and if you need one in your home or not.


The use of jute plants dates back to the Indus Civilization. In the third millennium BC, jute was used as a textile for them and was also spun to lay it on the floor. They were not spun as modern-day jute rugs, but the form goes back to this era. Jute was always famous back in the day even when the British army reigned in Bengal. Jute was considered to be only handwoven but it wasn’t true. In the 18th century, it was found to be machinable as well. During this period, the jute rug industry started booming and even jute mills were set up during the 18th and 19th centuries. The 20th century showed a downfall of the industry but the 21st century has shown a rise in the jute rug trends.

Jute Rug Fibers

Jute rug fibers are synthetic and have plenty of advantages. The jute matting is even used to prevent natural vegetation from flooding. These fibers are woven into many other fabrics and even furniture. Jute rugs are still the number one use of jute fiber. Since jute fiber is made from dried plants, they are joined with other types of fibers as well. This creates a more impactful view of the rugs. Jute rugs are often compared with sisal rugs which are made using sisal plants but the fiber of jute rugs is way softer than that of sisal rugs. It is surprisingly more comfortable and can even be used in the rooms where you’re going to walk barefoot.

Why Use Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are becoming a trend due to so many reasons. It is not only the beauty and the design but so much more than that. Let’s get into some of these reasons:

1. Durability

Jute rugs are made from the dried jute fibers. The jute fiber is known for its strength among the organic fibers that are used in textiles. They’re renewable and can be made into a rug with ease. If you have little feet going around all over your home or your little pets, jute rugs can provide the strength to endure all the naughtiness going on in your house. Jute rugs can stay for years without losing their charm. It is made to withstand the traffic in every home this is also why it is placed in any corner of the house. 

2. Feel Of The Jute

The feel of jute is misunderstood to be hard but that is not true. Jute rug, even with the dried leaf origin, is soft and comfortable to walk on. This is the reason jute is called the “Golden fiber”. The rug is soothing to the feet and becomes serene with the addition of siding material, mostly cotton. The jute rug is a beautiful classy and elegant choice added with the cost-efficient benefits. Your kids can play on this rug and you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting hurt just as they were playing on a cotton weaved rug.

3. Texture

Jute rugs add texture to any room. They are braided beautifully and complement your furniture. Jute rugs are a perfect addition when you don’t want your rug to compete with different patterns, such as striped curtains, floral bedding, or pillows with geometric shapes. Their neutral color and tone mean they are super versatile and can blend well with just about any style.

4. Eco Friendly

Jute rugs are sustainable and biodegradable in nature. The making of these rugs is also carbon dioxide neutral. It is an essential fiber that grows in abundance. The crop is rain-fed and does not require any fertilizers or chemicals for its growth. These rugs are recyclable and do not affect the environment as compared to those Machine-Made Rugs. Jute rugs are an easy alternative to the expensive rugs and can be replaced when the decor needs to get changed.

5. Price

The price of the jute rugs is extremely low since it is made from nature. The growth of the jute plant is very speedy which makes it budget-friendly. This is also due to the abundant growth of jute that is rain-fed and grows in days. It does not require heavy machinery for its weaving and can be easily weaved with knotting of the fiber. The jute rugs are also cheaper than the other eco-friendly rugs. Who knew being organic can cost you less. Go Green!

6. Strength

The strength of jute rugs is always talked about. Having a jute rug in your room will provide you with a strong companion while you run or even do your chores while sitting there. Jute rugs’ strength is measured using tensile strength. The tensile strength for treated bundle jute fibers is 104.9 ± 8.8MPa. It is the measure of how much pressure a material can endure before giving up and as compared to other natural fibers, jute fiber has pretty impressive strength. Jute fiber can be made even more strong by reinforcing it to 150%.

7. Low Extensibility

Extensibility is the ability of a material to extend from its original shape and size and get deformed. Jute has very low extensibility as compared to the other organic fibers meaning it doesn’t deform no matter what the temperature and situation are. Jute rugs are often used in warm environments as they give a refreshing touch to the place without causing any extension in the material.

8. Noise Insulator

Jute rugs are great acoustic insulators meaning they can reduce the sound pressure in a room. It is also what we call a soundproof room. Obviously it isn’t going to be like you can throw a party and no one in the street can hear you. Probably something like your feet won’t make that much noise when you pass a jute rug running. Jute rugs help lower the loud thumps of your room.

9. Mixing Other Materials With Jute

When you mix other materials with jute, it brings out the best results for a jute rug. Jute and cotton are braided together to get this beautiful texture for the room. Jute rugs at RugKnots are mostly 20% cotton and 80% jute which is considered an ideal combination. Blending different materials is also required to add only the positive attributes of the jute and the other material to the rug. Negative attributes are reduced to practical limits. Summarizing all the benefits of Jute rugs, well they are reasonable, durable, soft, and natural.

Thanks to its original tan color it adds the natural element to the room. Jute rugs are eco-friendly. It's made of every kind of natural fibers for the creation of a soppy, calming feeling in the room. The jute rugs offer natural beauty and that they are made from dried plant fibers. This is how they get their natural tan shade. Jute doesn't require any maintenance. It gives a modern, stylish, and natural look. Raw jute is an industrial term used for the shredded jute from the dried plant. The fiber color varies from off white to brown and thanks to its color and therefore the high cash value these jute rugs are called golden fiber. These jute fibers are renewable and versatile. They can be woven into many materials even mixed with them to make rugs. It makes beautiful hand-woven décor pieces of home. They are highly affordable shiny, soft, and long natural fibers which might be spun into strong threads. It adds an attractive natural look to the porch and room and might even be used outdoors. It's safer when kept inside.

Forms Of Jute Rugs

Jute rugs come in different shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of every beautiful room in your home. Your room can have different jute rugs to enhance its beauty. Let’s see how we can place the jute rugs.

1. Round Jute Rugs

Given the scale and importance of a good rug in your home, they will often be an upscale item to have in your home’s interior design. If you would like a high-quality, handmade oriental rug, you’ll need to pay a lot of money for it. Luckily, we now can achieve both stylish and affordable rugs trends. Here we present round jute rugs. Round, braided jute rugs were the trend back within the ’60s. They’re affordable, all-natural, and handmade rugs that work for almost every area in your home. While they’ve been absent from the view for 50-some-odd years, round jute rugs are making a powerful comeback.

2. Rectangular Patterned Jute Rug

Jute rugs are a great way to add elegant style to your room but to give it a twist of beauty, patterned jute rugs are now trending too. Many different patterns are introduced in jute rugs with intricate details. Rugs are spun in such a way that the design is formed while weaving. The fiber is molded in different directions to form these beautiful designs.

3. Runner Jute Rugs

Runner jute rugs are the best way to add a style to your homes. Runner rugs in your living room or any other room with high traffic will be a great addition. Not only will it be cost-efficient but also stylish. Runner rugs with different patterns are also one way to decorate your rooms. When combined with contrasting color furniture these simple rugs become a jewel of the room. The gold color of the jute satisfies the sight with the most presentable hallways.

 4. Colorful Jute rugs

Jute rugs are colored with different shades to complete the look of any room. A large jute rug can easily be spray painted. There’s no need to paint the fiber of the jute. Jute rugs are painted after they are weaved and spun. A mildew primer is added to the rug before it is painted. Slow and even streams of spray paint are showered on the rug. After every coat of the paint, it is allowed to dry before painting another coat. 

How To Use Jute Rugs

Jute rugs as mentioned earlier are used in many forms according to the interior of the room. Here we will discuss how to place jute rugs in your homes to add to its beauty.

1) Choose High-Traffic Areas

If you're seeking the proper rug for a high traffic space, sort of a lounge or foyer, jute could be a durable option that withstands everyday wear and tear. But if you are a pet owner, you’d have to take caution. Jute does not soak odors easily and is not suitable for damp environments since it is a very soft fiber. Seagrass or sisal are good alternatives for homes with pets.

2) Layer Away

While jute rugs tend to have a coastal design nature that's sort of casual, they're still versatile enough to present a variety of designs, from modern to traditional. Apart from weaving them wonderfully for an area, layering it with another rug also makes up for an amazing addition. For example, if you reside for a bold, patterned rug, create a way of balance by placing an easy jute design in a very large size underneath for extra coverage. Layering rugs work especially well for giant seating areas, an entryway that's innocent of character, or maybe a bedside that's in need of a more cozy vibe. it is also some way to supply a foundation for floating furniture in open-concept spaces. Overall, interior designers depend on this system time and time again to form an area more inviting.

3) Try A Patterned Style

Although the natural hue of the jute rugs is earth brown still many designers are now using patterns in these rugs, including chevron and stripes. A patterned jute rug is a simple gratitude to adding a touch of texture and personality to a room—especially one with a neutral color palette.

4) Follow Rooms With Light Flooring

One downside to jute rugs is that their fibers tend to shed (it just comes together with choosing a natural style). For this reason, it is best to use a jute rug during a room with light-colored flooring, where the shedding would be less noticeable. employing an underlay may also help minimize the number of shedding.

Read on to determine a way to make the foremost of natural-fiber rugs in every room in your home together with all the fashionable details to stay in mind.

5) Demarcate With Dark Borders

Open seating areas provide endless options for furniture arrangements, and a dark-bordered natural-fiber rug is an excellent beginning for your layout. Use the rug’s dark trim as a guide for framing your main room, then arrange other pieces to surround it; this can help delineate the main target area within the room.

6) Start With Jute

Ideal for the busiest areas in your home (the foyer, the kitchen), jute rugs are even stronger than seagrass. Furthermore, as being durable, they’re the most effective guards against dirt and heavy traffic among natural-fiber rugs. Another bonus? You'll be able to clean jute with a fast vacuum.

 7) Eye The Herringbone

You’ll often find jute rugs with a beautifully subtle herringbone pattern, which for us makes it ideal during a bedroom. The relatively soft texture of a jute rug feels wonderful beneath bare feet, while a herringbone motif draws the attention without overwhelming the space. We also love that a herringbone jute rug can blend quietly and elegantly with bolder prints and patterns, as during this guest room clad with stripes, animal spots, and charming block prints.

8) Opt For An Out Of Doors Mat

Skip the quality terry-cloth bath linen and convey in a very nubby, water-resistant outdoor one. Often manufactured from coir (fiber derived from the husk of the coconut), an outside mat not only guards against moisture but is additionally just the correct size for a toilet. Plus we love the planning of its rich, earthy texture punctuating a pristine white bath.

 9) Mesmerizing Motifs

You might think going with plain jute rugs or any plain rugs will make more reliable rugs for the floors but there are even some design statements. Beyond herringbone, keep a watch out for rugs woven in oversize diamonds and other geometric patterns that may add a major impact from the bottom up. Pair a boldly patterned natural-fiber rug with other woven pieces, as during this kid’s bedroom, for a glance that’s charming and regarded.

10) Subtle Lines

You can use the layering of plain jute rugs or any other material rugs crisscross or lined pattern jute rugs in a narrow space to create the impression of extra space. For example, the bed during this main bedroom runs parallel to the subtle lines of the rug, so that the eye naturally travels the length of the area. The jute rug with a soft lined structure also sets a neutral backdrop for vibrant, colorful prints to be layered on top. The effect is one that emphasizes both the rug and also space around the bed.

11) Blend With Light Trims

There’s no chicer pairing than cowhide and a soft-hued natural-fiber rug. The trick? choose a pale trim on the woven rug. The trim will draw focus to the juxtaposition in shapes—the natural-fiber rug’s rectangular one versus the cowhide’s curves—as it does during this sophisticated office. Moreover, a pale trim beautifully blends with a light-hued cowhide and may delicately frame an area within an area.

Cons Of Jute Rugs

We outlined all the good things about the jute rugs but we can’t help but discuss some of the cons of these rugs as well

As a natural material, Jute doesn't back off well when it contacts moisture. It can stain and develop mold and mildew, so it can’t be utilized in bathrooms or overly humid climates. This also means Jute carpets can't be steam cleaned or wet shampooed.

Jute may be susceptible to yellowing and browning, and it fades when exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight.

Jute can become brittle and break down more quickly than other natural fibers, so it’s not ideal for prime traffic areas like hallways. It is supposed to be thicker than rugs of other materials but when placed in these areas, it wears easily and gets thinner.

Because Jute is so absorbent, it also hangs on to odors quite some flooring options, so it would not be ideal for pet owners.

Care And Maintenance Of Jute Rugs

To keep your jute rug in optimal shape, you mostly must blot clean jute rug stains as soon as they happen. you'll be able to easily blot moisture far from the realm rug as soon as stains or spills occur. Never rub stains as they will cause unnecessary frays on the natural fibers of the rug. Your jute rug can get stained from spilled juice or vino, pet urine, mud, and so on. Spot clean your rug whenever you face such situations. The sooner you notice the dirt or stain on your jute rug, the longer you're ready to keep it filthy, rich and novel. Spillage can be quickly handled by simply putting a clean towel at this part.

Begin by gently patting outward, then move inward. Make it some extent to blot the stain together with your towel until it can not absorb to any extent further moisture. If the stain remains, try utilizing a light dishwashing liquid to wash the affected area. Then repeat the above steps as necessary. For your jute rug maintenance, regular cleaning is suggested. Begin by vacuuming the rug on an everyday basis to induce elimination of any dust, dirt, or debris that will have settled on the rug. ensure you utilize the nozzle with the suction attachment rather than the beater brush to avoid damaging its natural fibers.

Pet Dirt, Stains And Accidents

For pet owners out there, immediately house pet stains on your natural jute rug. don't leave the stains unattended. As an example, if your pet vomits or poops on your rug, make it a habit to blot clean the vomit or scoop the poop off the rug and clean the stains. watching for a long time before cleaning the rug will allow the substance to harden and find into the strands of the rug. Follow the spot cleaning method mentioned above. Leaving the stained rug unattended for a substantial period of your time can leave unsightly and hard to get rid of stains presently.

Use Soda

Whenever liquid has been spilled over your jute rug, and it appears to be of an acidic nature, use sparkling water rather than water to urge to eliminate the stain fast. soda water balances the acid in juices and prevents further discoloration. Then, dry your jute rug immediately with a hand blower or drying kit.

Vacuum Always

Regularly vacuuming your jute rug could be a must to confirm that it's kept clean, and to preserve the general look and appearance. When somebody is coming from outside into the house, and steps on the rug, some dirt is left on its fabric. Vacuuming can remove the dirt before it becomes embedded within the fabric. The vacuum removes the tiny dirt particles on the rug before it accumulates. confirm you follow the binding of the jute rug as you vacuum.

Avoid Water

Many professional carpet cleaning experts will tell you if you would like to stay your jute rug prosperous, you've got to prevent wetting the rug an excessive amount of. Avoid steam cleaning, wetting, or shampooing your jute rug. When it's exposed to an excessive amount of water, it can release some oils that may oxidize and darken the rug. Water or any liquid may ruin the natural fibers of the rug.

RugKnots has been manufacturing and importing beautiful jute rugs for 40 years now. Visit our website to explore more than 8000 area rugs that are delivered to you at your doorstep. Contact us and place your custom order today. We will be happy to help you with this.

Are you looking for a rug to decorate your living space? Do you want to bring a soft and smooth yet eco-friendly touch to your house? Well, We present to you the best alternative for wool and cotton, a jute rug. Jute is a natural fiber that has many benefits. It's easy to clean, durable, and it doesn't hold odor like wool or cotton can. But the best part about jute rugs is how they look. Jute has a long history of being used as floor coverings because it provides an elegant touch for any room in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jute Rugs

1. What Are Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are the most natural and eco-friendly rugs found today. These rugs offer beauty to every space by their organic touch. Jute rugs are made up of plant fibers called hessian. It is a long fiber that is spun and weaved to create coarse strands. Dried plants are used in the making of jute rugs which are left in their original tan. Sometimes the dried plants are colored to give a more vibrant touch to the rugs.

Other plants are also added to the spinning of these fibers. Rather than the synthetic carpeting made in industries with loads and loads of money, these carpets are more natural and cost-effective. They do not require any petroleum or fossil fuels in their development but are renewable and biodegradable. The western world is attracted to these simple yet beautiful rugs for their homes. More recently, it became a trend and the hype was real. They are inherently beautiful and add natural beauty to your place. They are considered low maintenance as they do not require any vacuum or special measures for their cleaning. Some of the maintenance issues that jute rugs face make them unsuitable for certain areas of our homes.

2. Are Jute Rugs Made Of Natural Fibers?

Yes! Jute rugs are made of natural fibers. As we explore the design and style elements that make jute rugs one of our favorite flooring options, it is important to note that they have a natural look and feel with designs reminiscent of traditional Oriental styles.

3. Are Natural Fiber Rugs Like Jute A Good Option For Your Home?

Yes! In today's world, natural fibers are a common material in the rug industry. Organic and natural materials like wool, cotton, linen, and jute have been used for centuries due to their low impact on our environment. We're glad that more manufacturers are using eco-friendly options such as these! braided jute rug with a cotton twill border rug is a perfect option for your dining room and kitchen areas as they are a high traffic area.

4. How To Maintain A Jute Rug?

There are two different methods for maintaining a jute rug. The first is to vacuum your rug regularly with the use of a low setting and an attachment that doesn't have bristles, which will help prevent any damage or fraying on your rug. Another option is using a professional carpet cleaner twice per year to clean and sanitize it from any bacteria and allergens. If maintained accurately you can reuse a jute rug for any other room as well. Although these rugs are stain-resistant, you need to clean the rug every time it gets stained or dirty.

5. Are Jute Rugs Better Than Sisal Rugs?

No, jute and sisal are both durable but different materials. If you're looking for an eco-friendly rug that is soft to the touch then a jute rug would be better suited for your needs than say a synthetic material like nylon or polyester. However, if you want something with more texture and variation in color when it comes to your rug, then a sisal rug would be better for you.

6. What Are The Benefits Of Jute Rugs?

Jute is one of the most popular plant fibers used in making Natural Rugs because it's strong and has an attractive texture that gives any room for the instant character while still being soft on bare feet. Other advantages include durability and long-lasting features. This rug is also eco-friendly and perfect for outdoor areas.

7. Can We Place A Jute Rug In High Traffic Areas?

Yes! Jute rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and entryways. A jute rug is perfect for the person who has a busy home that needs to be cleaned often because this type of rug can withstand all those spills and accidents without looking too bad. If you're in need of a durable area rug where people will walk on it every day, Jute is the perfect option! It is extremely durable and a perfect rug hand-loomed by professional designers.

8. Are Jute Rugs Handwoven?

Yes! Jute rugs are handwoven by professional skilled craftsmen. These rugs have a chunky weave on them which makes them a perfect low pile height for your areas. The jute fibers are also more delicate and flexible than other types of natural fibers, such as wool. You can place these rugs in your living room, dining room, and even your beach house or home office to complement the decor style of your space.

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