Top Area Rug Trends You'll Want to Know

Area rugs and carpets are becoming an essential tool when decorating our places. You’ll never know what was that missing element for your space until you find the most suitable rug that goes with everything in that room. The character, the texture, and the warmth that an area rug provides, make subtle statements about you. We believe the area rug you choose should tie up space together and should be evergreen. To inspire your room with some of the best designs and trends, we turned to the interior designers at RugKnots who provided us with great insights. 

Compiling their insights, we came up with a list of area rug trends that will give your room a certain appeal with inspiring designs.

Blue Area Rug

Trend 1: Layer up your rugs

Layering has been picking up the steam in the area rug selection. We know the frustration when you just can’t find that one rug that has everything in it. It should be vibrant yet give a more peaceful look, it should have a different pattern but still, have that traditional feel to it. Layering is the answer to all of it. Trying contrasting area rugs gives everything you want. A plain lower layer with a patterned rug over the top or dark color as the lower layer with a lighter one on the top defines everything that you want in one room. Our consultant gave us this beautiful example where they layered hand-knotted Pakistani wool Gabbeh rug in dark green color with white Southwestern rug over the top. The combination looked really amazing and we thought it should go to our rug trends. You can buy these rugs at RugKnots’s website. 

Trend 2: Go with the neutral hues

Consultants at RugKnots shared with us that although there is no single way to design your rooms, one thing that is still in the rug trends and they think is here to stay is neutral hue rugs. Neutral hues brighten up the place with a calming factor. More people are going for this trend as this goes with any color the room is painted with and still makes the place look more inviting. While bold colors are becoming a definition for many, at the end of the day it still is a choice for most people. Our bestsellers are mostly the light hue area rugs.

Trend 3: Fall in love with the Shag Rugs

Shag rugs became a part of rug trends in the 60s in the UK and the USA but it seems like they’re back with bling. The rugs provide a comfy look to the room and look chicer. They’re being used in bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, and even washrooms because why not?

They have that carefree touch to them that makes them an ideal choice. What most people don’t know is that it is not wool that makes the shag carpets cozier. It is the pile’s length and density that does the deed. Shag rugs are available in different materials. They’re made from wool, cotton, and leather. Designers at RugKnots think Shag rugs are the ultimate home favorites.

Love with Shag Rugs

Trend 4: Patch Rugs

Rug trends are deeply inspired by this amazing trend that combines many colors and patterns together. Patch rugs are created by sewing patches of different colors, traditions, and cultures together to give one vintage design. Pieces of different textures come together to create one masterpiece. Designers at RugKnots look for inspirations from every culture and craft some of the most admired designs. They believe that patch rugs showcase how different aspects of personality are stitched into one and this portrayal is what makes them a part of rug trends. 

Hand-knotted Pakistani overdyed patchwork rug multicolor is one of the bestsellers at RugKnots due to the beautiful colors that are sewed into it. The multi-color scheme goes with any interior and is one of a kind.

Trend 5: Luxury Runner Rugs

Every home could use a runner rug as a part of any room, especially runaways. Runner rugs are becoming one of the rug trends due to their multi-purpose qualities. They can be used in the bedroom laid around beside the bed and can be used in the long hallways running to the end. They can make a great impact on the outlook of a narrow place with the priority being walkability and coverage. A stylish runner rug can change the venture down in the corridor. You can consider Hand-Knotted Pakistani Wool Bokhara Runner Rug to give that unique touch to your corridor. Its lovely palette makes it an ideal choice for any room. Your runner rugs are not only trending for the bedrooms and corridor, but also for the living rooms. 

Luxury Runner Rugs

Trend 6: Broadlooms

Broadlooms are trending and are seeing a resurgence in popularity. They showcase strong design statements with vibrant colors. Broadloom rugs are called broadloom because they are woven using looms and are the traditional wall to wall carpet. They are laid on carpet pads and are installed with fewer seams or none at all. They provide a classic look and come in a large range of colors and textures. They are resistant to stains and have a soft feel. The broadloom carpet has a loop pile which makes it resistant to the crush and matting down. RugKnots provide a wide variety of broadloom carpets. Designers of the brand call broadlooms a must-have. Layering it with other rugs can give a different look to the whole interior.

Trend 7: Let the geometry define you

Geometric rug designs give out bold statements that make them loud and expressive. They are becoming the talk and walk of the town due to the unique patterns they provide. Geometric rugs give a more tied look to the area. They are so in the style for every interior be it western style or a more traditional look. They can add a splash of color to a drab room and texture to a plain one. A variety of shapes and colors can give birth to numerous styles. But before diving into this trend, you’d have to consider the size of your room. Geometrical designs with more vertical or longer standing can make your room look long and likewise, patterns can define your room’s size. Designers at RugKnots produce their designs considering the new trends in the geometrical rug selection.

Trend 8: Highlight your style with Round rugs

Round rugs are being considered a personal style rug trend as it highlights one’s unique style. They give a new definition to the room as it carves out the architecture of the home. Round rugs also make your look spacious. Go with this different design as most design doctors are suggesting nowadays. Naturalistic designs tend to do better with the round-shaped rugs as they provide a more artistic feel. Going with a plush round shaped rug is also in the style nowadays as it provides a more luxurious look. 

RugKnots provides a variety of designs and options for round rugs. Designers at RugKnots come up with the most intricate designs that go with this shape so they could complement your living space.

Yellow Round Rugs | Playroom Rugs

Trend 9: Vintage is the new modern

What was once modern is now vintage but still blowing the steams in rug trends. Vintage rugs have become a part of those classy study rooms, your traditional bedrooms, and long intense hallways. You can bring out all those hidden rugs that are decades old and lay them down in any room you want. Vintage rugs are not just faded old rugs but they are the dab and dated center of attention. 

The storerooms at RugKnots have those vintage designs stored from the last century that were woven with the start-up of the company. Dating back to the 20th century, these vintage carpets can provide a more traditional look to your space.

Trend 10: Hottest rug trend- Turkish rugs

Turkish rugs are the hottest in town. They have been blowing heat for some time now and are considered the defining element of a room. Turkish or Oriental rugs give a more antique look to the room. If you want to give your place a traditional look go for these Turkish rugs as they define just that. Turkish rugs have patterns that date back to centuries. These patterns not only provide those traditional statements but also provide a bold theme to it. 

RugKnots procure such rugs from the best artisans in the world with cultural richness and versatility. The patterns are hand-knotted and are produced with an optimum mix up of modern styling. 

RugKnots is a one-stop-shop for all types of rugs. We strive to be customer-centric and try to provide our clients with the best services. No matter what rug trend you want to follow, RugKnots will be your ideal choice for the matter. We provide premium quality rugs at your doorstep. Our consultants provide guidance that will best suit your home orientation. We serve customers all over the USA who are trying to get beautiful, exquisite rugs at an affordable price from a reliable vendor. 

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