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Are you looking for the perfect Bokhara Rugs to buy? Are you looking for a Bokhara rug that would fit your home and lifestyle? However, you cannot decide which one to buy. We are glad you found us! Bokhara rugs are one of our most sought-after products at RugKnots on every purchase. We are the place where you can buy Bokhara rugs in the US with free shipping and get great value for your money.

This article is designated to help you develop an understanding of these handmade rugs. There are different types of Bokhara rugs you can find here at RugKnots. Therefore, if you are looking to buy Bokhara rugs in the US, you are in luck as we provide free shipping as well.

Know What are Bokhara Rugs - Here Is Why You Need One in 2021

History Of Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs have a rich history, and the technique to make these Bokhara rugs have gained recognition on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. If you are looking for a stylish piece of history to add to your home, these can be exactly what you need. Read on to learn more about Bokhara rugs...

What Are Pakistani Bokhara Rugs?

One of the most important things to know about these is that they are only made in Pakistan. However, we have made it possible for you to buy Bokhara rugs in the US. These will usually only come in red, either a dark red like a burgundy shade or a brighter, bolder red. Additionally, every Bokhara rug has a similar motif, known as an “elephant foot.” This is just a motif made using an octagonal gull. The gulls usually are brown, dark blue, or have a black hint of ivory accents. Depending on the tribe that creates them, there will be slight variations in your layout. One such example of a Bokhara rug is this beautiful red Bokhara rug, available exclusively at RugKnots at an affordable rate with free shipping, which you would not want to miss out on. These rugs are known for their glamourous designs and how soft and durable they are. Check out this link for more information.

History of Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara Rug Patterns

There are 3 types of patterns - Yomund, Tekke, and Salor. Yomund is made from the traveling Yomund tribe, which is known for traveling across Central Asia. Their travels have influenced their form, resembling Caucasian designs. For instance, you will commonly see Greek crosses as part of the print. Sometimes, you will also see a diamond lattice print throughout the shape. The Tekke print comes in 2 different types of rugs: prayer rugs and non-prayer rugs. Each of these rugs has a distinct look to them. The prayer rug is called Princess and is divided into 4 different quarters by some upright mihrabs and the separating crossbar. The non-prayer rugs, known as the Royal and have what is known as a windowpane motif. The gulls are elongated and woven into rows, with blue lines that create 4 quarters on these. The final variety is the Salor created by the Salor tribe. These have 2 rows of very elaborately designed octagonal gulls with octagonal motifs within others that run parallel along the length of these. There are also 3 trefoil flowers on the interior part of these motifs.

For instance, would you look at this beautiful, stunning coral Bokhara rug? The print is so symmetrically aligned with the geometrical patterns. We know you would love to have such a rug placed in your living room, where your guests can go in awe of the marvelous rug. What are you waiting for, go and click on the link below to have a closer look. Trust us, and you will not be disappointed.

Bokhara Rug Patterns

What Are Bokhara Rugs Made Of?

These rugs are made from 100% wool piles. However, Bokhara rugs use a unique blend of wool from Pakistan and New Zealand is woven together to create the thread used to create. This unique blend gives Bokhara rugs a soft, luxurious feel that you may not get from other Oriental rugs. Thus, making these rugs more desirable and reliable for our customers to buy. We have more than a dozen Bokhara rugs listed on our page, but one such example of our beautiful rug is this beige Bokhara rug. For more information visit our webpage.

What are Bokhara Rugs Made of?

Why Is The Pakistani Bokhara Rug Popular?

They are popular because of their vintage style, handmade properties, red tint, wool material, heavy heap attractive colors, durability, and affordability. They are rooted in the history of pakistan, and they help a stuffy room appear more cultured. Handmade Bokhara rugs are one of the signature textiles of Pakistan. These popular Bokhara rugs can create a perfect look in any Western-style home. Don't believe us? Try them out and avail free shipping from our page!

Why is the Pakistani Bokhara Rug Popular?

Antique Bokhara Rugs Breakdown

Throughout this article, you'll learn every detail about Bokhara rugs from Asian rug professionals. We want you to know exactly what you are planning on buying, just like anything worth value in this world, because research is what guides us to buy or not and to open our eyes — simple things in life, like Bokhara rugs, contain rich history older than any of us. The topics discussed in this article will cover all the burning questions surrounding the mystery and hesitation on purchasing Bokhara rugs.

The Birth Of Bokhara Rug

The rich culture, history, and one-of-a-kind beauty are woven into each hand-knotted Bokhara rug unmatched. Bokhara rugs were born deep within an ancient culture that thrived in the Bukhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan. Originally called “Tekke'' from the Central Asian tribe Tekke, Bokhara rugs were found lying on floors of grand empires, prestigious temples and eventually gave the Bukhara City its name. Antique Bokhara rugs are intricately and meticulously handwoven together in regions across the middle east, from Turkey to Afghanistan. Still, the most luxurious and popular Bokhara rugs, available at RugKnots with free shipping, only come from Pakistan. Bokhara rugs have become a prized possession of royalty in the region and across the Western hemisphere.

If you want your space to look regal and majestic, then you have come to the right place. Here at RugKnots, we have hundreds of rugs for you to choose from and shop to make your living place look breathtakingly beautiful.

This red Bokhara rug is so magnificent we know you would purchase it this instant.

The Birth Of Bokhara Rug

Authentic Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara Rugs, known for their vivid, traditional red shade filters and complex oval or diamond-shaped luster motifs, authentic Bokhara rugs are quite literally breathtaking. Just like snowflakes are never the same, no matter how many have fallen over old times, Bokhara rugs are never the same since each is individually crafted. Each wool knot of the Bokhara wool rug is handwoven by a master rug maker whose privacy we can't disclose, meaning it can take almost five or six months to be completed from the very first thread. Bokhara rugs are covered in rows of guls or floral medallions and geometric patterns, a one-of-a-kind exclusive feature, stitched with high-mountain yarn on a cotton base. Crafted in Pakistan, you can feel the authenticity and silk lushness of the Bokhara rugs’ double-heap construction under your toes. Bokhara rugs are not only high-quality, one-of-a-kind, and self-knotted, but they are affordable! A Bokhara rug for every space in your home needs to be completed because they feature many patterns and colors such as beige, green, gold, black, blue, grey, and rose.

Authentic Bokhara Rugs

Different Types Of Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, textures, and types so you can match them to your home’s interior. Listed below are some various

Salor Bokhara rugs

Originally crafted by the exalted Salor tribe, Salor Bokhara rugs are usually a deep, rich shade of red and are defined by at least one row of symmetrical octagons. There is usually another smaller octagon or diamond shape within each octagon's border, and the interior sides commonly feature floral patterns. Salor Bokhara rugs are meticulously crafted by passionate rug makers' hands and will make a home complete with their presence. Tekke Bokhara rugs are one of the most prized and beloved styles of Bokhara rugs throughout the west. Tekke Bokhara rugs are usually categorized as Royal.

Princess and Royal Bokhara rugs

Royal or non-prayer rugs are known for their windowpane motif, which features multiple rows of elongated renditions of octagons joined together horizontally and vertically with lines and alternating small, diamond motifs made with polypropylene. Prices or prayer rugs are important symbols in Muslim culture and religion. Therefore they are more distinct than Royal Bokhara rugs. Princess Bokhara rugs have a mihrab self-stitched into their core, indicating the qibla wall, which points in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holy city, where Muslims pray. Tekke Bokhara rugs are treasured pieces and the perfect cultural talking piece for your home as they are made of wool and polypropylene material.

Yomud Bokhara rugs

Created and named after the prominent and distinguished Yomud tribe of Central Asia, Yomud Bokhara rugs feature a deep red field with Persian or Turkish self-knotted style knots. The defining characteristic of Yomud Bokhara rugs lies within their Caucasus print, which has a pristine Greek cross dividing the rug into four parts. Each part holds a simple yet beautiful white polypropylene woven octagon to complete the essence of Yomud Bokhara rug. A less common variation of Yomud Bokhara rug uses a diamond lattice print, filling the field of the rug and holding geometric medallions. Yomud Bokhara rug is beautiful pieces that always bring light to a room.

If you love majestic and regal rugs as much as we do, with intricate and detailed patterns, which remind you of the halls and durbars of the Mughal emperors, well, we have got you, covered friend. Check out this beautiful rug below. Want to see more of it? Then what are you waiting for to click on the link. Hurry up! Be our customer and avail of free shipping on all products from our page.

Yomud Bokhara rugs

Bokhara Rugs Prices And Value

A self-knotted Bokhara rug will increase in value as time passes due to the quality and durability and feel heavy pile attractiveness of the Bokhara, but other qualities of oriental rugs have a good chance of staying in the same value bracket or even dropping because they become old. The biggest reason why these are the best Oriental rugs on the market is because of their quality. These are created using self-knotting techniques that have long been used traditionally. You can tell that these are handmade Bokhara rugs just by looking at the back, where you can see the craftsmanship. These come in different qualities, including 9/12, 9/14, 9/16, and 20/20, made by designers from the country, Pakistan. When you look at 9/14, you will have a 9 weft and 14 knots. The higher the knot is, the better the quality of the rug. Why these are the best type oriental rugs to buy is not only due to their quality but also because of their affordable prices! However, they are only this affordable here at RugKnots. The 9/14 are very high quality and typically found when you purchase a rug from us. Lower knots mean a lower pile and lower quality. There is the possibility that you have less price in the budget, and so you cannot go for the double-pile rug. In such a condition, you can add a single pile rug to your options. However, you should not compromise on quality. Experts make rugs of the best quality as they make handmade rugs. The selection of the pile depends on you. However, we at RugKnots recommend the double-pile instead of buying a single collection. When you buy double-pile handmade Bokhara rug, you will see that the top pile is separated from the lower collection, and all handmade knots are made on the top heap.

As we already mentioned, we have a dozen options you can freely search from. No pressure, but do not forget to check out this beautiful rug and maybe even shop for availing the free shipping cost on all products before they run out of stock, and you miss your chance.

Bokhara Rugs Prices and Value

Frequently Asked Questions About Bokhara Rugs

1. What Are Bokhara Rugs?

Bokhara rugs are also called tekke-faced rugs. These rugs are famous for their diamond and oval-shaped motifs and prints repeated all over the rug. The symmetrical designs and patterns look beautiful in any shade of the rug. Today, Bokhara rugs are manufactured by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iran, India, and turkey.

2. What Are The Best Bokhara Rugs?

The best Bokhara rugs are handmade and knotted rugs with beautiful symmetrical patterns and motifs all around them in a continuous way. You can find the best Bokhara rug in various types of materials. The best Bokhara rugs are made of the best quality wool and sometimes cotton.

3. What Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bokhara Rug On Sale?

Before buying a Bokhara rug on sale, always consider the price, size, and color you are going for. Pick a perfect size according to your place by measuring the length and width you require. Choose a good color that complements your house and does not overshadow it. Lastly, check the price before buying a Bokhara rug on sale. You do not want to buy an expensive Bokhara rug on sale. Here at Rugknots, we provide the best customer service even after the sale.

4. How To Identify If The Bokhara Rug Is Hand-Knotted?

To check whether your beautiful Bokhara rug labeled as handmade is actually or not. Turn your Bokhara rug upside down and search for loose knots at the back of the rug. We can identify some uneven knots in a handmade rug, while a machine-woven rug would have smooth uniformed knots. This information is pertinent to guide you on what to buy.

5. How To Clean Hand-Knotted Rugs?

Do not use a cleaning detergent to clean a stain or dirt on handmade rugs, as it would make the dyed color fade. Use a clean cloth, put some warm water with little soap or soda on the cloth, and then rub the cloth against the affected place to remove the stains. For more information email us.

6. How To Tell If The Bokhara Rug Is Authentic?

To check the authenticity of a Bokhara rug, look closely at the label of the rug. If the label says handwoven or handmade, then it is a sign that the rug is authentic. But, if the label doesn’t mention the handmade feature, it means it is most probably machine-made. You can also check the back of the rug for uneven knots to know if the rug is handmade.

7. Can We Vacuum A Bokhara Rug?

No, you cannot vacuum a Bokhara rug as it may loosen up the knots of your rug. Always clean your rug with lukewarm water with a bit of soap to remove dirt and stains. You can email us for further information.

Note: Here at RugKnots, we design and offer a variety of products for home decor. You can search our web page to get information about all the types of rugs we offer. We also provide free shipping to our customers. We also offer a variety of hues from our color palette mentioned on our online store. We provide the best customer service to our customers by giving them the information they need. Get to know us by visiting our website. For more information about any item, visit our page, or if you have any further queries, feel free to email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046‬. Our team will be ready to solve all your queries and answer any question you ask.

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