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In the world of rugs, Persian rugs stand at an exalted position. Persian rug collection is one of the best selling area rugs collections if not, the best. These rugs carry a different sense of elegance, traditionalism and antique with themselves. They belong to one of the most popular categories and kinds of oriental rugs. You can try as hard but just can't stop obsessing over them. Another name for these rugs is Iranian rugs made from heavy textile materials from a historical point of view. They carry immense significance due to its historical importance and other factors. They have symbolic resemblances, too. Most of the time, people confuse between oriental rugs and Persian rugs. To be honest, both these rug collections are almost similar except for one main difference that is; oriental rugs are made all over Asia whereas the latter collection of rugs is made solely in Persia- as the name in itself refers ( and that is one of the most unique features of these area rugs ) Although, Persian rugs are specifically made in Persia (that is Iran in current times) but these area rugs are used by people all over the world whether its their home, office, shop or even cafes! The average price of a Persian rug is normally determined by the time taken, the size, the kind of materials used and/ or the number of knots. Normally, the thing that is most common ends up being one of the cheapest as well but that's not the case with Persian rugs. The question that most people ask is why are Persian rugs so expensive. If you want the answer to your question, keep reading!


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Historical and Artistic Significance 

Persian rugs are over 2500 years old. During current times as well, skillful enthusiasts make these rugs reflecting the Iranian culture and skills. They contemplate artistry. Every Persian rug has a story to tell and is so carrying that antique touch. People love grabbing things that are valuable at its most. Everyone needs everything before anyone else. Antique items are extremely note- worthy and these oriental Persian rugs carry that exact same remarkable gravity. It's one true antique item! And that is why everyone wants their hands on it. Such items are considered to be equal and almost similar to buying historical scriptures and paintings even though they are made and processed in modern times but its manufacturing includes traditional ethics and antiques!


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High- End Materials

One of the most important reasons as to why Persian rugs are so expensive is due to the kind of materials that are used in their manufacture. These area rugs are made up of materials like wool, cotton, sisal, jute and silk. These are all natural fibers that are way better than synthetic fibers. The wool- silk combination is one of a kind and silk on silk is definitely one reason why they are expensive. The high quality materials used make the rug to be highly durable, color resistant, stain resistant and are most importantly, eco-friendly! Not only that, the dyes and colors that are used for the rugs are all natural that are derived from vegetables and plants. These materials used enable the rug to be long lasting and eventually, turn out to be extremely amazing and stunning! The materials used enable the rug to be:

High durability

this means that the area rug is supposed to withstand constant wear and tear and will last longer, live longer!

Stain resistant

most of the materials used are found to be stain resistant. Meaning, they can withstand spills and can be washed and cleaned (some can even absorb)


this enables rugs to be washed without affecting its quality and texture (this doesn't really need an explanation though!)

Color resistant

Ahh, the biggest relief is that these materials disable the color of rug to fade away. Meaning, it won't be a worry for you if your rug is exposed to sunlight, your color ain't going anywhere

Eco- friendly

this is by far the most important factor (in my opinion),the materials used are sustainable and do not have any effect on the environment! 


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All Hand- Made

Anything and everything involved in the making of Persian rugs is handmade. The process is of course, time taking. From weaving to knitting, everything is done without a single use of machinery. Every single knot and stitch is by hand, there are 400 knots per inch (imagine the time and energy taken into doing only this part). Every knot is done by an experienced professional. Then, the weaving process is done by humans, too. It might sometimes take months to make a Persian rugs and in some cases, even years! Since silk is the most common material used in making Persian rugs, it takes longer time to weave them. Bigger the size, more time does it take to make one!


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The Structure and Designs

This should be kept in mind that every image and the structure that is designed on a Persian rug is entirely unique and has a direct reference to the Persian and Iranian history. It is not only hand- made but is designed by all the potential and experienced professionals who have years of experience and expertise to create the best and the most unique area rug out there! Imagine how difficult of a job it would have been to match pattern to pattern and knot to knot in a perfect and measured manner. Every design has a past story to tell which is something eternal!

The Dynamics

It takes a lot of time and handwork to make the best Persian rug for the world. It should be kept in mind that everything involved in bringing “that” Persian rug into life takes a lot of effort and everything is done in Persia. All this is done in the villages catering around Persia. There are many replicas of one of the finest Persian rugs and on a very low price but they obviously, cannot reach at a level of an authentic and all pure hand made Persian rug. Moreover, as emphasized previously that Persian rugs are mainly made in different areas and villages around Persia so the region where the rug is made is directly linked to the determination of its ultimate price and value. 


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The Antique Nature 

While buying a rug, people want to find the most rare and sparse item meaning an ‘antique’ one. An antique rug, mostly around 100+ years old is found to be very expensive due to nothing but its old and scarce nature. It becomes a point of investment that way. People try to take as good care of the rug as possible as it gets old. The older, the better and this combination makes the rug expensive. Such an item is although very old but it is exactly due to that reason that it eventually becomes expensive overtime. As time passes, an area rug becomes vintage and eventually antique (which costs loads of money) . The thing is that it's already rare but these factors add up to its uniqueness which is directly proportional to its price. In a nutshell, the older, the expensive! 

It is evident that Persian rugs are expensive but, for a reason. And that too, for all the right reasons! It is not easy to make the finest Persian rug out there. Even though it is somewhat similar to oriental rugs but still they require far more decent and intense procedures in its making. From hand- knotting to even hand- weaving. All is done without the use of technology and machinery. Meaning, zero use of machinery and 100 percent hand- made rugs. The materials used are of immense importance and value that ultimately helps make the most unique Persian rugs. 

But, you know the best thing about all this? You can find the best kinds of Persian rugs in the “Pak Persian category” here at RugKnots. That too, in a very reasonable amount. You can buy the best Persian rugs around town without crashing your bank account. Furthermore, we believe that it is very important that people get to know each and everything before buying a rug! We want to be one hundred percent transparent with our customers when it comes to buying rugs and our policies. Not only that, we absolutely understand that it is your right to get a know- how regarding any and every rug that you might be planning to buy. You should never hurry in buying a rug but first, you need to navigate stuff perfectly and you need to take your time to research and surf through the internet. We don't want to get you scammed! And for that reason, we are always there! We provide you assistance and support that you need. We are 24/ 7 available for you and will help you at every step while you buy a perfect rug for yourself. And, we assure you that you can't find a better rug other than from RugKnots. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order already! 


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