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Hallways are notorious for heavy foot traffic, and most people feel a bit unsure about placing runner rugs in their hallway. But what about those cold wintry nights when your hallway desperately needs a runner rug to keep the indoors warm? This guide will give you some practical tips to buy runner rugs online and keep your hallway warm and cozy.

Runner rugs not only dress up your hallway, they protect your floors, keep the chill-out, and insulate the noise. And if you have kids or pets, hallway runners will keep them from bringing dirt and grit inside the house.

Have you ever heard of first impressions last?

Everything in your hallway is an impression of your home’s interior – and that includes the runner rug.

You don’t want to get a dull, cheap runner rug for your hallway. You need something that will set the tone for the rest of the interior.

An authentic hallway runner will make a good first impression, and this guide to buy runner rugs online will tell you exactly how!

So, let us start with the tips!

1.   Always Take Space Measurements

Whenever you buy runner rugs online, it is best first to measure the length and width of your hallway.

You don’t want to spend your bucks on a runner rug that will curl against the walls or crowd the entryway of your rooms.

A standard runner rug is usually 2 to 3 feet wide and 6 to 14 feet long. For an ideal fit, there will be at least 3 to 4 inches of floor space left on all sides of the runner after you place it in the hallway.

For those of you who have hallways that go on for miles, leaving an extra bit of space at the end of the runner is okay if you keep the rug placed right in the center.

If you have a short hallway, take accurate measurements before you buy runner rugs online. Homeowners with short hallways often end up with oversized rugs that make a terrible looking fit.

An accent rug is usually the perfect choice for short hallways. It will not go the whole distance, but it will not jut out between entries either.

When you buy runner rugs online, look for a carpet that will give your hallway coverage, style, and durability. For this reason, you must know what size and shape of a hallway runner you need.

2.   Pick a Style That Complements Your Interior Décor

If anything, the hallway is a very practical space in your home.

It gets maximum traffic and leads into your home. So, for a hallway runner, you need a style that will complement the rest of your home.

It is a lot like a book’s cover. A cover tells you a great deal about the book. Similarly, your hallway décor gives an excellent insight into your house’s interior.

With the right rug, you can make the guests walking down your corridor feel welcome and at home.

So, before you buy runner rugs in the US, you need to determine which style of runner rug will help accentuate the flooring and décor of your home.

3.   Choose a Durable Material for Your Runner Rug

The first step in buying an ideal hallway runner is to choose the right material for your rug.

Let us discuss some of those materials below.

·        Wool

Authentic wool is soft, flame resistant, and hardwearing. Wool fibers can stand the heavy foot traffic, and a wool runner is an excellent buy for high traffic spaces like hallways and entryways.

There’s one downside to buying wool runner rugs, though; they are not as stain-resistant as synthetic rugs.

·        Polypropylene

There is heat-set polypropylene that is a soft, stain-resistant fiber. It is hard-wearing, a quality quite similar to wool, and great for your home’s high traffic spaces.

Then there is BCF polypropylene. This one is a lot cheaper than the heat-set polypropylene material. It is also less hard-wearing than wool.

With proper care, you can get a rug made from BCF polypropylene to last for a few years, but since they are cheap, people don’t sweat much even if they do wear out quickly.

·        Jute/Sisal

Jute and sisal are fine fibers for high-traffic and outdoor spaces. They look natural, outdoorsy, and can bring a rugged, organic feel to your hallway.

When most people buy runner rugs online, they go for jute or sisal rugs. They are hard-wearing, natural runner rugs, perfect for hallways and entrances.

There may be one downside to a jute/sisal rug: they are a little rough to the touch.

If you have a toddler who likes to crawl around, you might not want to get a jute or sisal rug for your hallway. They are harsher on the skin and can cause discomfort.

4.   Pick a Pattern That Plays Up Your Hallway Ambience

Various patterns can enhance the look of your hallway.

The good news is that when you buy runner rugs in the US, you have no shortage of options. From traditional patterns to contemporary designs, you have access to everything.

But more choices also mean more difficulty in picking out the right one.

So, let us help you out a little.

A striped runner will give your hallway an extended long-winding look. If your home has a stark modern and minimalistic style, a geometric patterned rug will be a good choice.

If your home has a more bohemian or vintage feel, we recommend floral patterned rugs. They blend in seamlessly with vintage décor.

If you are taking a more traditional approach, Oriental is the way to go. Classy, good quality and hard-wearing, Oriental runner rugs are worth every penny.

For a simplistic approach, try out a solid-colored runner for your hallway. It will set a tone for the rest of your home.

5.   Pile Thickness: Get a Flatweave

Buy Runner Rugs Online | RugKnots

Please do not get a runner rug with a high pile. It will not fit under any doors that may open into the hallway and will make things fussy for you.

For a soft underfoot, we are thinking along the lines of a good quality shag runner. But shag runners can be a messy choice when you have kids and pets running around the house. So here’s our best recommendation: get an authentic, tightly knotted flatweave.

You can visit RugKnots’ collection of authentic flatweave runners, and we are sure you will find the perfect fit for your hallway (our Oriental collection will blow your mind!).

6.   Pick a Color for Your Runner: Solid Tones or a Vibrant Mix?

When you buy runner rugs online, do not pick a color just because it looks good. Try to see the bigger picture, the color scheme for your home, interior décor, style, etc.

If your hallway has neutral (white, gray, or nude) walls, a runner rug with vibrant hues will do wonders for your entrance. It will enliven your home’s entry with bright colors and give it a lived-in, cozy feel.

If you are looking for a more subtle and understated look, get a runner that closely matches your flooring in color, so they blend well.

The key to getting just the right color for your hallway runner is to coordinate your palettes.

If you live with a big family or have pets and toddlers running around, get a runner that will hide the inevitable wear and tear. You do not want a stark white or grey rug in a house full of kids.

7.   Get a Rug Pad When You Buy Runner Rugs Online

If you have kids and pets at home, a rug pad is a must buy.

Rug pads will not only save your kids and pets from skidding and getting injuries, but they will also keep the rug and the flooring safe.

With a rug pad, the runner alone will not have to face the blunt force of heavy foot traffic; hence, it will have an extended life.

A rug pad will also protect your flooring and prevent any potential damage.

Trust us, rug pads have plenty of benefits, and they are worth every penny.

Wrapping Up!

This is where we wrap up our guide and hope you know everything you need before you buy runner rugs online.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to shoot us a quick e-mail at, and our team will be happy to help you out with your queries.

Do not forget to check out RugKnots runner rugs collection, and good luck with your next rug purchase.


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