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Because hallways are known for heavy foot traffic, most people are hesitant to use runner rugs in them. But what about those chilly winter evenings when you really need a runner rug to maintain the warmth in your hallway? This guide will provide you with some helpful hints for purchasing runner rugs online and keeping your hallway warm and inviting. Runner rugs not only add style to your hallway but they also preserve your floors, reduce noise, and keep you relaxed. If you have children or dogs, hallway runners will prevent dirt and grit from entering the house. Have you ever heard the phrase "initial impressions are lasting"? Like everything else in your hallway, the runner rug is a reflection of your home's interior design. For your hallway, you don't want a flat, inexpensive runner rug. You'll want something to establish the tone for the remainder of the space. This guide to buying runner rugs online will show you how to make a great first impression with a genuine hallway runner. So, let's get started with the advice!

7 Tips For Buying Hallway Runners Online

1. Always Take Space Measurements

It's advisable to measure the length and width of your hallway before purchasing runner rugs online. You don't want to waste your money on a runner rug that curls up against the walls or crowds your rooms' entranceways. Runner rugs are typically 2 to 3 feet broad by 6 to 14 feet long. After you set the runner in the hallway, there should be at least 3 to 4 inches of floor space left on all sides for a perfect fit. If you have a long corridor, it's fine to leave a little extra room at the end of the runner if the rug is positioned in the middle. Take precise measurements when purchasing runner rugs online if you have a narrow hallway. Homeowners with narrow corridors frequently end up with huge rugs that look horrible. For short corridors, an accent rug is usually the best option. It won't stretch the entire length of the room, but it won't jut out between entries either. When shopping for runner rugs online, choose one that will provide coverage, style, and durability for your hallway. As a result, you must determine the size and shape of the hallway runner you require.

Always Take Space Measurements

2. Pick a Style That Complements Your Interior Décor

In fact, the hallway is a useful location in your house. It drives the most traffic and leads to your house. As a result, a hallway runner should be in a style that blends in with the rest of your property. It's similar to the front cover of a book. A book's cover can reveal a lot about it. Similarly, your hallway decor provides valuable information into the inside of your home. With the correct rug, you can make visitors going down your corridor feel welcome and at ease. So, before you go out and buy runner rugs in the United States, you need to figure out which design of runner rug will complement your home's flooring and décor.

Pick a Style That Complements Your Interior Décor

3. Choose a Durable Material for Your Runner Rug

The first step in purchasing perfect hallway runner rugs is to select the appropriate rug material. Let's take a look at some of those materials in more detail.


    Wool is soft, flame resistant, and has long-lasting and durable fibers that can withstand severe foot activity. Wool runners are ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and entryways. Wool runner rugs do have one disadvantage: they are not as stain-resistant as synthetic rugs.

    Choose a Durable Material for Your Runner Rug


      Heat-set polypropylene, a soft, stain-resistant material, is available. It's durable, with a quality that's akin to wool, and it's ideal for high-traffic areas in your home. BCF polypropylene is another option. This is a lot less expensive than heat-set polypropylene. It is also not as durable as wool. A rug manufactured of BCF polypropylene can endure for several years with reasonable care, but consumers don't mind if they wear out quickly because they are inexpensive.



        Jute and sisal are fine fibers that work well in high-traffic areas and outdoors. They have a natural, outdoorsy appearance and can give your hallway a rustic, organic feel. The majority of customers opt for jute or sisal runner rugs while shopping online. They are natural, hard-wearing runner carpets that are ideal for hallways and doorways. A jute/sisal rug does have one disadvantage: it is a little abrasive to the touch. If you have a crawling child, you might want to avoid getting a jute or sisal rug for your hallway. They are more abrasive on the skin and might cause irritation.


        4. Pick a Pattern That Plays Up Your Hallway Ambiance

        Various designs might help to improve the appearance of your hallway. The good news is that there are many of possibilities for runner rugs in the United States. You have access to everything, from classic patterns to contemporary designs. However, having more options makes it more difficult to choose the best one. So, let us assist you a little. A striped runner will give your corridor a long, winding appearance. A geometric patterned rug is an excellent choice for a home with a stark modern and minimalistic style. Floral patterned carpets are ideal for a more bohemian or vintage atmosphere in your house. They're a perfect match for vintage decor.

        Pick a Pattern That Plays Up Your Hallway Ambiance

        5. Pile Thickness: Get a Flat-weave

        Please avoid getting a high-pile runner rug. It won't fit under any hallway doors, making things difficult for you. We're considering a decent quality shag runner for a soft underfoot feel. When you have kids and pets running about, though, shag runners might be a messy choice. So here's our advice: purchase a real flatweave that's firmly knotted. We are confident that you will find the right suit for your hallway in RugKnots' range of authentic flatweave runners (our Oriental collection will astound you!).

        Pile Thickness: Get a Flat-weave

        6. Pick a Color for Your Runner: Solid Tones or a Vibrant Mix?

        When purchasing runner rugs online, don't choose a color just on the basis of its appearance. Consider the big picture, such as your home's color scheme, interior décor, and style, among other things. If your hallway's walls are neutral (white, grey, or nude), a runner rug in bright colors will brighten things up. Bright colors will brighten up your home's entry and give it a lived-in, inviting vibe. If you want a more subdued effect, choose a runner with the same color as your flooring. Coordination of your palettes is the key to choosing the perfect color for your hallway runner.

        Pick a Color for Your Runner: Solid Tones or a Vibrant Mix?

        7. Get a Rug Pad When You Buy Runner Rugs Online

        A rug pad is a must-have if you have children or pets at home. Rug pads will not only protect your children and dogs from falling and injuring themselves, but they will also protect the rug and the flooring. Because the runner will not be subjected to the harsh impact of heavy foot traffic, it will have a longer lifespan. A rug pad will help preserve your flooring and keep it from becoming damaged. Rug pads believe us, have numerous advantages and are well worth the investment.

        Get a Rug Pad When You Buy Runner Rugs Online

        Here are some commonly asked questions by our customers

        1. What are runner rugs used for?

        Bedrooms benefit from runner rugs since they provide comfort without covering the entire floor. A runner rug is ideal for any room that is narrow and has limited floor space. One might be used to decorate a small kitchen, dining area, bedroom, or even the bathroom.

        2. Does my hallway need a runner?

        They provide color, pattern, and a warm, inviting feel to hardwood floors. They help protect your floors from wear and tear, which is essential because the corridor sees many foot traffic. A corridor, on the other hand, feels vast, comprehensive, and clean without a runner. When a corridor is smaller and more compact, this is useful.

        3. Where does a runner rug go?

        Staircases, small corridors, bedrooms, the front door, the kitchen, and the bathroom in front of the sink are standard for runner rugs.

        4. How Do You Place a Runner in a Hallway?

        It's easier than you think to find the ideal hallway runner for your space. While there are many different patterns, textures, and colors to pick from, the length of the runner rug and how much of the hallway it should cover are the two most significant factors to consider. You may start looking for the appropriate hallway runner for your space once you've figured out these two factors.

        5. How Long Should a Runner Be in a Hallway?

        Standard hallway runners are two to three feet wide and run between six and fourteen feet in length. It's best to pick a runner that suits the hallway's shape. It's also important to remember that the runner's length should never stretch into another room's space.

        6. Why Do You Need Runner Rugs?

        A runner carpet is required in every home. It makes no difference if you want to make a small area or a narrow hallway appear larger. If you want to add depth, excellence, comfort, and warmth to your bedroom, hallways, and entryways, runners' rugs are the perfect alternative for your home, regardless of style or size!

        Before ordering a runner carpet online, you must first identify where it will be used, as each region requires a different size, shading difference, and layout. RugKnots creates elegant and high-quality runner rugs to brighten up modest areas and add color. Here are several compelling reasons to bring runner into your life:

        Protect your floor:

        Hardwood floors are subjected to an increase in foot traffic, paw prints, coarseness, residue, and need dreary miles on a daily basis. A runner carpet protects wooden floors from damage by preventing tiny particles from being ground into them.

        Connect space:

        In the absence of a comprehensive solution, incorrectly sized runners make your door, corridors, and décor appear unappealing. The right runner rug size unifies the space, gives it personality, makes it aesthetically appealing, and improves the look of your entryways, hallways, stairs, and bathroom.

        Reduce Noise:

        Clacking heels, echoing voices, and other noises can be heard when walking barefoot on the floor. The use of a runner floor covering can help to reduce noise and create a more peaceful environment.

        Add Comfort:

        Runners introduce comfort to hardwood flooring to walk on. Additionally, it gives a better foothold that diminishes the odds of anything slipping over the smooth hardwood floor surface. Rather than a chilly hard tricky floor, a luxury runner carpet furnishes you with something warm, agreeable, and protected under your feet.

        Perfect for small areas:

        Due to their narrow width, these carpets are perfect for use in little spaces where a larger rug may not be appropriate. This is one of the main reasons why these runner rugs are so popular among homeowners who use them to transform a long, cold foyer, a room floor, or a restroom from drab and dull to warm and magnificently gorgeous.

        Modify sleek surface:

        Why not make any location in the kitchen a nicer spot to stand? You frequently see little carpets and tangles on the floor around kitchen sinks, but why not make any spot in the kitchen a gentler spot to stand? A contemporary design runner with low pile can help balance the hard lines commonly found in kitchens, in addition to being the appropriate size and form for traversing those lengthy, narrow portions of bare floor. If your kitchen is suffering from a lack of colour or pattern, the right sprinter can quickly solve the problem.

        This concludes our guide, and we hope you now have all the information you require before purchasing runner rugs online. Don't forget to look at RugKnots' variety of runner rugs, and good luck with your next rug purchase. Our rugs are perfect for home decoration. If you have any questions, please contact us at  or call us at (301) 660-7046.,  and our team will be pleased to assist you.

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