How Long Does It Take to Get A Rug from RugKnots in the USA?

We are here to answer your query about how long it will take before you can get a rug from RugKnots (to be specific).

Were you planning to buy affordable rugs online in the US or from anywhere in the world? Perhaps you hit the search button looking for the answer to your question – how long does it take to get a rug from any shop in the US. Or, perhaps you were searching for places to buy rugs online and came across RugKnots.

You have come to the right place and it is fate because we have the best collection and are proud to say we are among the top importers and sellers of rugs in the US.

Get a Rug from RugKnots in the USA

Before we answer your query – How Long Does It Take to Get A Rug from RugKnots or any other rug shop, you need to decide if you want a custom-made rug or one that is readymade and a click away.

At RugKnots, we have both, so if you were searching for a readymade rug to buy, all you must do is visit our online store, select the best rug based on the color and size specifics.

We always have some special discount on so feel free to keep checking us as frequently as possible.

Once you proceed to the checkout and complete the purchase, we take three working days to confirm the order.

Upon confirmation, we deliver the rug to your address within 1-4 weeks, depending on the selection and your known address. Rest assured that if you want to buy affordable rugs, you will succeed at RugKnots.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Custom-Made Rug from RugKnots?

If you opt to order a custom-made rug, first, you need to understand that the design will not be 100% the same as the one you want.

You may have seen a design online somewhere and may show our representatives what you want. We can guarantee it would be the same material type used to make it, and we guarantee that it will have the same or similar colors and similar patterns, but there can be a 20-30% difference.

The reason for this is simply because when you buy rugs, they are almost always hand-knotted. At RugKnots, we make 100% original hand-knotted rugs, with natural dyes, following the techniques used by artisans of old.

This gives us an upper hand in terms of originality of designs. Our artisans make unique original designs in the rugs, which they cannot reproduce with an exact match down to the last motif. Likewise, no one can copy the design and make a perfect replica of hand-knotted rugs.

If you choose manufactured rugs, made from synthetic material, processed wool, and artificial dyes, then you can get the exact copy of the rug.

This is something completely different than hand-knotted rugs. When you buy rugs online from RugKnots, you will appreciate the quality and worth of the rug.

How Long Does It Take to Weave a Rug?

For every type of rug, the period it takes to weave it varies. For instance, the time it would take an artisan to make the oriental rug with measurement 9'x12' would take nearly one to four months depending on the knots in it. Below is a table that can give you some idea about the time it can take for Oriental rugs.

Get a rug from RugKnots

However, note that these are estimates, not the exact time it could take. Moreover, these estimates do not include the time it takes to prepare the wool (i.e. clipping, carding, spinning, and then dying it). Just mapping the design out takes almost 8-10 days for a 12/60 quality rug.

Because the specifications of every type of hand-knotted rug vary, there are varying estimates you will find while searching online.

Here is a more detailed summary of some other types of knotted rugs you can find in the market online.

Having this information may prove helpful in estimating how long does it take to get a rug from RugKnots in the US.

Get a rug from RugKnots

As you can see from the data above, hand-knotted rugs cost a lot more than a hand-tufted or machine-made rug because of the time, attention to detail with the knotting and the type of materials used to make them. Nonetheless, when you do buy rugs in the US or online from RugKnots, you get great value for your money.

Here are some important things to know before you proceed with selecting your rugs.

How do I know if the rugs are valuable when I buy affordable rugs?

Although you would want to save as much as you can, there is something you need to keep in mind. Going for cheaper rugs means compromising on its quality.

Therefore, even if you buy affordable rugs, they may not last much and so you end up buying a rug with less value.

Here is a checklist of signs that show that a rug is fake. Look out for these before you buy rugs online:

  • The back has a plastic lining
  • The colors bleed out
  • Its fringe is glued on or sewn
  • It is not hand-knotted
  • It is not made of wool

How can you tell if the rug is handmade or machine made?

Watch this video to find out:

Hope this article answered your question - how long does it take to get a rug from RugKnots in the USA. For more information and queries, call us on (240)452-4602.

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