10 Best Rug Websites in 2020

Do you want an area rug? Have you searched the internet to find the best websites to buy rugs or rug stores near you and you still do not know where to shop for one? You have come to the right place, at last!

Rug shopping can be a daunting experience when there are so many retailers out there. Each one is selling their version of authenticity.

So, whether you are looking for a new floor covering right now or if you hope to shop for one someday in the future, you will need this post. We have sorted out the top 10 best websites to buy rugs.

The best place to buy rugs online would offer an extensive collection, which you could browse.

And whether you prefer to shop at proper physical stores near you or sift through the catalog of options on online rug stores, here are a few good stores you must visit!

Follow us as we take you through our top 10 picks!

1.  RugKnots

The best thing about RugKnots is how they make the rug selection super easy for their customers. It is quite challenging to pick out a rug online and to get everything right.

Most buyers are reluctant to shop online for carpets because they are worried that they may pick one that is all wrong for them.

However, RugKnots ranks at number one in our list of best websites to buy rugs because here you get the highest quality rugs, at the most affordable prices.

Here are some questions we must answer for you:

Is RugKnots a Legit Site?

RugKnots is a legit marketplace for authentic designs and handmade collections you just cannot refuse! And to top it off, their pieces are affordable.

They offer you modest prices on some of the highly coveted handmade rugs in the US.

The reviews by people tell that it is the best place to buy rugs online in the US.

RugKnots’ catalog is extensive and versatile.

From Bokhara’s and antique Persian rugs to Kilims and Ziegler, there is nothing they do not have!

They have an “Ask a Designer” option on their website for buyers. You must pay very little on your end, and you get to benefit from advice by professional rug designers.

The designer will guide you through the selection process and will help you pick the right rug for your home.

Can I buy affordable rugs at RugKnots?

Yes, RugKnots offers huge discounts on all its rugs collection. The best part is that the quality they deliver is exceptional.

The sales staff is friendly and competent, and you get exactly what you see on their website.

    • Extensive Collection
    • Excellent Customer Support
    • Authentic International Rugs
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Free Return Shipping
    • Fewer Cheaper Options

    2.  Wayfair

    This is the second on our list of the best websites to buy rugs online in the US.

    When it comes to home furnishings, Wayfair is also one of the most rapidly growing retailers with a mega rug collection.

    Their website is very easy to navigate, and you can browse their collection for different kinds of carpets and runners.

    If you are like those people who want to see almost every option before picking out one – Wayfair’s the perfect online store for you!

    Whether you are looking for a more traditional rug or want to dabble with the more modern choices – Wayfair has a collection of trending pieces for you.

    Multiple sizes, colors, and varied designs, they offer more than your average rug store. Wayfair sure is highly recommendable as the best place to buy rugs online.

    • Wide Variety of Rugs
    • User-Friendly Website
    • Rug Might Differ from the Web Copy
    • No Reimbursements for Shipping Costs

    3.  Rugs USA

    The third of the best websites to buy rugs online in the US is Rugs USA. This site is for rug shoppers looking for an outstanding shopping experience.

    The online store offers a blend of quality and variety you don’t easily find at many stores. Rugs USA is a hallmark of style and unparalleled diversity in design.

    Their collection features a mix of geometric, traditional, minimalistic, and bohemian designs.

    You can quickly sort through the size, material, weave, and price, and check out their alternatives for a budget-buy.

    Most of their pieces are affordable, and they have a clearance section that features discounted rugs.

    • Affordable Prices
    • Free Shipping within the US
    • Extensive Collection
    • Satisfactory Customer Support

    4.  Amazon

    You did not think we would forget the online e-commerce giant, did you?

    Although we have ranked it in fourth place for the best websites to buy rugs in the US, it is an awesome site for rugs shopping.

    As with every other household item, Amazon has a rug selection that won’t disappoint you.

    The customer reviews on the site are honest and critical. They can help you figure out if you will be getting your money’s worth or if the seller’s untrustworthy.

    Amazon features a wide selection of area rugs. But that is also where the problem lies for most customers.

    There are so many options available on Amazon that it is tricky to tell an authentic rug from a replica. Other than that, Amazon sellers are great with prices.

    Even for people with a tight budget, Amazon is also the best place to buy rugs online,

     especially for area rugs.

    • Wide Variety of Rugs
    • Informative Customer Reviews
    • User-Friendly Website
    • Unreliable Sellers
    • International Delivery Varies with Courier Service

    5.  World Market

    Looking for cheap area rugs with diverse eye-catching designs? World Market is your one-stop-shop for everything classic yet contemporary.

    In our list of the best websites to buy rugs online, World Market ranks fifth.

    Typically known for their Bohemian décor, World Market offers a wide range of rugs from jute or shag rugs to antique Persian pieces.

    Their collection of trendy carpets features a wide range of styles and sizes. They have everything from high-pile wool rugs to funky bohemian rugs.

    You will also find cheaper alternatives for bathroom and entrance mats sold at comparatively higher prices in other stores.

    • Affordable Pricing
    • Diverse Collection
    • Authentic International Rugs
    • Good Returns Policy
    • No Shipping to Non-Continental US Territories

    6.  Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters is right up your alley if you are a first-time homeowner looking for something trendy and chic.

    Their collection is for the young and stylish boasting urban modern designs, geometrics, shabby chic patterns, and nautical themes.

    Usually, the options offered at Urban Outfitters are inexpensive. They are not an all-exclusive carpet store, so you may not find the more traditional choices in their selection.

    What you can hope to see are the sort of designs you may find on Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr.

    Their collection is classy, modern, and minimalistic. Visit Urban Outfitters online store and be on the look-out for their snazzy accent runners.

    Although it ranks at sixth place in our list of the best websites to buy rugs, it is a good rugs store.

    • Easy to Navigate Website
    • Affordable Pricing
    • Limited Merchandise

    7.  Bloomingdale’s

    Bloomingdale’s has been around for a very long time. They have built their reputation on years of retail experience and quality merchandise.

    Their rugs are no different, which is why we had to include it in our list of best websites to buy rugs in the US.

    Bloomingdale’s has an entire section in their store dedicated to rugs – Persian, Kilims, Oriental, Tibetan, and more.

    Their carpets are authentic, beautiful, but most of the time, incredibly pricey. If you cannot afford to put a dent in your wallet, Bloomingdale’s not for you.

    You will love their expensive options but will not be able to buy them. And the cheaper alternatives will pale in comparison to the pricier ones.

    But, if you look out for one of their amazing sales, you might be in luck. During the sale, you can buy rugs from Bloomingdale’s at terrific discounts.

    • Authentic
    • Extensive Collection
    • Excellent Discounts
    • Expensive

    8.  West Elm

    For more environment-friendly carpets, head over to West Elm’s online store, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

    This is why we feel it deserves to be in our list of top 10 best websites to buy rugs online.

    Their collection features runners and carpets made from authentic materials like jute, sisal, or wool blends.

    Their collection may be more expensive than your regular nylons or olefins, but they are worth the price.

    West Elm runners are velvety soft boasting abstract designs and subtle artistic patterns. You will find their options refreshing and trendy.

    • Environment-Friendly Rugs
    • Pricey
    • Strict Return Policy

    9.  Ben Soleimani

    If you have something more sophisticated and stylish in mind, head over to Ben Soleimani’s official website.

    With a more classic and high-end approach to design, Ben Soleimani’s designs are usually available in shades of white, black, and gray.

    With a touch of chic and contemporary, while keeping up with traditional techniques, Ben Soleimani’s rugs are every designer’s recommendation.

    We have placed it at number ten in our list of 10 best websites to buy rugs online in the US because although it has options, they are somewhat limited.

    • Quality Rugs
    • Easy-to-Navigate Website
    • Expensive

    10.  IKEA

    Last but not the least, IKEA deserves a spot in our list of 10 best websites to buy rugs in the US.

    This Swedish home décor brand has taken over the market with its easy-to-assemble furniture items. And there is a good reason: it is cheap.

    From furniture items to decorative upholstery, IKEA is a one-stop-shop for buying household items.

    Their collection is a blend of eye-catching traditional and modern designs. You can sort through their rugs by style and color and pick the one that fits your interior décor.

    There is a downside, though. Not all items in their store are available for shipping. So, if you want to shop in full-effect, it is best to shop in-store.

    • Affordable Pricing
    • Extensive Collection
    • Shipping on Selective Items
    • Delayed Shipping

    To Conclude...

    To wrap it all up, here is our list of best websites to buy rugs in the US! From designer rugs to cheaper, more affordable options, our top 10 stores will be useful for all budgets.

    So, if you are thinking of rug shopping but have not made up your mind, check out these stores. Each one, in its way, is the best place to buy rugs online.

    Most of them provide an excellent online shopping experience and make shopping super easy for all you undecided folks!

    From RugKnots’ handmade rug collection to IKEA’s functional and trendy carpets and runners, tap away and browse some of the most beautiful rugs.

    It is time you make your house a home, too!

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