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What are Aubusson rugs?

If there is a rug that will instantly add majesty and elegance to your home, then it is definitely an Aubusson rug. Aubusson rugs are European rugs of French origins. These French rugs add a timeless and classic vibe to your interior design and can help your home to achieve a look that is fitting for royalty. Well, it is not that hard for these rugs to create that appearance in your home since Aubusson rugs were originally made to adorn the homes of nobility and royality. Today, modern Aubusson rugs are not just for the exuberantly opulent and royal families anymore because you can now find them at reasonable prices and with tons of designs to choose from.

Just like other kinds of tapestries, Aubusson carpets have unique characteristics that set them apart from the other rugs that you usually see in showrooms If you are planning to purchase Aubusson rugs to complement the looks of your home, it is important to learn more about these rugs so that you can decide if these are the right ones for your needs. Our article about Aubusson rugs will help you understand more about these tapestries and will ultimately help you with your buying decision.

What are the characteristics of Aubusson rugs?

French Aubusson rugs are not different from other types of rugs when it comes to the types of materials used in making these tapestries. As with other types of carpets and rugs, the usual materials used in making Aubusson rugs are wool, cotton and animal hair. However, the main difference that Aubusson rugs have compared to oriental rugs are the colors. Aubusson rugs have more colorful options compared to other rugs. Usually, oriental rugs have darker color schemes that include the use of brown, red, blue, black and some ivory shades. For French Aubusson rugs, you will get a livelier color palette such as pastel hues and shades. Aubusson rugs tend to heavily favor colors like beige, tan, rose, gold and other muted colors. Darker elements of these rugs are usually kept limited to the edging and sides.

Whenever someone hears the word rugs, he or she might think that those are made from Asian and Balkan regions. This is not hard to understand since many rugs are classified as oriental rugs. However, contrary to popular belief, there are in fact rugs that are native to Europe and  North America. These western rugs have unique characteristics that define them. For the hand knotted French Aubusson rugs, these are the motifs designs that make these rugs stand out among others. Aubusson rugs have the baroque style in them, and historically this made them the favorite rugs of the affluent. Because of the complexity of the designs, Aubusson rugs exude sophistication and elegance

Most of the design elements that one can see in Aubusson rugs are leaves, floral bouquets and other architectural designs. These romantic elements of the Aubusson rugs are highly prized by collectors and fans of these rugs. Aubusson rugs also come in a variety of sizes. However, French Aubusson rugs are mostly small compared to oriental rugs. There are also huge collections of Aubusson rugs in oval, round, square and rectangular shapes.

Where did Aubusson rugs originate?

Rugs usually get their names from the regions where they were woven. This is especially true with Aubusson rugs, as it has a very rich history and represents a culture that has been around for thousands of years. These rugs originally came from Aubusson which is a small town in France. Experts say that Aubusson rugs have been around since the 1700s, and collections with surviving antique and vintage Aubusson rugs support these findings. Aubusson rugs are one of the remaining types of European rugs that employ the use of three-dimensional depth and perspective. This technique requires skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail and many weavers have since abandoned using this technique in the rugs that they make. The town where these rugs originated gained popularity because it became the sole location for authentic and high-quality Aubusson rugs.

Original Aubusson rugs were heavily influenced by the Renaissance, hence their design and color profiles. During that time, most of the rugs available were copied from oriental rugs because these were the most widely available and popular rugs. However, French royal servants commissioned artisans to make tapestries for the royalties, and weavers used the same techniques that they use to make copies of oriental rugs to create the rugs for the rich and influential people of society at that time. 

Aubusson rugs are created using the same flat weave technique employed in the making of many oriental rugs. This is a way of hand-making rugs in which the warps are interwoven with the wefts to create a sturdy strand. However, due to the advancement in technology, many modern Aubusson rugs are now created using machines. Also, because of sourcing problems, the materials used in making Aubusson rugs sometimes now comes from synthetic materials such as chemical dyes and other coloring agents. Contrary to modern practice, vintage rugs were made using natural materials such as animal hair and natural dues. However, some vendors continue to only sell Aubusson rugs made from naturally sourced wool and dyed using natural vegetables. While Aubusson rugs are still being manufactured these days, the original practice of weaving these tapestries ended in about the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th century.

What are the common uses for Aubusson rugs?

Most oriental rugs historically were used as practical floor coverings and as tribal decorations symbolizing hopes of protection and good health. There were also historically used as prayer mats and adorned prayer houses. Aubusson rugs, on the other hand, were mostly used as decorative and functional furniture pieces in castles and mansions. Modern Aubusson rugs have not lost the elegance of old times, and that is why people have been clamoring so much about these gems. Today, Aubusson rugs still bring elegance and sophistication to any house or space that they adorn. There are Aubusson area rugs that are perfect for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Aubusson rugs can provide the grace and style that your home needs. With ornate motifs and designs, these rugs can elevate the appearance and coziness of your home.

Where to buy authentic Aubusson Style Rugs?

There are some things that you need to consider when you are out looking to buy one these beautiful rugs. You can always check the Internet and there will be a ton of websites that will offer you Aubusson rugs for sale. However, if you are not accustomed to buying rugs, you might purchase one that is of inferior quality or even fake.

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Aubusson rugs

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