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What is the Estimated Price of Persian Rugs?

Are you trying to introduce a conventional look to your home? Do you think your home needs exquisitely detailed contemporary carpets? If your answer is yes, then Persian Rugs is the best decor option. Each home requires a splash of warmth and luxury, and Persian Style Rugs are an excellent mix of both. They bring color to the house, complexity to the design, and warmth to the living. You may buy a Persian rug at RugKnots and use it in your homes. Even after many years it will always maintain its worth given, as it does not rip out or wear-and-tear. On the other side, machine-made rugs appear to lose their quality once used, even though they are in good shape. The price of Persian rugs is quite reasonable at RugKnots. You can visit our site and can easily buy Persian rugs online at RugKnots.


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Variability in the price of Persian rugs

If you have chosen to buy a high-quality, hand-knotted Persian rug, you will notice various Persian rugs prices among the varieties and designs of Persian rugs. In this article, we will direct you on the average or normal price of Persian rugs in the US. The variability in the price of Persian rugs is primarily due to product variations and transportation. Once you buy Persian rugs in the US from us, we carefully enclose our beautiful rugs and deliver them to our worldwide clients via an appropriate courier service. All deliveries are safe and free in the US.

Key factors which decide the price of Persian rugs

Persian pieces of art are, however, highly esteemed and respected all around the world. The total number and size of their raw materials are the key factors that decide the raw price. The number of knots per square inch in a rug, or raw (KPI) per square inch determines the actual price of Persian rugs. Many Persian rugs have a crude count of 16/16, 9/9, to 7/7.


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The Material Used in Persian Rugs

Persian rugs comprise of different substances. But here we can see all the constituents that make Persian rugs. Major components used in the manufacturing of Persian rugs are as below.

·        Cotton
·        Silk
·        Wool

 We normally use these quality components in its pure form. Therefore, the price of the Persian rug is higher. Persian rugs rarely comprise of organic fabrics, also such as:

  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • acrylic
  • viscose
  • jute
  • or other organic products.

Wool is a widely used material for Persian rugs. Historically, sheep were raised as a source of food by the Persian tribes but often used their wools for manufacturing the carpets and rugs. Wool also includes lanolin, typically present in domestic sheep wool. This chemical protects the fibers; therefore, Persian rugs will last for hundreds of years if one cleans them well and washes them every 3-4 years. One more thing the price of Persian rugs can increase or decrease based on the quality of wool and other fibers used in the manufacturing of Persian rugs. 


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Beautiful designs used in Persian rugs

These are four styles used to make typical Persian rugs:

  1. All over –a floral or geometric design that repeats across the entire rug region.
  2. Primary medallion – in the middle of the carpet, a square, oval, or contrasting pattern. A graphical pattern, object, contrasting blank space, and even text, maybe the core feature.
  3. Compartment – like the all-over layout, it is a repeating pattern of subtle texture or floral designs, much like a quilt with patchwork. Each compartment may be an interlocking arrangement, cube, or diamond.
  4. A one-sided - an asymmetric pattern in which the design varies lengthwise on each half of the carpet, and then every half is symmetrical.

These beautiful designs also affect the price of Persian rugs.


In Persian rugs, we mostly used different colors such as deep indigo, sage green, red, golden yellow, and ivory. The price of Persian rugs is a little bit more as compared to other rugs due to these beautiful colors and a large variety of these rugs.


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Different types of Persian rugs

A large variety of Persian rugs is available at RugKnots, and the price of Persian rugs is quite reasonable at RugKnots. Therefore, our customers can easily buy Persian rugs online. Here are some types of Persian rugs, which are explained below. Persian rugs have spread to several different styles, dependent on cities and tribes. Everyone is special and distinctive. The overwhelming amount of Persian carpets on the market is a testimony to its worldwide appeal. But for now, we have selected three styles of Persian Rugs, which are commonly distributed and highly requested.

Mohtashem Kashan Rugs

 These rugs are popular for their ties in indigo and red silk. In producing these rugs, weavers mainly use blue wefts. Of all the various styles of Persian carpets, these are among the most requested ones, marketed worldwide for tremendous sums of money.


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Kerman Rug

The weaving method is unique for Kerman rugs. Weavers use a specific vase process to produce them. Such rugs achieved rapid prominence among homeowners and rug enthusiasts worldwide.

Garden Design Rugs

 Flower designs are common in several specific styles of rugs. For intricate designs of parks and water canals adorning the carpets, Persians took them a step further. Such compositions have breathtaking intricacy and elegance, and their simplicity remains unchanged to this day.

Heriz rugs

Heriz is a local market, the development of which involves mostly room-sized rugs. Although the warps and fabric are pure cotton, the weaving of high-quality wool is very coarse. The typical designs have a magnificent central medallion tinted in white with rectangular outlines with decorative and willow-like patterns aligned in the background.


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Hamadan rugs

Hamadan rugs have their roots in one of Iran 's main weaving areas: Hamedan. Adopting the city as its nameplate, the Hamadan is a stunning and special design among the many in the Oriental rug group. The rugs are usually embellished with abstract designs that contain at least one beautifully crafted gem. The rising hues synonymous with this exquisite range are shades of red, grey, white, ivory, and the occasional darker colors.

Why are Persian rugs so expensive?

Persian Rugs have declined considerably through the years and will continue to do so. Persian Rugs are scarce today, and even the unusual items are pricey. In today's rug industry, antique Persian carpets are of great interest. The antiquities are now a vanishing species over time. Therefore; such rugs, together with the true nature of Persian antiquities, are so pricey. Rug collectors pine for vintage styles and the intricacy of the originals as time goes by. Consequently, for unfathomable amounts of income, they are buying Persian antiques. Hence the price of Persian rugs is in increasing day by day. Still, RugKnots offers a very reasonable price of Persian rugs to their customers with different sale offers throughout the year.


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Why you should choose RugKnots for buying Persian rugs

RugKnots has become the top sellers of Persian rugs in the USA. Our purpose is to make beauty and diversity in our product. The price of Persian rugs is quite reasonable at RugKnots. At RugKnots, our goal is to make your shopping experience as easy and comfortable as possible. That is why we guarantee 100% free shipping in the US. These days RugKnots has become the most popular brand for buying Persian rugs due to the following reasons.

1. Long-lasting Products

There is a reason for cultures around the world to appreciate Oriental rugs for centuries – it is just because of the high-quality character that makes them a high-value, long-lasting good. A Persian area rug is an asset that adds value over time; many rugs pass down from generation-to-generation and have significant undeniable benefits. Since Oriental rugs are hand-made and crafted with sturdy fibers (typically the best-quality, all-natural wool), they can bear daily wear for countless years.


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2. They Are Well-Built with Beautiful Designs

In the rug business, hand-knotted Oriental rugs are the most attractive, beautiful, and genuine. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are not going to snap, break or shatter. At home, one can clean them softly by hand, then dried properly for beautiful results.

 3. They Are Gentle to Hold

Persian rugs are soft and comfortable. High-quality Oriental rugs are made up of high-quality wool that is entirely or partly manufactured from New Zealand (regarded as the world's largest wool producer). Some luxury Oriental rugs may comprise of a fiber mixture of wool/silk, which further enhances the rug's amazing quality. Due to this quality, the price of Persian rug is a little bit more than other carpets.


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4. Risk-free Shopping

RugKnots is an encrypted website where we can ensure the safety of our users. Your information is secure so that you can shop online without any risk and fear.

5. Policy on Ease of Return

If you do not like the carpet for any reason, if there is an issue, we will refund the money, and you can return it within 30 days. Check out more at RugKnots. Our method of return is simple to follow and does not require complicated processes that confuse you.

If the rug does not fulfill your specifications or desires, you can avail of our general policy on the refund. It is up to you to get a full refund, or instead to order a different product. Start shopping Persian rugs today!


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