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What are the most popular rug trends this year? From mid-century modern to bold colors and geometric patterns, this year's trends are very individualized. One word sums up 2017's trends: clean. Pro's are going for clean lines, straight shapes, and a crisp conglomeration of colors.

The following are the hottest rug trends in 2017. People are choosing colorful rugs, teal, traditional oriental rugs, vintage, rugs with geometric patterns, layering rugs, and choosing lots of griege shades in their decor.

Colorful Rugs

Neutral walls and furniture are all over Instagram and Pinterest. Lots of people are opting to bring in pops of color with their rugs and pillows. 

The three most popular rugs style are overdyed, Ikat, and Bokhara. 

1- Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are bold and make a powerful statement. Their vibrancy allows you to easily pick contrasting colors throughout your room for accents. If you want to use an overdyed rug, choose the artwork and pillows last.

Overdyed Rug trends

In the previous photo, you can see one of our amazing overdyed rugs paired with modern furniture and white walls. I love how the boldness of the rug can be seen through the glass coffee table. Buy this rug from RugKnots! 

2- Ikat Rugs

The appeal in Ikat rugs is their mesmerizing patterns. 

Ikat prints resemble watercolor paintings. In more traditional decor you can use these rugs as the only print in the room. If you prefer a more eclectic space, pair Ikat rugs with different patterns and textures throughout. Buy the pictured red Ikat rug from RugKnots

3- Bokhara Rugs

The prints on Bokhara rugs date back centuries, making these rugs the best fit in traditional rooms. 

This year, people are filling their homes with historic oriental rugs like these. 

Teal Rugs

Teal is such a popular color. Light teal brightens up white space. It is a combination of blue, green, and white. These combinations are a simple way to bring in colors from nature into your home. Teal works excellently for homes with large windows overlooking expansive views of grass and sky.

The photo above is of Whitney Port's breathtaking apartment. Homepolish designer Orlando Soria decorated her apartment in bright blues. That teal rug coordinates all the blues and whites together seamlessly.

We can custom make a rug just like Whitney's for you.  This blue overdyed rug is just an example of the beautiful blue overdyed colors we can create.

Traditional Oriental Rugs

Traditional oriental rugs will never go out of style. Currently, they accentuate mid-century modern themes. Dark red Bokhara rugs or Peshawar Ziegler rugs have bold patterns that date back centuries.  

Ziegler rugs make fantastic runner rugs because their prints can go with almost any other rugs in the home. 

Vintage Style Rugs

Authentic vintage rugs come with a high price tag. This price reflects the priceless stories these rugs can tell. Many other rug styles are more contemporary. They were designed in present-day times to fit modern design trends.

An easy way to save money is to buy distressed rugs and vintage looking rugs. Many homes are choosing vintage as their main decor theme, with antiques and old-world inspired art.

In the following video, Naheed explains how we take vintage rugs and overdyed them. The entire process is fascinating! 

Layering Rugs

The boho-chic design theme is always loved because it incorporates patterns and textures from across the spectrum. When you layer your rugs, you make the room feel warmer and more eclectic.



I love how the previous photo has a bold traditional rug on top of a shag Moroccan. When layering rugs, try to mix up the textures and colors a bit.  For example, layer a wool and silk rug on top of a thick-piled shag rug. Or you can mix up colors by layering a beige Turkish rug on top of a blue overdyed rug. Have fun with it!

Geometric Patterns

Goodbye, chevron!  rug trends 2017 are all about the softer, curved shapes. Swirls, circles, and

In addition to geometric patterns in rugs, go for shaped rugs too. Round rugs are a statement piece in entryways, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

This photo, taken by Mark Roper for Vogue, is of illustrator Megan Hess's stylish apartment. The semicircular sofa wraps around the round floral rug. It is incredibly eye-catching.


I keep hearing this color used all over design boards and in chit chat. A grey mixed with beige is becoming the best neutral to incorporate in room designs.

A quick search for the #Greige hashtag on Instagram shows lots of people opting for this color on walls and furniture. If you want to go with a monochromatic look, you can keep the entire room in various shades of grey and white.


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Check out these popular greige rugs for your room: 

This floral grey rug brings in whites, blues, and other earth tones effortlessly. 

This distressed grey rug is currently on sale starting at $59! The transitioning colors and patterns are very on-trend this year. 

This grey geometric Chinese rug is a perfect base rug for layering or even pairs beautifully with other rugs in an open floor plan. 

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