Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are quite simply the most popular style of rug that we sell here at RugKnots. Due to their combination of traditional Oriental design and modern vibrant coloring – our customers know that a top quality custom overdyed rug can bring new life to any room in the house. Read More

5.67 x 8.42' Green Overdyed Antique Rug

6x9 Green Overdyed Rug

$3,103.00 $1,552.00

6.17 x 9.17' Green Overdyed Antique Rug

7x10 Green Overdyed Rug

$3,678.00 $1,839.00

6.5 x 9.42' Blue Overdyed Antique Rug

7x10 Blue Overdyed Rug

$3,980.00 $1,890.00
Sold Out

6.42 x 9.17' Golden Overdyed Antique Rug

7x10 Golden Overdyed Rug

$3,827.00 $1,914.00

6.5 x 9.42' Golden Overdyed Antique Rug

7x10 Golden Overdyed Rug

$3,980.00 $1,990.00

6.58 x 9.67' Yellow Overdyed Antique Rug

7x10 Yellow Overdyed Rug

$4,136.00 $2,068.00
Sold Out

6.58 x 9.83' Pink Overdyed Antique Rug

7x10 Pink Overdyed Rug

$4,204.00 $2,102.00

7.83 x 10.67' Blue Overdyed Antique Rug

8x11 Blue Overdyed Rug

$5,431.00 $2,716.00

7.75 x 10.83' Golden Overdyed Antique Rug

8x11 Golden Overdyed Rug

$5,456.00 $2,728.00
Sold Out

8.25 x 10.25' Blue Overdyed Antique Rug

9x11 Blue Overdyed Rug

$5,497.00 $2,749.00

7.5 x 11.33' Pink Overdyed Antique Rug

8x12 Pink Overdyed Rug

$5,523.00 $2,762.00
Sold Out

Carol U. The colors were very close to the sample. After a very long search, we are delighted to have this rug in our dining room!! The company is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!!!!!
Ken S. Our whole experience with Rugknots was excellent. The rug is perfect as described and photographed. George was was a huge help before we purchased. They seem to genuinely care about you as the customer at Rugknots. We'll buy there again!
Elaine B. Ordered a second rug after I got the first one as I liked it so much. The price is great, the rug is a good quality rug that looks like it cost a lot more. Good customer service also from the owners.

7.83 x 10.92' Brown Overdyed Antique Rug

8x11 Brown Overdyed Rug

$5,558.00 $2,779.00

7.92 x 11.5' Purple Overdyed Rug

10x12 Purple Overdyed Rug

$5,920.00 $2,960.00

8.08 x 11.33' Green Overdyed Antique Rug

8x12 Green Overdyed Rug

$5,951.00 $2,976.00

8.33 x 11.33' Green & Red Overdyed Antique Rug

8x12 Green and Red Overdyed Rug

$6,135.00 $3,068.00
Sold Out

8.08 x 11.75' Purple Overdyed Antique Rug

8x12 Purple Overdyed Rug

$6,171.00 $3,086.00
Sold Out

8.58 x 11.42' Golden Overdyed Antique Rug

9x12 Golden Overdyed Rug

$6,369.00 $3,184.00

8.75 x 11.42' Yellow Overdyed Antique Rug

9x12 Yellow Overdyed Rug

$6,495.00 $3,248.00

8.42 x 12' Red Overdyed Antique Rug

9x12 Red Overdyed Rug

$6,568.00 $3,284.00

8.33 x 12.17' Blue Overdyed Antique Rug

9x13 Blue Overdyed Rug

$6,589.00 $3,295.00

8.50 x 12.08' Brown Overdyed Antique Rug

9x12 Brown Overdyed Rug

$6,674.00 $3,337.00

8.92 x 11.83' Brown Overdyed Antique Rug

9x12 Brown Overdyed Rug

$6,859.00 $3,430.00

8.67 x 12.42' Blue Overdyed Antique Rug

9x12 Blue Overdyed Rug

$6,999.00 $3,500.00

Overdyed Rugs Created By Skilled Artisans

At RugKnots, our direct connection with the skilled artisans at the center of the Pakistani rug trade - means we can discover the most beautiful antique rugs in bazaars and markets – then use our years of experience to bring them back to life with rich shades of magenta, teal, violet and emerald green.

The finest way of restoring and preserving an exquisite and unique rug, so its history and character shine through – handcrafted overdyeing of existing pieces has become the best way to enter the custom rug market without breaking the bank.

How our Specialists Overdye Rugs

Overdyeing is a delicate process that can only be carried out with the prerequisite knowledge and skill – that’s why all RugKnots overdyeing is performed by artisans with generations of craftsmanship experience.

The steps in our overdyeing process are relatively straightforward – we take well-preserved antique carpets that mainly originate from the Ottoman Empire – which are then de-saturated, washed with a vibrant (or muted) dye, then washed again by hand to create a luxuriously plush pile.

Perfecting these seemingly simple steps is where the generations of experience comes into play, and is where many other rug firms get it wrong. That’s why when you choose a RugKnots overdyed rug, you know that our skilled artisans will not only retain the intricate pattern of the existing carpet – but cleverly add to its character with modern organic dyes that bring a new vibrancy to your chosen style of antique rug.

Overdyed Rugs: Key Details

  • Imported wool from both Pakistan & New Zealand
  • Hypoallergenic & allergy-free
  • Cruelty free wool guaranteed
  • All organic vegetable dyes
  • Hand knotted Persian style & durability
  • Hand washed for ultimate softness
  • Created by skilled artisans in only 2-3 weeks