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Are you struggling between the love of stylish rugs for your decor and your beloved pets? Is this dilemma stressing you out to a great extent? Searching for the best rug for pet? Well, we have great news for you: you cannot have the best of both worlds! You heard it right! By just making a wise choice, you can use a stylish rug that can serve as a pet friendly purpose for your fur babies. Not only this, but friendly Area Rugs are easy to clean but are highly durable. It does not matter if your pet brings in dirty paws and steps on the rug - with a low pile material, you can easily prevent it from any damage. It will serve a great deal for your playful pets as it is not prone to any teeth and claws. The best part is: it might not undergo any wear and tear due to your pet activity.

What Is A Pet Friendly Rug?

A pet friendly rug comes with extreme stain resistance, along with high durability. A blend of nylon I just simply nylon rugs are one of the most durable yet, stain-resistant pet rugs. Olefin and polypropylene material rugs also possess the same quality. Today we are going to review a few topics for the best rug for pet. Let us skim through it!

Best Rug For Pet - Top Picks

Listed below are our top picks for pet friendly rug areas.

Wool Rugs

Previously you must be familiar with wool rugs being a great material for the winter season. To your surprise, it is also one of the remarkable pet friendly area rugs. For centuries wool has been the best product as pet friendly rug material. Wool Rugs are also known for their various benefits. Not only will they keep your temperature low, but they also provide want for your feet. They offer a comforting feeling and a luxurious, classy look. The wool fiber materials are highly durable. Wool rugs consist of fibers that do not lose their original shape upon becoming wet - this makes them a highly flexible rug. This means that in case your pet urinates on it, it is shaped will yet stay in contact. Wool rug material provides natural resistance to moisture and stains. In simple words, it is less likely to get dirty if your pet stains it. In case if your van gets dirty, you can always use a vacuum to clean it. Since it is super easy to clean and manage it, this indicates that you can always opt for white color. You can choose a grey color without the fear of being discolored. Make sure that you do not opt for a loop pile or a knotted wool rug. Such kinds of rugs are not compliant with your pet’s nails. Wool rugs are the best pet friendly rugs online because they are unlike synthetic materials. This indicates that your pet is less likely to terret off since they are not stingy or fluffy. Isn’t that a treat for you?

Synthetic Rugs

You can purchase synthetic rugs from RugKnots easily as we are the best pet friendly rug store online in the US. Just like polypropylene and nylon, synthetic material rugs are quite popular for their ease of clean and durability. These synthetic rugs are quite non- absorbent - in simpler words; your pets will not be able to stain them easily. To top it off, it is not easy to claw or chew synthetic rugs by your pets since they consist of a low pile. A bonus point for synthetic rugs is that they are much less expensive as compared to other mats. This is so I synthetic material does not cost a lot for its production. Synthetic rugs are a must-have in your house with pets.

Jute Rugs

Jute comes from dried plant fiber, which is naturally used to produce burlap. The jute material contributes to creating a marvelous organic rug that can fit any decor styling. A rug made of jute material is easy to clean and extremely durable. It is easy to get rid of bad hair and dust from the crevices of the carpet. You only need to vacuum your jute rug to clean it softly. This means that it is an ideal rug if you have a place filled with furry pets. Since these Jute Rugs are made up of soft texture material, they provide comfort for pets and human feet.

Outdoor Rugs

You can use area rugs both outdoors and indoors - you just need to have an eye for it. These Outdoor Rugs are strong enough to bear a beating. These typical outdoor rugs specially designed with maximum resistance for stains, water, and any other hazard. Although they are quite sturdy, yet are extremely easy to clean. You can just give it a good shake, and it is done. These outdoor logs are designed to wear our weather element conditions. Hence, what is of a great choice as you buy the best pet-friendly rugs online.

Washable Rugs

A washable rug is an exceptional product for your pets. This might be your ideal for the rug if your pet enjoys going outside and getting dirty. Whether it is an accident, a spill, or just a simple stain, these washable rugs will not disappoint you till the end. You can easily roll up these washable rugs, take them to your cleaner, and get them washed. You can repeat this activity every few weeks or as per your need. You can wash it as many times as you wish, it will always be as good as a new product. Washable Rugs can serve both purposes: serve as stylish decor for your place, as well as be a simple, yet a pet-friendly product.

Which Rugs To Avoid If You Have Pets In The House?

To achieve both, that is still your home and make it a comfortable place for your pet; You need to pass up on those fluffy and take rugs. Rugs made up of a stringy material are more prone to clawing and chewing of your pet. Additionally, they are more likely to get stuff stuck in them. This would become a hassle for you to clean them up. You also need to avoid high pile rug materials. Dirt, along with pet hair, can easily get stuck in the crevices of such rugs. It is then a difficult task to clean them thoroughly. Avoid rugs that come with fringes or tassels because of their exterior structure. Their frilly material can serve as an entertainment purpose for your beloved pets. Lastly, features of vintage rugs are delicacy and demand for a special cleaning session. Cleaning a rug twice every week may not be your cup of tea.

Guide For Choosing Best Friendly Rugs Online

Before choosing a rug material for a house with pets, you need to keep in mind a few other factors. These factors will allow you to clean and maintain the material of the rug easily. These include:

  • Choosing a rug with a low pile to prevent maximum absorbent and make cleaning easier
  • Opting for dark patterned rugs, to prevent the stains and dirt from becoming noticeable and visible
  • Choosing absorbent colors to hide your pets stain and dirt
  • Opting for a small size truck so it is easier to clean and replace it

Confused about where to get pet friendly rugs? Well, RugKnots should be your one-stop solution. Now that you are aware of the best rug for your pay make sure you purchase the most appropriate one. Keep in mind all the factors mentioned above are reliable experience ahead. You can always shop at RugKnots for a pet friendly rug!

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