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The stylish and functional way to organize your belongings is through Acrylic trays. So they may be just what you need! These trays come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them perfect for any area of your home. Plus, they're easy to clean and can be used year-round. Acrylic trays are a great option because they are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. In this post, we will share the twelve best acrylic trays for 2023. Whether you are looking for a tray to organize your kitchen or bathroom, we have you covered Looking for the perfect acrylic tray to organize your home or office? Look no further! We've curated a list of the 12 best acrylic trays for 2023. From stylish and contemporary designs to versatile and functional options, there's sure to be an acrylic tray that's perfect for your needs. So read on and find the best one for you! Keep reading to learn more!

1. iDesign Clarity Plastic Organizer

Keep your life in order with the help of iDesign Clarity Plastic Organizers. These stackable, modular systems are perfect for customizing your storage needs in any space. The transparent plastic walls allow you to easily view box contents, and the organizer measures 8" x 12" x 2" to fit in any space. Perfect for storing items on or in your counter, vanity, dresser, nightstand, or desk in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, or craft room. These vanity table trays from IDesign are the perfect way to organize all of your beauty essentials. The extra large size is great for holding larger items, and the bright color will add a touch of personality to your vanity. The plastic construction is durable and easy to clean.

iDesign Clarity Plastic Organizer


2. Makeup Organizer Storage Container

Looking for a way to transport your drinks in style? Look no further than this clear acrylic serving tray! This makeup organizer storage container is the perfect way to declutter your home and organize your daily essentials. The stackable modular system makes it easy to customize your storage needs, and the transparent plastic walls make it easy to view the contents. With 90 degree corners to maximize drawer space, this organizer is perfect for any room in your house. Measures 8" x 4" x 2", making it the ideal size for any space. Made of durable plastic, this tray is perfect for taking your drinks on the go. Plus, the sleek design makes it a great addition to any table setting. Whether you're using it as a centerpiece or bringing drinks out to your guests, this tray is sure to impress.

Makeup Organizer Storage Container


3. Tasybox Clear Acrylic Serving Tray

Do you need a stylish and practical tray that can be used for multiple purposes? Look no further than the Tasybox Clear Acrylic Serving Tray. Made of thick, durable acrylic, this tray is perfect for serving drinks, food, or flowers. The smooth edge design is safe and stylish, while the rectangular shape and clear design give this tray an elegant look. Whether you're using it at home or at a party, this tray is sure to impress. Try using one of these Clear Acrylic Trays! Not only are they stylish, but they're also versatile - perfect for everything from coffee and breakfast trays to tea and desserts. Plus, our Serving Trays with Handles come with handy cut-out handles, making them easy to carry from kitchen to living room or taking them upstairs. And don't worry about scratching your table - each tray comes with silicone anti-slip pads.

Tasybox Clear Acrylic Serving Tray


4. US Acrylic White Acrylic Tray

Serve up your snacks and appetizers in style with these USA-made acrylic trays. They're lightweight and won't shatter like glass, making them perfect for any occasion. The trays are also stackable to save storage space, and they're top rack dishwasher safe. This tray is the perfect way to show off your culinary skills at your next party! The contemporary design makes it look and feel like ceramic, but it's actually made of premium quality plastic. The versatile tray can be used for a variety of purposes - from serving appetizers and snacks to sorting puzzle pieces or crafting. And the best part? It comes in a set of 4, so you can always have one on hand when you need it.

US Acrylic White Acrylic Tray


5. Kevjes Decorative Serving Tray

Looking for a versatile and attractive way to spruce up your home décor? Look no further than Kevjes Decorative Serving Tray! This handy tray can be used for everything from storing office supplies to serving cocktails at your next party. Made of sturdy acrylic with beautiful copper handles, this tray is sure to make a statement in any room. This coffee table organizer Tray is the perfect way to prevent spills and keep your table clean. The sealed edges protect your furniture from liquid spills, and the easy-to-clean surface makes it simple to keep your tray looking new. With its convenient size, you can use this tray on any table, ottoman, or countertop.

Kevjes Decorative Serving Tray


6. Stori Clear Acrylic Tray Organizer

The Stori Clear Acrylic Tray Organizer is the perfect way to keep your large makeup essentials organized. This organizer is made from clear BPA-free recyclable plastic and is stackable, making it easy to store away when not in use. With three compartments, this organizer is perfect for holding eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes. Drawers are a mess, but with our crystal clear acrylic tray organizer, they can be clean and organized in no time! This product is perfect for sorting your daily essentials into individual containers that easily stack for multiple layers of storage. Plus, the break-resistant plastic fits in any décor and is easy to clean – making this a must-have for anyone who wants to get their drawers organized!

Stori Clear Acrylic Tray Organizer


7. Russell+hazel Acrylic Accessory Tray

You'll love the way the Russell+hazel Acrylic Accessory Tray elegantly organizes your desktop. This sleek tray is perfect for displaying common office items like mail, staplers, and tape dispensers. The pristine acrylic construction ensures that your desk stays looking neat and professional. Plus, the simple design makes it easy to expand to meet your needs. The world of lucite serving trays lies at the intersection of color, function and modern design. Our acrylic bloc tray is a sleek and chic way to keep your desktop organized and looking great. This 4.5” x 12.2” x .5” desktop container is durably constructed from hard cast acrylic with finely polished edges, and can be used on its own or paired with other pieces in our Stackable Bloc collection.

Russell+hazel Acrylic Accessory Tray


8. Modern Design Decorative End Table

Looking for a high-end, modern touch to your home? Check out our TEnd table, made entirely of acrylic and available in transparent materials. This piece brings a sense of atmosphere and space to any room. Plus, it's the perfect place to store all your bath essentials. ThisModern Design Decorative End Table is perfect to use as a nightstand, in the living room, or in any other space. The clear design allows it to fit easily with any decor, and the acrylic material makes it both beautiful and durable. Plus, it's easy to assemble! Not only is the End table beautiful, but it's also extremely functional. The ottoman tray can be used as a breakfast tray or for serving other meals. And if you're looking for added storage space, the two drawers are the perfect solution. We know that every home is different, so we offer a wide selection of custom-created acrylic trays.

Modern Design Decorative End Table


9. Lavish Home Decorative Trays

Looking for an attractive way to organize your small everyday carry items? Check out our valet tray! Made of thick, clear acrylic, it's perfect to hold your keys, wallet, or other essentials. Plus, the included rubber grips cushion and protect your surfaces. The Decorative Tray is a minimalist's dream! This tray is perfect to personalize any space with its sleek and simple design. It's made of high-quality acrylic and can be cleaned with ease. The Decorative Tray makes a great gift for any special occasion! Need a place to stash your DIY supplies? This catchall tray is perfect! You can use self-adhesive design paper to give any room your own personal flair and design.

Lavish Home Decorative Trays


10. Juvale Acrylic Letter Tray

Looking for an attractive way to organize your paperwork? Check out our rose gold acrylic letter tray! This sleek and stylish tray is perfect for organizing letters, documents, notes, and more. Made of high quality clear acrylic with a beautiful rose gold foil finish, this tray is a great addition to any home or office. Dimensions are 10.6 x 12 x 2.9 inches. Enjoy organization and a touch of elegance with this acrylic letter tray. The chic rose gold color is perfect for any desk or workspace, and the sleek design makes it easy to store and transport papers, documents, or glasses. Plus, the tray is spill proof, making it a great choice for an entryway table or beverage station.

Juvale Acrylic Letter Tray


11. Kantek Acrylic Double Letter Tray

Get your desk looking spick and span with Kantek's Crystal Clear Acrylic Desk Accessories. This set of two front loading trays can be used separately or stacked in a straight or terraced position, giving you endless organizing possibilities. The heavy cast clear acrylic is both elegant and durable, while the non skid feet keep your tray in place. Looking for a way to spruce up your desk? Check out these elegant acrylic ottoman trays! They come in a clear design that will complement any décor, and are crafted from heavy cast polished acrylic for both style and durability. You can use them separately or stack them in a straight or terraced position – and they even have non-skid feet to keep them in place.

Kantek Acrylic Double Letter Tray


12. Mirart Clear Acrylic Tray

Looking for a modern and stylish way to organize your space? Look no further than the Mirart Clear Acrylic Tray! This trendy tray is made of durable acrylic and is perfect for holding all sorts of items, from magazines and remotes to jewelry and cosmetics. The sleek clear design goes with any decor, and the open unsealed corners make it easy to grab whatever you need. Plus, at just 12 inches square, this tray takes up minimal counter or tabletop space. So why not add a touch of chic simplicity to your home with the Mirart Clear Acrylic Tray? Serve your guests in style with our decorative glasses tray. This tray is versatile and easy to keep clean - simply wash with a mild soap and soft cloth or dust with Lemon Pledge and a soft cloth. Do NOT clean in the dishwasher, use abrasives, or rubbing alcohol. Our decorative glasses tray is perfect for serving your guests wine, cocktails, or any other beverage.

Mirart Clear Acrylic Tray


Here Are 9 Tips To Use Acrylic Trays In Different Ways

Acrylic trays are one of the most versatile pieces of decor that you can own. They come in different sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Not only are they great for serving food or drinks at parties, but you can also use them to organize your belongings and add a touch of style to your home. Here are some tips on how to use acrylic trays in different ways. Looking for ways to use acrylic trays? You're in luck! This blog post will show you five different ways to use acrylic trays. From using them as organizers to using them as a serving tray, there's sure to be a way that you can put an acrylic tray to use in your home. Keep reading for more tips on how to make the most of your acrylic trays.

1. Use a tray as a centerpiece on the dining table

When you think about it, the dining table is like the centerpiece of the home. It's where all of the important meals are enjoyed and memories are made. So why not dress up a little bit with an acrylic tray? Not only does this add a touch of personality to your dining space, but it also makes for a convenient place to store napkins, silverware, and other dinner accessories. Plus, if you choose a colorful tray, it can really brighten up the room. So take a look at these fabulous acrylic trays and give your dining table the makeover it deserves! There's something about a tray that just makes everything feel a little more special, don't you think? Whether you're using it to hold your drinks and snacks while you watch TV or to display your pretty flowers on the dining table, trays add a touch of elegance to any room.

2. Line up trays to create a display of objects

Are you looking for a way to show off your collection of small objects? Acrylic trays can be arranged in a line to create a display. This approach is simple and stylish, and it's perfect for showing off your favorite pieces. Best of all, you can change the arrangement whenever you like. So, if you're searching for a new way to show off your latest finds, consider using acrylic trays. You'll love the results! If you're looking for a chic way to display your objects, try lining them up in trays. This look is sleek and modern, and it's perfect for showing off your favorite pieces. Plus, it's easy to create - all you need are some trays and some objects to fill them up.

3. Use trays for storage

Looking for a way to organize your things and keep them all in one place? Try using trays for storage! They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, they're easy to move around if you need to change things up. There are many different ways to use trays for organization and storage. In this blog post, we will discuss one way to use trays - by placing them under your bed to store clothes, shoes, or other items. This is a great way to create extra storage space without taking up any additional floor space! Read on for more tips on how to use trays for storage. Keep one on hand to use as an extra surface during parties and gatherings.

4. Create a tray to hold your utensils and napkins on the dinner table

Looking for a way to keep your utensils and napkins close at hand during dinner? Then check out this easy tutorial on how to make a tray for just that! With a few simple materials and tools, you can have this handy accessory ready to go in no time. Plus, it's super versatile - use it for any occasion, whatever the menu!  If you're like me, you hate having to search for your utensils and napkins every time you want to eat. That's why I created this simple DIY tray that will hold all of your essentials in one place. Plus, it looks great on the dinner table! All you need is a piece of wood, some screws, and a little paint (if desired). So go ahead and try this easy project today. You'll be glad you did!

5. Use it as an appetizer or dessert tray

Design enthusiast, would you like to know how to use acrylic trays as an appetizer or dessert tray? Acrylic trays are ideal because they are lightweight and easily washable. You can also find many different sizes, so it is easy to find the perfect one for your needs. In this blog post, I will show you a few different ways that you can use acrylic trays as an appetizer or food serving tray. There is no need to buy an expensive appetizer or dessert tray when you can make one yourself using a decorative glass tray. The coffee serving tray is inexpensive and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for serving finger foods or desserts. Simply choose your favorite design and color, and you will be ready to host a party!

6. Put your favorite flowers in it for a centerpiece at your next party

Looking for a fun and easy centerpiece idea for your next party? Why not use your favorite flowers? You can put them in any type of container you like, or even use a vase that you already have. Get creative and have fun with it! Flowers are a beautiful addition to any party, but they can be expensive. This DIY flower centerpiece is easy to make and much more affordable! Plus, it's customizable to your favorite flowers. So gather up some of your favorite blooms and get started crafting!

7. Make one into a pet food dish

If you have an acrylic tray that you don't use anymore, why not turn it into a pet food tray? It's easy to do and will keep your pet's food off the floor. Plus, it's easy to clean and won't take up much space. Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own pet food tray. As a pet owner, you know that keeping your furry friend fed is a top priority. But what if there was an easier way to do it than constantly scooping food from a bowl? Check out this guide to the best pet food trays on the market today! With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

8. Add some candles and use them as candle holders

Adding candles to any room is a great way to change the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also emit a soothing fragrance that can help you relax and get rid of stress. If you're looking for a simple way to add some candles to your decor, try using acrylic trays as candle holders. You can find these trays in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the perfect one for your decor. Plus, they're easy to clean and make great additions to any room. Try adding some candles today and see how much better your home feels! You can use an acrylic tray to display your favorite books. Place a few pictures in the tray for a quick photo frame.

9. Display fruit, vegetables, or flowers on an acrylic tray

When it comes to decorating your home, there are endless possibilities. You can paint the walls, put up new curtains, or add a few plants for some life. One option that is often overlooked is displaying fruit, vegetables, or flowers on an acrylic tray. This can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Plus, it's a great way to show off your culinary skills or gardening prowess! If you're looking for a simple way to enhance your décor, consider using an acrylic tray.  Fill the bottom of the tray with water and use it as a vase for your fresh cut flowers. Put food on top of an acrylic trays to make serving easier at parties

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