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Bare walls are boring, but walls with just a few tiny picture frames are even worse. How can you add interest to your wall decor in a modern, interesting, conversation-starting way with coastal rugs? Bare walls are boring, but walls with just a few tiny picture frames are even worse! We all want that certain thrill when we walk in a living room. Wall decor is one of the most important components in any room. A well-designed wall can turn a plain and simple space into something spectacular and memorable, while an uninspired design will just leave you with a plain old room that feels like it was designed by someone else. In this blog post we're going to explore 26 unique wall decoration ideas for your space!

26 Unique Wall Decor Ideas in 2021

Decorate Walls With Colors

Below, we have attached  26 suggestions on how to update your boring and plain walls by adding colors, textures, and unique materials. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

1. Hang an Oriental Rug

What's the best way to add warmth and texture to your walls, not to mention amazing watercolor and pattern? One perfect way is to utilize an oriental rug as a wall hanging. We always advocate this, area rugs are not just for floors but have never ending functions. This can help you to create a statement wall, adding warmth and luxury to your home. However, there are some precautions and elements you need to look at in order to hang your oriental rugs:


Before you hang your rug, it is important to note the size. The methods of hanging that you use will vary with the size of the rug that you utilize; hence it is very important to measure all ends of your rugs before hanging. You must also keep in mind the distribution of the weight of the rug. An uneven distribution causes the rug fibers to wear out and even get torn apart so make sure to hang your rug evenly.



Make sure to hang your rug in a place where there is less sunlight and no heat vents. This helps prevent exposure over time, doing less damage to your rug. However, if you have hung your rug in a place receiving sunlight, make sure to rotate it from time to time.

Damage Control

While hanging rugs is a great way to preserve and protect them, this also comes with a downside. Pinning or nailing your rugs to the wall can damage the fibers of your rug, reducing its longevity; which is why it's important to use proper and safe methods while hanging your rug.

Damage Control

2. Wall of Mirrors

Creating a focus wall with a variety of mirrors makes a dining room feel bigger, brighter, and more open. Using mirrors with interesting frames adds pattern and interest to your white walls. Adding in the mirror also create a certain design element and create an exciting feel

How Do You Choose the Right Style of Mirrors?

The frame of your mirror can greatly affect the overall look of the mirror. Ornate frames highlight and give a more detailed mirror, while frameless mirrors give your room a sense of precision and subtlety. The materials of the frame can also have an impact on the final look. Wooden mirrors give a more mature and rusted look, gilt giving a more high-end look, glass giving a modern and futuristic look and metal giving a darker, industrial look entryway. But how do you pick the right size? The size of the mirrors depends on what you want their function to be. If you want them to be the main feature of your wall then make sure that the mirror is big enough to act as your centerpiece. Large mirrors can reflect more area and make your room look more spacious as well. However, if you want a mirror that complements the nearby decor and doesn’t overwhelm the room, then smaller blank wall options are better for you. How do you choose the proper shape? Shapes have a big influence as well, sometimes you just walk into a room and see a heart-shaped mirror which gives you a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Any decoration which evokes a positive feeling in a person is a strong wind, and the shape of your mirror can help you achieve just that. To make your room feel large, you should consider horizontal mirrors that add length or vertical mirrors which make your room appear taller. Square and rectangular mirrors give you a classic traditional look while round mirrors add subtlety and softness to your room. Adding in mirrors of the unique shapes, such as a pentagon-shaped mirror, helps you to create a contemporary and modern small space for styling makeover. 

How Do You Choose the Right Style of Mirrors?

3. Birch Tree Wall Decal

Wall decals are sometimes sticky and hard to apply. But if you get the pieces just right, you can add a unique depth and whimsy to your walls.

4. Metal Tree Art

The metal tree piece of art lightens the dark green walls and creates an organic focus for the eye. Pair your metal tree art pieces with furniture in different shapes and sizes, such as curvy chairs. By letting your table have straight edges, you can create a beautiful design element. The curves of the tree match the curves of the chair, and satisfyingly contrast with the straight edges of the tables and the lamp, forming a cohesive design and focal point. 

Metal Tree Art

5. Giant Canvas Prints

There are thousands of photos available to enlarge on a canvas wall hanging. Any landmark, landscape, or portrait can be put on a canvas to fill up a whole wall. Be careful to research, if your photo isn't the correct resolution, the canvas is likely to turn out blurry

6. Statement Bookshelves

Straight-edged run-of-the-mill bookshelves are a thing of the past. By adding a graphic or geometric bookcase to your wall, you add a bold fashion statement and an interesting place to hold your books. This is a great choice if you want to transform your space into a contemporary vibe space.

You can stylize these bookshelves further by placing various objects on them.

Statement Bookshelves


Placing a souvenir you got from a trip, an event or even one that you bought at a thrift store can be a great item to put on your bookshelf. You can choose items of different types and shapes to spice up some of the decors on your shelf. These can be great conversation starters while being a smart decor choice.


A small plant pot can add a real fresh look to your bookshelf. Low maintenance but appealing choice can be a simple grass pot to put on your shelf.


A variety of shapes

Coral is the perfect choice for this category. Coral can add a sense of personality to otherwise bland areas and designers use it all the time for this very purpose. Choose an interesting shape of coral that fits within the context of your other decor. It's also important to keep in mind the size of your coral piece as too little or too little can end up being visually unappealing. 

A variety of shapes

7. Create a Gallery Wall

A hot trend right now in wall decor is the gallery wall, and you can see why! You can hang all the artwork and photos you desire. With a gallery wall, you make a large piece with several smaller pictures. By mixing and matching photos, paintings, and other graphic elements, you create an eclectic feel that can be adapted to your style. What’s important while creating gallery walls is knowing what sort of content you want there. If you only want to highlight a few pictures then making your pictures as big as possible may be the best option. If you wish to fill your wall with various pictures then you should place smaller size pictures of different shapes to make them really stand out; but beware, with this choice, you may end up with a visual mess so do try to keep the pictures as minimalistic as possible. 

Create a Gallery Wall

8. Graphic Tapestries 

Like canvas art, graphic tapestries come in a variety of colors and subject matter. By covering a large area, these modern fabrics enliven walls, create a bold focus, and unify a room's style.

9. Hang Unique Plates 

This method offers a unique versatility, by allowing you to mix and match plates that go with your style and color scheme. To hang these plates, you can either use traditional metal hangers for your plates or the newer transparent discs. These invisible disc hangers can be a useful tool, as they hang your plates without there being any messy or unappealing metallic parts showing which may ruin your aesthetic. If the normal plates you have seem too bland, then you can add art to them to make them stand out. You can paint on some designs by purchasing stencils or cut vinyl patterns and stick them on the plates. While placing the plates you can go for more conventional designs that involve the same shapes or some more abstract patterns in which you can play around with different shaped plates. Either way, it is essential that the amount of plates you use isn’t so many that you end up overwhelming the viewer and not so less that they seem insignificant in the room.

Hang Unique Plates

10. DIY Shower Curtain Art 

Like canvas art and tapestries, this easy DIY method covers a large space and can be done with virtually any pattern. While this method takes a while and might end up looking cheap (depending on the shower curtain you use), it could be an interesting addition to a playful or creative space like a playroom or office.

DIY Shower Curtain Art

11. Hang Plants

Hanging plants on your wall may seem like a bit of a leap, but an organic display shows that greenery can add life to a bare wall. By choosing plants and pots with interesting colors and textures, this is a unique way to add interest to your walls.

There are many ways that you can add these to your room’s walls.

Suctioning to a window

Indoor plants are usually of small sizes and need to be put in areas where they receive direct sunlight. Placing them on windows ensures that they get a good amount of sunlight and they take up less space on walls for other types of wall decor.

Suctioning to a window

Hanging from a ceiling

This gives your plants a very soft and minimalistic look which uplifts your whole room. Other than that this method has practical benefits too, for example, this way you can easily take down a single planter at a time when you need to harvest your plant.

Wall Magnets

For small plants, only for decor, you can use wall magnets. Wall magnets are tiny magnets that you can place on the backside of a small pot to stick it against a wall.

Wall Magnets

DIY Options 

With DIY options you can pretty much place your plants anywhere. You can place various sorts of customized hooks, magnets or platforms on walls to place your plants. Or you can just design your own hanging baskets and hang them, the possibilities with this one are endless and that’s what makes it such a fun choice.


As pretty as it is, there is the risk of the plants dying and turning brown, and watering plants at this height could be a pain.


12. Baskets, baskets, baskets! 

Similar to hanging plates, the versatility of hanging baskets allows you to choose any color or pattern you wish. This method adds texture, but if the basket is too big, it might add an awkward amount of depth, making the room feel smaller. Make sure to choose baskets in smaller sizes.

Baskets, baskets, baskets!

13. Painted Mountain Mural 

Painting a mural adds a graphic element to a wall, but takes time and skill to implement. If you're doing it yourself, you have to design it and sketch it on the wall. However, Imperfections could make the mural look messy and having a professional paint it might be expensive.

14. Framed Bathing Suits 

Framing a selection of clothes, like bathing suits, can add colorful interest to a wall. You could also frame a wedding dress, the pair of shoes you wore when you got your first job, or your navy uniform. The possibilities are endless. This method adds a personalized touch to space by preserving special memories.

Framed Bathing Suits

15. Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Adding reclaimed wood to a wall, instead of painting a statement wall, adds a very rustic element. The natural aged colors add warmth and class to space, though the splinters and installation may not become a hassle.

16. Wallpaper Mural

A wallpaper mural can be hit or miss. It can make you feel like you're in the forest, or on the beach, or anywhere you like, but depending on the quality and colors, it could come off looking cheap. Make sure to choose the correct mural for your wall. While wallpaper would be easier to apply than decals, it would still require professional installation or a day's worth of work.

Wallpaper Mural

17. Woven Wall Hangings

Woven wall hangings are all the rage on with crafters on Etsy right now. They range in size and color, type of yarn, and hanger. Some of the hangings are truly beautiful, but some of them come off looking frumpy and could be an awkward addition to your wall. Softer, grey or creamy colors are the best options for woven wall hangings. These colors really lay emphasis on the delicacies of these wall hangings and help add warmth to the room. These can add texture and add a later depth to the room which makes the room appear more comfortable and appealing overall.

Woven Wall Hangings

18. Add a Giant Clock

The graphic elements of a clock face make it a bold addition to any wall. Beautiful and practical, a giant clock could easily be a statement piece. Be careful with heavy clocks and be sure to add a strong base to your wall. If you add a large and heavy clock just like that, you may end up with it breaking off a massive piece of your wall, leaving you with a black hole.

19. Unique Lighting

The lights are a simple way to add interest to an otherwise boring wall. The geometric shape goes well with a minimalist design, creating a cohesive feel. A fixture could be put in a gallery wall or left by itself. The options are endless.

Unique Lighting

20. Geometric Paneling

Instead of hanging up a completely new element, you could build onto your existing wall. Geometric paneling adds just enough interest, depth, and color to make a room feel classy and warm. You could add rectangles, triangles, hexagons, or any straight-lined shape you can think of! This method would look amazing with a modern chevron pattern, alternating colors, or a pop of wallpaper between panels.

21. Letters

Graphic and colorful lettering can truly define a room. You can use words like eat, dine, and wine in a kitchen. You can add your name, or you can hang a simple word like happy or hello to make your space feel more welcoming. This method has endless options for personalization! Furthermore, you can use the same words for different purposes with different types of letters. For a child’s room, you can pick letters of different colors and sizes to make a more funky background. You can make the same words for an adult’s room by just making the font and colors more mature while still making the same words. This is an example of how efficient placing letters can be for different rooms.


22. Iron Wall Medallion

Medallions are a simple way to take up a lot of space on a wall. You can choose a medallion of any color or style, and add it to a gallery wall, or find a huge one to be a statement piece. Iron medallions and all sorts of metallic wall decor can give your walls an edgy and industrial look. They also make your room appear more modern in comparison to traditional wooden wall hangings.

23. Corrugated Metal

If you want to go very bold and love a rustic industrial style, then lining a wall with corrugated metal might be your flavor. This method certainly adds a uniquely beautiful color and texture. Corrugated metal sheets are utilized best when going for a certain theme in your room. You can use them in a studio for practical purposes or use them in kid’s rooms to spice up their environment.

Corrugated Metal

24. Lots of Arrows 

Arrows are a huge design trend right now. They seem to be the most versatile motif in the market. Their sharp lines and simplicity make them a perfect choice to add interest to any wall. The arrows add a natural and rustic feel to the wall, the stained wood playing on the image of the arrow, evoking a modern tribal feel to the pattern which instantly classes up the wall.

Lots of Arrows

25. Lockers

Not only are lockers amazing storage, but they also add an interesting feel to a boy's room or a mudroom. The metal makes them very industrial, and though you can buy them in any color (or spray paint them), the grey below, paired with yellow accents, really plays off the young, fun feel of the room. These lockers can be a very helpful tool, not only for children but for adults that live in apartments with less closet space. By placing small inexpensive lockers, not only do you add an extra closet for you to store important stuff in, but you also create a good decoration. Small apartments generally seem congested and don’t have many pretty walls or such, so lockers can really help make your room look prettier while giving you a necessary storage unit. I painted white or perhaps a bright yellow, you could add these to a freshly eclectic space for some unique storage.


26. Rolling Barn Door

I'm a huge fan of huge barn doors. Not only do they provide privacy, but they also add a pleasantly rustic element to any room. In areas where a standard door takes too much space, Rolling barn doors take the same amount of space while adding more character and a rustic look to the room. They can help a room appear more spacious and big while acting as decor. They also come with no restrictions and can be placed anywhere like bathrooms, kitchen walls, bedrooms, laundry rooms and many more.

Rolling Barn Door

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by our customers

1. How can we decorate our walls using rugs?

You can use rugs for wall decoration. For instance, you can frame the rug with a picture frame and hang it on your bedroom or living room walls. You can also use rugs as wallpaper for your house by taping them to the wall using masking tape. Using rugs on a wall gives a room an elegant feel. You can also use rugs as wall decors by hanging them on your walls using a beautiful peg rack. When applying rugs as wall decors, you should buy the same pattern for all of them so that they complement each other perfectly. Rugs are available in different sizes and patterns which makes it easy to choose the right size for your wall decor. You can also use different fabrics like wool, cotton, silk to make wall decors. You should use the same fabric for all of them to give a uniform look.

2. What type of rugs would be perfect for wall-hanging?

Oriental rugs, wool rugs, cotton rugs, ziegler rugs, persian rugs and Bokhara rugs are perfect for wall-hanging. There are many wall decor ideas available in the market and they can be easily found online. Wall art is the best wall decor idea for decorating your house with different wall decors. You can use wall art on black walls covering the entire wall with wall shelves, patterned rugs, wall sculpture, wall pedestal and many more. You can also decorate your rustic kitchen wall to create a visual interest with different wall decor ideas. Wall art also gives a unique look to your living room, bedroom or bathroom walls with beautiful patterns and designs that can be printed in any size according to the need of your home décor. You can look up some kitchen wall decor ideas on google. The best way to get new wall decor ideas is looking up some unique and interesting designs on google images or pinterest website. You can also use the modern style of artwork to bring a fresh look in your bedroom as you can hang them at different heights to create an illusion that there are several paintings hung on the same wall. If your kitchen has empty walls then try filling it up with oriental patterned rugs instead of regular ones.

3. How can I decorate the wall of my children's room?

If you have children at home then try decorating their wall with some interesting stickers and decals. You can also add a touch of color to the walls by hanging up colorful paintings that will bring life into your child’s room décor. Use different colors for each wall so that it creates a nice pattern. You can use geometric patterned rugs as a wall hanging in your kid's room. Hand paint, small sculptures and wall planters can also be used to add some fun and color into the wall décor of your kid’s room. Using a wallpaper with inspirational messages, quotes and sketches of their favorite cartoon character can also be used to decorate the walls. You should use bright color schemes and contrasting colors in your kid’s room. You can also use bright colors in wall décor with dark floors and furniture to keep the balance of light and shadows intact in the child's room. If you are using a darker shade for wall décor, then it is advisable to paint all walls with lighter shades of color instead of painting only one or two walls with the lighter shade. This will create a sense of space and light within your child’s room.

4. What are wall hooks?

Wall hooks are small, metal objects that are used to hang things like keys and coats. They are used to hang rugs, paintings, and other decorative items on the walls. They are easy to hang, and safe for children's rooms. You can also hook floating shelves with them.

5. Can I place a wood pallet wine rack to decorate my walls?

Of course, you can. You can place a wine rack or any accessory on your wall to enhance the décor of your living room. This is particularly important if you have a large empty space above the fireplace mantle in your living room. If you have a blank wall space in your living room, you can simply paint it and put some accessories on the wall to create a beautiful focal point. To create an accent wall, you can paint the wall in a dark shade and place some ornate candlesticks on it.

6. It is worth decorating walls?

Yes, it is. The walls play a very important role in giving your living room an overall look and feel. You can enhance the décor of the walls by using wall accessories such as mirrors, paintings, photo frames etc. Your choice for wall decoration should be based on how you want to decorate your home and what theme you have chosen for it. Wall decoration is essential because it can help you to create a focal point in the room. You can decorate your walls by using framed pictures or wall art. You can also paint the walls with a bright color to give your room a lively look and feel. In short, you can use any method for wall decoration but make sure that it suits the overall décor of your home.

7. How to maintain your rugs on the wall?

Maintaining rugs on the wall is a difficult task. But, if you follow certain tips and tricks then you can decorate your walls with rugs quite easily. The first thing that you need to do is get the measurements of your wall before buying any rug for it. You should buy a bigger size rug than the actual size of your wall so that it covers each corner without any problem. You should also buy a black rubber mat for your rug to avoid any accidents and damages. However, you need to pay attention while bringing the rugs on the wall because if it falls from a small height then it can get damaged immediately, especially when there is water or wine spilled on them. Therefore, make sure that you know how to handle the rugs on your wall. Decorating walls with rugs is a great idea because they offer you with lots of options to try and bring that change in your room. You can check out the latest design trends on different sites online before buying them for yourself.

8. What are the advantages of wall decoration?

Wall decoration is a great way to add beauty and style in your room. They don’t cost you much money because most of them are pretty inexpensive when compared with other home decorating ideas available out there. You can save lots of money by using wall decoration for your house instead of going for any expensive stuff that will not be used frequently. Wall decorating will provide you exceptional decorative benefits for your house and they can change the entire look of your home. They can create a positive mood and atmosphere in your house. They can make you feel comfortable, relaxed, rejuvenated and happy when you come back from work or school after a tiring day.

9. What are the disadvantages of wall decoration?

Wall decoration can be done in different ways. Some of the most popular wall decoration ideas are painting or pasting some paintings on them, hanging up various plates and knickknacks, using different tiles for creating a pattern, placing different potted plants etc. However, the disadvantage of using these wall decoration ideas is that when you are bored with them or want to change the appearance of your house, then it becomes difficult for you. It takes a lot of time and effort in removing things from walls carefully without damaging them because even if they look simple but can be very delicate so care must be taken while decorating the walls. It can also be very difficult to remove the paint from walls after painting over them. Thus, it is necessary that you choose some wall decoration ideas which can be used again and again in different patterns and designs every day because if they match your décor then no one would ever know that these were just temporary decorations.

Wall decoration is a perfect way to add beauty and style to your home. It can be done in many different ways such as painting the walls, adding wallpapers or covering them with fabric curtains etc. But when you are living on a rental basis and want some new look for your house but cannot afford to change all of its décor then it becomes difficult for you. Wall decoration is the best way to change your house décor without spending too much money or time. You can find many different ideas for wall decoration but if you are looking out for some unique and cute ideas then here is a list of 26 Unique Wall Decor Ideas in 2024 that will help you get started on how to decorate walls. So, If you are looking for rugs to decorate your walls then RugKnots have the best collection of hand-knotted rugs for your living room, bedroom and office. For more information please email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions!

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