Bare walls are boring...

But walls with just a few tiny picture frames are even worse.

How can you add interest to your wall decor in a modern,


conversation-starting way?

Below are 26 suggestions on how to update your (blah) walls

By adding colors,


and unique materials.

Here we go!

1. Hang an Oriental Rug 

wool rug; black and blue rug; peshawar; ziegler


What's the best way to add softness and texture to your walls?

Not to mention amazing color and pattern...

An oriental rug wall hanging

can easily create a statement wall,

adding warmth and luxury to your home.

The Black and Blue Peshawar Ziegler Rug 

is the perfect headboard for this simple

grey and white bedroom.

Tomorrow we'll be posting step by step instructions on various rug-hanging methods!!


2. Wall of Mirrors

Sunburst Mirrors - Set of 2

Creating a focus wall with a variety of mirrors

makes a room feel bigger,


and more open.

Using mirrors with interesting frames,

like the ones above,

adds pattern and interest to your walls.


3. Birch Tree Wall Decal

Walls Need Love Super Real Birch Wall Decal

Wall decals, like the one above,

are sometimes sticky and hard to apply.

But if you get the pieces on just right,

you can add a unique depth and whimsy to your walls.


4. Metal Tree Art 

Giant Tree Metal Wall Art Abstract Wall Decor by INSPIREMEtals:

The metal tree art above

lightens the dark green walls

and creates an organic focus for the eye.

The curves of the tree match the curves of the chair,

and satisfyingly contrast with the straight edges of the tables and the lamp,

forming a cohesive design.


5. Giant Canvas Prints 

Huge Home Art

There are thousands of photos available to enlarge on a canvas wall hanging.

Any landmark, landscape, or portrait

can be put on a canvas

to fill up a whole wall.

Be careful to research,

if your photo isn't the correct resolution,

The canvas is likely to turn out blurry.


6. Statement Bookshelves

Wooden bookshelf in the form of the USA map

Straight edged run-of-the-mill bookshelves are a thing of the past.

By adding a graphic or geometric bookcase to your wall,

you add a bold fashion statement,

And an interesting place to hold your books.


7. Create a Gallery Wall

Emily Henderson Gallery Wall Family Circle

A hot trend right now in wall decor is the gallery wall...

and you can see why!

You can hang all the artwork and photos you desire.

With a gallery wall,

you make large piece with several smaller pictures.

By mixing and matching



and other graphic elements,

you create an eclectic feel that can be adapted to your style.


8. Graphic Tapestries 

One mountain at a time , wall tapestry, , beautiful, abstract artwork in muted tones, with a wanderlust theme with mountains to explore. L

Like canvas art,

graphic tapestries come in a variety of colors and subject matter.

By covering a large area,

these modern fabrics enliven walls,

create a bold focus,

and unify a room's style.

See how the colors in the tapestry above play on the colors of the chair, rug, and floor?


9. Hang Unique Plates 

Wall plates

This method offers a unique versatility,

by allowing you to mix

and match

plates that go with your style and color scheme.


10. DIY Shower Curtain Art 

DIY shower curtain

Like canvas art and tapestries,

this DIY method covers a large space

and can be done with virtually any pattern.

While this method takes a while, and might end up looking cheap

(depending on the shower curtain you use)

it could be an interesting addition to a playful or creative space

like a playroom or office.


11. Hang Plants

Sla Zuidas Amsterdam

Hanging plants on your wall may seem like a bit of a leap,

but this organic display above shows that greenery can add a life to a bare wall.

By choosing plants and pots with

interesting colors and textures,

this is a unique way to add interest to your walls.

Remember, though:

As pretty as it is,

there is the risk of the plants dying and turning brown,

and watering plants at this height could be a pain.


12. Baskets, Baskets, Baskets! 

Similar to hanging plates,

the versatility of hanging baskets allows you to choose any color or pattern you wish.

This method adds texture,

but if the basket is too big,

it might add an awkward amount of depth, making the room feel smaller.


13. Painted Mountain Mural 

wall mural

Painting a mural adds a graphic element to a wall,

but takes time and skill to implement.

If you're doing it yourself, you have to design it and sketch it on the wall.

Imperfections could make the mural look messy

and having a professional paint it would be expensive.


14. Framed Bathing Suits 

Foyer Entry | Staircase Ideas | Holly Peterson | Hamptons NY | Beach House | Coastal Home | Interior Design

Framing a selection of clothes,

like bathing suits,

can add colorful interest to a wall.

You could also frame a wedding dress,

the pair of shoes you wore when you got your first job,

or your navy uniform.

The possibilities are endless!

This method adds a personalized touch to a space by preserving special memories.


15. Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Stikwood Peel and Stick Wood Wall! Compliments of: Just Walls:

Adding reclaimed wood to a wall,

instead of painting a statement wall,

adds a very rustic element. T

he natural aged colors add warmth and class to a space,

though the splinters and installation may not be worth the hassle.


16. Wallpaper Mural

Green forest trees mural wallpaper, repositionable peel & stick wall paper, wall covering

A wallpaper mural can be hit or miss.

It can make you feel like you're in the forest,

or on the beach,

or anywhere you like,

but depending on the quality and colors

it could come off looking cheap.

While wallpaper would be easier to apply than decals,

it would still require professional installation or a day's worth of work.


17. Woven Wall Hangings

Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry | By The Seashore

Woven wall hangings are all the rage on with crafters on etsy right now.

They range in size and color,

type of yarn,

and hanger.

Some of the hangings are truly beautiful,

but some of them come off looking frumpy

and could be an awkward addition to your wall.


18. Add a Giant Clock

wall clock

The graphic elements of a clock face

make it a bold addition to any wall.

Beautiful and practical, a giant clock could easily be a statement piece.

Be careful with heavy clocks

and be sure to add a strong base to your wall,

so that you don't end up with a black hole!


19. Unique Lighting

VeniceM | #interiordesign #lamps #lightinginspirations light inspirations, wall lamp, floor lamp. See more at http://www.brabbu.com/en/inspiration-and-ideas/category/trends/interior:

The lights above are a simple way to add interest

to an otherwise boring wall.

The geometric shape goes well

with a minimalist design, creating a cohesive feel.

A fixture like the one above could be put in a gallery wall or left by itself,

the options are endless!


20. Geometric Paneling

gray board and batten

Instead of hanging up a completely new element,

you could build onto your existing wall.

Geometric paneling adds just enough interest,


and color

to make a room feel classy and warm.

You could add rectangles,



or any straight-lined shape you can think of!

This method would look amazing with a modern chevron pattern,

alternating colors,

or a pop of wall paper between panels.


21. Letters

wall letters

Graphic and colorful lettering can truly define a room.

You can use words like eat,


and wine in a kitchen,

you can add your name,

or you can hang a simple word like happy or hello

to make your space feel more welcoming.

This method has endless options for personalization!


22. Iron Wall Medallion

Medallions are a simple way to take up a lot of space on a wall.

You can choose a medallion of any color or style,

adding it to a gallery wall

or finding a huge one to be a statement piece.

The iron material and ornate design remind me of gardens,

and this one adds a feminine touch to the space,

matching the turquoise on the table.


23. Corrugated Metal

corrugated metal

If you want to go very bold

and love a rustic industrial style,

then lining a wall with corrugated metal might be your flavor.

This method certainly adds a uniquely beautiful color

and texture to the room above. '

The straight lines make the ceilings look higher

and the room look bigger.

The exposed screws add to the industrial, modern feel of the addition.


24. Lots of Arrows 

wall arrows

Arrows are a huge design trend right now,

they seem to be the most versatile motif in the market.

Their sharp lines and simplicity

make them a perfect choice to add interest to any wall.

The arrows above add a natural and rustic feel to the wall,

the stained wood playing on the image of the arrow,

evoking a modern tribal feel to the pattern

which instantly classes up the wall.


25. Lockers

A Laid-Back California House Full of Cool Ideas | HGTV -- lockers built into wall:

Not only are lockers amazing storage,

they add an interesting feel to a boy's room or a mudroom.

The metal makes them very industrial,

and though you can buy them in any color

(or spray paint them)

the grey above, paired with yellow accents,

really plays off the young, fun feel of the room.

If painted white or perhaps a bright yellow,

you could add these to a freshly eclectic space for some unique storage.


26. Rolling Barn Door

The BarnCraft Collection of Premium Rolling Barn Doors by is offered in a wide range of designs to suit a variety of interior home styles. Choose from carefully crafted 2 Panel, True Divided Lites, Contemporary, and Barn Door designs. BarnCraft also offers a beautiful selection of premium stain and paint options, design configurations, wood species and distinctive decorative options. Shop Now::

I'm a huge fan...

of huge barn doors.

Not only do they provide privacy,

they add a pleasantly rustic element to any room.

The natural woods in the photo above play off each other,

and the modern chairs

mixed with the barn door,

create a beautiful eclectic style.




There you have it!

26 beautiful ways to dress up your walls, 

whether with 




or moss... 

Let us know if you have any more ideas! 


wall decor


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