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There is something about the vintage style that adds so much charm to any space! I, for one, love adding some antique style elements to my area.

Are you too looking for antique designs that exude nothing less than class and elegance?

If so, then arts and craft style rugs are definitely for you! Arts and crafts rugs take inspiration from the arts and craft movement and include a global collection of vintage designs. 

Persian Arts & Crafts Rugs

Influenced by the arts and craft movement, these antique styled rugs are still widely preferred and reproduced for snug spaces.

But before we move on to the arts and crafts rugs, let me introduce you to the style first.

What Are The Arts And Crafts Style Rugs?

Arts and crafts movement encouraged traditional crafts that involved simple forms through medieval and folk style decoration.

Initially, the arts and crafts movement rejected the idea of standardized, mass-produced goods. Especially, since this was limiting the growth of the cottage industry and items made by skilled craftsmen.

Art Nouveau was a pretty popular style during this time. This involved the use of flowy forms in curvilinear and floral patterns. These patterns were adopted in rugs, furniture, wall art as well as upholstery.

Arts And Crafts Area Rugs 

Arts and crafts style area rugs are beautiful hand-knotted woolen and hand-tufted rugs with ancient origins from the mid-1800s to 1900. These rugs are also handmade in flat weave form.

Their organic motifs and earthy tones complement any robust structured, well-lit space. Today, this style of a rug pad is widely preferred for people having a taste for these vintage and oriental beauties! 

Where to Place Arts And Crafts Style Rugs?

The great thing about arts and crafts style rugs is its ability to transform any plain-looking space into an exquisite one!

The feeling of grandeur that it creates is unlike any. You can also change your space with a beautiful Oriental rug that is also a part of the arts and crafts style rugs.

Oriental and vintage rugs both serve the very purpose of curvilinear organic forms of Art Nouveau. So, don't wait up!

You can very well create your own elegant space with the Oriental and Vintage rug collections at Rugknots! 

Also, you do not have to worry about the placement either! With the tips below, I’m sure you will have a place for these exquisite rugs somewhere in your abode. 

In the Hallway Through The Entry

Decorating the hallway is one of the hardest parts! Finding the perfect element for the very little space of a hallway is daunting! 

Thankfully, arts and crafts style area rugs get the job done just right! Who knew a simple addition of a vintage style rug could so beautifully complete your hallway? 

To Define Segregation

Place your Arts and crafts rugs in big rooms with open floor plans! These rugs will help segregate between two compartments in a single space.

For instance, adding arts and crafts rugs between a dining area and the living room or even a kitchen can help define territories.  

The subtle organic patterns are not too harsh to highlight a division. Instead, the transition looks understatedly beautiful.

In The Living Room

The living room is one area of our space that we love investing in generously for the best possible decor. After all, it is where you entertain all your guests, and yourself included! So why not?

Choosing the perfect sofa and coffee table comes quite naturally to all of us until we have to bring it all together. The key to effectively bringing the theme together of your living space is a stylish area rug. 

Adding antique arts and crafts rugs immediately lifts the aura of your living room. With its earthy tones and natural motifs, they beautifully complement your home decor.

They especially go well in Craftsman style homes with their wooden wall trims and elaborate ceilings. In simple words, they add grandeur by just existing!  

In The Kitchen

Add some color and pattern your neutral-toned kitchen by placing these between the counters. Place a runner rug parallel to the sink or in between islands and walkways of your kitchen space. 

Such wool rugs are bound to make your kitchen look attractive. Also, aren't these round rugs the perfect warm bed for your feet?

Especially with their earthy tones against that hardwood floor! They can communicate warmth and a homely feeling in this placement for sure.

By the Foot of The Bed

Whether or not you have a craftsman style room, arts, and crafts rug is the perfect fit for any room! Not all arts and crafts rugs are elaborate or expensive pieces! Some of these rugs also have minimalist geometric patterns in natural forms (flowers or leaves).

These geometric styles, with their earthy tones, are especially great for any mission style home.

Minimalists work around arts and crafts rugs to add depth, color, and pattern to complement their neutral spaces. 

As a Tapestry

If your rug is an antique and you would rather see the patterned beauty at eye level. In that case, you can hang your rug as a tapestry by the wall! Arts and crafts rugs in flat weave form can also be used for wall decor.

Considering their organic patterns and earthy tones, who wouldn't love one up the wall? 

Very effective use of an empty alcove is hanging an arts and crafts style rug as a tapestry over it.

Purchase Arts and Crafts Rugs

Where to Purchase Arts and Crafts Wool Area Rugs?

This movement had a global reach, and so Arts and Crafts Wool area rugs come from different countries. A lot of these came from Turkey, China, Persia (modern-day Iran) and India.

Most arts and crafts inspired rugs are now transformed under Oriental rugs. A choice widely preferred by interior designers as a great foundation to set the space right. 

At Rugknots, you will find plenty of oriental rugs inspired by the Arts and Crafts style rugs. Hand-knotted woolen rugs in Oriental patterns from Turkish and Indian descent are one of the few you can choose from.

With the perfect variety and blend between organic patterns and earthy tones, RugKnots has got you covered.

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