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Do you plan to buy a new rug for your home? Are you searching to buy neutral rugs online? Well, this is a great chance to redecorate your place and create an impression for your guests. You probably have already researched the internet for tips and tricks on rug shopping. However, that may seem a bit overwhelming. The good news is that you must no longer have to worry about it since RugKnots brings you a complete guide to choose the perfect area for your home. Whether it is about the rug fabric, color, shape, style, placement, or size, this comprehensive buying guide contains all the important information for your shopping experience. Let us have a look at a few factors!

The Size and Placement of the Area Rug

As a first-time buyer, people often tend to make simple mistakes like buying a small-sized rug for their areas. Your rug serves as a focal point instead of just a filler. If you opt for a smaller rug size, it will appear quite awkward on sight. Similarly, an oversized rug would give your space a clumsier look; hence, it is important to focus on the size of your carpet. To buy neutral rugs online is like buying a new outfit. The best part is that you can use a few tools to make your shopping experience a smart one. You can measure your space area using a painter’s tape with markings. If you measure your living area, make sure to include that all your seating’s front leg must fit on the border of your rug. In case of a dining hall, ensure that no edges of your rugs are snagged during the scooting of your chair backward, from the table. For a bedroom, a soft landing is more feasible. It does not matter whichever side of the bed you wish to roll out from. A few tips will help you to adjust your area rug. These include:

  • Place your rug on a straight surface. This adds to your rug’s long life and prevents it from any premature wear and tear
  • To prevent your rug from denting, you can place a rug pad under it
  • Place your rug in a position to prevent soaking up of sunlight. Over time fading can be due to direct sunlight exposure.

The Material of the Rug

Rug materials can vary in quality and value for money. If you wish to buy neutral rugs in the US, then opting for an appropriate material should be your topmost priority. Choose a rug with a durable fiber, especially if you have pets or kids around. Since pets and kids can make a mess, a durable rug fiber will allow easy cleaning, such as synthetics are wool. Rugs with longer fibers provide a more luxurious feel. For extra softness, you need to choose a density fiber rug. It will also provide cushioning; in case you drop your phone or sit on the floor for longer hours. If you buy neutral rugs in the US with a low pile, it can provide you with secured edges or family members that are dependent on wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. In case you are allergic to the fiber make, then you can go for a seagrass or a Jute woven organic rug. To reduce dirt content on your rug, make sure you remove your shoes in that space. Whether you order neutral rugs online or by neutral rugs online, with just a little attention and care, you can prolong your rug’s life.

Style of the Rug

Choosing the style of area rugs can be intimidating. The style of your rug not only adds to the beauty of your furniture and room, but it also reflects your personality. There are endless choices to make! However, there are proper guidelines that one needs to follow by opting for a rug style. Although designers often recommend keeping in mind any furniture piece, a key design, and your room shape. For instance, you can pair a hard sisal style rug with a metal sleek coffee table. To give your house a whimsical effect, you can opt for a tapestry- weaved fringed carpet. To narrow down your options for the ideal rug style, you need to consider the comfort level, its cost, ease of cleaning, and its durability.

Rug Patterns

You cannot rely on your instincts when choosing the pattern of your rug. You do not want to make a joke out of your living space with a color combo or a wacky pattern. A few simple strategies can help you in finding an irregular pattern that will complement your accessories on your room furniture. For instance, if you have neutral furniture and walls, then you should not opt for neutral rugs. Instead, you need a more eye-catching design, for added energy. Choosing a patchwork design with bold shapes and colors will also give a more appealing look. To provide depth and maturity, you can opt for an ornamental detailed rug pattern, for instance, Moroccan motif, Kilim, or a Persian Oriental rug. Subtle patterns will complement your loud colored furniture or walls. Resort to simplicity for beauty instead of fighting for attention. Stripes and solid are rug patterns that can bring a more classic outlook.

The Color of the Rug

In case you want to order neutral rugs online from RugKnots then, choose a rug color that complements your wall’s color. Darker colors for rugs or panacea can make your room appear much smaller. On the contrary, a lighter tone adds to the visual pleasure as well as opens the space. If you have kids running around the house spilling liquids, then off for a rug with deeper hues. This is so, as dark colors can hide all these messes. For lavish and brilliant designs, opt for a hand knotted, yet a naturally pigmented rug. A burgundy color or an indigo dye will help in adding to your room’s beauty. In case you are a huge fan of earthy colors, tones of rugged mountains, and coastal shades, then opt for a neutral palette. The subtle color will highlight your lamps, pillows, and accessories while adding color to your space. Additionally, you can match the color of the rug with the walls of the room, or with the accessories. This way, you can keep changing your accessories with trends and seasons and get a bunch of looks.

Tips to Decorate Your Home with a Neutral Rug

The Dining Area

Choose a rug that is a minimum of 2 feet long on either side. With this, your guests will be able to sit on the rug with the chairs comfortably. To provide ample room, make sure you measure the width and the length of your table before making a purchase.

The Kitchen Area

If you are facing lower back, feet, and leg pain, then place a rug in front of your stove or the sink. Whether you order neutral rugs online or choose a stylish one, just keep a minimum distance of 6 inches from your cabinets. Choose a carpet with a slip-resistant feature to avoid any falls or slips.

The Entryway Area

A rug at your entryway will create a first impression for your guests. Comforting neutral rugs will promote more convenient departures and greetings.

The Bedroom Area

You can use neutral rugs as a focal point for your bedrooms. Neared rugs can also be a good option. Just measure the space for a carpet that can extend to 2 feet on either side of the bed. To promote a more warm and soft foot place, opt for a runner on either side of the bed. This might be a great idea for hard floors.

The Passageway or Hallway Area

The neutral rug is like a runner can be a more comfortable option for your passageways or hallways. However, choose a minimum of 6 inches for your rug size.

Note: RugKnots brings you the facility to order neutral rugs online. You can opt from a wide range of variety along with color, pattern, and material. RugKnots promises exceptionally low prices with additional discounts. Additionally, if you have any queries or require a custom design, then you can always contact the RugKnots team, who will provide you with remarkable customer service. With their customization facility, you can now choose a rug of your choice, color, pattern, and material. RugKnots provides factory driven products without the interference of a middleman. We proudly advocate our brilliantly skilled craftsmen back in Pakistan, who produce rugs that are one-of-a-kind. To enhance your shopping experience, you can now choose neutral rugs and take them home for a trial period. This scheme allows you to be fully satisfied if you see if the carpet would complement your furniture and taste. In case you are confused while buying neutral rugs, you can ask for a consultation from the RugKnots team. Hopefully, these tips and guides will allow you to choose an ideal rug for your home space.

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