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The best part about boho chic decor? It’s fresh. It’s natural. It’s lively. And it works beautifully across your whole home. It might be time to give your home decor a colorful twist by livening up your space with Boho Rugs this 2020! With an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary styles, you can recreate almost any space in your house. Just by placing Chic Boho Rugs of any design you can create your signature style for this fall. So, you want to know what is boho-chic style or how can you achieve the boho-chic look in your home? Whether you want a boho chic living room or boho chic bedroom, it’s quite easy to adapt this fun, free-spirited interior style using the following five boho-chic style elements.

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug


Boho Chic House Decor Elements

Step One: Mix Colors & Textures

When it comes to boho-chic style colors, there aren’t any! Any bright, vibrant color or neutral, the plain color scheme can be incorporated into boho-chic style homes. Pairing a purple wall with a white bedspread or vice versa can easily achieve the bohemian vibe. However, if you’re picking paint colors, we recommend pastel pinks, turquoise blues, and pure whites to help you really grasp the eclectic style that is boho chic. The key to achieving a boho-chic look is to mix different textures. Pairing a faded, distressed wood coffee table with a powerfully-patterned navy blue area rug couch and a gorgeous, white shag rug can turn your dining room from “blah” to “boho” so easily!

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


Step Two: Incorporate Ethnic Prints

Layering different patterns and prints helps you achieve a fun, free-spirited boho chic style look. One of the best elements of boho-chic style is that NOTHING has to match! That’s what gives boho chic style living rooms their unique and hippy-inspired look. An easy way to incorporate this look is by having a variety of patterned throw pillows or a mismatched couch and area braided rug. Take your living room from bland to boho-chic bold with different patterns and prints.

Step Three: Find Floaty Fabrics

Whispy and free-flowing blankets, tapestries and fabrics equal the ultimate boho-chic look! Just think about the wide, flowing bell-bottom jeans of the ’60s and ’70s. That is what you're aiming for. Toss a light throw blanket over your bedroom, layer some sheer, white fabric down from the ceiling, or hand up some boho-inspired tapestries to achieve the floaty fabric feel.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


Step Four: Let Nature Inspire You

Whether you let nature-inspired patterns take over your home or buy a million house plants, a boho chic living room or bohemian style bedroom needs to have a certain level of nature implemented. Ivy (real or fake), succulents or just simple greenery can change the vibe of an entire room from boring to boho!

Step Five: Find Your Style

While there are some things typical of bohemian style it is important to find your style and incorporate bohemian elements in that. After all, it is your living space! You are the primary focus, you should feel at home and welcome in your own living space. Find what colors make you comfortable, are you a wild child or of a zen personality. Understand where you feel most relaxed and efficient and then go boho. The most interesting thing about a bohemian style is that it is free and liberating so don’t shy away from expressing yourself truly and fully.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


Different Boho Chic Styles

1. Rugs, Rugs, And More Rugs!

Even in the simplest, plainest room, a boho-chic style navy area rug can bring out the hippy in everyone. Choose a beige area rug that is shabby chic, has a distressed look, or simply has a unique color palette to create boho chic style in any room. RugKnots has an entire Boho Chic Collection but here are a few of our favorites.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


2. Plants — Real Or Fake

As we mentioned, nature is a key element to boho-chic style. If you’re worried about keeping a real plant alive, go for fake ones. They’re much easier to maintain!

3. Funky Furniture

Whether you’re aiming for a boho-chic bedroom or boho chic living room, funky furniture brings it all together. Boho chic decor like colorful dressers, poof chairs and benches can help tie a boho-chic style room together.

4. Lots Of Natural Light — Windows Or White Walls

Creating a boho chic style look becomes much simpler when you’re working with lots of natural light. Aim to create a boho-chic style room where you have lots of windows. If you’re lacking windows, paint your walls white! It can help keep a sense of calmness among all the crazy boho chic decor you want to incorporate.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


5. Quirky Trinkets

Last but not least, the boho-chic style is all in the details — even the smallest. Cute, DIY dream catchers, unique wall art, or even a small elephant statue are just a few things you could incorporate into your boho chic style living room or boho chic style bedroom. Intricate details take a boho-chic style room to the next level! Generally, it is easier to transform your space in bohemian heaven through the outdoor use of boho chic rugs.

How To Add Boho Rugs To Your Space?

1. A Free-Spirited Living Room Makeover

Adding boho area rugs to your living room is the easiest way to make your way to the free-spirited bohemian style! The style that you want to be embodied in your home décor. Adding lots of colors, textures, and patterns together in your living room space that help bring all the tones of your room together. The true boho-chic style lies in small details. Add exotic cushion covers, vibrant throws on your sofas all brought together by a patterned boho chic rug centered around the aqua table in your living room. Or if you are trying to achieve a more subtle look for your flooring, you can pair your exotic upholstery with a black and white boho rugs.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


2. Adding Bold-Colored Boho Rugs To Minimalist Spaces

If you have white open spaces and minimalist designed furniture, often the best way to liven up space is to add a bright pink boho area rug! That could become the focal point around which the furniture of the living room is placed. If you like clean sophisticated and open spaces in your interior décor design, a beautiful bold colored boho rug can help. That will liven up your space while still complementing the neutral tones of your living gray area rug.

3. Vintage Boho Rugs To A Contemporary Styled Living room

If you have a room in an industrially designed house with big ceilings, lots of wood furniture, metal upholstery and sparsely decorated areas__ the perfect fit for you would be to add round boho  rugs to your living room space. You can also add small-sized boho Round Rugs to the cozy nooks and corners of the house. Adding them by the window with planters or in your reading space to uplift even small neutral spaces in a bohemian style. 

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


4. Add An Abstract Design Outdoor Boho Rug On Your Patio

Outdoor spaces can look usually bland without a carefully curated sitting space. You can add some spice to your outdoor area by placing a long outdoor boho rug that is in line with the accents of the furniture that you have placed at the patio. Match the upholstery to the colors of your boho rug and you will have a perfect place to enjoy the views from your patio.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


5. Shag White And Black Boho Rug

You know how you just want to make one corner of your living room comfortable for you to curl in and watch your favorite shows. Well throw on a white blanket to your couch with eclectic hues on the cushions__add a shag black and white boho rug just slightly under the sofa to help complete your cozy corner. Shag boho rugs create a rich texture with their plush soft fabric that complements the colors of your sofa and is soft enough to encourage floor sitting. Get yourself a long-fibered, colorful soft shag boho rug that makes you never want to leave your cozy living room! Add some floor pillows, soft sofa throws and lamps with warm light tones to complete the look.

6. Aztec Patterned Pink Boho Rugs In The Bedroom

One perfect way to brighten up your room without overwhelming colors is to place a pastel pink boho rug. Placed just with one edge under the bed to give your room a relaxing but vibrant vibe. If you like to keep your walls plain in colors, the boho area rug paired with bed sheets with tassels in woven pieces add just the right kind of bohemian vibe to your bedroom. Add some quirky trinkets to the room. The boho-chic style is all in the details — even the smallest. Cute, DIY dream catchers, unique wall art, or even a small elephant statue are just a few things you could incorporate into your bedroom. Boho chic decor like colorful dressers, poof chairs, benches, and wall hangings can help tie a boho-chic styled room together.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


7. Geometric Designed Boho Rugs For The Minimalist In You

If your living area is designed with sleek furniture, white surface tables with a modern contemporary look__ then the right fit for your space would be adding a distressed geometric patterned boho rug with brown/beige undertones. This will help make your space lively without overwhelming the design accents of your room.

8. Boho Bath Rugs

While your bathroom might not be your first choice when it comes to a bohemian makeover, it serves as a great small space to add bohemian elements and brighten up your décor. The Boho Vibe has a lot of natural elements! So add plants (real or fake) in woven or cane patterned holders in the nooks of your bathroom windows and by the sink. Add a stylish round boho rug just outside your bath area to give your restroom a very put-together look. So simple but so chic!

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


9. Experiment With Different Textures

There are so many fun textures to experiment with when it comes to boho rugs. All are weaved differently, some with beautiful knots that add a dimension to your floor setting. While others are hand embroidered to give a smoother more sophisticated feel like Persian rugs. Various patchwork rug pads are available at RugKnots, which gives an abstract feel to the boho rug. These patchwork boho rugs can be a combination of knotted, embroidered and geometric designs all woven to perfection.

10. Spruce Up Your Lobby With Bright Boho Rugs

Lobbies tend to get ignored when one is decorating, the focus is generally on making living spaces comfy like lounges, sitting areas, and bedrooms. But lobbies are the first place you enter and need your attention. Colorful boho rugs can add that little something that was missing before. Play around with indoor plants in colorful planters to complement the boho rug to spruce up your lobby.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


Places To Get Bohemian Rugs

Five Places to Get Your Boho Chic Rugs. Do you feel like you’ve hit a dead end with your bohemian creativity? Don’t you worry because bohemian is probably the easiest style out there? Being boho is all about being free-spirited and fluid and to let your creativity run wild. Get inspired by everything and the best way is to diversify and indulge in other cultures. Here are five cultures, so rich and colorful that they’ll give your bohemian rhapsody some beautiful new notes.

1 - Turkey

Turkey is a pop of color on the map, with its narrow streets lined with colorful talismans and aromatic coffee shops, it is the perfect place to get inspired. Its culture is a beautiful mix of European and middle-east giving it the personality of an exotic bird. Turkish sisal rugs are Turkish culture in all its glory with bold geometric patterns in bright colors set amidst a warm earthy background of beige, maroon, and olive. Turkish rugs are the perfect understated yet bold statement you want to make with your boho-chic living space. Whether it’s a narrow Oushak boho rug or colorful and quirky Kilim boho rug, Turkish rugs are the perfect boho element for your house.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


2 - Morocco

The beautiful north African country of Morocco holds one of the richest histories and some of the most remarkable architecture to show for it. With European and Arab influences, Morocco makes for a rich and diverse culture to take inspiration from. Moroccan rugs, like the place they originate from, tell the story of its rich history. Moroccan rugs are highly symbolic and tell a story through signs and symbols. They’re beautifully handwoven with intricately embroidered signs and symbols against a mostly solid colored background. Moroccan boho rugs are perfect to tone down an already colorful living space while maintaining the personality of the space these boho-chic rugs are placed in.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


3 - India

Once regarded as the golden bird of the world, the Indian subcontinent is not only rich in spices but also culture and architecture. The hub of all things is beautiful! India is home to some of the most talented craftsmen who weave intricate magic in everything they make. India is a powerhouse in design which extends to its rugs. Rich textures and bright colors make up for the perfect oomph factor in a boho-chic space. Just the right pop of color to add dimension and personality to any space.

4 - Egypt

Arab, African influences tell a story of grandeur and magnificence in Egyptian culture, with an abundant handicrafts industry Egyptian society is one to get inspired from. Rugs that are graphic and symbolic and tell a story of magic give your living space the personality you imagined with your boho-chic interior. These rugs can be used in various ways from floor rugs to rugs that can be hung on your walls to complete any look.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


5 - Persia

Home to the greatest poets and artists this world has seen. Persian art comprises of detail and precision. Persian boho area rugs are one of the most sought after and expensive rugs in the world. Each piece hand weaved and embroidered into perfection. Persian rugs will add grandeur to your boho-chic living space while remaining minimalist due to its neutral colors and fine embroidery.

Incorporate Boho Rugs In Small Spaces

Ways to Incorporate Boho Rugs in Small Living Spaces

1. One Bold Colored Statement Boho Rug

In smaller spaces, people like to keep their furniture minimalistic and uncluttered to give the impression of it being a larger space. In places like these where the designs are more neutral and furniture minimalist__A bold statement boho rug piece centered around your furniture e.g. under the coffee table can give an eccentric look to an otherwise neutral space. You can opt for bold geometric patterned rugs in bright colors.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


2. Boho Rugs As Wall Hangings

Smaller spaces might not have a lot of room to work within designing the space with the kind of flooring space they have. In such spaces, a great way of brightening up your space would be to hang Moroccan or tribal designed boho rugs on the walls. This will give your small living space a personality. Red Boho rugs or a vintage boho pink rug as a wall hanging immediately set a bohemian tone to your room.

3. Monotone Boho Rug

If you have one bold statement piece in your living space you can play a little by color blocking. For instance, a teal-colored sofa that is centered in the room, a black or white boho rug placed centrally can help in color blocking the rest of the room. This look can be creatively achieved without overwhelming the tone of the room. A distressed white boho rug can give the room a modern contemporary look while still complimenting your statement furniture piece.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


4. Unique Placements Of boho Rugs In Smaller Spaces

Instead of placing centralized boho rugs in small spaces, you can experiment with the placement and size of the rug to complement the corners of the living space. Instead of a large statement piece, you can place round boho rugs in corners with windows. This will make a small reading space with a similar accent chair and a small table. You can also use longer runner rugs in Aztec patterns parallel to your longest wall that help bring together the look of the room.

5. Use Floor Seating Around Boho rugs

Another space-saving tactic in small living spaces that already lack space is to omit the use of furniture altogether. Create a true bohemian living space with a cozy and warm boho rug in welcoming earthy tones and calming patterns. Placed centrally in the living area, use floor cushions in complementing colors around to create a floor seating arrangement. This could be planned around the boho rug creating a feeling of community and warmth.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


Incorporate Boho Rugs In Large Spaced

Here are 5 Ways to Incorporate Boho Rugs in Large Living Spaces.

1. Use Layering To Enhance Your Living Area

The bohemian aesthetic is all about textures on textures! You can experiment with placing a large distressed muted color boho rug as a base with a bolder patterned shag boho rug on the top. This could add to the vibe of your living room. To complement a natural aesthetic you can add jute or woven boho rugs in your space. This will eventually complement it with cane furniture or small decorative spaces to give your living room a complete look. As with textures, you can also play with colors when layering your boho area rugs. Blue boho rugs could go over white boho rugs or even vice versa to create that depth, bringing the whole space together.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


2. Experiment With Colors, Go Bold

Since larger spaces don’t have the problem of looking cluttered, you can experiment with bright colors with vibrant patterns. You can either go for geometric or floral that compliments your statement furniture spaces in the area. You can also use the hues in your boho rugs to make similar upholstery for your furniture infusing the overall eclectic feel of the room. Add in quirky trinkets, indoor plants, and ceiling hangings to add just the right small details to your living space. For darker more pitchy colors like red boho rugs, make sure you place it to cover a relatively small part of a bigger area to not mistakenly make space look small. The color of your boho chic rugs plays a very important role in determining the overall look of the room. For instance, a pink boho rug in a bigger more vibrant space with cool light is going to make space look more physically appealing. On the other hand, neutral colors like white, black, beige, ivory will be easier to decorate within both warm and cool lights.

Experiment With Colors, Go Bold


3. Add Vintage Boho Rugs To Create Sophisticated Spaces In Your Home

If you have open spaces in your home with a modern designed workspace, an aged fabric patterned boho rug can create a charming vibe for any space. If you have a more traditional aesthetic add a blue-colored boho rug with a classic design to your bath area to complement white or metallic styled spaces. Most interior decor now involves the amalgamation of Vintage and modern together; two completely diverse styles! Yet they create some of the most awe-inspiring spaces with so little, to begin with. So do not be afraid to go beyond your safe spot when adding vintage boho rugs to your space with that modern very functional and less ostentatious furniture of yours.

4. Experimenting With Size

The boho-chic aesthetic at its essence is carefree, flowy and bold but it is also equally important for it to be cohesive with other design elements in your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with size if you have large living spaces. You can use patchwork patterned boho round rugs for your coffee table area that is neither overwhelming nor takes away from the design of your coffee area. In the same way, you can add a plush round boho rug to your sitting area. This creates a cozy and comfortable aesthetic for when you are planning a game night with your friends. The key is to add textures and layers that complement the space and solid furniture in your living space. When layering, one of the most popular approaches between normal area rugs is placing the same shape rugs but dimensionally diverse over one another. With its unique patching and knotting techniques and the lack of a prim and proper approach in Bohemian-inspired decor, there is so much room for experimentation. So whether you choose to centralize your layering with the same shape__or goes with a completely different round boho rug over a rectangular one in a completely asymmetric format. Your space is always going to exude some serious electric vibes!

Experimenting With Size


5. Style Your Entryway With A Colorful Geometric Patterned Boho Rug

Geometric patterns are great for those spaces that already don’t have a lot of décors which allows the eyes to instantly go on the statement piece. Add a colorful geometric designed boho rug to your entryway where people hang their coats or place their shoes to set the vibe for the rest of the décor in your house. It is also a great fit for open spaces that lead to a balcony. You can use boho rugs in earthy tones and solid wooden furniture in your balcony for a perfect look. While boho outdoor rugs complement your overall boho decor, make sure to go for a more weather resistant rug. Woven polypropylene or other synthetic fibers are preferred more that do not absorb water. With outdoor rugs, regardless of its placement in a covered patio area or balcony, it is important for the rug to have a high absorbency. This will protect its fibers and will limit any possibility of moisture entrapment leading to mold and mildew.

Style Your Entryway With A Colorful Geometric Patterned Boho Rug


Things To Consider Styling A Living Space


Placement is the most important aspect of carefully curating any space! Because boho rugs are usually made up of bold accents in different textures, the right placement in the space you plan to put them in is important. The challenge with open spaces lies in cohesively putting together a look that compliments the overall look. But at the same time-space must also keep its unique identity.

Boho Area Rugs should be placed aligned with the furniture piece they complement or centered in a space curated for a sitting area. In smaller spaces like bathrooms, bathroom boho rugs should be placed in front of the bath__ or just before the skin with colors that complement the paint or aesthetic of the bath area.


Be mindful of the dimensions of your house and the space you plan on placing your rug in. Boho rugs come in different sizes so make sure the size you select is in line with your furniture pieces and placement. You can add larger rugs to open spaces while styling the smaller spaces with more round boho rugs, covered by the furniture or make a cozy corner in your house.




Always buy the rug that you love. By that, we mean to make sure that the fabric you buy is of high quality which lasts a while and is also comfortable for you and your space. Woven fabrics, plush shag boho rugs or distressed weaves that are soft yet stylish should be kept in mind when buying a boho rug. Always buy from a place that ensures the quality of the fabrics used.


If you buy a rug that is of poor quality it will be more difficult to maintain it in the long term. If you have a household with kids it might be easier to buy a jute rug with smaller weaves or fabric that allow for easy and regular cleaning.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021



At RugKnots, along with the variety and availability of designs, we also try to be more inclusive of every price bracket possible. If you are on a low budget, you can buy beautiful cheap boho rugs from our eclectic collection of both modern and vintage beautiful rugs. Also, since boho rugs' designs are inspired by so many different cultures, they can easily be found in a wide variety that suits your liking. The amazing thing about bohemian style and boho chic interiors are that they are all unique! Between the endless options and ways to incorporate this interior style into your home, your boho chic bedroom or boho chic living room will be completely You. Channel your inner free spirit, let your hippy vibes shine through and embrace the bold, quirkiness of this interior design style. No two boho-chic style rooms are alike. Start shopping for boho chic decor today.

Let us help you give your living space that Bohemian touch that you have been longing to achieve. If you want more suggestions on styling your home with boho chic home decor then you can contact us today.

100 Best Boho Chic Rugs For 2021


When it comes to decorating your home or apartment, you want to surround yourself with items that make you feel good. One way to do this is by putting rugs in the space where they will be most used. The right rug can really tie an entire room together and help you develop a style for your living space. Boho chic style is a popular look for the home, and this is just one of the many styles that you should be considering. You can decorate with a boho-chic style by using classic colors and patterned rugs to fill out your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boho Chic Rugs

1. What Is A Boho Chic Rug?

A Boho chic rug is a funky and colorful type of carpet that usually includes textures in the design. These rugs are a popular choice because, not only are they easy to clean and maintain, but you can find them in a variety of sizes.

2. What Colors Do Boho Chic Rugs Come In?

Most Boho carpets have shades ranging from brown to beige, blue, green, purple, or black but some also include multi-colored patterns. The color palette depends on your personal preferences. You can find these rugs in red, blue, and green shades.

3. What Are The Benefits Of A Boho-Chic Rug?

If you're looking for something to liven up your living space, then this type of carpet is perfect because it can transform any room into an artistic masterpiece! It's also soft on bare feet so if you have children or pets, you'll be able to walk around more easily.

4. What Are The Cons Of A Boho-Chic Rug?

One downside is that these carpets can sometimes be expensive so it's important to make sure you get your money's worth and choose one with good quality fabric. Boho rugs might also need more care than other rug styles.

5. When Should You Buy A Boho-Chic Rug?

If you're interested in finding the perfect way to decorate your home, then this is an excellent choice. If you want something that will last for many years or if you have high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways, then it's important to choose a quality carpet that would be able to handle the wear and tear.

6. How Can You Tell If A Boho Rug Is Of Good Quality?


Rugs that are high quality usually have more density in the fabric, which means they'll be softer than low-quality rugs. They also tend to have less of an odor so it's not as easy for them to smell bad. You can check to see the weight of a rug, which is often listed on the label. The higher the number for pounds per square yard (PSY), then it's usually better quality and can last longer before needing to be replaced.

7. How To Take Care Of A Boho Chic Rug?

Vacuum regularly with a beater brush attachment to help break loose the dirt and particles. A vacuum cleaner should have at least 1200 watts of power in order for it to work effectively on thick, plush rugs. It's also important that you use your vacuum on both sides of the rug so as not to leave any debris. You can also use a carpet brush with the vacuum to get rid of stubborn particles and dirt from your rug. Regularly shampooing rugs can help keep them clean, fresh, and smelling good. Regular vacuuming is also important because it will remove any dust or debris that might scratch at the rug's fibers over time if left unchecked. It's best to use. Regularly protect your rug with a protective coat containing stain-repellant.

RugKnots is one of the most popular rug brands in the US. We provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. You can also avail free shipping on every order. So, if you need any more information about rugs then we are just a call away! Feel free to email us at or call us at (301) 660-7046‬.

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