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Children's rooms are lively, inventive, and, in today's age, extremely stylish too. Decorating a kid's bedroom can also be fun and can give you an opportunity to get innovative and show your creative side. Regardless of whether you're searching for a touch of a creative take for your kid's bedroom or more of a simply sophisticated look, one thing you need to keep in mind is to set up a system of organization so the room doesn't end up looking like a toy or a storeroom. Take a few hints from these cute kid's bedroom ideas! Regardless of whether you're taking on a sharing living room, working with a small space, or simply searching for a stand-out idea! 


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30 Kid's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Having a hard time looking for ways regarding how to decorate kid's bedrooms?To give a unique touch to your kid's bedroom, these 30 bold kid's bedroom decorating ideas will surely give you a sigh of relief! From picking the shades of the walls to choosing the right kind of twin bed and the best kids rugs, we are here to help to get comforter ideas!


1. Strip and Stick Wall Decals!

Strip and-stick decals are an ideal method to brighten the walls in your kid's room, particularly if you live on rent and can't paint the walls. You could use wall decals to go with the overall theme of the boy's room or you could just add one for fun on white plain walls. Give your children a chance to select the decals and place them the way they want. Decals are the easiest way to go because as your child grows and their tastes start to change__you can, at any time, remove the decals and replace them with something else. Or leave the wall exposed if that's what your kid want so here are some gift card ideas as well! Finding different themes in decals are also very easy to find.


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2. Creating an additional fun space!

When your kid starts going to school to have normal school work and study time, they need an additional small place in their room. A place where they can study or even just unwind from their day at school! A small study area would be perfect for kid with a small kid's desk and a customizable seat with a kid's chair. Apart from that, you can also place a beanbag or a small couch where they can just sit down and relax. And so can you!

3. Keeping it clean!

With little kids in your house, you are bound to see a lot of messy rooms. But you can make things easier if you organize their toys, books, games, or any of their stuff by setting up open shelves in their room. This makes it simple to get things in order. In particular, they make it simple to see where each toy goes when playtime is over. Keep things of a similar sort together in baskets, and work with your youngster until they learn how to do it themselves.


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4. Space Maximization

In a little room, augmented space by pushing the platform bed against the wall, in a way that places the head of the bed in the corner. Doing so will open up more space for playtime in the playhouse and your little ones to crawl around as well. This will also give a very neat and organized look to the room. In a way, you are also saving yourself from worrying about them getting hurt with unnecessary furniture! 

5. Sharing Fun With Sharing Rooms!

Don't naturally assume that a sharing room means color coordinating everything in the room—from furnishings even to loft bed sheets. While a few children appreciate having a balanced room, others like to set their own individual style. If that is the situation with your children, let each choose their very own sheet material, bedside light bulbs, and whatever wall artwork or posters they want to hang over their side of the room. You can also go by choosing different colors for their beds.


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6. Separating Sharing Rooms

However, if your kid share rooms they might not generally share the same taste. You can prevent their petty squabbles or cut down on their chatter post lights out by separating the room with a cool curtain between their beds. It can be a two-way curtain, with both sides being covered with whatever either child likes. Don't go with solid or heavy furnishings like a bookcase or shelving since that won't be a very safe idea when dealing with kid (especially the more fussy ones)

7. Playful Bunk Beds!

One of the most mainstream answers for little, shared rooms is a bunk bed! Most children love them! Although you might need to plan up a rotating schedule on who gets to sleep on the top of the lower bunk to avoid unnecessary quarrels between your kid. However, with bunk beds, there can be safety issues with kid trying to climb the top bunk from the side of the bed rather than the ladder or jumping on the top bunk. So make sure your children are clear on the safety rules regarding bunk beds.


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8. Closet Bunk

You could get creative with the play area of your kid's bedroom by making a closet bunk in their room. You could do this by converting the closet room of your kids into a smaller bunk room. This will free up a lot of space for the kid to play around. Since children don't require a lot of storeroom space, you won't be giving up on a lot. You can always make use of low bars in the room where your kids can hang their clothes.

9. Add Quirky Little Children's Closet

Closets in every room require proper organization but when dealing with a kid's closet, you have to bring it down to their level. Look for quirky yet fun hanging rods that are low enough for your kid to reach them. Use racks for bigger things and drawers for socks, clothing, and frill. You can also give names to separate cabinets so your kid knows what goes where.


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10. Get Inspired By Your Child's Passion!

Every kid carries a passion or a liking for something: that could be science, a Disney character, animals, football, basketball, cars, etc.

  • Decorate their room keeping in mind their passions and interests. 
  • Painting a solar system on the wall if your child is into science.
  • Put up posters of basketball, football players or animals.

    Also, instead of painting the walls you can go with wall decals so you can remove them easily when your child matures.

    11. Letting Your kid Decide!

    While decorating your kid's room, there's a lot of space for you to have fun especially if you let them have a say on the colors, theme, and the accessories of the room. Their participation will not only result in a room of their liking but this will also be a great opportunity for them to show their creativity.


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    12. Putting Your kid's Art At Display

    Most children like to paint or draw stuff. You could use this opportunity by framing their paintings or drawings to be set up on their bedroom walls. The perfect way to do this would be to buy thrift frames and paint them in one color tone to unify the room together. You could add a string picture wire with the frames where your kid can easily hang their paintings themselves!

    13. Heads Together

    Need to make up space for two? The best way to do this is to organize the beds in an 'L' shape with the heads facing the same way. You can add a side draw in between the beds where you can place your children's books. By tucking the beds into a corner, you'll free up a lot of floor space. You can place nice indoor rugs or a couch for your kid to sit on.

    14. Chalkboard For Walls!

    Chalkboards are becoming increasingly famous these days and can be seen almost everywhere. Not only is this a fun idea for your kid but is also very budget-friendly. You can use this idea in both your youngster's room or your toddlers. With chalkboard walls, not only can your kid demonstrate their inner creative side but can also use it for educational purposes.


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    15. Canopy Beds

    Canopy beds are always a good decision when it comes to decorating a kid's bedroom. It's another way to add personality to a room. You could go a step further and make use of suspended pendant light from the canopy, completing the look of the room. Use a fun fabric to use for the canopy! You could either go with plain colors or you could use a themed fabric or a picture of your kid's favorite superhero.

    16. Make a Bunk Fort Bed

    Fort beds are very famous among children as they can double as both a sleeping area and a play area. Turning fort bed into a bunk fort bed is an even greater idea. You could also make a separate space for a fort in the room which can act as a spot for your kid to enjoy in their personal space.

    17. Adding Subtlety to Your kid's Room!

    Your kid's room doesn't always have to be too colorful or have an overtly playful vibe to it. You can also choose a subtle look or neutral shades to go with the room. For this purpose you also need to be aware of your kid's personality, the colors they like and whether or not they want their room to be of a neutral shade.


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    18. Put Up Wallpapers

    Scenic wallpapers are an innovative method to turn your kid's room in a fun space the would enjoy spending time in. Bold colors and fun patterns can inspire a kid's mind. But don't overdo it by covering all the walls of the room in wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper of their liking, whether it be bright colorful patterns, textured wallpapers, or a wallpaper that matches your child's interests.

    19. Play with Prints and Patterns 

    Have fun blending energetic patterns for your kid's bedroom! Utilize fresh, quality fitting, carefully creased window hangings or bedsheets. This can transform even the goofiest of prints into something progressively refined. You could choose to work with either one color tone or a mixture of colors depending on what your kid likes.

    20. A Secret Hideout

    If your kid's room has an attic, you can convert it into a secret hideout area. What kid wouldn't love the idea of a hideout? You can use the space to either make a play area for your teenage children or just a fun area where they can hang out with their friends.


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    21. Storage Room

    Finding answers for how to organize kid's bedrooms? Toy Storage room decorating ideas are perfect for the child that make a lot of mess!  To avoid all the mess and clutter your children make with their toys, it is of utmost importance to make some space for a storage room in their bedroom. There are some extremely wonderful multi-purpose furnishings that twofold as useful decorations, for example, toy boxes that become work areas and low-level shelves that make an additional seating area – the key is finding what works for your kid and their room.

    22. Feature Kid Furniture

    Planning inside a budget requires persistence and the ability to make a bargain. Patience in chasing down the ideal kid furniture piece– be it an old fashioned closet, a table rack, book shelve or just an unusual bed frame can take up a considerable amount of time. However, if you don't have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on finding the right kid bedroom furniture piece, have a go at modernizing a current piece by painting it yourself in bright hues.


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    23. Using Playful Accessories and Decor

    In case you're planning to keep your walls simple and less dramatic, vinyl stickers and wall decorations can spruce up a plain background and can easily be swapped or changed as your child's interests develop. If you are looking for kid's bedroom décor ideas that will inspire creativity as well as set an atmosphere where your child will enjoy doing their homework, you can choose to add a chalkboard around their area of the study area or some quirky lamps on their studying desk.

    24. Layers of Light

    The significance of lighting in a kid's-room should always be kept in mind when decorating their-room. Fairy lights, for example, give a very relaxing and cozy feel to the room. They create warmth as well as a peaceful ambiance. You can choose to place them near the bed or hang them around the curtains or ceiling if you want to bring the focus in the middle of the room. Sleeping under fairy lights, or even with a glow of a lamp, can give kids some relaxation and solace, especially if they are afraid of the dark.


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    25. A Small Area for the Kids to Hang out

    While in their bedroom, kids don't only want places to sleep with kids' bedroom sets only! Instead, they also want a quiet place in the room for themselves where they can hang out with a book, play games, or indulge in drawing some art. In that capacity, it's a smart thought to characterize these various spaces. Make reading increasingly fun by presenting bean packs or a small swing set that can be placed inside the room! Add desks in the study room to encourage study or a small self-made tent on the side of the bed.

    26. Delicate Decorations

    Carpets, window ornaments, pads and bed material all exist in a room to introduce patterns, shading, and textures to your child's room in a moderately economical manner. A shelter hung around the head of the bed in the shape of a canopy can add to the element of fun. Bed cloth of differentiating shading and patterns carries a component of fun. You can also add a beautiful sheepskin rug that can provide both texture and a delicate feel under your little one's feet for a playroom for outdoor lighting.


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    27. Adding Some Versatile Pieces

    Keeping up a 'buy one get one free' frame of mind when planning a child's-room is quite reasonable. A dresser can serve as a pamper changing station and then go back to its original use once you have changed your kid's pampers. If you don't want your kid to create a mess with their toys, beds with haul out capacity drawers are an easy decision.

    28. Decorating The Ceilings

    Roofs are woefully underestimated territories of a room. Frequently left exposed and without any decorations, a ceiling offers an opportunity to commit an intense move! Where making errors won't make much of a difference as those made on the floor or walls. For your kid's bedroom decor, decorate the ceiling! You can hang serenely floating flowers or lights that will unify the whole-room's look together.


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    29. Themed Room

    This is another great idea to decorate your kid's bedroom. If your kid's like a certain movie or a superhero, you can decorate the room entirely based on this concept. For example, if your kid is a Superman fan, you can add the color combination to the curtains, the bed alongside a superman bed sheet or quilt. Another cool kids bedroom theme idea would be to add figurines of your favorite superhero to your-room as well!

    30. African Jungle Style

    Similarly, if your child is into animals, you can decorate the room with stuffed animals and put up pictures of them in the room as well. You can also add some fun facts about animals which will act as a useful educational tool as well. Other than that, you can add wallpapers of different animals to the room. If your child is fond of dinosaurs, you can base their-room's theme around different types of dinosaurs.


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    How to Design a Bedroom for Kids?

    Decorating a kid's bedroom can be tiresome but not if you make a definitive plan before starting the designing process. You need to take care of every detail from the color of the bedsheet to the overall theme of the bedroom.

    1. Pick a color palette to go with the room

    Start with an elegant color tone, mainly neutral colors, for example, blue, gray, or anything in a lighter shade.

    2. Picking the right kid's bedroom furniture

    When working with kids, it's important to keep in mind their likes and dislikes, what colors they like and what interests them.


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    3. Fun switchable accents

    According to science, kids get bored at a faster pace than others so it's important to keep their little minds stimulated. You can do this playing around with the room's accent hues of the boho rugs, couch or even the bedsheets.

    4. Geometric Patterns and Animal Prints

    Geometric patterns and animal prints give a playful look to a room and can keep your child interested. You can either work this into the bedsheets, rugs or even the carpet in the room.

    Organize a Small kids Bedroom

    1. Involve your kids from the beginning 

    When you are cleaning your kid's-room, it is very important to keep them around during this time. It's possible that they would want to participate with you and in the future will learn to do it themselves or will at least know where everything should go.


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    2. Invest in a shelving unit

    An open shelf unit is a very important furniture piece in a kid's bedroom where they can keep their books or toys store. Make sure the shelve isn't too heavy and is small enough in height for the kids to reach it.

    3. Cabinet with doors

    Again, this can be used to store similar items like stuffed toys, games, electronic toys, etc. Make sure they are small in size so your little ones can reach it easily.

    4. Closet Organizer

    Invest in a closet organizer like a closet rod or a hamper for dirty laundry, a few shelves where the kids can keep their shoes organized. Make sure the closet rod is low enough for the kids to hang their clothes on.


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    5. Under-bed storage

    Beds with draws installed under them is a great idea for a kid as they can easily keep their things stored in it. However, you can also invest in large plastic storage boxes. You can also label them separately for example with toys, artwork, board games, etc.

    How to Get Kids to Keep a Clean Bedroom?

    Decorating your child's bedroom can be a hectic and time-consuming procedure. You need the space to look incredible, work well, and stimulate your little one's creative mind, yet that is a difficult task since you don't know if your child will like it or not! Add maintenance to the list, and you have got yourself a daunting task! You can, however, encourage your kids to clean up by organizing all their toys and other stuff packed away in the cupboard. Motivate them by rewarding with extra playtime or with an extra cookie with milk! Little rewards will, for sure, bring the kids around and help them maintain this habit of cleaning up after! Clean kid's rugs by regularly vacuuming and shaking the rug by the old method to avoid dust from settling in. Also, always take care of the stains and spills the minute they happen! This way, you can keep the stains from settling deep inside the fibers.

    Read through our step by step guide for cleaning kids rugs at home decor and thank us later! You can buy our latest collection by using your credit card from here at RugKnots.


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