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In today's world, children's rooms are bright, inventive, and stylish. Decorating a child's room may be fun and provide you the opportunity to be creative and different.

To achieve a different style for your child's room, make sure to keep it organized. This will prevent it from becoming cluttered with toys or storage items. Take some tips from these beautiful children's bedroom ideas!

30 kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas Trending in 2021

30 Kid's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Are you having trouble deciding how to arrange a child's bedroom? These 30 bold kids bedroom decoration ideas can give you relief if you're looking for a special touch for your child's room. We can help you with comforter ideas, like picking wall colors, finding a great twin bed, and the best kids area rugs!

1. Strip and Stick Wall Decals!

Decals provide the handiest solution since you can remove and replace them with something else as your child grows and their tastes change. If you don't have access to paint, strip and stick decorations are an excellent way to brighten up your child's room walls. You might use wall decals to complement the overall concept of the boy's room, or you could just put one up on white walls for fun. Allow your children to select and arrange the decorations however they think appropriate.

Strip and Stick Wall Decals

2. Creating an additional fun space!

Once your child begins regular school work and study time, they will want an additional little space in their room. A space where kids may study or simply relax after a long day at school!

A mini-study space with a small kid's desk and an adjustable seat with a kid's chair would be ideal for a child. Aside from that, a beanbag or a small couch might be placed where they can sit and rest. You, too, can do it!

3. Keeping it clean!

You're sure to see a lot of dirty rooms if you have little children. However, you may make things simpler for them by organizing their toys, books, games, and other belongings on open shelves in their room.

This makes getting everything in order a breeze. They make it easy to see where each toy goes after playing is ended, in particular. Keep related items in baskets and practice with your child until they understand how to do it on their own.

Keeping it clean

4. Space Maximization

In a small area, create more space by leaning the platform bed against the wall, with the head of the bed in the corner. This will allow for more fun in the playhouse as well as an additional crawling area for your small ones. This will also give the space an immaculate and tidy appearance. By not worrying about unnecessary furniture hurting children, you are also addressing the issue.

5. Sharing Fun With Sharing Rooms!

Don't think that sharing a room entails color-coordinating everything from the furniture to the loft bed linens. While some children like a well-balanced environment, others prefer to create their own personal style. Allow your children to pick their own sheet material, bedside light bulbs, and any wall artwork or posters they wish to display over their half of the room if this is the case. You may also go with a variety of colors for their beds.

Sharing Fun With Sharing Rooms

6. Separating Sharing Rooms

If your children share a room, their tastes may differ. You may eliminate small squabbles and reduce their discussion after the lights go off by partitioning the room with a cool curtain between their beds. It might be a two-sided curtain with anything both children desire on both sides. When dealing with children, especially the more picky ones, solid or substantial furniture, such as a bookcase or shelving, is not a suitable idea.

7. Playful Bunk Beds!

A bunk bed is one of the most common solutions for small, shared rooms. The majority of kids adore them! However, to avoid unneeded quarrels amongst your children, you may need to devise a rotating timetable for who gets to sleep on the top of the lower bunk.

When it comes to bunk beds, however, there might be safety concerns if children try to climb the top bunk from the side of the bed rather than using the ladder or leaping on the top bunk. As a result, make sure your children understand the bunk bed safety requirements.

Playful Bunk Beds!

8. Closet Bunk

Making a closet bunk in your child's room could be a fun way to get creative with their play area. You might do this by transforming your children's closet room into a smaller bunk room. This will give the child a lot more room to run about in.

9. Add Quirky Little Children's Closet

Every room requires good closet organization, but when it comes to a child's closet, you must lower it down to their level. Look for hanging rods that are unique yet interesting and are low enough for your child to reach. For larger items, use racks, and for socks, clothes, and accessories, use drawers. You may also give each cabinet a name so that your child understands what belongs where.

Add Quirky Little Children's Closet

10. Get Inspired By Your Child's Passion!

Every child has a love or interest in something, whether it's science, a Disney character, animals, sports, basketball, vehicles, or something else entirely.

      • Decorate their space with their hobbies and interests in mind.
      • If your youngster is interested in science, consider painting a solar system on the wall.
      • Posters featuring basketball players, football players, or animals can be hung.

You may also use wall decals instead of painting the walls so that you can easily remove them as your child grows up.

11. Letting Your kid Decide!

You can have fun decorating your child's room by letting them choose the colors, theme, and accessories. Their involvement will create a space they like and give them a chance to display their ideas.

12. Putting Your kid's Art At Display

The majority of youngsters like painting or drawing. You might take advantage of this by framing their paintings or sketches and displaying them on their bedroom walls. Buying secondhand frames and painting them in a single color tone to unify the room is a great method to achieve this. You may include a string picture wire with the frames so that your child can hang his or her own paintings!

Putting Your kid's Art At Display

13. Heads Together

Do you need to create room for two people? The effective option to doing this is to arrange the beds in an 'L' pattern, with all of the heads facing the same direction.

In between the beds, you may add a side drawer to store your children's books. You may save a lot of floor space by tucking the mattresses into a corner. You can provide your child with excellent indoor carpeting or a couch to sit on.

14. Chalkboard For Walls!

Chalkboard is not only a pleasant activity for your child, but it is also incredibly cost-effective. This idea may be used in both your child's room and your toddler's room. Chalkboard walls allow your child to not only express their inner creative side but also to use them for educational purposes.

15. Canopy Beds

For decorating a child's room, canopy beds are usually a fantastic choice. It's yet another method to give room for individuality. You could take it a step further and add a hanging pendant room from the canopy to complete the appearance. Make the canopy out of fun fabric

Canopy Beds

16. Make a Bunk Fort Bed

Children love fort beds because they can be used as a sleeping place as well as a play area. Making a bunk fort bed out of a fort bed is an even better idea. You might even create a separate location in the room for a fort that your child can use as their own personal space.

17. Adding Subtlety to Your kid's Room!

Your child's room doesn't have to be too colorful or lively all of the time. To match the room, you might go for subtle aesthetic or neutral colors. You should also consider your child's personality, favorite colors, and whether or not they prefer a neutral color scheme in their room.

Adding Subtlety to Your kid's Room

18. Put Up Wallpapers

Scenic wallpapers are a unique way to transform your child's room into a delightful place for them to spend time. Colorful patterns and bright colors help to increase a child's imagination. But don't go overboard by covering the entire room with wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper that appeals to them, whether it's bright, vivid patterns, textured wallpapers, or one that reflects their passions.

19. Play with Prints and Patterns 

Blending lively designs for your child's bedroom may be a lot of fun! Use new, well-fitting window hangings or bed sheets that have been neatly wrinkled. This may turn even the most bizarre prints into something more sophisticated over time. Depending on your child's preferences, you can work with a single color tone or a combination of colors.

Play with Prints and Patterns

20. A Secret Hideout

You may turn the attic of your child's room into a secret hideaway spot. What youngster wouldn't be enthralled by the prospect of a secret hideaway? You may utilize the space to create a play area for your adolescent children or simply a pleasant spot for them to socialize with their peers.

21. Storage Room

Toy kids room décor ideas are perfect for children who create a lot of mess. Having a storage room in your child's bedroom is important to prevent the mess and waste caused by their toys.

Toy boxes and low-level shelves are examples of multi-purpose furniture. You can also use them as workplaces and extra seating. These pieces of furniture are both practical and decorative.

Storage Room

22. Feature Kid Furniture

Be patient when searching for the right kid furniture, like an old closet, table rack, bookshelf, or special bed frame. If you don't have the time to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect piece of kid bedroom furniture, try updating an existing piece by painting it yourself in vibrant colors.

23. Using Playful Accessories and Decor

Vinyl stickers and wall decorations can make plain walls more interesting. They can easily be changed as your child's interests change. You can easily change them as your child's interests change. For creative and enjoyable kid's bedroom décor that encourages homework, consider adding a chalkboard to their study space or placing quirky lamps on their desk.

Using Playful Accessories and Decor

24. Layers of Light

When it comes to arranging a child's room, the importance of lighting should never be overlooked. Fairy lights, for example, give the room an incredibly soothing and comfortable vibe. They provide warmth as well as a relaxing atmosphere. To focus on the center of the room, place them near the bed or hang them on the drapes or ceiling

25. A Small Area for the Kids to Hang out

Kids don't just wish to sleep in places with kids' bedroom sets in their rooms! Instead, kids want a private space in the room where they may relax with a book, play games, or create art. It's a good idea to categorize these diverse areas in that light. Present bean bags or a tiny swing set that may be placed within the room to make reading more enjoyable

A Small Area for the Kids to Hang out

26. Delicate Decorations

Inexpensive ways to enhance your child's room include adding patterns, colors, and textures through items like carpets, window decorations, pads, and bed linens. Elevate the enjoyment by incorporating a canopy-shaped shelter above the bed. Playful bedclothes with contrasting shades and patterns can add a delightful touch.

Consider introducing a lovely sheepskin rug to a playroom with natural lighting, providing both texture and a soft sensation under your child's feet. These simple additions can transform the room into a vibrant and comfortable space for your child.

27. Adding Some Versatile Pieces

You can some of the versatile pieces to your kid's room at home. Starting from the table to chairs, from bedsheets to cushion covers, you can use them all in your kid's room. Kids love art and would love their bedroom decorated with unique pieces that are not only stylish but also practical.

28. Decorating The Ceilings

Roofs are often one of the most undervalued areas in a space. A ceiling, which is frequently left open and unadorned, provides a unique opportunity to make a bold design move. Unlike mistakes on the floor or walls, errors on the ceiling are less noticeable.

Consider taking advantage of this often overlooked canvas in your child's bedroom. Decorate the ceiling for a distinctive touch that can transform the entire ambiance of the room. Serenely floating flowers or lights can be excellent choices to tie the entire space together.

Decorating The Ceilings

29. Themed Room

Here's another fantastic ideas to decorate your child's bedroom—center it around their favorite film or superhero. For instance, if your child is a Superman enthusiast, you can integrate the color scheme into the curtains, bedding, and even add a Superman bed sheet or comforter. Consider taking it a step further by adorning the room with figurines of their beloved superhero. This personalized theme can create a vibrant and engaging space that resonates with your child's interests.

30. African Jungle Style

If your child likes animals, decorate the bedroom with stuffed animals and pictures of their favorites. To add an educational touch, include some fascinating animal facts. Enhance the atmosphere by incorporating animal wallpapers that can create an engaging and immersive environment. For a child who loves dinosaurs, you can even establish a themed room featuring various types of dinosaurs.

African Jungle Style

How to Design a Bedroom for Kids?

Decorating a childs bedroom might be time-consuming, but not if you establish a detailed plan before getting started. From the color of the bedsheet to the general concept of the bedroom, you must pay attention to every detail.

How to Design a Bedroom for Kids

1. Pick a color palette to go with the room

Begin with a sophisticated color palette of mostly neutrals, such as blue, grey, or anything in a lighter tint.

2. Picking the right kid's bedroom furniture

When dealing with children, bear in mind their likes and dislikes favorite colors, and areas of interest.

3. Fun switchable accents

Children, according to scientists, become bored at a higher rate than adults, therefore it's critical to keep their minds occupied. You may achieve this by experimenting with the accent colors of the room's bohemian rugs, couch, and even bedsheets.

4. Geometric Patterns and Animal Prints

Geometric designs and animal prints offer a space with a fun appeal and might pique your child's attention. This can be included in the bedsheets, rugs, or even the room's rug.

Geometric Patterns and Animal Prints


1. Can you use sofa beds in the kids' bedroom?

Sofa beds would be a great idea for the kids' bedroom or you can also go for a built-in bed. This way they can have more space to play and it's also comfortable. These sofa beds come in many different colors and styles, so you're sure to find one that your child will love. You can also put a rug under a sofa bed to make it more comfortable.

2. What can I do to make my children's room less messy?

You can make your kids' messy rooms less stressful by buying them storage solutions that they can use. There are many types of bins and baskets available at affordable prices, so you won't have to spend a lot of money. Messy rooms can also be a sign of a creative child, so don't stress too much about it.

3. How can I make my children's sleeping space more appealing?

You can make the sleeping area of your kids more appealing by choosing furniture that is designed to be comfortable and practical. A good choice for a toddler would be a sofa bed, which can also double as an extra seat in the living room when needed. Your child's sleep space should be decorated in a theme that matches their interests.

4. How can I decorate children's bedrooms using rugs?

You can do a lot with children's bedrooms by adding rugs. Rugs can be a great way to add color and texture to the room, while also creating an interesting focal point for your child or teen. You may want to consider investing in a colorful rug from anywhere which could liven up their dull flooring while being easy enough to clean. You can use climbing wall stickers as a way to add some excitement and color to the walls. These stickers can be used on any type of wall, including textured surfaces like brick or concrete. Plus, they're removable so you can change up your child's look whenever you want!

5. What can I do to brighten up my children's room?

You can use colorful curtains to add some brightness and life to the room. White curtains can also help to brighten up a space, but colorful curtains will give your child or teen a more fun and personalized look. Moreover, you can use some pendant lights to help brighten up the space.

We've compiled 30 Kids bedroom decorating ideas trending in 2024 and we hope that these tips were helpful for you. When you buy from RugKnots, you don't have to be concerned about such red flags because we are the most reliable online area rug retailer. You can also email us if you have any questions! Please contact us at or (301) 660-7046 for additional information. We'd be delighted to address any queries you may have!

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