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Elements of Mid Century Modern Design

Do you find yourself looking back on old style trends, wishing you were a part of that time so you could style your home in a similar fashion? Do you daydream of time-traveling to a different era?

If you wish you lived in the 1950s, but don't have the scientific capabilities of building a physically impossible time-transportation device, Mid-Century Modern Design is probably for you!

Mid Century Modern Living Room

This style mixes the retro look with a clean, simple, modern flair!

The fresh design trend incorporates the colors and patterns of the retro aesthetic.

Mid Century Modern Living Space

With a mix of the outdoor and the indoor, with woods and metals, past, present, and future, and great iconic furniture.

Large Mid Century Living Room

If you love the bold patterns, splashes of color, recognizable shapes, statement lighting, and simple lines, you're definitely reading the right post.

We've studied mid-century modern design, and we've come up with 6 things you need if you want your home to scream awesome, retro, modern oasis.

6 Elements of Mid-Century Modern Design

1. Sputnik Chandeliers

One of the best accessories in nearly every mid-century modern room is the sputnik chandelier. Inspired by the shape of the Russian Sputnik space shuttle, these chandeliers look so modern and elegant, but also interesting and quirky!

Transitional Dining Room

These chandeliers will work in practically any mid-century space; seriously, they're practically a requirement!

Dining Room with Sputnik Light Fixture

Here are a few sputnik chandeliers that you can buy right now! 

Sputnik Lighting Fixtures

2. Teak

Another tell-tale sign that a room is retro is the use of teak wood in furniture.

Teak is a reddish-brown wood that has been called "the strongest wood in the world," meaning that vintage pieces are still around for a reason.

Teak is both elegant and durable, beautiful and strong. Teak is so strong because there are natural oils and rubber embedded in its grains, making it practically water resistant, which is why a lot of high-quality outdoor furniture is made with teak.

Teak pieces are protected from dry rot, meaning that pieces from the 50s are still just as beautiful today!

Teak furniture for sale: 

  Teak Furniture

3. Retro Patterns and Colors

One way to add a mid-century modern flair to any space is by using bold retro patterns and colors.

Interesting color combos make retro patterns some of the most dynamic to decorate with! And mixing those patterns is a ball!

Use retro patterns in your space with pillows, furniture, and artwork. In an instant, your room will gain so much color and freshness!

Colorful Modern Living Room

Here are a few retro patterns you can buy right now! 

Multicolor Kilim Rug   Retro Paisley Pattern Pillow

  Chocolate Brown Peshawar Ziegler Rug

4. Skinny Leg Furniture

There are many different elements to mid-century modern furniture design, and as I was trying to come up with an all-encompassing term to summarize a diverse thing, I noticed that most mid-century furniture has one thing in common: skinny legs.  

retro furniture; mid-century furniture

Now, there are certainly pieces with thicker legs, loop-de-loops, and other unique elements.

Mid Century Modern Furniture

But if you look at this style's furniture as a whole, they're all similarly skinny-legged.

Mid Century Modern Neutral Living Room

This skinny leggedness gives the furniture a simple, streamlined quality. Something about these pieces just screams "retro" in such a good way.


Some mid-century furniture for your purchasing pleasure:

   Mid Century Modern Furniture

5. Starbursts

Starbursts, starbursts everywhere!

Starburst Wall Decor

One of my favorite aspects of this style is the starburst wall decor!

Like the sputnik chandelier, this shape is iconic and instantly brings a classy retro feel to your wall. Starburst wall decor includes mirrors, clocks, and just straight starburst figures!

starburst wall decor

Starbursts are dynamic and bold, just like retro patterns and colors.

There is a feather-like softness to the sharp edges of starbursts, giving them so much wonderful texture!

Home Office Modern Decor

Some online stores selling starbursts:

Gold and Silver Starbursts   Ballard Designs Starburst Mirrors

 Or, you can make your own! Find the DIY here.

6. Gold Accessories

In case you didn't notice, the starbursts and the sputnik chandeliers are mostly gold! Gold accessories lend a classy retro vibe to a room.

Modern Gold Cart

I love this fancy gold bar cart, it's so cute and perfectly retro! Or, you can find a gold rack to double as a hold for your reading content, like the piece below:

retro magazine stand; gold

Buy gold now! 

Gold Bar Cart  Gold Cast Iron Jacks Bookends

Thank you for reading! 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have a suggestion for a future design profile! 

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