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If you're looking for a way to make your home feel bigger, to give your tiny apartment a breath of fresh air, to make your corner nook look like part of the room, or to give your little office space the attention it deserves, there are a few simple ways to get there. I've compiled a helpful list of tips and tricks to make any small space feel bigger, to utilize every inch you have, and to turn a cramped home into a space that breathes! Here's a list of... 


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19 Brilliant Small Space Design Tips 

1. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Having an abundance of natural light in a space keeps it from looking small, dark, and cramped. Without the natural light provided by that beautiful window, this small space would be a hassle to work with. Not only does bright, natural light make a room beautiful, it is happy and inspirational, making it easy to get your work done! In fact, nothing makes a room feel tiny like a lack of light, or too many fluorescent bulbs. See how even this dark, dreary looking room is brightened up with natural light? Sure, you need more than just good light to create an inviting small space, but it is a great way to start! I suggest not covering your windows with dark curtains, but I'll get into curtain advice later on in the post! 

2. Add Mirrors

A fantastic way to add depth, brightness, and perceived size to a small room is by using mirrors. Whether you add a plethora of mirrors to your wall, or use mirror-surfaced furnishings, mirrors are an inexpensive fix when space is tight. Mirrors add light to your room, especially when hung across from the window because it reflects the brightness from the sunshine! Mirrors also add space to a room... by reflecting what's there, almost serving as another window! This window lets in a good amount of natural light, but without the mirrors on the wall, it would feel very cramped! Adding mirrors to this wall didn't physically double its size, but it does add significant depth and makes the room feel much wider, not like the narrow space it really is. 


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3. Use Bright Colors

Using light neutrals is a wonderful way to brighten up a dark space. In addition to natural light, bright colors can make a room feel so much bigger, and it's such a simple fix! It's a myth, however, that you have to use only light colors in small spaces. If you're smart with your color choices, you can use darker colors to add depth to a small space.

4. Paint Your Ceiling

Painting your ceiling is not only a unique way to add another color to your space, but it adds so much depth to a small room! If you paint your ceiling a brighter color than your walls... it's sort of like adding a canopy of bright clouds above you, making your ceiling seem almost endless or non-existent. When painting a ceiling a darker color, it makes me think that the walls are ending and that there is a mass of space.


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5. Floating Furniture

An easy tip for choosing furniture for your small space, besides choosing pieces that are generally smaller-scaled is to make sure that it does not sit flush to the ground Choosing short pieces makes your room feel shorter and smaller. You should buy furniture pieces with a taller leg to add a feeling of space underneath and around them and to add height to your room! Since your room is small, and you can't really change that, you want to add as much height as you possibly can, and buying taller furniture is one way to go! Furniture with skinny, tall legs makes a room look larger, take up less space, and don't look bulky.

6. Ghost Chairs

This tip goes for other transparent furniture choices as well, like glass table tops! My favorite example, however, is ghost chairs! These chairs are perfect for a small dining room because they do take up space, but you can hardly see them. Because it looks like you don't have chairs at all, ghost chairs are the perfect way to "save" space while still having a modern, trendy furniture piece.


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7. Benches

A great idea for small seating areas is to use benches rather than chairs. Benches are less bulky than chairs, take up a lot less space, and can be easily slid underneath tables when you need more space to dance around! Benches are also a great way to make use of a corner dining nook. Chairs would be impossible to work with in the space above, but a bench is super easy to slide into! Not only are the benches above much more practical and space efficient than chairs, they look extremely cozy and comfortable, which is what you should go for in a small space!

8. Built-in Storage

How do you make the most of an unforgiving space? Installing built-in shelves can make a space seem MUCH bigger because they take up wall space, rather than floor space. The space in front of the doorway above it utilized perfectly! Without the built-ins, this doorway would not only be significantly more boring, it would be so inefficient. When you're working with a small space, you want to use every spare inch you can find.


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9. Fold-Out Table

If you're under particularly taxing space restrictions, you can ease the stress a bit with this awesome tip! If you're going to have a table that isn't always in use, you can install something that folds away onto the wall, like the table/mirror combo above. Or you could even use this method to store your dining room table... See how much floor space the table above saves? It's practically a miracle! If you need a medium-sized dining room table, but don't want to clutter your space with a bulky piece, this fix is an inventive way to fold away!

10. Circular Rugs

Area rugs are indeed very important in home decorations. Circular rugs, more so than rectangles, are the perfect shape for smaller spaces. These area rugs are great for kitchens, small nooks, and little living rooms. Circular rugs create a little spot of interest, and their curved edges add a softness to small spaces that makes them feel bigger and cozier!


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11. Under-Storage

When you're strapped for space, you really have to make use of every area you can, especially something that would normally be empty space, or empty wall. You can easily add storage under your bed, Or have built-in storage installed under your stairs? Without storage under your stairs, you'll be missing out on a whole lot of great storage space.

12. Hang your Curtains High

Like I was saying earlier, one of the easiest ways to make a room feel bigger is by making it look taller. An easy way to do this is to hang up curtains as tall as you possibly can. This gives the illusion that your ceiling and your windows are much taller than they are, making your room look bigger in the process! See how the curtains above make the window seem wider and the wall seem taller? It's all about illusion!


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13. Rack it Up

If you don't have space for a closet, or use your closet for other storage needs, a good way to be space-efficient is by having an "open wardrobe." By this, I basically mean to hang your clothes on an exposed rack rather than purchasing an bulky armoire. The rack above is very unique and cute, and because it is so tall and minimalist, it will make the room feel much bigger! This rack is deceptively simple! It's made of two ladders and a few 2 x 4 pieces of wood! It's so easy, and it adds an open feeling to the space! Same goes for the rack above! Rather than cutting off a chunk of the room for a built-in closet, these racks open up the space so much!

14. Screens

If you want to break up a small, one-room apartment a good way to add some privacy and the feeling of separate rooms is by using Asian screens. Adding a screen would bring in a bohemian flair, along with practical use! You want your space to be open... but not too open. 


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15. Use Every Inch

Like I've said elsewhere in this post, you should use every inch of your small space! These are some interesting and useful small space storage ideas... Putting a small, thin shelf in-between your fridge and a cabinet or wall gives you storage in an otherwise empty space! This frees up so much cabinet space. Instead of stuffing your pots and pans into cabinets, you can display them on the wall by hanging up a peg board. Pretty, practical, and it frees up more storage by using a space that would, again, normally be empty!

16. Buy a Half-Table

If you're not feeling the fold-up table, you might like this idea! For a little eating nook, you could buy a half-table.This makes it easier to put against the wall, and saves a couple inches of space for you to walk around. These tables are much easier to anchor against a flat surface... a whole circle table would not work in this space, because it would be floating in the middle of a floor that is too small for it!


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17. Floating and Open Shelves

Another way to add a feeling of openness is by installing either floating or open shelves. Rather than closing off a space with cabinets, you can use floating shelves to add depth to your space! See how bright and open the kitchen above looks? There's nothing wrong with cabinets, but open shelves really add that depth and height you're looking for in a small space! Be careful not to clutter your open shelves, though! Cluttered shelves will just make the room look disorganized, and we don't want that!

18. Vertical Stripes

My last tip is to use vertical stripes in small spaces, whether on your walls or with your textiles. Adding vertical stripes is another way to make a room look taller! Plus, it's a great way to add a bright pop of color!


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19. Hang Stuff On The Wall

In small spaces, countertop space is a rare commodity. There are some fantastic hacks and tricks out there for organizing your stuff by hanging it on the wall.  Magnets are a genius small space hack! Use a magnetic strip and you won't even need a drawer for your small beauty products.  If you are handy with tools, you can even make your own DIY mason jar organizer. 

I hope these tips help you out! Let me know what other hacks and tips you have discovered for living in a small space.  Always reach out to us when you are buying a rug for your space - small or large. RugKnots will help you find the perfect rug for every room in your home. 


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