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Are you in search of Bokhara rugs? Are you looking to buy Gabbeh rugs? Are you unaware of how to style both rugs? If you are still unfamiliar with the differences, then you may not be able to design them correctly.

Well, you will be delighted to find out that today we are going to help you in differentiating between the Bokhara and the Gabbeh rugs; to easily decorate them in your home space.

Let us get through this!

What are Gabbeh Rugs?

Gabbeh is the term denoted to a rug type, popularly known as Gabbeh rug. The pronunciation of the name is ‘Gah-bay.’

These hand knotted Gabbeh rugs have a simple design. They comprise of naturally dyed pure wool material.

To maintain their sturdiness, these rugs are designed using high piles with finishing.

History of Gabbeh Rugs

The literal translation of Gabbeh rugs comes to “in the rough,” which serves as its accurate style description. It resembles a Persian rug type.

The making of Gabbeh rugs started back in South-West Persia, where women from various tribes would come together to produce it.

Originally, its designs were quite simple, with a limited amount of pattern decorations.

Most often, these rugs would be designed using a variety of objects for its geometric mix, for instance, abstracts like trees, children, and resembling animal species.

Artisans used bright wool colors for their coarse knots. Gabbeh rugs have a history that leads it back to the 16th Century AD.

Back in the mid-1980s, the Gabbeh rugs were designed using a vegetable as dye material.

Many considered Gabbeh rugs a crude product for trade. Although, in today’s century, it has been able to maintain a sense of great recognition for its artistic worth.

With a competitive price range, unique design, vast thickness, and a wool texture, Gabbeh rugs gained immense popularity as a modern yet contemporary interior décor accessories.

These rugs are easily available in sizes small and medium. Moreover, they prove to be extremely durable.

How Gabbeh Rugs are Made

The nomadic tribes of Qashqai, located in the south of Iran, are highly responsible for Gabbeh’s production and quality.

These craftsmen used the best-rated wool quality using long pies and vibrant colors for its design.

Artisans use ground looms for the manufacturing of these Gabbeh rugs. They incorporate each of the looms on either side of the carpet.

Hence to maintain this wide variety, tribe members used a variety of available materials.

Mostly, designed by females, these rugs are one of a kind because of their unique artwork.

A few of these artworks have passed down through various generations of drug crafting families.

Eclectic decorating can incorporate within these Gabbeh rugs. They serve a remarkable combination with the traditional tribal Persian rugs and their designs.

Modern vs. Old Versions of Gabbeh Rugs

Modernization took over the design for Gabbeh rugs, which took away its traditional essence.

Gabbeh rugs follow a colorful and playful design, which has made it extremely popular in today’s modern world. It is easier to categorize them with bright and huge fields.

Gabbeh rugs follow and ethnic style which resembles the modern rugs superficially.

Additionally, artisans use blue and vibrant red colors for the design. In simple words, it implies that they are high contrast rugs.

Gabbeh rugs are bound to catch all eyes and serve as refreshing eye candy. Gabbeh rugs have cheerful designs that serve as a popular accessory for living.

Collection of Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs follow a rich-colored artwork with the abstract. Yes, used from seating and a manufactured by skilled moment decorated with animal patterns and geometric designs, these Gabbeh rugs provide a sense of expression.

What Are Bokhara Rugs?

Bokhara rugs are kind of oriental rugs that I had not read. They come at the most affordable prices; however, it does not Compromise its quality.

You are a complete log if you are willing to buy rugs in the US. This is so as a variety of different kinds of Bokhara are available at RugKnots.

History of Bokhara Rugs

Mojarra drugs convert a set of rich techniques for production. These drugs have gained immense popularity and regulation due to their cultural heritage significance. These Bokhara rugs are ideal for styling your homes with a hint of history.

The Pattern of Bokhara Rugs

Bukhari rugs follow three pattern types, that is, Sallor, Tekke, and Yomund.

A traveling tribe created Yomund rugs. This greatly contributes to their design pattern that resembles a Caucasian effect.

For instance, Greek crosses have become a part of its design. At times, you may also like diamond lettuce, as a part of its design.

There are two design forms for the Tekke pattern: a non-prayer rug along with a prayer one. Both these Bukhara rugs have a distinctive appearance.

The term for a non-prayer rug is Royal and comes with a design of a windowpane.

It has elongated gulls, woven into row shapes. Blur lines create a total of 4 quarters on them.

On the contrary, Princess is the term allocated to the prayer rug. It is divided into quarters of four, where does abrasion of the crossbar and upright mihrabs.

Finally, the Salor tribe produced the Salor rugs. These rugs consist of octagonal gulls with elaborated designs.

Their motives are octagonal. These motives regularly run along the rug’s entire length. Additionally, the motif’s interior part consists of three trefoil flowers.

The Material of Bokhara Rugs

Artisans manufacture Bahada rugs using 100% wool. These rugs consist of a unique blend of two types of wool: The Pakistani wool and the New Zealand wool.

Both mix up together to produce a unique product. Combining these two wools provide a unique combination which provides a luxurious, yet a soft feel of the Bokhara rugs.

The New Zealand wool comes from a coarser wood type. This feature can cause discomfort in feet.

Hence the wool in Pakistani provides a silkier effect and provides a luxury feel. Additionally, using heavy piles to provide satisfaction for customers.

Where Can I Buy Gabbeh Rugs or Bokhara from?

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The Final Verdict

To style in these Bokhara rugs or the Gabbeh rugs, you need to take into consideration a few factors like your home space, the color of your walls, the type of furniture that you have, and the kind of style statement that you are looking for.

You can always try to mix and match because styling is a definition of your personality.

However, if you are confused and are unable to reach a conclusion, you can always consult the team at RugKnots.

Our designer team will allow you to avail of the facility for a professional guideline for product buying.

The team at RugKnots remains dedicated to provide you the most appropriate product for your needs.

You can also take the rug home for a trial period and decide to keep it or return it. With such great measures, you have nothing to worry about.

What are you waiting for? It is time to order Gabbeh rugs online or simply a Bokhara rug to decorate your house. Now waste no more time and buy Gabbeh or Bokhara rugs!

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