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There has been a change in the rug industry recently. The older rugs have been replaced by some new look rugs. Even though this industry has seen massive change but patterns and colors of traditional Vintage Rugs remained the same. These colors and patterns are originated mainly from Anatolia and Asia. Thus to match the current styles, these rugs have become very popular.

What Are Over-Dyed Rugs?

Overdyed Rugs are rugs with similar pattern and color to other ones but having a more updated and modern look. Such rugs are made in the textile industry by the process of bleaching, color saturation, and a special drying process. Perfect colors and patterns are printed on these rugs by these processes while keeping the traditional styles intact. The wide use of these rugs is because of their unique styles and bright colors.


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How Are Vintage Over-Dyed Rugs Made?

These rugs are made by processing old worn rugs. In making vintage over-dyed rugs, first of all, Turkish rugs and Persian Rugs are gathered. These area rugs are then sheared and distressed without damaging the rugs. The next step is to wash and dry these area rugs so that every stain is removed from these rugs. Then these rugs are processed differently according to their required look.

Types Of Knots Used In Vintage Over-Dyed Rugs

There are two famous types of knots which are used in making of these rugs. Those types are the following:

1. Turkish Knots

Turkish knots are one of the oldest knots surviving in the contemporary fashion world. These types of knots were used by Turkey work textiles in the early modern period. These types of knots are widely used in the vintage over-dyed rugs.

2. Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

Hand knotted Persian rugs are famous for their perfect aesthetic characteristics and cleanliness. Highly skilled labor is used in making these types of hand knotted rugs.


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Styles Used In Such Rugs

These beautiful modern rugs come with multiple styles to match the different taste of the customers. Following styles of over-dyed rugs are abundantly present in the market:

  • Monochromatic Patchwork
  • Patchwork Rug
  • Muted patchwork
  • Bright Colours 

Where This Process Started

This process of vintage over-dying is being used for years now. This has become one of the most popular methods in the area rug industry. Firstly this process was developed in Turkey. Turkey has always practiced recycling and reusing policy in its all industries. They did the same in the rug area industry. Hence Turkey becomes the starting hot spot for these types of rugs. Then this process evolved and now it is used in the major part of the world. Turkish and Persian over-dyed rugs are considered highly valued in rug area industry.


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Benefits Of Using These Rugs

These rugs are a modern and advanced form of traditionally used rugs. They have the perfect bright colors of modern industrial rugs as well as traditional patterns of ancient rugs. Following are some of the many benefits achieved by using vintage over-dyed rugs:

1. A Mixture Of Tradition & Modernity

The best quality which distinguishes such rugs from other Hand-Woven Rugs is that they give a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. As these rugs are made by old rugs with certain oriental patterns, the process is done to give the extra modernity to the rugs while keeping the classical patterns intact. Most of the people demand the oriental rugs with the famous traditional styles. Vintage over-dyed rugs are made by keeping that demand in mind. The rugs are artistic and trendy at the same time making them perfect to use in the dining room or any type of home decor.

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2. Environment Friendly Rugs

The major drawback of any chemical industry is its polluting and environmental contaminating nature. These rugs create a process of recycling for old area rugs. The traditional hand woven rugs are worn out quickly. So they are processed to give them good sustainability while renewing their colors and texture. Over-dyed Persian rugs are specially considered a good choice for long term home decor usage. Over-dying process gives a perfect long lasting pattern so they do not become a liability in a short interval of time. Thus making these rugs environmental friendly.

3. Stylish

Area rugs with the current style and fashion are always in demand. Vintage Over-dyed wool rugs feature perfect colors and beautiful artistic patterns. These eye-catching colors give the modern and attractive look to the viewers. The colors which are mostly used sapphire, emerald, rust, rich yellows and light blue. Sometimes the traditional styles and patterns are amplified in these rugs by different types of procedures thus making them more stylish and artistic.


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4. Careful And Focused Designing

Extreme measures of care and focus are taken while making vintage over-dyed square rugs. More specifically the basic silk area rugs that are initially hand knotted wool rugs are scaled up, they have some unique design and colors making them so different from the initial rugs. This makes them very special and of high quality. Hence considering the extreme care taken in the processing of these rugs, it can be said that over-dyed rugs are one of a kind.

5. Stain-Free Color Bright Rugs

Vintage overdyed rugs are processed and then dried by a certain chemical process. This process makes these rugs absolutely stain free and brightly colored rugs. So to give a decorating look to the home they can be used in the bed room, dining room and any other type of home decor without any worries.


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6. Keeping The Traditional Patterns Alive

With the advancement in technology and ever changing fashion industry, traditional patterns and styles seem to vanish from this world. Vintage over-dying process gives a beautiful new look to the already made traditional area rugs (Persian, Turkish or any other kind of antique rugs) while keeping their styles and patterns intact. So they contribute to keeping the classical artistic patterns alive in the long run.

7. Durable

Vintage over-dyed rugs are made from the processing of already used area rugs. These rugs are usually worn and outdated. Over-dying process gives them a new look as well as amplifies their durability and quality. Hence, making these rugs extremely unique and durable. These rugs can be used for any kind of purpose with their excellent long lasting nature.


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8. Affordable

As these rugs are made by recycling and reprocessing these areas come at a low cost. Area rugs of a high standard and outstanding style can only be found in these types of rugs with such a low cost.

Starting Your Decor With Over-Dyed Rugs

These rugs can be a great addition to any decor. They are rich in color, definitely add to the charm of the decor. These days, they are becoming more and more popular because of their vibrant and bold color. That is loved amongst the new generation. If you love the richness in colors, you would definitely look to start your decor with these rugs. For normal area rugs, you choose the color of the rug according to the color of the furniture present in a room or space. But that is not the case in such rugs. While including these rugs in your decor, you have to choose the rug first and after that design it with the color scheme you like the most. For example, if you choose black color for your over-dyed rug then you will have to balance the color of the room according to the color of the rug by blending the colors used in the decor. While talking about the furniture in the room, you have to be very selective about it. You do not need to have a lot of furniture for this kind of decoration. But you should have the right furniture that sits well with the over-dyed rug you have chosen. You can choose accessories with different textures according to your taste while adding things to this decor. It would be good to have the books included in this decor. Anything you are buying should be the one you love the most. And then the decor with your favorite texture, combined with these rugs will be luxurious and soothing to your eyes.


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Going With Patchwork Over-Dyed Rugs

Patchwork is the kind of work in which the small pieces with different color, design and texture are added together to make a single decoration piece. In terms of Patchwork Rugs, the definition goes the same. These rugs are made from small different pieces of other rug fragments. A sturdy yarn is used to sew these pieces together. All this work is best done with hands. Machining is not preferred for making patchwork rugs. These patchwork rugs are reinforced with the help of cotton clothes. As these patchwork rugs are too over-dyed rugs. So while preparing these rugs, pieces from different bold colored rugs are selected. These pieces may originate from different showcases and have a different texture but they have some same colored tone. This means these pieces have a different history but they have richness in their color scheme. Obviously, each piece would have been made using some different technique as compared to the other piece. When these are combined into a single fragment, that fragment earns the glory of uniqueness. It has the touch of every parent rug scheme. The final texture definitely is an amalgam of all these source rugs. These patchworks are available in different schemes and textures with varying size according to your choice and requirement. You would definitely love to try this combination of rich colors. These patchwork rugs can be resized and combined with different colors to suit your needs and requirements.


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Why Choose A Vintage Rug?

Vintage over-dyed rugs are known for their beautiful, fashionable and attractive nature. They possess a unique touch of old traditional styles and patterns while using modern technology to give them beautiful contemporary colors. These over-dyed rugs are also very affordable as their cost of production is quite low as compared to other hand woven area rugs. Vintage over-dyed area rugs are durable and can be used for years as they are made by previously faded and worn area rugs. Vintage area rugs represent a perfect trend of a bridge between modernity and classical styles. Yet they are very durable in nature and very affordable in financial terms. So these types of rugs are preferred over other simple area rugs to use for home decor, office use or any other type of usage. Vintage over-dying is a very old process but it has gained massive popularity in recent years. This popularity is largely due to the excellent combination of the modern fashion industry with traditional designs. Thus this process gives those high quality patterns a contemporary chromatic composition. These rugs come in a wide range of colors and styles so the most important thing while buying these types of rugs is to consider own taste and the purpose for using these area rugs. For example, a blue area rug can be used for a blue colored or shaded bedroom. For dining room patched over-dyed rugs or light colored (yellow, grey, brown) rugs can be used. For kid’s rooms, pink or light blue rugs can be used. So it all depends on taste and use. These rugs are also durable and long-lasting but this durability can always be achieved by using them with extra care. Vacuum should be used excessively while washing these types of rugs or it can also be done by natural cleaning solutions.

To know how to decorate a room using over-dyed rugs is also very important. Placing these rugs should be done wisely. Only this way these rugs can give a perfect look. So we conclude that these vintage rugs are perfectly modern and traditional rugs that can be used for home or office. They are perfect to use if they are selected and placed with proper care and good knowledge. And can be used for a long time if used appropriately.

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