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In busy households where kids and dogs are active, durability is key to the survival of any room. For example, pets need to be let in and out several times a day right?

When Fido goes in and out, his return often includes wet paws, sticky leaves, ice clumped fur.; you get the picture. Now add Fido’s in and out daily routine of your active children.

Wrestling on the living room rug, sneaking a cookie out of the kitchen, spilling the marker box on the floor; these activities occur in the first hours of the morning. How is the rug they lay on, sit upon, and mess on to survive? When it comes to both, kids and dog approved oriental rugs are a wise choice.

Kids and Dog Approved Oriental Rugs

One of RugKnots customers recently left us a comment about her new oriental rug. Vanessa Stone writes, “So pleased with my Ikat purchase! The abstract pattern really works well with the modern style of my room. Also, the rug is very durable; kids and dog-approved! It was a pleasure doing business with RugKnots.”

We are so glad that the new oriental rug fits Vanessa's home and style. Oriental rugs are very durable and that is a very good reason that kids and dogs approve oriental rugs.


True Oriental rugs are made from 100% natural wool fibers. Not only are wool rugs durable, but they also resist moisture beautifully. When liquids are spilled on wool rugs, they are easy to blot up with a soft towel. For this reason alone, kids and dogs approved Oriental rugs are a blessing in disguise. 

If Fido has an accident on a wool rug, the liquid will sit atop the wool, like how oil sits on top of the water. Often times the urine can be collected by using a stainless steel teaspoon. Simply run the spoon on top of the carpet and remove as much of the urine as you can using this method. Spoon the urine into a throw-away cup.

After successfully removing most of the pet stain, bead up the remaining unwanted moisture with a soft towel. Sometimes wrapping the towel around a dinner knife and guiding the cloth over the stain to blot up the remaining moisture works well. When you feel you have been able to blot up most of Fido’s accident, flush with water and repeat the process several times. Dry with a fan.

Cleaning up pet accidents on wool rugs is far more efficient than trying to remove stains from a synthetic rug. Synthetic rug fibers are not natural and are made from petroleum products. When a pet has an accident on a synthetic rug, the stain drains through on to the backside of the rug. The stain, if unnoticed, can damage the flooring underneath, and stays trapped along with the scent of urine.

When chemicals are used to clean the stain, they break down the spray protection than synthetic rugs come with. The fibers become sticky and begin to collect dust and other elements from the air. In a short amount of time, the area that was cleaned with a chemical will start to look gray. This is because dust particles have stuck to the rug's fibers. When this happens there is really no way to keep this rug looking clean. Spots just show in the places that the rugs original finish has broken down.


When kids forget to take off their muddy shoes or boots and they march across your living room rug, it is no wonder they get in trouble. Cleaning mud and clay off rug surfaces can be tricky.

Even on a kids and dogs approved oriental rug, mud is going to be an issue. It is better to let the mud dry and then lift it up off the wool fibers with a vacuum. Avoid scrubbing wool rugs at all costs. Scrubbing might damage their pile.

If the mud leaves a stain, the following method should be carefully followed. This method works well on other kid created stains.

Water Method:

  • Never use strong cleaners or enzymes on wool rugs. Try water at first.
  • Be GENTLE. Spray with water and then dab.
  • Go slowly. Blot.
  • Dab, Blot, Dab, Blot, or Spray, Suction.

Vinegar Method:

Some tough stains can be removed by using a white vinegar solution. White vinegar is a natural deodorizer, and a mild acid. Vinegar will remove really awful stains like coffee or vomit. After mixing this, only dab and blot with it. Never rub into the fibers of your wool rug. When the stain is finally removed, rinse and blot with water to remove the solution. If stain remains, consider taking the rug to a professional cleaner.


  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish washing detergent
  • 2 cups tepid water

Oriental rugs will last for decades. Their tough wool fibers can stand up to moisture, high traffic, stains, and years of enjoyment and use. Which rugs are the best for kids and dog approved Oriental rugs? All of them! A true hand knotted Oriental rug made from wool will last a lifetime, and maybe even two lifetime

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