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Rugs are immensely important. While decorating your home, getting area rugs is extremely essential. Matching the designs and shapes with your room’s layout is a very important factor. But, another significant aspect to keep in mind is the color of the rug. This is by far the most important thing to consider. Matching the rug's color with your room’s atmosphere is the foremost thing you need to do while decorating with white rugs. For example, you can’t place a dull colored rug in a neutral colored room. That seems very awkward. While there are hundreds of colors out there, let’s talk about white. White, we consider the kind of colors. Rugs come in various colors and a number of them come in white as well. White is a satisfying color and a white colored rug emits the same vibes. But, there are a lot of statements surrounding such rugs. a lot of people out there become extremely hesitant while buying a white rug and might as well, consider it a risk. Well, we kinda agree with that, too. But, the thing is that there is more to the story as every picture has two sides! To tell you all the pros and cons of using a white colored rug, we are here with this blog post. If you want to find out, keep reading!

10 Pros And Cons Of White Rugs


1. You Can See Everything

Well, that would probably be a very good thing in practical life, being able to see everything but, tats not the case with rugs. You spend money on it and you are able to see everything. I mean, it's white, the most exposing color out there. The slightest spill or dirt will be flashing its way through your eyes and everyone else’s too. They expose a little too much of it. Especially when you buy an expensive rug which is white, you can’t really take that much pain. Moreover, you can’t even clean it or get it cleaned constantly. That not only damages the fibers but also causes a lot of unrest and hassle.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

2. Not Suitable Be Placed At High Traffic Area

Obviously, as they show everything clearly with so much drama, they are your last option to place at high traffic areas. Even if the fibers and materials used to make the rug can take the high foot traffic but your chosen color (white) makes it the least eligible to take high foot traffic. If you are planning to get an area rug for high traffic areas especially where there is constant attendance and visits such as the living room, dining room or your own bedroom, a white colored rug is the biggest no! And a kitchen? Don’t even think about it.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

3. Difficult To Maintain

White rugs are one of the most difficult to maintain rugs, if not the most! Not only are they hard to maintain but have a high maintenance cost, too. Imagine, getting one sensitive and expensive rug which could only get cleaned professionally, how painful would that be. Getting a rug professionally cleaned time and again is not suitable for both the rug and the rugs owner. Also, if you clean it at home, there is a considerable risk that you might damage a delicately constructed/ produced rug. Vacuuming them, spot cleaning or even deep cleaning, everything takes in energies and a lot of risk taking guts. In order to not take any chances, don’t even imagine getting a white colored rug if you can’t treat it like a royal princess.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

4. Get Stained Easily (Non- Stain Resistant)

Of course, they get stained easily. Staining is one of the biggest drawbacks of white colored rugs. Wine spilling or even a slightest spill can cause damage to your rug and change the whole outlook of your area rug. You can’t really spot cleaning on a regular basis, it is very hard. Also, getting intense stains such as lipstick stains or drink stains are considerably hard to even take out and spot cleaning. Another noteworthy fact is that, the color might fade (now, you might think what color would a white rug fade) but, there is a thing called dulling of color. Your white rug will contain damp areas and some corners might be dull and still pertain to the stains- even if you cleaned them out. Another problem is the color resistance that a white rug lacks; they can still have some stained color in it for the rest of its life even if you cleaned it out multiple times!

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

5. They Are Not Kid-Friendly

As we have even mentioned before that they are not suitable for high traffic areas and are not even stain resistant. It should be very obvious to you by now- that they are not kid friendly as well. Of course, a rug that cannot take this much pain is sufficient to be placed in a kid’s room. You might agree that kids are kind of aggressive and funky. They are running here and there every now and then, without any breaks. White rugs might not be able to take this much wear and tear. Also, kids are very much capable of spilling and dropping stuff from their hands in the name of “slipping” and we can understand that. If you have a kid around, a white colored rug is like a death trap for you. They will drop stuff, run around and that too unapologetically. So, if you were planning to get a white rug in your kid’s room or even in a kids “house we don’t think that’s a good idea. But, of course if you kids are vigilant and kind of mature, we don’t think a white rug might be a problem for you. Anyway, don’t take such risks!

6. Neither Are They Pet-Friendly

Obviously, your pet might also act like a kid sometimes and we can totally relate with that. They might also cause some stains and dirt and you can’t really stop them from doing so. They also are running around, coming from outdoors containing dirt and boom, they step on your precious white rug. We cannot even imagine the hurt it would cause to you. That’s painful. For you to not take that pain and go through such trauma it’s better that you don’t get a white rug when there are pets around such as cats or dogs.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

7. Your Breath Will Stay Stuck

If you have a white rug going through your way, chances are that you will be having sleepless nights. Your breath will be stuck through your throat and it will be hard to concentrate on other things. Yes, it is that dramatic and difficult. You would have to be in complete attendance to your rugs. You would have to take care of your kids or pets not being around it, if anyone has entered while wearing shoes and even peoples hand movements (so they don’t drop something by accident). That’s one difficulty of a job. It’s not only hard to maintain them but looking after them is a full time job. You might as well want to hire someone in order to take care of your rug (it might be a hyperbole, lol). Anyway, if you have kids and pets and non- accident prone adults, white rugs are not the best option for you and your house.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021


1. They Are A Visual Treat

White is undeniably a royal color. It’s like they emit some luxurious feels. It might show as if you are in a royal palace. They definitely are visually appealing. Also because white color is soothing and everything just seems cool, vibrant and elegant. They give off a visual treat to anyone who looks at them and are undisputedly beautiful. White rugs add to your fashion statement and transform yet complete the entire aura of your space.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

2. They Are Comfortable

As I said earlier, they give off soothing effects. A person sitting around a white rug may feel extremely relaxed. If these rugs are kept up and are cleaned regularly, they can definitely be the most charming. Whenever you want to relax and meditate, a room containing white rug is your ideal destination. Don’t give a second though and dive right into that room and relax your way through your life. Even if you are having a bad day, just go and take a nap there! They are hella comfortable.

They Are Comfortable

3. They Have The Ability To Enhance

One of the best pros of a white rug is that they enable you to enhance your rooms’ size. For example, if you place this rug in a large room, it will make the room look even larger. Similarly, if you place it in a small room, it will enhance the room size and make it look like the perfect size. They are a great accessory for any room. These rugs are great if you want to camouflage or enhance the entirety of your room.

They Have The Ability To Enhance

And it’s a wrap! White rugs can be a headache but still their visual appealing factor wins over hearts. You can’t ignore the fact that they look amazing and any surrounding looks evergreen. We believe that every rug has its own pros and cons depending upon its size, shape, design, style and material. And simply everything has pros and cons but that doesn’t mean that you should put a complete ban on them. Same is the case with white rugs, they do have their disadvantages but their advantages should not be forgotten or get overlooked. Every color brings in its own vibe especially in the rugs industry. As we have mentioned earlier, you should always try and match rugs to your room. We hope that this blog post was helpful and informative for you.

100 Best White Rugs For 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About White Rugs

1. Where Can I Find White Rugs Online?

You can find white rugs online on RugKnots’ website. There are also plenty of other websites where you could get these rugs, for instance, Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and of course RugKnots. You can search for some amazing white rugs from our collection of rugs available on our website.

2. What Are Some White Rug Features?

The features of white rugs are diverse. Some of these features are its pile thickness, weft type, and color, as well as wool or synthetic material used on it. There could be a number of designs also: the classic Persian rug design, geometric patterns like chevron stripes and diamonds, tribal styles with zigzag lines that stem from one central point in the middle of your living room or any other room. White rugs are very versatile, and these are just some of the things that make them an easy decision.

3. What Is A White Rug Made From?

Some rugs are made with wool or synthetic material while others could be cotton or nylon. Wool carpets generally have more resilience to dirt since they hold up better in humid conditions and stay cleaner for longer periods of time. These rugs are also more durable and long-lasting. You can put this rug from the way we enter as it is made of high-quality materials.

4. What Are Some Unique Styles Of White Area Rugs?

There are so many styles to choose from when you select a white rug. There are runner styles that can be used to create a beautiful border around your floor or they could be placed in the middle of your room. You may also want to consider round rugs for an area rug that has a more modern feel.

5. How To Maintain A White Rug?

White rugs can be very difficult to maintain as it can be difficult to mask stains and dirt. It is important not to overwet the rug with water or use cleaning products that may have a strong odor for your white area rugs. You can use a mild soap to spot clean the area and then dry it off. It is important to keep your white rug clean and free of dirt. This will ensure that it lasts longer and stays looking as vibrant as the day you first laid eyes on it.

6. How To Clean A White Cotton And Wool Rug?

Cotton and wool are often used in the rug-making process and can be difficult to clean. It is important that you vacuum these rugs often as it will remove any dirt or debris from them. You may also want to consider vacuuming your white cotton and Wool Area Rugs with a hand-held vacuum rather than a traditional upright, If you own pets, you often find that white cotton and wool area rugs are stained by the hair from their pet. This is one of the most common reasons for stains on these types of rugs, so it is important to vacuum them more frequently in order to prevent this problem. However, to remove the stains you will need to use a mild detergent and then rinse the area rug.

7. Are White Rugs Hand-Woven?

Yes! White rugs are hand-woven and can be made with a variety of fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk. The hand woven feature of the rug makes it valuable and perfect for your home decor with white rug. A hand-woven rug is better than a machine-made rug.

RugKnots has a wide variety of the best quality white area rugs for you to select from. So, Shop now from our website! If you have any questions then it is recommended for you to email us at info@rugknots.com or call us at (301) 660-7046‬. Happy shopping!

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