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It is a known fact that rugs can make or break your room. They are the finishing touch that will either tie everything together or clash with your design scheme and create an eyesore in the process. There are many types of rugs to choose from, so you should do some research before deciding on which rug you want for your home. Many people are looking for new rugs to add a pop of color or neutralize their space, and transitional rugs are the perfect way to do so. They can make your room feel more open and modern and give you an airy feeling that will be great for warmer months when the summer heat is on its way. The best part about transitional rugs? You can find one in any size. So whether you're looking for something small enough to cover a portion of your floor or large enough to fill up an entire room with softness, we've got you covered. The best Transitional Rugs for 2024 are coming in all shapes and sizes. From the traditional to the modern, each rug will fit your home's style perfectly. To help save time, we have compiled a list of 100 transitional rugs that would be perfect for any home.

1. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug 

This gorgeously colorful, flat woven rug has been machine made from 100% polypropylene pile, making it a soft and easy texture for your feet to relax on. With this, it adds color, creates a welcoming atmosphere in any space, and brings comfort to those with wood floors, adjusting the humidity levels of that space.  Machine washable, so when spills occur, you can wipe them away without bothering anyone else; we want everyone happy. 

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

2. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

Can't decide between a colorful or earthy rug? Try one with both blue and white ocean themes. The colorful, flat-woven boho chic area rug is a perfect way to add color and texture without covering the floors you love. Its 100% polypropylene pile means that it won't flatten over time. And since it's machine made and not handmade, it can be delivered quickly in just days from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

3. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Thoughts jet off, racing around the room in so many directions. They ricochet off walls and hit each other head-on with such force that they rebound off one another. But then something happens; these pieces of information calm things down as they settle near a pile of linoleum tiles lying on top of the ground below them. With an eye for detail, you can see all there is to offer with this Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug from RugKnots. Rest assured, knowing it has been imported from China and manufactured with quality materials made to last long.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

4. Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

Catch your boho chic side with this soft woven texture.  Constructed of a soft 100% polypropylene pile, this colorful rug is a great addition to any room in the house. Its flat design makes it perfect for hardwood floors and eclectic décor

Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

5. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

This Boho Chic area rug is perfect for any room of your house that feels a little empty. Made from a durable polypropylene pile, this rug is flat woven with a soft texture for added cushiness while looking sharp at the same time. With no skid backing, this provides adequate grip on wood floors but won't scratch up high quality tile or stone. You can return it if you're not thrilled with it within 30 days, and shipping to as far as is free.

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

6. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Cozy up to your room with this modern Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug. Comfortable and durable, the rug is made of 100% wool pile for a groundbreaking design. Free shipping is included to give you an affordable product that can be shipped conveniently right to your doorstep. There's no need to spend hours searching for the perfect carpet or rug, simply add it to your cart today and get high quality with easy purchase.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

7. Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

This is one of our most popular area rugs. It's made with soft backing for your floors that are delicate and thin such as wood. The colors pop against light and dark hardwood floors and look great on any other type of flooring. The machine-made construction ensures quality assurance at an affordable price point. With the FREE returns policy and free shipping within the continental US, why not give this rug a try?

Teal Boho Chic Area Rug

8. White Transitional Area Rug

The classic Boho Chic Area Rug- a modernized flat woven rug with a cheerful palette of color. Easy to place on any hardwood surface, its soft and inviting pile will be your favorite thing about this elegant rug. Return the beautiful rug for FREE within 30 days of purchase by mail through Shipping Free Returns. Shipments are eligible for FREE Standard Delivery.

White Transitional Area Rug

9. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

This multi-color geometric area rug is perfect for any living space, dining room, or exercise room. This beautifully designed low pile rug will create a sense of creativity with its modern geometric pattern while not disrupting the flow and feel of your home. The wool pile features an easy to clean design that needs very little maintenance. We offer free shipping on all orders.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

10. Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

Our Boho Chic Area Rug is a flat woven rug that adds vibrancy to your living space. With bright geometric designs, this handmade rug is constructed with 100% polyester to give you an extra soft texture for the flooring of any room in your home. Show off those hardwood floors and bring some color into the area rug design with this one-of type product. 

Multi-Color Boho Chic Area Rug

11. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

We proudly offer beautiful and durable Geometric Area Rugs that will last you for years. Available in various colors, sizes, and patterns, these versatile rugs are perfect for any space. The construction is from the high-quality hand-hooked materials like 100% polyester pile, which offers a waterproof to readily available stains protection from all over messes. Free shipping is offered on this item. Dishing punches of color into your living or dining room with our Multi-Color Geometric Area Rugs. A clever addition to any space, these low pile rugs effortlessly blend seamlessly into existing decor while adding intriguing interest to the flooring with their modern geometrical prints.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

12. Pink Boho Chic Area Rug

This gorgeous, pink rug is perfect for turning your space into a boho chic haven. Machine made from nylon and wool fibers for long lasting. With light colors and busy patterns that make it look like a rug made right out of the hippy lifestyle, this 7'x9' flat woven rug will turn any boring room into something you'll love to live in. Get ready to throw on your best vintage top and rock out all day when you relax at home on this soft-textured area rug.

Pink Boho Chic Area Rug

13. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Geometric power and modern style come together in this interestingly patterned rug. Bold colors make the design pop while rustling 100% polypropylene pile makes it easy to walk on for a comfy layer of flooring - perfect for years of wear and tear. The multi-color geometric area rug is made from synthetic materials, fully washable with nontoxic dyes, imported from China. Delivered quickly without any nasty shipping costs yet. Plenty of options are available: find your size today only at this attractive price, or shop by color if you already know what shade works best for you.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

14. Neutral Area Rug

The Neutral Area Rug is perfect for everyday wear. It has a soft, easy feel and it's there to protect your flooring from the dirt of foot traffic if you're using it in an office or commercial space. The Neutral Area Rug not only looks professional and helps people feel at ease, but also protects your flooring with its natural fiber blend woven through hand tufted construction. With no need for cleaning up your rug as often as other rugs are designed, this area rug will give you softer feet and feels just right underfoot.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

15. Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

Boho Chic is the perfect rug choice for your floor. This flat woven, machine-made rug crafted from a durable material is stylish, easy to care for, and affordable. The soft texture makes it an excellent option for wood floors since this type of hard surface can be too harsh on your feet at times. Also, you'll love how good any spills will stay contained within the polypropylene fibers, which ensures no stains are left behind when you're done with them. 

Ivory Boho Chic Area Rug

16. Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

The Beige Boho Chic Area Rug is a flat woven rug that will add some color to the room and be a good option for your wooden floors. Enjoy this machine made rug that features 100% Wool & Nylon pile, FREE return, and shipping -perfect for busy professionals looking for an area rug.

Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

17. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

With a design that will look great in any space, this low-pile rug is a must have for adding a pop of color. Featuring an on trend geometric pattern in multiple colors, it will add dimension to your flooring and act as the perfect finishing touch to your room décor with its abstract patterns. Plus, you'll love not having to worry about spills and stains ruining its beauty because our stain resistant material ensures they won't absorb. And with free shipping and expert installation available, what are you waiting for?

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

18. Beige Boho Chic Area Rug 

This is the perfect rug for your living room or bedroom. The beige will match with any color you desire, while providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere to get lost in work or sleep in. Made with durable Turkish machine made construction from 100% Polypropylene pile, this rug will last through many years of everyday wear and tear no matter what comes its way. FREE 30 days return gives you the security that if you decide it's not for you, you can send it back free of charge one day. Free shipping across the US lets this rug arrive on time and look as good as new.

Beige Boho Chic Area Rug

19. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug is an amazing choice for high-traffic or low pile areas. This machine tufted rug, made of 100% polyester, has a stunning geometric pattern and will add elegance to your decor style with its lovely design. The creative colors are perfect for a living room or family room set. Shop the Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug online today.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

20. Grey Neutral Area Rug

A rug is a key element in any room. It's the foundation of your home and office, affording protection to floors, offering insulation for human feet, as well as two hundred years long springboards from which you can explore and interact with then touch every other thing. A pure viscose fiber rug softens footsteps while providing the sensual ambiance of nature woven into your very own space. Add our gray neutral rug to create an inviting living environment over any tile flooring or wood surface. Choose one style to define an ideal space; these are beautiful rugs that work well in most rooms. 

Grey Neutral Area Rug

21. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

This fine geometric rug is perfect for high traffic areas, and with its flat construction, it won't show as dirt, stains, or wear. Originally made in China out of a synthetic material that mimics wool called polypropylene, this durable take on the Persian classic can be used just about anywhere from kitchen to the dining room to living space and comes in many colors. Order today for free shipping.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

22. Ivory Geometric Area Rug

The geometric pattern adds sophistication and creativity to any room. You will never have a dull moment with our stylish rug. It's time to upgrade your living room decor with this machine made geometric pattern area rug. The colors will make it the perfect unifying element in any home and can be changed out seasonally for a refreshing feeling. This rug is low pile, which means great for high traffic areas or bare feet while watching TV. Check out all of our options here.

Ivory Geometric Area Rug

23. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug adds a modern geometric pattern by adding beauty and life to any living space. Low pile weave creates comfort for bare feet with quick & easy clean up. Throw pillows are available in coordinating colors to match your tastes. This rug is easily shippable due to its low profile packaging too. Manufactured from stain resistant synthetic fibers or 100% natural fibers, this alluring rug will not disappoint in style either way, so long as it's a rug you want to buy.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

24. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

Liven up your household with this eye-catching, low pile rug that is sure to get compliments from anyone who visits. This Southwestern area rug provides just the right amount of warmth and coziness for any family room or living room. It's hardwood floor friendly, too. Standing taller than 1/2 an inch and made of soft fibers that are woven by hand into intricate patterns, these flatwoven rugs promise a lifetime of good durability so you can beat those messes without worrying about the lint getting underneath them. 

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

25. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

With this handsome geometric area rug from RugKnots, you can be the envy of the neighborhood. This is an all-in-one purchase that includes a high quality synthetic fiber contemporary shape and design, low pile weave for easy movement, won't show your dirt and spills like natural fiber rugs will be made in China, a neutral color palette with different shapes for accents or baselines in green, red and light turquoise. Your new multi-color geometric area rug comes with free shipping if you live in the continental US 

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

26. Navy Geometric Area Rug 

Dance your way over this hand-tufted rug which features geometric patterns of different colors across its wide area. Its unique design will add an out-of-this world touch to any room from hallway to bedrooms as well as high traffic spots like footpaths and family areas of homes like living rooms or dining spaces. This modern piece will serve you for years with excellent durability.

Navy Geometric Area Rug

27. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug is a modern interpretation of an iconic pattern that has been updated with bold colors and updated geometric shapes. This low pile weave rug will tie your living room together while still feeling luxurious. Choose from different color combinations to find the perfect one for you, all backed by our warranty. All of this and free shipping? Make it today.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

28. Grey Neutral Area Rug

When it comes to establishing an eye-catching focal point, the Neutral Area Rug is a perfect choice. Specially designed for home offices, this power loomed rug has a large surface area of 5'x7′ that can be placed in nearly any room. Explore options for customizing personalized ads and more with this power loomed rug with a soft feel underfoot. Extra durable natural fibers make these rugs great for everyday wear in dining rooms. Our machine made and easy care yarn construction means you never have to worry about everyday wear or stains ever again. Pick one up today before stocks run out.

Grey Neutral Area Rug

29. Beige Southwestern Area Rug

Comfortable and durable in high traffic areas. The fibers are soft to the touch but durable enough for kids and pets. A welcome addition to any home with its eye-catching textured patterns and many choices of colors available. And best of all? The affordable price tag will make it feel like this stunning accent was free - now time to grab two before they sell out.

Beige Southwestern Area Rug

30. Aqua Transitional Area Rug

Aqua rug is hand tufted, 100% wool pile height  0.37 inch, and manufactured in India. Blend of modern and traditional designs. This transitional style area rugs is wonderful for both contemporary or traditional-style rooms. Aqua's cool tone will keep your space feeling fresh with its light blue hue. Aqua has an unbeatable price point that we are proud to offer because it provides such an amazing look for the cost.

Aqua Transitional Area Rug

31. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Often, space is the thing that we crave in our mundane lives. With a Multicolor Geometric Area Rug from RugKnots, your bare feet can take you on journeys to new and unexplored places like never before. Indulge in this exquisite piece created with non absorbent synthetic fibers or choose based on your budget with natural fibers. Regardless of which one you chose, these rich colors will add warmth to any room and will surely make it feel more fulfilled.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

32. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

The Southwestern Area Rug is the perfect way to help bring beautiful southwestern style into a family space. The rug's soft scrolling patterns and light colors will add sophistication, while its low pile offers accessibility for high traffic areas like bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms. A must-have for any home that needs a little spice in their life.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

33. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

This modern, geometric area rug has a low pile perfect for dining room and living spaces. Made with Chinese Hand Hook construction of 100% POLYPROPYLENE PILE fabric, our Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug ships free.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

34. Navy Geometric Area Rug 

A geometric pattern is incorporated into this 2-tone rug in order to make any room style a little more vibrant and lively than usual. The entirety of the rug will be covered, so you'll have no regrets about snagging this one before someone else beats you to it.  Proudly hand tufted for durability, anti-skid backing, and an affordable price tag - which doesn't compromise on construction quality in any way. Stand confident wherever your bare feet fearlessly tread with this high traffic area rug from RugKnots.

Navy Geometric Area Rug

35. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

The Multi-Color Kids Area Rug is made of high quality material that is safe and nontoxic. The rug has a delicate texture that ensures durability with vibrant colors for your little one to enjoy when playing or napping on the floor. This baby area rug is also aesthetically pleasing, making mom's youngest cooing at its beauty from their very first days in toddlerhood.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

36. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The Modern Geometric Multi-Color Area rug is the perfect choice for your contemporary space. This smooth low pile carpet is constructed from 100% POLYPROPYLENE PILE and covered in a geometric pattern that will augment the look of any space. With free shipping, you can decorate every room of your house with our modern, attractive design.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

37. Grey Neutral Area Rug

Introducing the latest rug style from our rug Collection. The neutral rug is ideal for any room. This surprisingly soft, handwoven rug will give your space the comfortable feel you've been looking for. The Natural Fiber Rug is perfect for a home office with foot traffic.   It's hand knotted and surprisingly soft, thanks to natural fibers that feel just as good on your feet as they do on your eyes. Free returns within 30 days, and this is a purchase you can't refuse. We also offer one of the best warranties in the industry so that order with confidence today. 

Grey Neutral Area Rug

38. Red Southwestern Area Rug

A Southwestern Area Rug is perfect for families with small kids because it's incredibly durable and can handle the wear and tear of family living. Plus, this rug provides just enough variety to spice up any room. This flatwoven rug has intricate patterns or designs that'll help you transform your space without breaking the bank. Oh, not to mention all its other benefits? A Southwestern Area Rug will absorb sound while adding warmth to cold floors in high traffic areas. In addition, it's lightweight construction means a quick and simple installation if there are hardwood floors in your home--and since it comes in many light colors, they're even more affordable than ever before. Take a closer look today.

Red Southwestern Area Rug

39. Tan Jute Area Rug

Maybe you're looking for a stylish, classic rug that doesn't show dirt and will stand up to heavy traffic. Concerned about the environmental impact of your new product? This Jute area rug is woven by hand from 80% Jute to 20% Cotton, making it durable and sustainable. Shipping is free. You can also return this carpet within 30 days of delivery if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, no questions asked.

Tan Jute Area Rug

40. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

A perfect addition to any modern aesthetics, this low pile rug is constructed from durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The abstract geometric pattern of this rug will match in style with any flooring you choose for your home. With a free shipping option available, there's no reason not to invest in this amazing designer piece of decorating chic.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

41. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

There's nothing better than the feel of warm, bare feet on soft knots. This rug will make your family room or living room a homecoming of easy elegance with an intricate design and low pile. And with its affordable price and high-traffic appeal, you'll be able to keep your floors looking fresh no matter how many shoes have come in through the door.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

42. Navy Geometric Area Rug 

The Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug is perfect for adding flair to a stylish apartment. The high quality and soft pile of this rug make it delightfully barefoot-friendly without sacrificing style. The navy blue and white woven design also lends an air of sophistication to any room if used in conjunction with sophisticated furniture pieces. Throw pillows are included as well.

Navy Geometric Area Rug

43. Brown Southwestern Area Rug 

This is one of our most popular rugs. The flat woven Southwestern area rug has scattered tiles and intricate patterns to add a touch of character in your home's most high-traffic areas. You'll love the deep red, rustic brown, peach, and cream palettes that have thin strands, so you won't lose too much floor space. With such a low pile height, these rugs are perfect for hardwood floors. Light colors make this Southwest style rug work well in living rooms with loved ones. Buy one today.

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

44. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

A beautiful rug that's perfect for your home, office, or car. It'll work in nearly any space and has a beautiful natural feel to it. You can find this neutral area rug on our site at RugKnots. The neutral colors give this Turkish-made rug visual interest and vintage depth of color while being great in contemporary areas and meaning it won't wear or tear easily as other rugs will. And best of all? The affordable price tag makes this a must have purchased for your home now.

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

45. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

The Multi-Color Kids Area Rug is a perfect addition to your nursery room. Made from polyester material that provides safety and durability with hand tufting stitches for added interest, this rug is the right choice for children of all ages who enjoy creative playtime or nap time on their favorite floor furnishing. With fruits colors in red, green, blue, and white, this area rug will brighten any home décor while adding extra comfort. 

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

46. Ivory Geometric Area Rug

If you are looking for a trendy, comfortable rug with high-quality construction, be sure to consider the ivory geometric area rug. It can go seamlessly from your living room to your bedroom with its simplistic, geometric design. This rug is perfect for those who want something new and different without it being too busy.

Ivory Geometric Area Rug

47. Tan Jute Area Rug

The Jute Area Rug is a light colored rug with natural materials. Its construction is machine made, and the pile height is medium high, making it perfect for making any office space or living room cozy and welcoming. At RugKnots, we offer free shipping and a full 30 day return policy so you can order your new rug hassle-free.

Tan Jute Area Rug

48. Grey Geometric Area Rug

This stylish geometric area rug will go perfectly in any entryway, bedroom, or living room. It's a perfect way to add some color and ambiance to your flooring. The pile is low (1/2 inch) for those who just want the look of a rug but not all the maintenance. Floor durability offers stain resistant properties, making it easy to clean up that little spill on your floor. See pictures and get more information on our website.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

49. Ivory Geometric Area Rug

The great variety of colors in the rug provides a truly elegant touch to any living room or family room. It's perfect for entrances, kitchens, bedrooms, guest rooms, or other high traffic areas. With this geometric design and soft-to-the-touch feeling, it is no wonder. Each color adds its element of sophistication to this versatile area rug that will surely transform any décor style you have at home into chic decor galore.

Ivory Geometric Area Rug

50. Blue Geometric Area Rug 

Feeling like there's nothing to represent who you are in your living room? We can help. Our blue Geometric Area Rug features a modern geometric pattern that's both stylish and practical: it's stain resistant and machine washable so that coffee spills won't be as devastating. There will no longer be any need to search for a matching throw pillow with this rug because its brown color acts as an accent throughout the rug's assorted colors. And if you're considering other rugs for purchase but feel trepidation about shipping fees, don't worry. Shipping is free from RugKnots. 

Blue Geometric Area Rug

51. Brown Southwestern Area Rug 

The Southwestern Area Rug protects hardwood floors from scratches and dents. Made in India with soft fibers, the intricate pattern is sure to bring a bit of sunshine to your family room. Light colors and an affordable price make this carpet great for high traffic areas.  Our flatwoven rugs may be a low pile, but they're still big on style. As shown, our rug will fit just right in any home. Use it to brighten up your living room or as a quick way of adding some color to your bedroom's floor space during the winter months when you don't want cold feet getting in touch with rough stone or tile underneath.

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

52. Ivory Neutral Area Rug

The neutral rug is versatile and can be put in any room. This rug comes in every size imaginable, has underfoot-friendly softness, and is pet hair resistant, so you don't have to vacuum it constantly. With the ability to display personalized ads on the rug's surface, this is one of our most useful innovations yet.

Ivory Neutral Area Rug

53. Tan Geometric Area Rug

Looking for a rug to add some life and creativity to your living space? We're sure the area rugs we offer are exactly what you've been looking for.  Geometric patterns allow these rugs to coordinate with any decor from sleek and urban, modern homes or even classic, rustic country décor.  Handcrafted in India, these beautiful pieces feature durable wool construction that will last over time. With an affordable price tag and popular multiple colors available, this is one purchase you won't regret making.

Tan Geometric Area Rug

54. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

You work hard to provide your child with the best environment they can have. But just because it's a little messy doesn't mean their rug needs to be. With this Multi-Color Kids Area Rug, you can field any mess that may come up. It is constructed from safe and nontoxic materials, with a polyester pile for added durability, and includes ultraviolet protection against fading. You'll never need to worry about paints containing lead or exhaust fumes seeping through again; our thick pile height of 0.37" will withstand all sorts of roughhousing energy in your family room without showing so much as one crease. Best of all?

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

55. Green Geometric Area Rug

This interesting geometric design is perfect for a minimalist but sophisticated living room. Dress up your rug and bring life to your room with these modern patterns and colors. The low pile weave will not only keep you cool during the warmer seasons, but it's also resistant to stains meaning this rug can be tossed around without worry. Throw pillows come included on both sizes for added style or comfort-great as additional seating or as an accent piece in any setting.

Green Geometric Area Rug

56. Grey Kilim Area Rug

Playful and romantic, this finely crafted kilim rug makes a statement. The navy blue color is saturated with the warmth of oriental patterns woven on a Polypropylene warping. Filled with an artistic tradition stretching, this casual style of dhurrie rug will make any room come alive.

Grey Kilim Area Rug

57. Brown Jute Area Rug 

Every day at work, you face dozens of tasks that require space to sit on the ground. Imagine how much more time you would be able to complete your task, how refreshed you would feel when leaving the office, and how great it will look once our beautiful natural jute rug is there. Your colleagues will appreciate its welcoming touch (high pile) underneath their legs while waiting for coffee during headquarters' new espresso bar opening. Finally, come home with some extra time in order the following morning, thanks to our organic, high-quality rug rolling out under each footstep. Yes? This pretty purchase can now be yours without feeling guilty because this space saving design helps keep costs down by being machine washable too.

Brown Jute Area Rug

58. Brown Southwestern Area Rug 

This beautiful and durable Southwestern Area Rug will make an easy addition to your living room, family room, or bedroom. Everyday use is no problem with this low pile rug with intricate patterns that keep it fresh. The soft fibers of a flatwoven rug are bound together tightly, so they follow every curve and have more durability than traditional Hand Knotted Rugs. With its light colors and beautifully crafted design, any ugly floor will instantly transform into a functional artful environment perfect for entertaining guests all year long.

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

59. Grey Geometric Area Rug

This geometric area rug is perfect for striking a balance between modernity and tailored styling in any contemporary space. Featuring a hand-tufted construction with 100% wool yarn, this beautifully elegant rug will be perfect for your home, office or cottage. Its long-lasting fabric construction can handle wet messes with heart thanks to its fibers being made from wool. Available now at an unbeatable price.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

60. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

This beautiful, bright multi-colored rug is a fantastic addition to any room. Ideal for infants and toddlers' rooms or play spaces. The soft fibrous pile carpet adds warmth underfoot and provides a comfortable place to sit and play. the 100% polyester pile stays looking like new with regular vacuuming and the correct care. Floor coverings will bring life to your child's space. Make this rug permanent with scissors where they're most needed for coloring activities, pretend housekeeping or storytime storytelling memories that will endure in an otherwise very quickly changing world. Give little hands plenty of room on this inviting surface that can be used as a safe canvas from which young ones may explore their creativity without the fear of spills.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

61. Silver Neutral Area Rug

This is a floor rug that's crafted by the hand tufted method. It eliminates bothersome twists in yarn and allows for an even distribution of pile weight throughout the entire surface, making it a sturdy option to use on all types of floors. Plain white and silver, this item offers a soft feel and is perfect for every room in your home, complete with dining rooms or used as displays that have personalized ads showing off what you like most. The neutral color also aids in showcasing these images, so they don't detract from your beautiful choice of decoration.

Silver Neutral Area Rug

62. Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

The Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug embodies quality and longevity, thanks to its glamorous wool pile. This tile can take on almost any home design theme and has a neat sheen finish for a modern look that will energize your space without taking up too much floor area. That's not all - this versatile carpet comes in two sizes (5'x7' or 7'6" x 9'6"), three options for tassels (sheer, medium-weight, heavy), brightness control system colorfastness protection at no extra charge), and it ships to you free from our store to your door. 

Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

63. Gold Geometric Area Rug

Thoughtfully hand-hooked geometric patterns in a rich, modern color palette on a durable tan polypropylene backing for just the right amount of rugged elegance and inviting texture to make your décor statement stand out. This designer rug's subtle glamour makes it our most under-rated area rug yet — catch us while you can. Sophisticated contemporary style with elegant geometry and gold patterning. Perfect for any room type from living spaces to dining rooms to bedrooms. 

Gold Geometric Area Rug

64. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

The perfect addition to any decor style, especially in southwest inspired rooms. These rugs are 100% handwoven from India. The low pile makes them ideal for high traffic areas like living and family rooms, which is why they're a customer favorite. Take your room from ambiance to extraordinary. The intricate patterns on this high-quality rug are sure to amaze everyone in the home.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

65. Brown Jute Area Rug 

Find the perfect soft rug for your space in our range of natural rugs. Made from high quality jute material that is handwoven, these floor coverings are durable and long lasting. These Jute Rugs beautifully compliment your hardwood floors or tiles. That's why we provide an opportunity to get a free return within 30 days so you can truly see how well it fits your space before making a decision."

Brown Jute Area Rug

66. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

The Multi-Color Kids Area Rug is a high quality, attractive rug that can be placed in any room with children. It features 100% polyester pile height and construction from Chinese Hand Tufted materials to make this product bright, soft and durable enough for your child's play area. In many homes, the living room or family room is where memories are created and shared among families by sitting on furniture, watching movies together on the couch or reading a book. Now flaunt your home décor tastes as you watch two little ones enjoy playing hide and seek under an aesthetically pleasing rug made for every kid (and not just kids).

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

67. Pink Geometric Area Rug

Feeling uninspired and repressed in your home? Add some of this geometric area rug to get the creative juices flowing. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it's also stain resistant. With an entire rug designed to make a big impact, you won't have any more mishaps with spills and stains ruining your hard earned decor. Throw pillows are included for free as well as shipping so you can style out that bedroom or living room whatever way you want. It's time to stop feeling confined in aesthetic norms - show off those bare feet on this beautiful piece of art in your own space.

Pink Geometric Area Rug

68. Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

Show off your sense of coastal style with this rug. This rug comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for any sea or aquarium lover. Made from a combination of wool and polyester, it has the durability and quality to withstand a lifetime of use. The blue, white, and green colors will add a sense of calm to any room. These soft textures will give you the perfect place to relax with friends and family.

Multi-Color Coastal Area Rug

69. Brown Southwestern Area Rug 

Start with a good foundation, and your home will be strong. Get the perfect rug for that blank space in your family room or living room. This Southwestern Area Rug will change the dynamics of any area it's placed in. Ideal for high traffic areas and low piles, this rug is made of intricately patterned flat woven rugs that are perfect for relieving stress on hardwood floors underneath. For smaller spaces, these soft fibers lighten up any dark corners with their bright colors.

Brown Southwestern Area Rug

70. Blue Geometric Area Rug

The geometric area rug with modern Geometric Patterns offers an attractive, sophisticated look. Built to be used both indoors and outside, this decorative rug contains polypropylene material that is high-quality and durable. With the perfect amount of simplicity combined with a touch of sophistication, these designer accents will liven up any space you put in it.

Blue Geometric Area Rug

71. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

Our Multi-Color Kids Area Rug is a beautiful addition to your child's room or playroom. With its 0.37 inch finely hand tufted pile height and bright, radiant colors, it will be the focal point of any nursery area rug with a nontoxic 100%  soft Pile well thought out in the background for maximum durability and comfort. Give them something this colorfully engaging that they won't find in other children's rugs - from nurseries to playrooms (and everywhere in between). It can also withstand those high demands that kids put on their new rug because we take pride in bringing you the finest, safest, and most attractive children's rugs. This product provides endless hours of entertainment and creative design possibilities.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

72. Purple Neutral Area Rug

A soft, easy to clean rug for the family room and other high-traffic areas in your home. With a power loomed surface made of 100% natural fibers, this neutral area rug is all you've been looking for—and more. RugKnots have plenty of options that will work with most spaces–find out what fits well with yours by contacting us today.

Purple Neutral Area Rug

73. White Moroccan Area Rug 

The White Moroccan Area Rug is quite literally the perfect blend of classic and modern. Though inspired by Turkish designs, these area rugs are manufactured in Turkey with a polypropylene material that makes them durable and sturdy for any room or space. Choose from 2x7 3x5 7x9 size styles to make an investment that will last years while adding extremities to your home or office's décor through warm whites and black high-contrasting color combinations. The modern print designs give these carpets an edge on fashion over similarly priced varieties without sacrificing quality, affordability, convenience, versatility, durability, or beauty.

White Moroccan Area Rug

74. Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

The Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug is handwoven in India with 100% wool for a plush feel. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your home. These area rugs can be used as protection against hardwood floors, and they are hypoallergenic, making them great for homes with pets or allergies--or if you happen to have rug envy. And we offer free shipping, 30 day returns, and no order minimums. so our low prices let everyone live life on the floor.

Multi-Color Flatweave Area Rug

75. Blue Geometric Area Rug

The contemporary vogue in area rugs is geometric patterns that balance the pure designs without being too stark. Our blue Geometric Area Rugs present a modern take on a classic with soft lines and stunning colors. The soft feel of polypropylene will be perfect for any family setting—whether it's an indoor living room or outdoor patio. Modernize your space with this inviting rug.

Blue Geometric Area Rug

76. White Neutral Area Rug 

The Neutral Area Rug, our newest rug is ideal for a setting that's often on the go. With low traffic areas or even foot traffic, you'll feel like you're walking on something soft and comforting yet durable at the same time. And speaking from experience, I can assure you that they are also more than just easy to maintain. The robust design stretches across your floor space with one turn like a magnet while providing an effortlessly soft surface underfoot while also easily absorbing any pet hair there may be in that space. This hand knotted brushstroke rug will not just look good- but it feels good too.

White Neutral Area Rug

77. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

Unique and eye-catching, the Multi-Color Kids Area Rug will immediately grab the attention of any child. The cheerful rug features gray shades that contrast with a neutral background for maximum visual stimulation. Additionally, since your children are only ever young once, this area rug is an investment in your little one's future. It will provide hours of safe entertainment to allow them to explore their natural sense of creativity and curiosity. Rugs like these last far longer than most throw cushions or other kids play items, so make no mistake about it: this colorful rug is sure to be long-lasting and well worth the money.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

78. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The geometrical patterns on this rug, are perfect for homes looking to be modern. Grab a coffee and enjoy some quality downtime in your living room in front of the fireplace with this inviting, yet sophisticated area rug. Hang out around the picnic table with friends while cooking yummy food using this under-rated beauty. Never regret not getting it sooner.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

79. Grey Kilim Area Rug

These kilim dhurrie rugs have been woven according to time honored traditions in India's looms and workshops, making each one a genuine work of art crafted with natural materials that will give any room an instant bouquet of style. Handwoven from 100% high quality polypropylene material, each rug features a dark grey base which is then decorated with a bright white color pattern.

Grey Kilim Area Rug

80. Brown Jute Area Rug 

Hand-Woven in India with 100% Jute, this rug is made for a rugged setting. It's professional and organic enough to integrate into any environment, from your office space to your outdoor patio while you sip on a drink and create content all day long. Our favorite rugs are hand woven and soft underfoot - you won't be disappointed. Inspired by nature, this rug offers a welcoming presence as you work or relax at home. Impress customers with your professional service as they come into the store with our newest furnishings available.

Brown Jute Area Rug

81. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The Geometric Area Rug is a contemporary rug with 100% polypropylene and modern geometric patterns in a sophisticated tone. The neutral colors of slaty blue and gray are inviting and inviting to spend time on the floor. Outdoor use makes it perfect for any space and convenient for those who want new floors around their home. With an under-rated elegance that exceeds its price point, this product will be sure to entice people who prefer simplicity when decorating. 

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

82. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

No one has more fun than kids, which is why this Multi-Color Kids Area Rug was made to be just as playful. With bright and cheerful colors that have never been seen before, the floor with a permanent smile on its face will make any young one feel right at home. This rug is machine washable for cleaning convenience and machine dryable, so it can handle whatever your little need dish out. And don't worry about it slipping around on the ground because of special rubber backing that won't let loose until you're ready to put away toys to rest for the night or until mommy says it's time for lunch.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

83. Beige Coastal Area Rug

Freshen up your living space with this beautiful diamond pattern, handmade beige coastal area rug. This rug is manufactured to the finest quality and made in India, so you can trust it lasts for years. Best of all, it's large enough that you can easily move chairs around on top of it without worrying about scratches or spills ruining its beauty. It complements any furniture arrangement beautifully indoors or out.

Beige Coastal Area Rug

84. Teal Neutral Area Rug

The teal Neutral Area Rug is a Turkish rug that's soft underfoot and ready for everyday wear. The simple design is soft to the touch, even with heavy foot traffic in your office space or at home. With nearly any size—from 2'x3' up to 8'x11', you're sure to find what you need for your room. Display personalized ads while you race on this natural fiber rug that will keep its original look without fading—perfect for fast paced multi-tasking environments such as dining rooms. Keep an eye out for frequent sales of our latest products enticing enough to want to buy right now. 

Teal Neutral Area Rug

85. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Geometric Area Rugs are the perfect way to capture modern geometric shapes with a playful twist. This collection of geometrics from area rugs offers that trendy brightness and will effortlessly add sophistication and inviting wriggles into any room in your house. To get those bold and daring new designs, give these stylish 100% Polypropylene hand hooked contemporary area rugs a try.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

86. Multi-Color Kilim Area Rug 

Kilims are traditionally hand-knotted wool rugs from Turkey, Iran, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. They have a rich history in these regions as well as an elegant look and feel. The technique originated in Persia thousands of years ago, and its style has remained largely unchanged throughout centuries. New Zealand Wool is pliable to withstand hugs with feral grace.  Shedding tends to be minimal, and without lanolin, it doesn't make your allergies go crazy as old traditional wool does. There's nothing better than a great looking rug that lasts through being stepped on by "happy feet" day after day. 

Multi-Color Kilim Area Rug

87. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

You're looking at the unparalleled beauty, and quality of our Multi-Color Kids Area Rug. Made with 100% cotton, these colors are bright to boot. Drab? Nein. Playspace providers? Here too. You need this rug in your nursery or playroom. It's perfect for napping and playing on the floor, too. Get it now before somebody else does. We guarantee your satisfaction has no bounds: if you are not completely satisfied with this product, you can return the unused portion for store credit within 30 days. 

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

88. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Geometric area rugs are a wonderful addition to any home. They're elegant, inviting, and contemporary. These patterns create an optical illusion that alters the space to seem larger than it is.  The geometric pattern invokes a sense of sophistication that changes every room in which it's introduced.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

89. Multi-Color Nursery Area Rug

The Lil Mo Hipster Collection Multi-Color Nursery Area Rug has its personality and charm. The ivory rug features pops of color with durable construction for years to come. Its chic design in one of our latest collections will look great in any room, just like moms do. The nursery area rug is made from 100% polyester pile that can withstand machine washes and dry cycles and includes free shipping with 30 day returns and FREE customer care chat or phone support. 

Multi-Color Nursery Area Rug

90. White Moroccan Area Rug 

It's hard to go wrong with a sleek white and black color scheme. Still, sometimes you need something different. This rug is still clean and features bright, vivid modern prints that will liven up any room. Moreover, the polypropylene construction means it can handle constant foot traffic and feel fresh for years on end.

White Moroccan Area Rug

91. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Easily set the mood for your house with this Geometric Area Rug. The modern geometric patterns are sophisticated and attractive - they're right at home indoors or outdoors. 100% wool pile means that it's easy-care, won't fade in sunlight or rain, and is available in a variety of colors + sizes to suit any decorating need. These rugs bring contemporary flair to any room, giving your space just what it needs to feel inviting again. Your perfect living spaces await.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

92. Multi-Color Playroom Area Rug

It's a perfect match to any nursery or playroom for your color-conscious kids. Its soft construction provides maximum comfort and fun with no risk of damaging hard surface floors. The Multi-Color Area Rug by RugKnots is made in China from the best quality materials, using safe techniques that comply with integrated codes. Be sure this rug will not disappoint when it comes to style, charisma, and function because its design includes vivid colors, and one side features an ultra modern alphabetic pattern.

Multi-Color Playroom Area Rug

93. Multi-Color Moroccan Area Rug

The Multi-Color Moroccan Area Rug from our collection is perfect for a modern space needing an infusion of vibrant, living color. Its Moroccan diamond Prints boast a deep, jewel-tone palette and exude timeless elegance mingled with trendsetting fashion. The rug's construction is made from polypropylene, ensuring its durability. It remains free of allergens and harmful substances found in wool or cotton (read more about this below). 

Multi-Color Moroccan Area Rug

94. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

The newest decorating trend, geometric area rugs, offers a sophisticated take on modern design with unique patterns. They are perfect for homes wanting to enjoy the outdoor look without sacrificing quality and practicality. These rugs are out of this world.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

95. Grey Geometric Area Rug

Geometric area rugs are modern, contemporary, and inviting. They are excellent for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, or terraces, and many use them indoors when adding a fresh style to an otherwise traditional home. The geometric design is on trend this year, so don't miss out.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

96. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

There's nothing as cheaply built, home-grown quality when you shop at our store. Breathe in the beauty of hand tufted rugs that are made with 100% polyester pile fibers for an aesthetically appealing rug that can last a lifetime and more. Enjoy the intricate patterns or order one of our newest arrivals—thick rugs that make great dining room table covers, office mats to keep your feet warm from cold floors, or couches to little ones who have just learned how to walk. 

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

97. Navy Contemporary Area Rug

Durable and sophisticated with many patterns to choose from, Area Rugs are right for those looking to make an affordable and bold statement. No matter the size of your door, hallway walls, or even just for "the look," - RugKnots offers an eclectic and wide range of styles that are perfect for every room in your home. You can order one rug at a time, or you can get all fabulousness. 

Navy Contemporary Area Rug

98. Grey Geometric Area Rug

This woven viscose rug has a unique pattern that ties together all the colors of the world. It's one of our most affordable options, capturing both classic and modern sophistication. This color-rich design is stylish in any room, from your kitchen to your bedroom - or even on top of a sleek dining table. I know it doesn't feel like winter just yet, but this product will help you forget about snow during those long post-holiday months.

Grey Geometric Area Rug

99. Tan Jute Area Rug

Maybe you're looking for a stylish, classic rug that doesn't show dirt and will stand up to heavy traffic. Concerned about the environmental impact of your new product? This Jute area rug is woven by hand from 80% Jute to 20% Cotton, making it durable and sustainable. Shipping is free. You can also return this carpet within 30 days of delivery if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, no questions asked.

Tan Jute Area Rug

100. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

There's nothing better than the feel of warm, bare feet on soft knots. This rug will make your family room or living room a homecoming of easy elegance with an intricate design and low pile. And with its affordable price and high-traffic appeal, you'll be able to keep your floors looking fresh no matter how many shoes have come in through the door.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Transitional Rugs

1. What Are Transitional Area Rugs?

Transitional area rugs are a great option for anyone looking to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design. They feature designs from both time periods and offer an elegant balance of classic charm with fresh new takes on popular patterns.

2. What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Transitional Design? 

Traditional spaces are known for their neutral foundations of cream, beige, and gray. The transitional style mixes a combination of classic and modern furniture with finishes that range from sleek to eclectic in a way that feels less uptight than its counterpart--a bit more relaxed because it leans on contemporary designs which have been around longer than what you may find at your local gallery or high-end retailer.

3. Should Transitional Rugs Be In The Dining Room?

A dining room with a transitional area rug can be made to feel warm and inviting. The transitional area rug has long been a popular choice for dining rooms due to its wide range of colors and textures. Make sure to look for a carpet that has additional stain protection.

4. What Is A Transitional Look?

The transitional style is all about embracing a timeless aesthetic that celebrates natural light and the relaxed feel of smooth, blending details. Whether you're looking for something more modern or traditional, transitional provides an up-to-date but still warm look with seamless transitions between two styles. Transitional design is perfect if your style falls somewhere in between classic and contemporary. This type of interior offers warming accents while also providing a modern twist thanks to fluidity within each space's layout so as not to appear too rigid like some other designs might be perceived as being when they have very strict lines dividing them into different spaces

5. What Are Transitional Colors?

Transitional paint color has a better balance of warm and cool tones. The majority of the colors may have 90 % warm undertones and 10 % cool undertones, while the transitional color will be closer to 50/50 or 60/40.

6. Do I Need A Rug Pad Under An Transitional Rug On Hardwood Floors?

When you walk on your rug, it will push up against the hardwood, potentially causing scratches. A rug pad acts as a welcome barrier between the rug and the hardwood.


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