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The Pop Art trend was reflected in Shag rugs. They have, however, recently become fashionable. Shag rugs are, without any doubt are the softest and most comfortable rug type. Shag rugs add a special touch to a room, transforming it from plain and basic to trendy and one-of-a-kind. Shag rugs are welcoming and warm, and they add a touch of softness to any space. The combination of strand lengths and weights gives them a shaggy appearance, which is why they're called shag rugs. Parents choose shag rugs for their children's bedrooms, and college students prefer dorm room decorating. The wool, faux, real fur, leather, and acrylic are all popular materials for shag rugs. Polyester and polypropylene are two popular rug materials that are available in our stock. These are perfect material for any form of the rug because it has the softness and texture of wool but is much more economical because it is synthetic. These are the ideal material to use if you want a brightly colored shag rug because it retains its color well. A higher pile seems warmer and cozier, but it also requires a little more upkeep. Shag rugs can be used in a number of homes, including mid-century, contemporary, minimalist, and scandi styles. Where do you begin when it comes to selecting a shag rug for your home, with so many options? The RugKnots is the best place to begin your rug journey. Here are the 20 plus best Shag Rugs that are enlisted.

1. Green Shag Area Rug

You can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to your surroundings. Our shag area rug collection is Turkish machine-made with a 100% non-shed polypropylene pile. They give the space a sense of style and elegance. The shag rugs offer a plush underfoot experience and bring sleek modern sophistication to minimalist and urban design. We have a variety of bold and neutral colors in the shag collection.

Green Shag Area Rug

2. Red Shag Area Rug

The understated and classical shag rug adds a splash of character to your interior space. The lovely red color shag is perfect for making your dull, boring space fun-loving and alive. Its thick and higher pile adds a plush and luxurious feel. Shag rugs are extremely common because they offer wooden and stone floors a soft touch.

Red Shag Area Rug

3. Grey Shag Area Rug

Shag rugs are effective noise absorbers that prevent echo in big rooms, party halls, or playrooms. The rugs are easy to clean because they can be shaken to remove excess dust and dirt. They are a variety of colors and designs. Thanks to its color scheme which goes with all kinds of furniture item. We assure to provide our customers with the highest possible quality shopping experience with a free shipping offer.

Grey Shag Area Rug

4. Black Shag Area Rug

A great way to liven up the look of your space is to add a shaggy floor piece. Black and White's rugs offer eye-popping and sleek contrast. This carefree and informal style of shag rug helps to bring the room together when placed in the center of the living room. The polypropylene material naturally repels dust, making cleaning more straightforward.

Black Shag Area Rug

5. Teal Shag Area Rug

Synthetic shag is the most cost-effective option. This teal color stands out in almost every form of modern home decor. The white or grey furniture can be paired with any brightly colored shag rug. The shag rug in a bright teal color provides a focal point. It creates a new, clean atmosphere in the room. This bright teal shag rug is also amusing for a children's bedroom or bathroom.

Teal Shag Area Rug

6. Beige Shag Area Rug

If you want to bring life to a drab and lifeless room, then introduce a shag rug on your floors. It brings a sense of whimsy to the setting. You may not need to hire expensive carpet cleaners because It's easier to scrub, and a good vacuuming every day can help. Moreover, its patterns evolved to fit the modern homes' aesthetic.

Beige Shag Area Rug

7. Green Shag Area Rug

Shag is back in trend, and modern furniture pairs well with shag rugs, making decorating a breeze. The high pile makes them soft and warm under your bare feet. The calming and relaxing effect of green color looks great with a hardwood floor. The light tone and luster fibers ultimately give a positive and cozy feel to any area.

Green Shag Area Rug

8. Teal Shag Area Rug

Shag rugs stand up exceptionally well to foot traffic, pets, and spills, so keep them in high-traffic areas or areas where children or pets are permitted. The various settings, including the entryway, playroom, dining room, and hallway, can be decor with this floor piece. Its sophisticated patterns and soothing color scheme complement today's modern style houses.

Teal Shag Area Rug

9. Ivory Shag Area Rug

Are you searching for a neutral shag with some decent patterns to blend in with your existing home décor? Here your search will end. Just check out our ivory shag rug. This stunning floor piece boasts up any home décor. We see no reason why you shouldn't add this incredibly soft choice. Your shag rug will look as good as new for years if you use the correct cleaning methods

Ivory Shag Area Rug

10. Blue Shag Area Rug

The blue shag rug is made of synthetic fabrics to make it more comfortable to use. The polyester material has stain and water-resistant properties. So, if you're worried about your pets or children, don't be afraid to buy a plush rug. Instead, relax and unwind on one of RugKnots' luxurious shag rugs. This shag rug as an anchor piece in any area can set the tone for the rest of your décor.

Blue Shag Area Rug

11. Grey Shag Area Rug

Say goodbye to waking up to cold, hard floors, soften up any hardwood or tile floor with these lovely silver-grey shag rugs. It features a shimmering grey color with a thick and higher pile that adds a plush and luxurious feel. This beautiful piece is great for contemporary, modern, minimalist, and casual interiors for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Grey Shag Area Rug

12. Ivory Shag Area Rug

A room won't feel complete without an attractive and fantastic area rug to provide an extra comfort level. There is nothing more than dreamy and fairy-like getting out of bed and stepping onto a fluffy, comfortable shag rug to get your day started. Our shag rugs are the best Bedroom Rugs that appear fun to walk on, roll on, and play on. Place them in the middle of your room and be a focal point of your decor.

Ivory Shag Area Rug

13. Brown Shag Area Rug

Look no further for shag rugs if you've been longing to grace your floor with this little patch of heaven but have been unable to do so due to the high level of maintenance needed. Our shag rugs are not only plush and stylish, but they're also machine washable, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. It also helps to tie furniture items and accent pieces together.

Brown Shag Area Rug

14. Grey Shag Area Rug

A shag rug can make a room appear ten times more comfortable in a moment. You can't help but want to bury your feet in its fluffy, cloud-like pile, with its fuzzy, cushiony surface and long, lustrous fibers. A dark grey beautifully handles the stains, so it is better to put this shag in high foot traffic areas. Smaller shag rugs look fantastic on top of Natural Rugs or richly colored traditional rugs, and they're great for layering.

Grey Shag Area Rug

15. Green Shag Area Rug

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your modern style home with this Sage Green Shag Rug. It features a calming color and a lush texture that adds comfort and style to any room. It's the perfect piece for decorating your home and elevating any space. This rug helps keep the floors and the room warm, so put these Green Rugs in poorly insulated areas like chilled hard flooring or tiles.

Green Shag Area Rug

16. Ivory Shag Area Rug

The shortcut way to add style, character, and personality to a living space is by introducing a floor piece to your decor. So careful while choosing a rug for your rooms. Here we showcase one more ivory shag rug that brings a sophisticated look to your minimal modern home style. Its pattern and color make various décor elements feel connected. We assure you will be completely happy with how your new rug looks in your home.

Ivory Shag Area Rug

17. Grey Shag Area Rug

Shag rugs look great in living rooms since they anchor the sofa or coffee table. Grey color rugs often complement beech and walnut furnishing very well. You also use shag as a kitchen rug because it will beautifully handle the stain and machine washable. They come in various bright colors, and any shade from the vast selection can be chosen to brighten up any room.

Grey Shag Area Rug

18. Ivory Shag Area Rug

Try this ivory shag rug in a darker space to make a statement. This rug's patterns work well in a home with many neutral colors and a natural theme. When it comes to style and texture, polyester shag rugs offer a little more variety. Polyester Rugs have lower pile heights than other shag rugs. If you're looking for a shag rug that's easy to clean and maintain, this is a great option.

Ivory Shag Area Rug

19. Grey Shag Area Rug

Grey rugs are a great way to incorporate different shades of accent into every decor. Grey is a soothing and relaxing shade, but using it to decorate an entire room can be overwhelming. From small bath rugs to room-sized extra-wide rugs, there's something for everyone. They even come in a variety of shapes. If you search hard enough for round or square rugs, you will find them at RugKnots. This silvery grey shag also has a regal texture that we adore.

Grey Shag Area Rug

20. Ivory Shag Area Rug

Nowadays, we all want a minimalist look in our home. Well, get this shag rug if you are interested in updating the look of your home. The soft shag rug features a white and black trellis design. For the majority of rooms in a house, shag rugs appear better in more natural hues. This ivory shag is made of polypropylene rug and has a faux sheepskin appearance that is simply breathtaking.

Ivory Shag Area Rug

21. White Shag Area Rug

The white shag rug will add a casual and carefree style to your space. The shag features a soothing milky white and a thick, soft higher pile for that luxurious feel. This lovely piece is great for contemporary, modern, minimalist, and casual interiors. This statement rug power-loomed in the machine by using a polypropylene pile with jute backing. Enjoy free shipping on our most products at affordable prices.

White Shag Area Rug

22. Ivory Shag Area Rug

There are certain feelings that you want to be in your homes. The number one is to be comfortable in your living space, so we recommend adding a soft shag rug to the center of your living space to achieve that feeling. Ivory shag rug adds that particular feeling, which transfers the home from plain and simple to unique and stylish.

RugKnots sells shag rugs in a variety of sizes online. Our fluffy area rugs are 8x10, and our biggest shag rug is 9x12. We are proud to say that our 8x10 shag rugs in various colors are among our best-selling products. Shag rugs have long, medium, or short pile strands that are attached to a backing. Nylon, cotton, acrylic, and synthetic blends are among the materials used to create them. Lime, citrus orange, fuchsia, chartreuse, inky black, violet, canary yellow, grape purple, and many other colors are available. Because of their texture, standing on a polyester or polypropylene rug makes you think it's quite costly, but they're very inexpensive. This is why synthetic materials are an excellent shag rug material. It's comfortable and luxurious while remaining inexpensive. Choose your favorite shag rug, place your order, and proceed to the checkout. Your order will be delivered ASAP. We provide free shipping to all of our customers.

Ivory Shag Area Rug


RugKnots committed to their customer's satisfaction and allowed them to go through our product construction quality and service detail about area rugs. We welcome all types of your review about our rug quality and service. We hope this blog will help you consider a shag rug for your living rooms and dining rooms. Your order will be delivered as quickly as possible. We provide our customers free shipping service in the United States. Foreign clients are subject to shipping costs, which vary depending on their venue. We do, however, guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and give a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders if you do not fall in love with our rug after receiving it. Our team responds to your queries at any time. Go to our email address of Rugknots at and call at (301) 660-7046. Please browse our products page and get ideas about floor pieces and then shop.

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