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Purple is a color that has been associated with royalty and wealth for centuries. In the 18th century, an English nobleman named William Beckford was so obsessed with purple that he had all of the walls in his mansion painted this shade. Today, it’s still a popular choice among homeowners looking to give their space a sense of vibrancy and opulence. A purple rug can add the perfect pop of color to any room. When it comes to decorating your home, you want everything to be in harmony and have a sense of flow. You might think that too much purple is overkill, but we disagree. There are so many different shades of purple, and there is no right or wrong way to use it in your home. Some people may prefer a more formal look with deep purples, while others may want a softer look with pastel purples. Whatever the preference, We’ve put together this list of 35 best Purple Rugs for 2024 and give our opinion on which one would work best where. This will help you find the perfect rug for any room in your house without breaking the bank.

1. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

Fancy and modern styled, the contemporary rug is perfect for folks looking to add a unique touch to their space. It’s hand-knotted with wool, so you know it’ll stand up to wear and tear without losing its shape or color. Plus, since it features purple as the predominant base color, it’ll instantly brighten any room that needs some pizzazz.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

2. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Put on your purple floor piece to shake up your space with our latest designed overdyed area rug. With their iridescent hues of lavender and indigo, these rugs catch the eye while remaining a warm, welcoming addition to any room in your home.  Even for novice interior decorators, it’s easy as pie to form a one-of-a-kind look with just some creativity. Make sure you don’t deprive yourself of this must-have or thrilling tile without sweating pennies on shipping costs when you shop right now.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

3. Purple Neutral Area Rug

Every room can use more color, and the purple area rug is a great way to make a bold statement. Our stock of neutral pieces spans from contemporary trends to timeless designs in all shapes and sizes to fit any decorating style or event. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option for high-traffic areas or want something that will make your friends jealous, then this muted color rug is perfect for you. But don’t take our word for it - we have free shipping on domestic orders today around the United kingdom. Check out our Neutral Rugs online and find the one that’s just right for your home.

Purple Neutral Area Rug

4. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

The contemporary rug will be a perfect piece to create an entire look that can’t be matched. This modern area rug is hand-knotted with wool and features a solid purple base with tan geometric patterns. Enhance your space today with this fashionable yet affordable product. From textiles to furniture, Contemporary Rugs are great options for anyone who wants to introduce purple into their home decor next year.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

5. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Liven up your room with a brilliantly colored rug. Flaunt your creative side and give yourself an edge. We offer various color options and textures so you can find the perfect match to your personality, style, and décor. Welcome versatile color into any space when you choose our purple overdyed area rug. Our favorite choice here is overdyed rug because it’s fun, creative, and modern. It has just enough variety with its different shades of purple to match other colors like navy blue or brown beautifully while still being unique.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

6. Grey Southwestern Area Rug

The durable and functional polyester area rug is the perfect addition to any home. Made in Turkey, this faded and distressed Lavender/pink/Grey Boho Chic Rug will complement any style, any room. With a textured surface for extra comfort and carefully hidden non-skid backing with woven ribbon edging that matches the fringe, you’ll wish your floor was bigger. And keep an eye out for our matching pillows because we know how it feels having nowhere to set all your stuff down.

Grey Southwestern Area Rug

7. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

A hand-knotted, vibrant purple contemporary rug with a slight geometric pattern in an earthy palette will add interest to your room. This durable and functional rug is the perfect finishing touch for your home. Made in Pakistan, this modern-style rug will complement any style or space. With a machine-washable construction, you can be sure to enjoy it for years to come.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

8. Purple Geometric Area Rug

The vibrant colors of our purple geometric area rug with abstract geometric design take center stage to pull together any room, no matter the mood. Hand Tufted by an artisan on a custom-made loom, these rugs are dyed gently and have soft wool, making this piece a luxurious feeling the moment you lay down for bed. It’s been hand-dyed in China for an even more dramatic touch, so it’s worth saving up that long until we have another shipment arriving.

Purple Geometric Area Rug

9. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Our purple overdyed rugs are the perfect way to give your space a wild, custom look. If you’re looking for something unique that will be the talk of any party, our colorful selection should suit every whim or mood. Plus, when you purchase any rug from us, we’ll automatically ship it out for free in any country in the United Kingdom and make sure it’s equipped with enough padding to keep it safe in high-traffic areas. Trust our Rugs Incorporated to live up to your expectations and stand by our standards of quality and excellence.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

10. Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

This sophisticated rug is a perfect addition to any room in your home. This rug is an excellent purchase for any style or space in the house because of its reliable polyester makeup, durable qualities, and affordable pricing that’s sure to leave everyone in your life satisfied with their interior décor choices once all laid out. The Turkish machine-made fabric will withstand even the toughest wear. We’ve got everything you need for your furnishings – visit us online today.

Multicolor Boho Chic Area Rug

11. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

What is life with no color? A boring struggle, that’s what. Our Contemporary Rug is the perfect antidote for this mundane existence. Our Contemporary Rug is a vibrant splash of style and creativity in a world too often lacking. While never shy away from high contrast areas, we find ourselves particularly enamored with the hues found on this handmade area rug. This hand-knotted wool rug is the perfect stately choice for your contemporary interior design. The solid purple base with tan geometric patterns is sure to have you silhouetted in style.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

12. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

This stunning rug is an ultimate statement piece that will not go unnoticed in any room. A bright, rich, and dashing color of violet, this rug is certainly the finishing touch to a glamorous space. The vintage qualities paired with beautiful oriental patterns create a sense of timelessness and underrated elegance. This exclusive luxury product can only be found here at the RugKnots site.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

13. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

The contemporary rug is the perfect addition to any room that features a solid purple or gray theme. The various shades of purple in the geometric design will complement most anything, from furniture to walls and more. Hand-knotted with wool, this is an investment you won’t regret. Purple is a primary color that has been around for centuries, and its popularity never seems to die. If you are looking for some new purple rugs to add to your home or office, this rug will be the best pick for you.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

14. Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

The colorful overdyed area rugs are the perfect accent to any room. This colorful rug complements any type of home décor. With free shipping in any country of the United kingdom, high traffic durability, and more, there is no better choice for the most outrageous rug in town. Handmade from a shop specializing in this vibrant color palette makes these pieces made with love and some snark that will appeal to many décor styles.

Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

15. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Our purple overdyed area rug selection is the perfect statement piece for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Whether you’re interested in other design elements to upgrade your floors or want to add a touch of elegance to your space, our stunning variety of classic and avant-garde rugs purple will allow you to update any home in need of more personality. From designer pieces that combine artistic colors and patterns with contemporary designs to whimsical creations from some of the finest craftsmen around, each one is waiting patiently for its next proud owner at RugKnots. Our commitment to quality means you can shop confidently, knowing we can make your interior dreams come true.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

16. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

Hand-knotted with wool, the contemporary rug will be a perfect addition to your new design that features purple tones. This modern indoor rug will be a great addition to your current home's entire look in need of a solid and chic base. The area rug is hand-knotted with wool, durable for any room type and prominent purple tones bring out the tan geometric patterns. And did we mention that shipping on all items is free in the United kingdom?

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

17. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

We know that you have been looking for a rug that’s bright and colorful. The fabric on this one is antique wool, making it an ideal addition to any room with a little glamour. With overdyed colors, you won’t be lost in the pattern either. This hand-knotted item is sure to make your space more fabulous than ever before. Shop now while supplies last.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

18. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

Bring some modern style into your space with this sleek braided design with deep rich lavender colors with four different color schemes. Made from natural elements as wool materials and natural vegetable dye, this floor piece will fit right in even on large surfaces without experiencing bunching or pilling during use. This elegant, refreshingly durable rug will be sure to last you for many years. The faded and distressed colors work together in a classic boho-chic design that is perfect for any home.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

19. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

Bright and vibrant, this rug is the perfect choice for the setting that needs something luxuriously different. This unique piece of art will turn any room into an aesthetic showpiece with a carefully developed dye process. Its antique and vintage patch style gives it a truly unique look without sacrificing durability or trendiness. Built to last through the toughest conditions and stay looking good as new, take advantage of this great deal today.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

20. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

The contemporary rug will add geometric patterns to complement the solid purple base. Hand-knotted with wool, this area rug is perfect for modern homes that want a subtle splash of color against their white walls and light beige or ivory floors. This high-quality, high-impact product will transform any room from standard to spectacular.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

21. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

This floor piece is designed to make an impactful statement in your home—with fresh colors like this one in shades of light violet, lavender, rose pink, mauve soft pink, and purple. For a rug that makes no bones about being the focal point, choose our purple overdyed rug. Handcrafted by local artisans, these pieces are custom made to fit any space while staying easy on your budget with free shipping and a risk-free 30 day returns policy across the United kingdom.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

22. Purple Contemporary Area Rug

This is the perfect rug to tie your space together and get those rooms looking cozy. Add this hand-knotted wool rug for sleek contemporary home decor with its distinctive geometric pattern. The purple base and tan accents will add instant personality to any room. Featuring a modern design, this piece will complete any ensemble with style. Covered in soft wool, it’s woven from the durable wool pile that never fades or looks mismatched. Interested? You should be. Designed for high traffic areas of your home, this rug is made for the long haul while providing years of design support plus an elegant look that ties it all together.

Purple Contemporary Area Rug

23. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

This vibrant area rug is colored in bold purple with simple, intricate patterns. The primary color of this rug is so dramatic that it will look perfect in really glamorous rooms. These rugs are made from pure wool woven by an artisan on a specially designed loom. Each piece undergoes a gentle dying process, giving them its unique hue. Perfect for any room.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

24. Beige Contemporary Area Rug

Get ready for a rug that will bring your entire look to the next level. Hand-knotted with wool, this area rug is perfect for those times anywhere you need a beige of contemporary. This is just what you need on an elegant base of beige with purple geometric patterns on top.

Beige Contemporary Area Rug

25. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

A purple overdyed area rug evokes a very upscale, modern feel with its deep and dramatic tones. Whether you crave the vintage styles of yesteryear or favor modernist influences, our variety of colors for Custom Rugs are sure to please. Shop our selection today. Best for high foot areas because of its stain-resistant property.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

26. Multicolor Contemporary Area Rug

This classic area rug is like a modern piece of art. Rich yet muted tones are hand-dyed, making every one unique. This soft, durable wool rug is eco-friendly with no uses of harmful dyes or chemicals and will not cover up stains or odors — so set your worries free. The subtle sheen makes it easy to clean, too, so you can show off its natural elegance no matter what task requires to dominate your day.

Multicolor Contemporary Area Rug

27. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

The vibrant color of this rug will stand out in any space. If you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your glamorous entryway,  living room, bedroom, or dining area, look no further. The antique and vintage hand-knotted wool is carefully dyed with a rich purple hue by an artisan on a specially designed loom. To ensure that these rugs are as exquisite as they come, we recommend you buy one today.

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

28. Violet Overdyed Area Rug

It’s a purple rug that will work with any room in your house. It has an exceedingly bright violet color and blends beautifully with any color you choose to put it next too. You can either get a subtle addition of color or go all out with intense hues and our antique grey-blue tones. Either way, this is the perfect centerpiece to complete your home decorating project.

Violet Overdyed Area Rug

29. Purple Overdyed Area Rug

With our high-quality handmade fabrication that’s made to last for years, this rug will dazzle and delight with its shimmering hue of vivid purple and blue. It will take your living space to new heights of style and glamour. You’ll love the way it accents a room without being too overbearing, making it stand out from a class and sophistication standpoint. This luxurious area rug would be an elegant addition to any room

Purple Overdyed Area Rug

30. Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

Colorful, cheerful, and inviting, a geometric rug injects color to any room. Our rugs shops have in-depth knowledge of this process, so you don’t have to worry about getting the muted tones at your family home or too vivid for your office. This variety provides an excellent alternative to standard rugs without being overwhelming with vibrant hues. To match other bold furnishings, we recommend our multicolor rug for high-traffic areas like living rooms. Bolder dyes won’t fade as much even with heavy foot traffic, making it perfect for families that love their pets just as much. With free shipping and upholstery cleaning service available upon request across the united kingdom.

Multi-Color Geometric Area Rug

31. Blue Overdyed Area Rug

The two-color Overdyed Area Rug is beautiful and perfect for people who like the color combination of vibrant purple and royal blue. These vibrant rugs are specially designed to be gentle when dyed, so they maintain their quality as antique hand-knotted wool. The distressed nature means that an accidental spill won’t have such a big impact on life’s little moments because this rug was designed for everyday lifestyle.

Blue Overdyed Area Rug

32.Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

Oversized and oh-so-cozy, this fluffy and soft rug radiates high quality with highly saturated color. With rich, vibrant hues that will get your heart racing, it’s clear how perfect these items are for trendsetters everywhere. You’ll feel amazing just being in the same room as one of our purple area rugs. Its rich colors hide ugly floors, and natural fibers make them stain-resistant.

Multi-Color Overdyed Area Rug

33. Blue Overdyed Area Rug

Seriously chromatic statement pieces, these vibrant Overdyed Rugs are perfect for a living room. Made from Antique and Vintage hand-knotted wool fibers that are deeply dyed to the bright violet color of your choice, it’s sure to make the whole place shine. So much effort was put into making this item.

Blue Overdyed Area Rug

34. Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

Add life to your kid’s room, entryway, and nursery with this Flower Power Kids Rug. This lovely piece features bold, funky colors and different designs that will add character to any girl’s bedroom. The soft material is perfect for adding comfort while also being stylish in the home decor of children’s rooms. Available in various shapes and sizes, so you can find just what fits best into their little space.

Multi-Color Kids Area Rug

35. Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Handmade in the Baluchi region which stretches south from Pakistan to Iran on a plateau surrounded by India and Afghanistan, this unique home accessory would be an ideal addition to any space. Scrolled in vibrantly hued threads against blues and purples, this floor rug will bring interesting contrast into display areas while at the same time offering warmth and comfort for bare feet. Exquisite design work with typical Persian flair make sure you'll love it just as much as your guests when they come over!

Multi-Color Baluchi Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Rugs

1. What Colors Should I Use With My Purple Rug?

It depends on what you have in your room. If you paint colors like blues and greens with purple, it will look great. If you want to use more warm colors like dark browns and light yellows, do that instead.

Ask yourself how bright the rug is and what color scheme the room has before choosing the paint color of your walls to see if they will work together well. You need to put on some music while seeing what other things home go well with a mix between blue/green or brown/yellow for each option until you find something that makes you feel happy and satisfied with your answer. Purple rugs look great when they’re complemented by either blues, greens, or browns.

2. How Do You Clean A Purple Rug Without Ruining The Dye Job?

Beware of using any product that could be toxic to your skin, especially the rugs. DIluting a chlorine-free cleaning product is usually the best bet for most types of rugs. To avoid any premature fading of the dye job, we advise not to rinse your carpets with water or liquid soap because this will always cause a color change, no matter what kind of soapy solution was used beforehand. Instead, use one wet-vacuum track followed by one dry-vacuum track - and you’re done. In rare cases in which there’s too much dirt embedded in the rug’s fibers (especially if it contains wool), an expert might recommend that you have your rug professionally cleaned.

3. What Color Rug Goes With Light Hardwood?

Professionals recommend that you choose colors for your home based on the personality of the design. For this question, if you want to live up to a cool and fresh house theme, then purple can be a good color choice. Mixing different colors into one space can give off so much more color than just one shade ever could consider using some purples in your room.

Purple is thought to be the best color for decorating a room with light hardwood. Darker colors like blue, brown, and red can make a room seem closed in and heavy, reducing the sense of space found in an open, airy living area. With that said, though, purple isn’t your only option, of course. Including purple into your decorating palette is a great way to bring warmth and fun pattern into your home without adding weight or seriousness to any drab elements that may have already been addressed.

4. Should Rug Match Wall Color?

It is all about your personal preference. Some people find that it can detract from the rug to have an area where the color covers both the wall and flooring, while others feel that this makes for a livelier area. It’s also worth noting that different rug types may not achieve the same effect an oriental carpet with black weaved in will create contrast, whereas a tufted rug may make the room look dull or flat.

Your choices of rugs should be in line with the walls, either matching or complementing the wall color. The best tip for selecting a carpet is to choose one with colors that match your wall color and furnishings. You can also bring in a rug with a contrasting color if you want some texture and depth without overpowering other elements in the room. The main point is to make sure your floor coverings have colors that complement each other. Ideally, they’ll be near identical, especially if you’re going for maximum integration of area.

5. What Color Rug Should I Get For My Bedroom?

I recommend a light brown/ ivory or dark beige that will be able to solve most design challenges. A hint of gray can add some personality without dominating, as could black, and a tan is always an option. Rust is also a very dramatic tone yet stays true to the wood colors in the house, again adding more variety instead of just one style of color for your bedroom flooring. Navy can create a soothing feel with its natural blending properties into the other shades in your room while dressing up everything around it. Forest green is another favorite but does not overwhelm yourself with too many different fabrics at the first stages. Start low and slow when designing these rooms. Never go wrong doing this.

6. Should An Area Rug Be Lighter Or Darker Than Couch?

A rug should be lighter than the couch, as it is merely decorating a surface and is not absorbing any dirt. The choice of material will depend on the type of rug desired, but generally, a piece for an interior space should contrast with whatever flooring it is positioned in front of. Darker pieces (such as sisal rugs) are best placed against light-colored floors to create an attractive contrasting pattern, while lighter color schemes (such as natural jute) can go with nearly any setup. Remember that all light must pass through your rug when making design choices.

7. Which Rug Material Has Soft Texture?

Textile rugs often have a softer texture than the pile. There is a little-to-no sheen to it, and the durability depends on the quality of yarn used to make it as opposed to the fiber. Because they are not woven into a fabric, these rugs cannot be vacuumed off or shaken out like textiles can be. They require vacuuming and cleaning only with damp cloths or sponge mops.

It would be best if you used a rug made from natural cotton or wool materials. If you require other details, please contact us using the contact form below. For more insightful responses, explore our homepage. Silk rugs have softer textures.

8. Which Style Of Area Rugs Are Best For Dining Room?

The dining rug is typically a neutral color and is an easy way to blend with wood shades in your furniture, but don’t be afraid to be daring or decorate your home with a vibrant accent rug. If you have more than one rug, position one of them at the front door and keep it darker in the shade than most other rugs in the house if choosing to use an accent piece. Colors for dining rugs can range from beige browns, which bring a cozy and warm environment perfect for entertaining guests, lighter colors such as light cream or taupe, giving an airy vibe, modernizing any space. We suggest Keeping these colors on the floor in mind when selecting finishes for cabinetry and upholstery pieces.

9. How Do I Get Rid Of Ripples In My Rug?

Folk can rarely “get rid” of rug wrinkles-- but it should be possible to reduce them. The easy way to make this happen is by taking the robe and ironing the ripples downward against the grain of the pile. A few swipes will likely have a noticeable improvement on your rug’s look. I expected as much. :) Have you tried reversing direction? In other words, try ironing in one order initially, then change course and go back over the same area to push any inconsistent or offending weight underground- so that you’re essentially re-patterning a sagging surface again.

Good luck. If the rug is made of natural fibers atop a carpet pad, fold sections together from all four directions and dampen with clean water. This will flatten any seam distribution ripples without ruining the carpeting or natural fibers

10. What Effect Do You Think Purple Rugs Can Have In An Interior Design?

It can have a calming and serene effect. Purple rugs can be striking against other colors, particularly when contrasting colors like purple with pastel colors or whites. This color combo is popular in children’s rooms because the purple creates an opportunity to introduce lots of fun shades- pale lavender, delicate fuchsia, dark ruby red - without having them fight for attention among themselves. Other things to consider are the surface on which the rug will lie and what kind of flooring it has underneath (are there any high-traffic areas?). A purple rug can be a great accent, but make sure the texture and material of the rug are subtle enough to not steal attention from what’s around it.

If you’re going for a bold look in your living space, then, by all means, go for the rug that pops up its color and catches your eye right away. However, if you want to use something less vibrant, then go with something that has an upscale chenille or soft aubergine (royal purple) hue instead of something with too much sheen.


A wide range of beautiful, high-quality rug collection are in our stock. We have listed the best rugs with environmental pictures on our site that will surely meet or surpass customer expectations. We hope you take advantage of the offer and purchase one for yourself today. If there is anything that confuses you about any rug whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (301) 660-7046 or email info@rugknots.com anytime. Our friendly customer service operators are here and ready to answer all questions promptly while providing honest opinions in a no-pressure environment; it’s what we’re known for. Thank you for reading, and we hope to be able to help you in the near future. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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