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Area rugs are important especially in the living room. Living rooms are the representative of your entire family style and are the focal space of your home. So you can’t really afford to mess up with your living area because eventually that should stand out anyway. It would not only cost your energies but also your strength and money. You would not want to get into the extensive hassle of redecorating your room and that is why you should be as vigilant as you can. Decorating with rugs is not a big deal nor would it cost you much physically or mentally. It’s all about the techniques and other stuff. When styling or decorating any part of your home, rugs are by far the most important and integral part of the whole process and its undeniable. If you get to be observant then you will easily figure out ways as to how you can stay away from mistakes and silly activities when it comes to buying something. We totally understand that most of the people just see the rug and instantly make their minds up if they want to buy it or not. That they do, just by looking at and judging by its design and appearance however, that’s the worst you can do to yourself and your home when it comes to buying something. There are multiple factors and features that you should definitely keep in mind and consider when buying living room rugs. It’s not just the physical appearance but it’s what’s inside that counts and we totally believe in that. we always emphasize on not just the design but other factors that should be accounted such as the size, material, color, texture, patterns etc. we know that you are no professional in rugs so we will rather take on our hat to be your rug guide and assist you to get you to know about 5 factors that you must consider when buying area rugs for your living room!


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1.   Material is king

Yes, material is the absolute king. The material of which the rug is made of is the most significant thing that you would have to question. Obviously, as you are buying an area rug for your living room then the features and specifications of the rug should be beneficial for the area itself. Living rooms are the most visited and used space of the whole house then there are some considerable things that you should keep in mind when getting anything for them. You should clearly get a rug made up of material that can take high foot traffic and are resistant to some factors such as color, stain and weather. As we have mentioned this above too, as the living rooms are the most focused and visited area. You would see your kids doing all sorts of mischievous activities there and your pets shedding their layers, too. You would need a complete package and we will tell you which material has hat in it. It should be hard and should be able to wear the wear and tear that the rug is expected to receive when placed in areas such as the living room. We don’t want to just tell you about these basic things but rather want to give you the most extensive information and guide in terms of materials. So, here we present you some of the most favorable materials for rugs that should readily be placed in your living area.


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Wool material

It is one of the best rug materials that are suitable for living rooms. They are very durable which enables the rug to be able to bear high foot traffic. Also, this material is stain resistant and you do not have to worry about any spills or stains that may have been caused for some reason. Plus, these rugs are popularly known for being comfortable so a comfy wool rug in your living room is the real deal that you wouldn’t like missing out on. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, isn’t it amazing?

Jute and sisal

The most popular rug material combination out there is jute and sisal. These are considered to have possessed one of the strongest fibers and are found to be extremely durable so you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear that it might go through. The best part is that they are renewable!


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Polypropylene material also known as olefin is the most amazing material from synthetic fibers. They possess everything you would want in your ideal living room rug. They are affordable and immensely soft. Also, they are very much resistant to stains.


It is the most stain resistant material out there. I mean they can literally take off anything be it nail polish, tea or anything. They are the most durable and have the most extensive kind of durability that no other material can match. That’s because there is an extra protective layer constructed within the rug that adds to its longevity. All these enable it to be placed at extremely high traffic areas. And you are getting this all, at one low price.

So you should search around over your living room rugs which possess one of these materials as these materials work the best in every way. Consider your needs and the situation around your living room and you would be able to best decide!


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2.   Size

The size is the second most important factor to consider when buying living room rugs not just for your living room but for any area. If you mess up with the size, you mess up with the entire rug and eventually the whole decoration and rooms look. So, never consider taking risk on that. Never even try to “estimate” the size of the area rug. Just don’t do that. The size of a living room rug is not standard obviously, every house has different sized living room. Some have large while some have small and minimal rooms and all these things need to be accounted in every way possible. Normally, people fetch the wrong size and most commonly a small area rug that would certainly never fit your area and mess everything up. All you would have to do is to measure the correct dimensions of the area you would want to place your area rug at. Get a measuring tape and measure the accurate dimensions i.e. the width and the length of the area. If you are wondering what size and how much area should be measured then we are here to tell you even that. Your rug should be of a size that is able to cover the front part if your furniture if you don’t want to cover the entire furniture area. If you miss out on covering your some part of the furniture then that would look very awkward. Consider covering the entire furniture area or nothing at al. it should be these two ways otherwise you should reconsider your ideas and decisions in terms of placing and sizing of your living room rug. You can even tape the area and then measure to perfect accuracy. If you get the wrong size, then you would have to return it and that’s the most difficult and time taking. Rugs are bulky and shipping them back and forth would cause immense hassle and we don’t want you to take such headache. It would cost you your energies and a lot of money. It’s also expected that most stores won’t even have return policies leaving you devastated. So never just take risk in terms of rugs especially if it’s for some for some central area such as a living room. So measure the size and you’d be saved from a lot of inconveniences.


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3.   Colors and patterns

If you are buying your rug after all other decorative stuff is done or before, the matching of your entire room is necessary. You can’t buy a rug that is completely off and mismatched with the entire layout of the room. It should be kept in mind that the colors and the vibe of the room should always complement each other. The color and patterns of the walls, the furniture and the rug should not mismatch and contrast but rather match in every way possible. If you are buying the rug at the end of everything, then it should be relatively easy for you match with the colors and patterns of the existing décor of the room however, if you are basing the entire decoration on the living room rug and buying the rug in the start then you should be very watchful and creative. In any way the looks should not look like things taken from here and there and simply placed. Instead, everything should look like a complete set and package. If you want the vibe and look to be very loud and bold ten get bold and vibrant colors such as blue, red or yellow however if you are wanting to get a cozy and dim look then get a dim colored rug such as grey or black. But if you are wanting the ambience to be minimalistic, then neutral rugs work the best. 


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4.   The shapes say a lot

Getting the right and the best shape for your living room is very important. Again, the layout needs to be considered and what vibe you exactly want needs to be considered, too. Rugs come in various shapes such as round, square, rectangle, triangles and even shapes like cloud and heart. You can use any shape that you want and ace the final look. You can also try different shapes and place them together. Most commonly used shapes are round or rectangle ones but people can also make use of funky shapes such as a triangle or a cloud shaped rug. Oval shaped rugs have also become a big talk. In addition to this, if you have a relatively small area rug, then consider getting a round rug. A round rug can help camouflage the size of your room. It would appear larger. And so circular rugs would look incredible in your small and cute living areas.


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5.   The rug type counts, too!

People don’t really pay much heed to this factor but the rug type needs to consider as well. it contributes a lot to the eventual and final look. This should be determined as to why you actually need a certain rug. The rug type needs to be considered when taking other things into confidence such as the rugs function and need. There are multiple rug types that you may have only heard off but we can tell you all the basic tuff.

Hand tufted

They have a special backing as a special pile is attached to t, they are the most common rug type. Most wool rugs are made through this method.

Hand knotted

Multiple professionals actually knot the entire rug by their own hands. That is why the rugs are found to be relatively expensive as moths are spent to create one. These are also very valuable.


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Woven rugs

They come in wide ranges of styles and designs. They come in both handmade and machine made categories. They are present in two piles; loop pile and cut pile.

Flat weave rugs

As the name suggests, they are flat. We don’t really believe that they can be the best option for your ling area however they are good for high traffic areas. Pile is absent.

Embroidered rug

The rug makers constructed these beautifully embroidered rugs through hands. Cotton and linen are among the common rug materials that have patterns hand stitched.


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6.   The texture

The texture can either add warmth or harshness to the area so the texture often rug should be closely looked after. This obviously is determined by the rooms’ vibe and layout. Most of the time, people want warm, cozy and soft rugs because clearly they want their living area to seem and feel comfortable. For that matter they go for rugs that are made up of wools i.e. wool rugs as they are one of the softest rugs out there. Whereas textures like that of jute and sisal rugs are a little harsh and rough. Moreover another rug that is soft is silk but the only cons that they have is that they are a bit expensive and hard to clean & maintain. All these things need to be accounted for when buying living room rugs and so do you have to properly investigate while making up your mind after getting a certain area rug.


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7.   Your own say!

Do not let your sense of style and opinions get overshadowed by what the professionals have to say. You should never undermine your own style and creativity. At the end of the day, you are the one, who's going to live there so it should be you only to decide what and how you want it. One thing is that you might follow all opinions and advises but still end up getting dissatisfied by the eventual look because you didn’t ask yourself if it really was your choice. So taking your will and choice is always important and you should never ignore or avoid that. We understand that you are no professional and might not want to mess everything up but trust us that your sense of style eventually matters even if you are not a professional or any fashion guru. So, take yourself into confidence because we trust you!


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And here we come to the conclusion. We hope that you found this blog post informative and helpful. We told you all the factors that you need to consider when buying area rugs for your living room. Your living areas are crucial spaces and you can’t afford to jumble things up there. So don’t fret and keep on doing what you are doing. Obviously taking advice is very much suggested but not at the cost of killing your own desires and choices. We fully believe in your creativity. Also, try not to commit the most common mistake committed when buying area rugs. You should be extremely vigilant in where you are investing as that matters, too. We wish you all the best for buying your living room rug.

Are you struggling to find the best area rug store around town? Well, guess what we have for you. Destiny brought you here at RugKnots, the most authentic and reliable area rug store out there. We have the most beautiful and amazingly designed living room rugs that are sure to make your jaws drop. We offer the widest collection of sizes, shapes, designs and colors. We have so much to offer. Our collections are never ending as we have various and almost every other material and design here for you. Also, if you need any other guidance or assistance in terms of buying area rugs, we are here. We are always there to help you out so you can contact us anytime, anywhere!

Happy rug shopping! 


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