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RugKnots has a large collection of handmade area rugs ranging from those Persian soft heavenly ones to the most durable jutes. Some are known for their beauty and others for their comfort. The most prized possession of RugKnots is the collection of Oriental Rugs. These rugs are known for their unique designs and patterns. These rugs are making a comeback in many forms. We are going to discuss 7 of those very trends in this blog. Let's take a look.


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1. Bokhara Oriental Rug

The Bokhara rugs originated from central Asia. They were once made by the nomadic tribes called Tekke who started weaving rugs with strong lines and rich colors. These rugs have existed for 500 years and experts have perfected the art. It’s no wonder the designs are so eye-catching. They are being crafted in Pakistan and India. A trade center for these rugs was established in Turkestan. Trade of the rugs was made all over the world from these centers. Soon, the subcontinent started taking up the trend and weaving these rugs.


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Bokhara Patterns

The geometric shapes on a Bokhara rug go well with rooms painted in block colors. The craftsmanship on these rugs with the patterns stands out. Bokhara rugs have unique patterns that go with any furniture. These patterns are divided among different styles and are named after them. 

  • Salor tribe started crafting these area rugs near the Afghan border. The Bokhara rugs from this origin are known as Salor Bokhara and are popular for their bold symmetrical octagon patterns.
  • Tekke Bokhara rugs have the finest Persian rug knots. They are further divided into two types as their patterns. Royal Tekke is found in bold red colors and consists of elongated patterns. Princess Tekke is known for its religious importance and holds a more important place than Royal Tekke. This is because it is used as a prayer mat as well. These rugs are handmade.
  • Yomud Bokhara rugs were crafted by the Yomud tribe from Central Asia. They have Turkish or Persian knots that give value to these rugs.


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Where To Put A Bokhara

We think a Bokhara is best used in a dining room or living room because they have that rare capability to stand alone. These area rugs can provide the right support in these difficult corners of your home. Their bold colors make them the statement of royal home decor.

Why use Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs are not only known for their elegance and bold colors. They have certain benefits that make them better than many other area rugs. Let's take a look at their benefits.


Bokhara rugs have thick piles that provide a luxurious feel. The high pile makes it soft to the touch and a heaven for your feet. This makes them not ideal for your high traffic areas.


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Despite that obvious quality, these rugs remain at a good value within our collection. The right prices can work in your favor as these rugs can be a part of any corner in your home. You might even be tempted to grab more than one.

2. Ikat Rugs

Not many other rugs combine tradition with today’s trends as well as the neutral-toned Ikat. But how do they do it? And why are so many homeowners rushing to buy them? Ikat rugs originated in Italy in the seventeenth century. They get their name from the process in which they are made. It came from the Malay-Indonesian word for "tie". It’s an ancient dyeing technique that results in blurred lines of cloth. These rugs are made by weaving the yarns and then dyeing them. This process is repeated multiple times to obtain different beautiful colors.


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Ikat Patterns & Colors

The process of Ikat dyeing brings up many beautiful patterns in these area rugs. The process brings a bright and bold color palette, made up of ivories, beiges, and greys that hold a room’s color base. Their unique patterns can also be the reason behind these rugs being suitable for every type of living room. They come in every color and design. There's no limitation to that. The Ikat technique can produce beautiful patterns since it only involves dyeing.

Where To Put An Ikat Rug

Ikat rug colors and patterns are that of the oriental rug. They are added to mostly the traditional interior. But since they provide the freedom of choosing any color, therefore we can place them anywhere in our homes. They are a complementary addition to the interior of any style. The Ikat rug is perhaps the most adaptable oriental rug on our list and could work just about anywhere in your house. They give a more calming look even with the detailed patterns imprinted on them. Look closely and you will find all the unique characters and patterns flowing around. You can match these area rugs to any furniture according to your taste. The contemporary style Ikat rugs give a minimalist look to the modern interior.


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3. Kilim Dhurrie

The texture of Kilim Dhurrie rugs is what sets them apart from others. The name is actually from a Persian word meaning ‘spreading roughly.’ These rugs go way back in the past that we might never find their origin. The first proof of these rugs goes as back as 2000 BC. These rugs are pile-less and have a flat surface. This is why they are easier to create.

The Weave

You will notice the rising and falling of the carpet weave in a Kilim Dhurrie, which is why they feel so comfortable to walk on. They really bring a sense of warmth and snugness into a bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. With different weaving techniques, these area rugs provide different styles. These area rugs have beautiful medallions crafted in the thread which makes them compatible with royal interiors. Different kinds of motifs make up these rugs. With respect to their design, some of the Kilim rugs are used as prayer mats as well. 

  • Elibelinde – this motif represents fertility and motherhood. It is usually symbolized by a female figure with its hands on its hips. Elibelinde is probably the most common motif used in Turkish kilims and Pakistani rugs.
  • Tree of Life – the Tree of Life is one of the most popular symbols found in any craft. It symbolizes divinity and communication with God. 
  • Protection symbols – Protection symbols usually take the form of crosses, eyes, amulets, and other various shapes. These symbols were highly regarded as they were believed to bring good luck and will drive away evil.


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Why use Kilim Rugs

These rugs are used for the many advantages they provide. The flat surface makes them suitable for any room. Lay them down in the bathroom or the living room, they can take their place anywhere. When found in high quality, these area rugs are more costly than the others. Let's take a look into their properties


With the unique texture, Kilim Dhurrie’s also differ in weight compared to other Oriental area rugs. They are lighter and can lay down easily into hallways and under breakfast tables without any trouble. It’s great because you don’t have to make a huge effort with these adaptable flatweave carpets. Their light pile also makes these area rugs shed-resistant. They also require low maintenance due to this factor.


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Although they are different in many ways, you will find a Dhurries’ color and boldness similar to other handmade oriental rugs. They can inject a splash of colors to any part of your room with a fun element. Their design is breathable and hence causes less heat even in summers. Kilims are mostly found with geometric and diagonal patterns. Weavers like to weave bold and sharp patterns in them making them suitable for traditional as well as modern decors. These handwoven rugs are used in entryways and halls to give a welcoming look.

4. Ziegler

In 1883 a small company in Manchester, England came up with a new design out of the traditional rugs. This company, which was importing clothes from Persia, took inspiration for rugs from there. Since there was a high demand for oriental rugs, Zieglar rugs became a trend as well. After the successful introduction of these rugs in Manchester, more outlets open in other parts of the world too. The pile of these rugs gives a more washed away feel.


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And this is all thanks to a forward-thinking English company more that 130 years ago. Today they are one of the most popular and antique oriental rugs on the market. They are so popular, in fact, that we now offer buyer guides just so you definitely get the right Ziegler for your home or office.

Why use Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rugs can be said to have a mix of both traditional and modern rugs. These rugs are created with western trends and interiors in mind and here's why you should use them in your houses.

Colors & Patterns

The contrast of these rugs has been toned down from the traditional Persian brightness. Beige and ivory colors dominate this rug trend. They don't have the traditional medallions in the center so now you have a rug that appeals to the more contemporary western living room. The colors of the Ziegler area rugs have a calming nature. Authentic Zieglers have subtle colors and patterns mostly.


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To make sure you have the best Zieglar possible, our craftsmen use the finest New Zealand wool to create 81 knots per square inch in these popular rugs. The design itself, covered in high repetitions of pocketed motifs, is taken from ancient Iran.

5. Pak Persian

Pak Persian rugs are a mixture of Persian designs and Pakistan rug quality. They originated in the era of the Mughals and are still being weaved. These rugs are really hard to find today but RugKnots have them imported from some of the best weavers in Pakistan.


It’s tiring work but so worth it in the end. If you’re interested, the knots are specific to Sennah, now Sanandaj, which is a Kurdish city in western Iran that developed the technique generations ago. These rugs came from the traders that moved from Persia to the subcontinent to gift them to the Mughal emperors. And today they are especially being made in Pakistan.


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Why you need these rugs

Due to the blend of beautiful patterns and good quality these rugs provide, they are beneficial for many purposes. Some of them are discussed here.

Dots & Floral Patterns

The fine details of Pak Persian’s are what make them stand out from other rugs. The traditional floral and curved patterns of Persia look beautiful when printed on the high-quality material from Pakistan. Your relaxed lounge or renovated basement would look royal with the addition of these unique designs. They are made using rich color palettes making them a more elegant rug to use. 

Quality Craftsmanship 

To make them, our craftsmen produce a staggering 256 knots per square inch. Some rugs have less than 100. The craftsmen of the modern era do not have the techniques that were used by the traditional artisans. This technique is fading away with time as many new artists are more interested in finding new techniques. But RugKnots has prized the most antique of these rugs and most experienced craftsmen for the production of these rugs.


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Perfect For Renovations

Back in the United States, the Pak Persian has become a favorite with homeowners looking to reinvent dreary rooms or bring some real color into a family space. These rugs also shed less and do not require very high maintenance. While renovating your house, match these rugs with whatever decor you choose for your space. The size of these types of oriental rugs can differ greatly, so give it a lot of thought before you decide what is the right size for you. Small rugs of these unique patterns sit well with modern designs as well regardless of the size of the room.

6. Soumak

Soumak rugs are said to be originated in the Shirvan region of the Caucasus. Their origin goes back to the 17th century and became a tradition in Iran. Kurds were the first ones to use these in their homes as area rugs. These rugs are mainly found in India and now are also weaved in Pakistan. What we can say for sure is the Soumak rug is a finely woven, hardy rug that brings with it a real sense of luxury. Just like Kilims, these rugs are also flatweave. They are mostly misunderstood to be the Kilims as they resemble them in many ways. These rugs are absolute quality and a treat to have in any room of your house.  


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Weaving a Soumak rug

Soumak rugs are weaved differently. The weft threads are wrapped around a specific number of warps. The number of warps is usually 4. The process is repeated from one edge to the other. The wefts that are being wrapped are discontinuous as the weaver adds different colors of his choice in between. The loose end of discontinued weft is left on the backside of the rug. This provides extra warmth to the room.

Why you need Soumak rugs

Soumak rugs, just like Kilims, have many benefits over other oriental rugs. Some of these are mentioned below

The texture of Soumak Rugs

Soumak rugs do not have that plush feel that most rugs today have. It almost looks like a tapestry that hangs on the wall. These rugs are pile less which gives them an earthy and rustic look. These rugs, unlike Kilims that have a smooth texture on both sides of the rug, have one smooth side and one ragged. They show the printing of the design on both sides. Colored weft threads are wrapped over and under the warps to obtain this texture and beautiful design.


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Patterns & Motifs

The way these rugs are crafted gives them an edge over the beautiful designs they have. These beautiful designs give them an added advantage. Having a high-quality rug in an untrustworthy world is a gift in itself and Soumak rugs are that gift. However, we don’t want to ignore the design just because the quality is so high. They usually have bold color hues just like other traditional rugs. The repeated motifs are beautifully woven in these rugs. The borderlines are as intricate as you will find anywhere. And any empty spaces are filled with flowing patterns. Get a Soumak rug and have a centerpiece. They are something to talk about. Not just for you but also for the guests that come to your room.

7. Moroccan Berber

In the most southern parts of Morocco, beneath the Atlas Mountains, the Berber people have long created some of the finest rugs in the world. Women of this tribe were responsible for making these rugs. They passed on the knowledge of the weaving of these rugs to the women of the tribe. The origin of these rugs goes back to the seventh century AD. Everything about these thick rugs is inspired by those snow-capped mountains pointing out of the Sahara. So you can expect a rug that will bring warmth to even the chilliest room. These rugs were also used as blankets and covers for the animals of the tribe in that weather.


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Why use Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rug with rich culture is being utilized everywhere in the world. This is due to the many benefits that they provide.

Heavy Pile & Coziness

Just look at the heavy pile and unbelievable coziness of these rugs. It’s all because of the environment they were first made in. And now they find themselves in our homes. They are being snapped up by homeowners looking for real comfort. A rug to walk barefoot on and feel snug. The plush that they provide is gorgeous just like the ones made in Turkey. It goes without saying that there aren’t many better options when it comes to covering hardwood surfaces in your home.

Simple Designs

The designs are simple, linear, and a great example of that inevitable trend of old becoming new and fashionable again. These vintage rugs complement the high-end luxury homes than many other rugs including Heriz and Kashan. Starting from Berber tribes, these rugs are part of the many modern households and even tribes like Kazaks. In this case a full circle of design trends lasting around 1,000 years. We have seen them paired up with sleek, modern furniture and neutral wall colors.

We hope you have a better idea of exactly what Oriental runner rug is best for you after taking a look at our list. Sometimes even I get a bit dizzy looking through all of the Oriental rugs on offer. I definitely feel a bit clearer about my preferred designs now, it’s the Pak Persian. So good. If you have any more questions or have your own favorite,  just let us know in the comment box below. Get all the rugs you need from RugKnots and contact us in case of any query!


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