Gabbeh rugs

Gabbeh rugs are one of the most desirable rugs. They help you pull off a tribal look in the most perfect way. People do not really want to take a risk when it comes to styling their homes with rugs and there is a common narrative attached to adding rugs that give off tribal looks. “They seem loud” is what they say. But, there is a major population that still wants it that way but do not really have a simple know-how. We assure you Gabbeh rugs help you that you do not have to give second thoughts about getting a Gabbeh rug right away! There is a great history attached to these rugs which is undeniably epic and we have brought you a unique yet precise one for you so that you don’t miss out on anything. We will help you pull off a look like such in the most stunning manner without you having to be apologetic about it. Make your style out loud and kick it off! We have taken the responsibility to become your guide to help you know anything and everything about Gabbeh rugs.


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Gabbeh rugs belong to the traditional variety/ collection of Persian carpets. Gabbeh has some other literal meanings as well that we will be discussing in a short while. It is known as Gava in Kurdish and Luri and is also known as ‘khersak’. As for its literal or word- meaning it sometimes means ‘incomplete’ or ‘undone’ and in some languages its meaning is taken as “rough”. The oldest tracing of a Gabbeh rug is that of the 16th century. In older times meaning in the initial stages of its making, there were limited designs to help with its making. They were originally made by women who lived in tribes surrounding south-western regions of Persia. It quickly became a hot topic among people and so became popular as well. They originate from Iran (formerly known as Persia) and are considered the most famous and well known handmade rugs around Iran. Persian Gabbeh rugs are knotted by Ghashghai nomads from the province of Fars in the south west of Iran.


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How are they made?

Gabbeh rugs are hand- woven and hand spun rugs added with thick piles. They are made with best quality wool which helps them get piled. Nomadic tribes play a huge part in their making as they are handwoven there only. They are manufactured by hand spun wool, both in pile and warp.

All with the colors

Moreover, the yarns are dyed using plant dyes. Vegetable dyes are used to color these rugs and help produce bright colors (red and yellow among the most popular). Surprisingly, this method of coloring has some very unique benefits such as; the freshness and vibe is retained along with increased life span (longevity).

The weaving process!

 It is noticed that Gabbeh rugs have a low knot per inch square unlike other normal/ regular rugs. Why is that? That’s because they are uniquely knotted, each knot is knotted one by one and that too, alongside taking extreme care (normally 50- 150 knots per inch square). It is recorded that the typical note density is: 70.000 – 150.000 knots/ sqm. Since, these rugs are hand- knotted, so it is obvious that there is extensive hard work done on it. It even takes several months to make that one rug. This adds to its specialty and uniqueness.


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Sizes in common

Gabbeh rugs are most commonly found to be in size 3×5. Sounds small? But, it’s actually not. Their uniqueness and beauty would not let you think of anything (not even the size). Their distinctive features are unmatchable with any other rug type or kind. You won’t find anything like Gabbeh rugs!

Let’s talk about patterns, too

Although basic decorative designs are used with limited styles, it should not be ignored that there is limitless and amazing beauty attached to it when it comes to patterns of such rugs. The patterns generally include people, geometric designs and even plants and animals. Such patterns make it very vocal that Gabbeh rugs are unique for all the right reasons!


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A little overview (or rather, facts)

Gabbeh carpets are much thicker and coarser than other Persian carpets. Sometimes they can be as one inch or 2.5 cm in depth. Gabbeh rugs have patterns that are very basic and normal with a very limited amount of designs and styles. They mostly resemble rectangles. Also, usually very bright colors are used such as colors like yellow or green. Although, large fields of solid color are used in Gabbeh designs. The color variegated. Gabbeh patterns are of a very basic kind with only a limited number of decorative, mostly rectangular objects resembling mainly animals. In Gabbeh usually bright colors, such as yellow and red, are used. Despite the fact that Gabbeh designs tend to have large fields of solid colors but still the dyes vary depending upon the appearance and different zones. They are very strong and have a high durability rate.


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Gabbeh rugs in current times

As time has passed, the value of Gabbeh rugs has also increased. As the times have modernized, so have the designs of these rugs, too. It’s not that they have lost their essence of traditionalism because after all, that is what they are mainly known for. Weavers from India have acted quickly to copy these carpets, but one must pay attention to this as there is a major difference between a Persian and an Indo Gabbeh carpet. Mostly this can be determined by the quality of the wool that is noticeable, that the Persian variant is much softer. The Persian variant is very durable and the quality is definitely better. Currently there are different names for Gabbeh carpets. The list is big, but some of the names are Amalehbaft, Luribaft & Baluch Gabbeh. Weaving the carpet is an art and it has many techniques. These techniques have different procedures and knots per square inch. The Gabbeh Kashkoli is dense and has high knotts per square inch as compared to other regular Area Rugs. Many people have become adaptive to these rugs most recently.


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Shall we identify the price?

Gabbeh Rugs are very expensive due to the labor and time that goes into its making. As we have mentioned earlier as well, that each and every knot is hand done and a lot of its processing and manufacturing is done by hand only which makes it a pretty labor intensive job. Not only that, but complete attention and care is given while making these rugs which makes them time taking, too. Extreme hard work adding up with labor intensive tasks and time taking processes certainly make them somewhat expensive. However, if you buy even one Gabbeh rug for your area space, even that is pretty okay to put you over an edge from everyone else! A lot of people decide to go with these rugs because of their unique and ravelled designs and styles. 

Its placement!

It is not really out front anywhere as to where Gabbeh rugs work the best. We suggest you place these at medium- traffic areas such as your dining area or any other area you feel might not receive extensive foot traffic destroying its texture and tips. Also, we understand that you might want to flaunt your way through to everyone because after all, you have a Gabbeh rug. We can also suggest you to place it at your runways (or not?)


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What makes them stand apart!

They are unique! Everything lies upon this factor, we believe. Starting from its idiosyncratic history to its distinctive making and its prestige in currency tims. All these factors set them apart from any other rug. They are made by hand only. Every weave and knots are done by hands only. This makes them very difficult and a lot of energy is required to make them. Not only that, it takes months and sometimes years to make a Gabbeh rug. Also, nothing is compromised on their quality and thus, their quality is also one thing that sets them apart. Now, let's talk about their coloring procedures. You won’t believe that these rugs are colored and dyed through vegetable dyes which not only provides them the brightest colors but also has astonishing benefits. They prolong the life of the rug and contribute to its longevity and its durability. Furthermore, it also increases its novelty and keeps the rug all fresh! Even though this rug type offers less designs and patterns that are also very basic, the fact that their designs and patterns are breathtaking completely disregard the former fact. Although they are relatively expensive, that too, for all the right reasons. They change and complete the layout of your room and make it seem like never before! Once you get one such rug for your home we assure you that you are going to crave for more. There is nothing as desirable as these rugs with the most chic yet traditional designs and styles. Plus, we also believe that you do not have to find a certain area where they would look the best because these rugs make the whole surrounding look beautiful and perfect with their presence. You don't have any more reasons to not buy them so get one already! 


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We rest you assured that these rugs are the depictions of nature that you cannot find in any other rug out there. Since these rugs possess tighter weave and shorter piles yet they have simple patterns. This makes them a perfect choice and way to add sparkles of colors without being too flashy and don’t look forced design elements. They bring you room and whole home to life and help you put together everything in the best way you could have ever imagined. The nomads do camping out in the deserts to come up with the best ideas and designs. They might as well possess a rough look with slightly naïve patterns but that’s exactly the thing that makes it stand out among others. A rug that has a rough look but still looks mesmerizing is an example of a rug that is one of a kind. But, with that there is a greater issue attached with it. This “rough” look doesn’t confide around the plucking of strands or rather have loose strands on its surface since that is clearly a scam! Most people start exploiting its uniqueness to their advantage and rather produce cheap and low quality Gabbeh rugs and sell them out saying that this is exactly what you should be paying for. Beware that you don’t fall for that trap. We understand that some of you might have made this mistake or some might be up to making one but we just want to put it out there that there is no stigma attached to making mistakes but it necessarily is problematic when people make “informed” mistakes. Anyways, beware! You have got the right to always inspect and investigate before buying rugs (and we are pretty much that destination to get information from). We believe that you should make use of that right to an extent where you no longer have any doubts or issues in your mind.

And you know what the best thing among all is? That is; that we at RugKnots sell the most amazing Gabbeh rugs with the most affordable prices. We are not only your ultimate guide to rugs but an ultimate destination to buy rugs as well. We suggest you to not waste any more time and rather go and surf through our amazing collections. You can find your most desired colors with the best hand knots knotted from here. We guarantee you that you would never forget your experience with us, EVER! Wait, we are not done yet. We can also assist you while buying rugs. We will give you professional assistance while you buy your favorite rug. Feel free to contact us anytime anywhere as we love to help you out and be your rug guide, always! We hope you find your dream Gabbeh rug soon.


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