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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It's where you cook, clean, and prepare meals for your family. The last thing you want to worry about is a messy floor that keeps getting in the way of everything! Kitchen rugs are something that is not entirely unknown to many. People often lay out a kitchen rug to make their space look more comfortable and inviting. There is often a misconception regarding how rugs cannot be placed in a kitchen. Well, we here at RugKnots will prove that wrong as we all know that rugs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Thus, a kitchen rug is one interior item that can do wonders for your space if used wisely and appropriately. RugKnots have decided to give you insight into the kitchen rugs we have and how you could utilize them in your kitchen area. So keep on reading to find out some of the best kitchen rugs for your home. This list of 100 best Kitchen Rugs will astonish you and give you a hard time in selecting the perfect one for your space!

1. Green Bokhara Area Rug 

Made from 100% wool and all-natural vegetable dyes, is this not the perfect kitchen rug for you? With everything organic. Choosing a kitchen rug can be a confusing task to accomplish, but do not worry. We have you covered. This green Bokhara rug is a perfect choice if you want a subtle yet a gorgeous regal kitchen rug in your cooking space, to make things look regal, and revamp your space.

Green Bokhara Area Rug

2. Red Bokhara Area Rug

The red color is just what you need if you want to add some color to your room or, for that matter, your kitchen. We have this beautiful oriental designed Bokhara area rug available at RugKnots at a reasonable price for you to purchase. It would look beautiful laid out in front of your kitchen island where you place your stools or at your kitchen entrance, enhancing the whole look and vibe of your space.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

3. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Bokhara patterns are globally known, making it a style statement if your rug is a Bokhara area rug. We know how much people love making statements with their decorations and other interior items. Thus, at RugKnots, because we value our customer's opinions, we have you covered. This beautiful, intricately designed rug is the perfect choice for you to buy for your kitchen area. You are giving the space the exact level of comfort and warmth which you need. Especially if you have a big kitchen, the floors can get a little empty looking at times. What better way to enhance a floor's beauty other than placing a striking rug on it.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

4. Tan Bokhara Area Rug 

Another item on our list for today is this Tan Bokhara rug. If you want to give your kitchen a quick and easy make-over, then look no further. We have a best Ideas For Kitchen Rugs, and that is to buy a rug which is comfortable, durable, and stain-resistant. Is that not what you would need in your kitchen as well? At RugKnots, we have made it clear time and again that our main aim is to guide our clients to buy the best rugs for this home or workplace. This Tan Bokhara rug is one of those choices. Made with 100% wool and hand-knotted, this Bokhara rug is made in Pakistan, but do not worry about free shipping costs. The rug is available in size2'6" x 9'. If you want further details regarding it, then click on the link below.

Tan Bokhara Area Rug

5. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

Grey color is one of our favorite colors. No matter where you place a grey colored rug, it just lightens up the room's mood, making it more warm and cozy. Many kitchens nowadays have become more modern but still have the traditional element to them in one way or another. For instance, people like using rugs now to notch up a thing or two at their home or offices. Therefore, one way to do that is to get a nice beautiful traditional design rug, preferably from RugKnots, and renovate your kitchen without doing much. Trust us. It will make all the difference in the world.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

6. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Red is for certain the favorite color of many when it comes to rugs, and therefore we have made sure to have a dozen designs ready for our customers. This gorgeous dark red Bokhara rug is one of those many options you could avail of. When looking for a kitchen rug, we tend to be scared to buy them, as we do not want rugs that might not be durable and fade away with time. But worry not, our rugs are made to last a lifelong and give your home the soft, luxurious feel. Made from 100% wool and naturally dyed colors, we do not see why this rug cannot be the best buy for your kitchen.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

7. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

We love colors with a lot of patterns, and colors make it fun just staring at them. You can find so many intricate details hidden there. This multi-colored Gabbeh area rug is one of our favorites. Consisting of various colors, we are sure it will look breathtakingly beautiful no matter where you place it. Keeping in mind that we are discussing some gorgeous kitchen rugs and which rugs would be the perfect choice to be laid there, this multi-colored rug is one of the best options. It would look beautiful if placed next to your kitchen island or your grocery basket, enhancing the kitchen space's colors altogether.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

8. Brown Kazak Area Rug 

Brown colors tend to go along with any other color of combination. Specifically, if the room's interior is minimalist or traditional, a brown-colored area rug would look beautiful no matter what. Thus, this brown Kazak area rug is one you should divert your attention to. Would you look at the beautiful details? It sure will bring out the sophistication and depth in your home? With so many colors in our rooms, we want something that is light but has a regal feel to it. And as we all know how busy a kitchen can be, we want them to look pretty and grand. What better way than buying this beautiful stunning Kazak rug. As we all know, Kazak Rugs are highly known for their richness, bold and enormous scale designs, and geometric patterns. Therefore, it would not be a bad bargain if you sought out to buy this rug for your kitchen. We all want the feel of grandeur in our homes once in a while, don't we?

Brown Kazak Area Rug

9. Blue Bokhara Area Rug 

There is something about the blue color. It feels like a breath of fresh chilly air on a warm day. As we all know how our kitchens can get, we want to keep them cool and comfortable. At RugKnots, we value comfort more than anything else, and among thousands of rugs for your home or workplace, we have rugs that could fit in your hallways, bedrooms, kitchen, and nursery. Just like this beautiful blue Bokhara rug. Would you look at those beautiful designs and the way the colors compliment one another? We can assure you. You will not find anything of the sort anywhere in the states. This rug is made up of wool, and it will stand up to any high tear or even any sort of dirt. If you want to look into other options, then do not forget to click on the link below.

Blue Bokhara Area Rug

10. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

If you have been looking for a square-shaped rug, then we have you covered. This Ivory Bokhara area rug here is the perfect choice to get for your kitchen. Rugs in the kitchen are a fashion statement nowadays. There is no need to paint the grey walls or add some fancy tiles to the floor when you just easily add this beautiful ivory area rug in your kitchen and make it look whole. This rug is available in one size currently, but the best part about it is that it is made of 100% wool, and it is hand-knotted. You are thus making this neutral rug with the bright border a perfect buy for any space you want to brighten up.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

11. Red Bokhara Area Rug

The Red Bokhara Area Rug is our most popular rug made from 100% wool. At 2' 6 x 8' 11, it's the perfect size for any kitchen and comes in 8 earthy colors to match your decor. The soft, thick wool backing keeps you comfortable while sitting at your kitchen table or front of the sink and is machine-washable, making it great for high-traffic areas!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

12. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Ideal for use in your kitchen or even as an area rug, this machine-washable runner is the perfect addition to any home. Its non-slip backing helps keep it securely in place during high traffic areas, while its washability provides easy cleanups after a spill on otherwise sensitive hardwood floors and at the kitchen table! With an elegant contemporary style reminiscent of today's designs, you can combine the sophisticated ivory Bokhara effect with elegance and wear like never before.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

13. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

The Bokhara Area Rug is a high-quality anti-fatigue kitchen mat that is an eco-friendly, durable wool pile with a beautiful natural color variation. This rug can be used as an indoors or outdoors area rug and as a washable kitchen runner. The lack of shedding makes the perfect answer for those who are looking to put in front of their sink on hardwood floors that tend to catch all sorts of debris beneath them.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

14. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

Be at ease in the kitchen with one of our best anti-fatigue kitchen mats. The best Runner Rugs are not just for stairs and hallway, but also work well as a mat to protect your feet from slipping on the floor - whether it be marble or hardwood. Available in 2' 8 x 10' 8 size and machine washable material to match any décor, there is sure to be a rug that will satisfy your needs! 

Red Bokhara Area Rug

15. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

The Grey Bokhara Area Rug is the perfect addition to your home. The richly textured pattern of circles will add some theater to your living room, and can also be used as a runner rug in the hallway leading into your kitchen. No matter where you choose to place it, this piece will make an elegant statement. Stain resistant and machine washable, it's the bathroom floor cover you never knew or needed until now! Make sure that no matter what products you decide on for your interior design needs, they always mix well with this one for a gorgeous finish.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

16. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is hard-wearing and stain-resistant. The subtle tone beige will offset rich browns, greens, and a range of neutral tones in your décor. Machine washable as well, this rug is the perfect way to add warmth and color into your kitchen or dining room with simple elegance. A one-of-a-kind aesthetic detail that sets our exclusive carpets apart is their intricate designs spanning across borders between rows as opposed to simply being confined within row lines on either side of the rug. This creates an inviting feeling for both family members and our guests, without interrupting the beautiful surroundings. An opulent luxury awaits you!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

17. Red Bokhara Area Rug

This Red Bokhara Area Rug is perfect for any home, featuring a beautiful design and anti-fatigue technology. The rug is machine washable and can be vacuumed without having to worry about shedding fibers. The durable surface will not puncture or tear under normal use making it perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or in front of entrances where dirt from shoes often accumulate. For those who wish to increase safety levels, this rug also has a non-slip backing as well as an anti-slip rubber that renders it resistant to spills and slips. You can never go wrong with our new line of rugs!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

18. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is perfect for your family. With practical features and a gorgeous style, it's the ultimate versatile rug that you can use in any room of the house. It has anti-slip technology to protect your hardwood floors from scratches and a non-marking rubber backing that protects both wood and tile when used as a kitchen runner or floor mat. Get home protection with this machine washable rug made from 100% wool microfiber pile—great for those hot days at the beach! Save time on laundry by just tossing this Bokhara area rug into the washing machine instead of hand washing delicate fabrics.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

19. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Made to be durable and easy enough to clean, this rug is perfect for your kitchen. It's machine washable with antimicrobial treatment so you never have to worry about bacteria. With its non-slip backing, the Red Bokhara Area Rug also prevents accidents from happening in the kitchen.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

20. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area rug is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your living space. It features a soft cotton backing and premium polyester pile that are highly durable, machine washable, stain-resistant, and plush looking. This means this beautifully designed area rug will not only compliment your new sofa with its modern look and luxurious feel but also protect it from dirt when you walk across it! This rug is the perfect size for larger areas such as kitchens or dining rooms of any home decor style giving it an old-world charm where these spaces weren't always meant for people just walking around in front of the sink all day long.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

21. Brown Ziegler Area Rug

This brown Ziegler Area Rug is a runner rug made of high-quality wool in an intricate design with a gorgeous pattern. This rug is ideal for kitchens, restaurants, and homes that need an area rug. Floor safe and washable Kitchen Mats are durable mats designed to protect all types of hard surface floors in any indoor or outdoor setting against tears, spills, heat damage, scratching, or stains.

Brown Ziegler Area Rug

22. Black Ziegler Area Rug 

The intricately designed Black Ziegler Area Rug is the perfect addition to any room with a transitional-contemporary style. Made from sophisticated wool, this beautiful rug will add elegance and sophistication to the design of your home decor for years to come. It's large enough to be used as an area rug, runner rug, or kitchen mat while still being small enough for smaller spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms. 

Black Ziegler Area Rug

23. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

A beautifully oriental area rug that will be a gorgeous addition to any home decor. Durable, machine washable, and made of nontoxic material. This durable machine washable area rug is the perfect kitchen rug or runner for your hardwood floors! It also looks great laying as an indoor-outdoor rug in your living room! The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug features a non-slip backing to prevent it from moving around on hardwood floors. With its brilliant colors, this eye-catching doormat will quickly become everyone's favorite new addition.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

24. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

What is your style? If a contemporary and traditional appeal to you, then the Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is a perfect addition. Made from durable wool, this machine washable rug won't wear out on you before it's time to be retired. This indoor/outdoor rug has a beautiful boho flair that would look lovely in an open-concept kitchen. So, If you want to bring a charming and elegant touch to your house then this rug is the one for you!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

25. Coral Bokhara Area Rug

The Coral Bokhara area rug has an intricate design, gorgeous pattern, and will wonderfully class up your kitchen! Best kitchen rugs for sure! Rug pads are a must but the washability factor is great too if you have little ones or pets that make spots easily. The best in running rugs or everyday bars veiling any traffic from your hardwood floors with this lovely addition to your family room. Imagine having this elegant floor covering next to your kitchen countertop!

Coral Bokhara Area Rug

26. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

The Grey Bokhara Area Rug is a luxuriously cozy and inviting area rug for any space. Expertly handcrafted with intricate patterns, the beautiful multicolored design of this rug will make any room more inviting. This mat also does double duty in kitchens to protect your flooring from spills and pet accidents! You can vacuum it regularly too because the easy-to-clean surface eliminates messes quickly.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

27. Brown Kazak Area Rug

No other kitchen rug can compare with this gorgeous brown kazak area rug. With a contemporary style, the intricate design and rich colors give your space added character. This washable lilac is perfect for high traffic areas - ideal for everyday living as well as entertaining! You will love this gorgeous addition to your house!

Brown Kazak Area Rug

28. Blue Ziegler Area Rug

The Blue Ziegler Area Rug is just the rug for you if you're looking to bring some style into your kitchen. It's detailed design looks stunning against different colored floors and goes well with many types of styles, but it will look especially great in a kitchen that combines wood tones and earthy colors.

Blue Ziegler Area Rug

29. Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

This beautiful Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug is perfect for your home! It's hardy and has the ease of being machine-washed. And this lovely addition would be a wonderful touch to any room that needs it! You will love this gorgeous piece of decor to bring a classy and luxurious feel to your space.

Gold Wool & Silk Area Rug

30. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is durable and gorgeous. Machine washable and made of wool, resisting stains, this runner rug can be used for indoor use or outdoor use as a kitchen mat. The contemporary style is sure to charm anyone who sees it! Whether you are looking for timeless elegance or want something more modern with pops of color, the ivory Bokhara area rug has got you covered. Offering gorgeous designs with luxurious results like silk-like texture that any homeowner will love, our easy-to-maintain rugs come in a variety of sizes that are perfect for any room decorating need. Why not make your home one that brings friends together?

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

31. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

Contemporary style with intricate designs and gorgeous patterns are combined to make this Grey Bokhara Rug the perfect update for any room. The runner rug, kitchen mat, or area rug is perfect for those who love a hard-wearing rug that can resist stains and spills. This sturdy material is load-bearing so it's great in high traffic areas like your entryway or kitchen flooring. Round out the interior design of your home by adding one of three great color options to match different decor styles!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

32. Brown Kazak Area Rug

You love your pieces of art in the kitchen. You try to decorate as creatively and uniquely as you can, so why not add a little extra flair with this gorgeous Brown Kazak Area Rug? At 4x5, it is the perfect size for any room, runner rug, or mat under your feet at the sink; area rug to frame the kitchen island; even phenomenal over by that table where you put down snacks for lunch!

Brown Kazak Area Rug

33. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Introducing a high-quality runner rug that is machine washable! Made for those with kitchen floors or any other hardwood surface, this delightful work of art adds an elegant touch to your home. Our Ivory Bokhara Area Rug will give you such joy that it won't be long before you're redecorating just to fit in with our beautiful rugs!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

34. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Introducing the ultimate in style and comfort, a Red Bokhara Area Rug is an eco-friendly way to keep your kitchen floor dry while giving it that extra bit of flair. Made from durable materials that are strong but breathable, this rug will not only add architectural interest but also provide anti fatigue kitchen mat for standing on all day long. This high-quality indoor outdoor area rug makes a perfect addition to any home’s space and will be just what you need to make machine washable and spend more time in your favorite room.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

35. Tan Bokhara Area Rug 

Introducing the Tan Bokhara Area Rug! This runner rug is a contemporary style piece that would be a lovely addition to any home. It features an intricate design and gorgeous pattern. Large yet also easy to clean, it is perfect for hardwood floors and high traffic areas of your kitchen or outdoor patio space at parties or gatherings throughout the summer season. 

Tan Bokhara Area Rug

36. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Our Red Bokhara Area Rug contributes to a clean, anti-fatigue kitchen space. The beautiful handiwork and colors of this rug have been thoughtfully put together for the user. Durable and easy to clean, this rug will not disappoint! Modernize your home with our area rugs today - you'll wonder how you ever have lived without them before!

Red Bokhara Area Rug

37. Coral Bokhara Area Rug 

Add some luxury to your kitchen with our Coral Bokhara Area Rug. The intricate design and gorgeous pattern make this rug a stunning addition to any home, including yours. The natural cotton fiber is durable enough for high traffic areas and the runner can be used as both a rug and kitchen mat! This pile of beauty is machine washable so it's easy to care too!

Coral Bokhara Area Rug

38. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug offers a contemporary design to your home with its lovely rich colors, showcased in a Bokhara patterned area rug. This timeless, beautiful, and luxurious mat is an excellent addition to any room or table seen on hardwood floors or in front of the sink! Use unique kitchen rugs under your feet during the cooking time and sitting meals at the kitchen table. Treat yourself to our high-quality product!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

39. Grey Bokhara Area Rug 

The Grey Bokhara Area Rug is an intricate design anyone would be proud to show off in their indoor or outdoor space. The rug measures at four feet by six feet and can be used as a runner, for decoration, in the kitchen on top of an area rug under high-traffic furniture - or it could just be a gorgeous touch to add to any style room. Available now for delivery today!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

40. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is a hand-tufted, machine washable runner rug that can be used as an area rug, kitchen mat, or at the front of any sink. Made with blended cotton and wool by artisans in Pakistan, this pattern features modern colors in a contemporary style. Simply place it on your flooring for instant luxe.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

41. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

If you're looking for a great kitchen rug to protect your hardwood from spills, look no further than the Ivory handmade Bokhara area rug made by hand out of 100% natural Persian wool. It is easy to clean and is stain resistant so, just throw it in the washing machine and get yourself a nice cleaned rug. This clear rug runner will brighten up any kitchen with its contemporary style and pretty addition. 

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

42. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

A sturdy, well-made product with intricate detail and a gorgeous pattern. It can be used as a runner in the kitchen or an area rug to provide more comfort. This high-quality Ivory Bokhara rug pad has anti-slip features on the back so it stays put on your flooring whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, ceramic tile, marble, etc., making this another excellent purchase for slippery areas!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

43. Beige Bokhara Area Rug

The intricate design and gorgeous pattern of this Beige Bokhara Area Rug is sure to be a wonderful addition to your home. Designed for kitchen use, it can also be used as an area rug or runner in other parts of the house. Use our kitchen mat indoors or outdoors on hardwood floors, carpeted areas, and tile - just avoid using with laminate flooring. This rug is stain-resistant and easy to clean on all occasions; best of all - it's manufactured so that no harmful dyes are used! If you're looking for a high traffic area rug pad we have one available for you too; we trust this Bokhara will provide years worth of enjoyment.

Beige Bokhara Area Rug

44. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

A Grey Bokhara Area Rug is a perfect addition to any kitchen design. It can serve as an eye-catching and durable rug for your modern, contemporary or traditional home. Whether you're using it indoors or outdoors, you'll find that this runner rug will fit the decor of your space with its exquisite design that depicts intricate patterns in vibrant colors. The best part? This product is easy to both clean and maintain! 

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

45. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The ivory Bokhara rug features an intricate design and gorgeous pattern in a runner-friendly size. With its durable yet elegant appearance, this rug is the perfect addition to your living room or kitchen. These Washable Rugs are easy to clean with the assistance of a washing machine. They are perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens and halls because they resist stains so that you never have to worry about spills ruining your beautiful rug again! Whether you're looking for indoor-outdoor options or hardwood floor safe styles, this area rug has what you need!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

46. Tan Bokhara Area Rug 

Tan Bokhara Area Rug is a gorgeous runner rug. With an intricate design and gorgeous pattern, this rug adds an inviting element to any room. From kitchen mat to area rug, this versatile piece can be used in a variety of settings. Stained by coffee spills and oil from cooking? Don't worry; the Tan Bokhara Area Rug is washable! Whether you're looking for outdoor rugs or indoor-outdoor options, runners, or hardwood floor protectors, we have what you need to brighten up your home at exceptional prices.

Tan Bokhara Area Rug

47. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is intricately woven, featuring a gorgeous pattern and soft silk stranded polyester pile. This rug not only feels the plush on bare feet but also handsomely cleans up spills and messes off with water or a vacuum cleaner! Its runner design allows for quick dusting, too. And yes, it's bordered in beige to complement hardwood floors that are just perfect shushing over them without catching yucky dirt from shoes! 

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

48. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

The multi-colored Gabbeh rug is a stunning addition to any space. This runner rug features an intricate design that will add some flair and elegance to your kitchen, living room or bedroom. It's even a great mat for those with busy kitchens as it can handle the spills, grime, and everyday use of an active household.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

49. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

A gorgeous Bokhara area rug in a stylish grey hue, this piece is perfect for adding style to your living room or kitchen. It comes with a contemporary-style pattern made from durable polyester fibers that will not fray over time. Our runner rugs are designed as an indoor and outdoor option, perfect for providing ideal protection no matter where it's placed!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

50. Silver Ziegler Area Rug

The Silver Ziegler Area Rug is a gorgeously detailed area rug. The design offers intricate beige and brown floral patterns perfect for those looking for a contemporary twist on traditional rugs. It's machine washable, making it great for hardwood floors or outdoor spaces like patios and kitchens! Pair with your favorite chair or use it as an area rug to create that finishing touch in any room of the house. 

Silver Ziegler Area Rug

51. Red Ziegler Area Rug 

This gorgeous Red Ziegler Area Rug is not just eye-catching, but simple and soothing with its low pile. The intricacy of the rug’s design will enthrall you, while the 100% pure wool material will keep you healthy and happy in your home or office setting. Give this one a go to make a fashion statement for years to come! 

Red Ziegler Area Rug

52. Tan Oushak Area Rug 

This hand-knotted, soft wool Oushak Area rug is beautiful and traditional with delicately patterned colors. Low pile means it will work well in the kitchen as a runner or on the floor when you need to preserve your wood floors from wear! What do you think? I'm sure that this one would look great in your home, too.

Tan Oushak Area Rug

53. Brown Oushak Area Rug

Trim, realistic and rarified. Not just any old wool rug that you can find in a chain store. No detail has been spared with this beautiful Brown Oushak rug; the attention to perfecting each knot is sumptuous for the eye as well as soothing for your feet! Use it in your entryway or living room to add instant charisma- not into floor coverings? It would make a lovely kitchen runner too.

Brown Oushak Area Rug

54. Tan Oushak Area Rug 

This luxurious area rug is made of 100% pure wool and features a gorgeous, intricate pattern. With its modest pile, it's ideal for use in the kitchen or runner. The tan oushak is hand-knotted and will add an elegant touch to any decor! Make this rug a centerpiece of your living room.

Tan Oushak Area Rug

55. Grey Oushak Area Rug 

This grey oushak area rug is hand-knotted with 100% pure wool for a soft and sophisticated pile that feels good against your toes no matter which room you're in. With lush browns on a traditional intricate pattern, find yourself liking this kitchen runner and food-safe floor mat just as much as your kitties do! Place this grey rug in every room from living to the bathroom; curl up on this exquisite piece of art made by masters that hold master threads and finish with their signature knitting skills without tiring hands. With so many styles available to choose from, take advantage of our pricing today!

Grey Oushak Area Rug

56. Tan Oushak Area Rug

The tan oushak area rug will provide your home with a charming and comforting effect. With hand-knotted tanned wool and intricate patterns, this beautifully soft yet durable rug is perfect for any room in the house where you want to create a sophisticated ambiance. Whether it's in your living room or in your kitchen around the breakfast table, this beautiful runner rug offers both style and function at an affordable price.

Tan Oushak Area Rug

57. Ivory Oushak Area Rug 

Double-sided and hand-knotted, this lovely Ivory Oushak rug will provide a beautiful, authentic feel to any room. The luxurious pile is low enough to comfortably serve as a runner in the kitchen or living area. With an intricate traditional Persian design that's easy on your eyes, you can't go wrong with this timeless style. Order today for fast nationwide shipping!

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

58. Ivory Oushak Area Rug

The Ivory Oushak Area Rug is an essential addition to any room. Made of 100 percent pure wool, this gorgeous rug will add a touch of luxury to your setting. It features an intricate traditional pattern that will bring delicate beauty to any space it occupies. With a low pile for easy movement, everyday tasks are made easier in the kitchen or other living area with a runner! Get yours today and make sure you pick from this great color range that's perfect for any décor.

Ivory Oushak Area Rug

59. Multi-Color Oushak Area Rug

The Multi-Color Oushak Area Rug is a gorgeous addition to any room in the house. The rug is an intricate pattern of deep, rich colors. Wool is soft and feels great under your feet. It can be used as a runner or carpet in a dining area, living room, bedroom, or kitchen, you're limited only by your imagination!

Multi-Color Oushak Area Rug

60. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

Do you need a new mat for your harried kitchen? How about an easy-to-clean area rug with some style to spare. The Red Bokhara Area Rug is the best thing for all of your floor covering needs. In addition to its sturdy construction and an indoor/outdoor design that complements any lifestyle, this rug will make your life easier by being slip-resistant.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

61. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

This gorgeous multi-color Gabbeh area rug is an intricate design pattern that can be used as a rug, mat, or floor accent. Best of all, this rug is easily washable so you can use it in both your kitchen and outdoor spaces! Rug pad recommended for hardwood floors. You will love this lovely addition to charm your exotic kitchen or dining room area. 

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

62. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

Flooring is the foundation of your home. Often overlooked, it's important to prioritize what you place beneath your feet. Enhance the look and feel of both residential and commercial spaces with this gorgeous Ivory Bokhara rug. Each rug is made of a super soft 100% wool construction that won’t fade over time or lose its coloring, making them perfect for high traffic areas like entryways, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and more! Be sure not to forget about outdoor spaces - your floors are an extension of the interior design scheme so don't neglect them now! Forget placing towels or mats on the bare concrete floor - our Bokhara Area Rug will add elegance and style while providing that necessary extra cushioning.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

63. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

if you need the floral pattern, this floral trend with a leaf-like print all over with the golden yellow background. As it is made from pure wool that's why it lasts for a long period and has stain and moisture resistant ability. It gives you a soothing vibe but also going to make your expanse homey and cozy.

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

64. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

This gorgeous ivory bokhara rug will be a perfect purchase for your contemporary areas, you will not only be adding a stunning feature to your floor area but also getting yourself stains resistance. The ivory colour scheme is perfect for any décor allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

65. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

There are three reasons to love this gorgeous grey Bokhara rug: the intricate design, gorgeous pattern, and washability. You will not find another runner that is more attractive, stain-resistant, or easy to clean than our Grey Bokhara Area Rug. The best part- it comes with a rug pad! This delicate yet durable rug mat has an old-world charm with a beautiful pattern of flowing curves in shades of plum and pink. Use it as your kitchen carpet or simply as one of many pieces throughout your home for an eclectic look. After all, touchless cleanup can be hard on house tables so use this low pile mat instead!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

66. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is a rich runner rug that provides durable, stylish flooring in your kitchen, office, or around the home. Boasting an intricate design and gorgeous pattern, our quality area rugs are perfect for any type of hardwood floor--looking both beautiful and contemporary! This runner rug is perfect for your traditional style interior.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

67. Tan Bokhara Area Rug

The Tan Bokhara Area Rug is a rug that was created for more than just keeping your floors clean. It has intricate and gorgeous patterns with an eye-catching brown background color that will make your house the envy of all! Add this runner rug to your kitchen floor to protect it from stains while making it shine- whether you’re cooking eggs, other food items, or coffee; this rug protects against spills and offers easy cleanup. 

Tan Bokhara Area Rug

68. Red Bokhara Area Rug

Introducing the Red Bokhara Area Rug, perfect for your kitchen. This anti-fatigue area rug will keep your feet comfortable and energized all day long, while its stain-resistant fabric is easy to clean with machine washable to get rid of any messes! The durable construction of this mat ensures that it won't rip or wear out even after a lot of foot traffic. Get the best quality at a reasonable price point when you shop from our collection today.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

69. Red Bokhara Area Rug

The Red Bokhara Area Rug is the safest way to protect your floors against hot pots, water, and general household messes. It also reduces fatigue in the feet with its tendency to unify floor temperature within minutes. The high quality wool weave of this machine washable kitchen mat assures a durable and long-lasting item while the rubber latex foam backing makes it perfect for a range of indoor surfaces from wood to tile.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

70. Red Bokhara Area Rug 

This Red Bokhara Area Rug is a machine washable, non-slip mat for the kitchen and area rugs to provide protection against damage that water sometimes causes. The rug pad will help protect your hardwood floors from scratches or other damages if you like to eat at the kitchen table which many people do nowadays. These versatile rugs can also be used in the woodland as an outdoor rug, so you enjoy time with friends and family members outside without the stress of muddy shoes or stepped-on grass stains.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

71. Red Bokhara Area Rug

This machine-washable red Bokhara rug is a runner rug and has been called "the perfect kitchen mat." This hardy, high-quality area rug boasts slip-resistance in kitchens and also strong insulation properties for cooler TV rooms. It's so durable that you'll love its low maintenance, after all the benefits don't stop with easy cleaning.

Red Bokhara Area Rug

72. Brown Kazak Area Rug

The Brown Kazak Area Rug offers intricate, stunning beauty and is one of the best kitchen rugs available. It's a runner rug, so it's great as a mat at entrances for shoes and dirt while also being functional as an area rug to lie on that will look beautiful in your room. There are plenty of reasons to buy this: its washable and durable design make it a smart choice for high-traffic areas while also providing practicality inside or outside. 

Brown Kazak Area Rug

73. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

The intricate design of this Gabbeh rug is stunning. Do you need a rug that will be easy to clean in your kitchen? This runner mat will help to protect your floors from water and oils, keeping them safe as well as beautiful. The wool fabric is also stain-resistant for when there's a spill on your floor. Swiftly wash the Brown Gabbeh Area Rug! 

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

74. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

This gorgeous tan gabbeh rug is an intricate design of tan and brown colors - it's gorgeous, the perfect place to set a glass of wine or any other household necessities. The runner rug is ideal for covering your kitchen mat in order to extend its life while also adding a touch of flair with this designer flooring accessory! This high-quality area rug can be used in traditional settings such as dining spaces, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, or even offices. 

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

75. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug 

You’ll adore the eye-catching Brown Gabbeh Area Rug! The intricately designed pattern and gorgeous colors are unmistakable in its modern yet traditional style. With dimensions of 4' 0" x 5'10" feet, this rug can seamlessly move from your kitchen to your living room or other high-traffic space. It's made of 100% wool, so it's machine washable and easy to clean for all your cleaning needs!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

76. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

A perfect addition to any room, with the style and appeal for modern times. This grey Bokhara area rug is constructed of 100% cotton that has been dyed to a light shade. It features intricate embellishments that give it an eclectic look. This high-quality handmade rug includes a natural cream beige background with a traditional pattern in shades of blue. You can't go wrong when updating your home furnishings with this beautiful runner rug or brilliant kitchen mat!

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

77. Grey Bokhara Area Rug

The Grey Bokhara Area Rug is a gorgeous rug that lends sophistication to your space. The intricate design and lovely pattern of this runner rug will become an elegant centerpiece for any room in the home. This fabulous area rug starts with a natural cotton backing, beautifully enhanced with a durable polyester face and vibrant colors. This beautiful Persian-style runner rug has been designed for high traffic areas such as the kitchen or living rooms! 

Grey Bokhara Area Rug

78. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

Bold color and patterns combine to create a rug that will please people of all tastes. The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is an indoor/outdoor runner made from thick, durable polyester fibers that enables it to dry quickly when wet and stand up to most any surface without damage. The handmade quality ensures the longevity of this investment as well as its ability to be spot-cleaned with minimal effort for use in high-traffic areas such as living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patios…you name it!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

79. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

Our tan Gabbeh runner rug features an intricate design that will stand the test of time as your busy family walks over it daily. To ensure easy maintenance during the days you spend working hard running around cooking dinner for your loved ones we suggest throwing this runner rug into the washing machine after each use to eliminate dirt and stains before they set deep in the fibers. 

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

80. Red Gabbeh Area Rug

Not just an attractive addition to any space, this rug is extremely durable thanks to its thick pile! Featuring an intricate design and gorgeous pattern, you will love the rich shades of red in this rug. Comes complete with a washable liner. So, if you want to bring a classy and exotic touch to your areas, then this rug is perfect for you!

Red Gabbeh Area Rug

81. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

If you’re like us, your life is busy and there are just a million things on your to-do list. You need place mats that are durable but also elegant-a rug for the kitchen that will stand up to constant use while still looking terrific! This brown Gabbeh Area Rug will beautifully adorn any kitchen with its colorful stripes of cream and tan. Made from enduring wool fabric, this rug won't fade in direct sunlight or resist everyday spills. For decoration and functionality in one generous package, it's hard to beat our Brown Gabbeh Area Rug!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

82. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

The Brown Gabbeh Area Rug is a kitchen mat and an area rug that was designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It has intricate Persian patterns of brown, black, red, yellow and green in a traditional Gabbeh design. This beautiful rug will add a lovely addition to any room whether it be the traditional family space or as an easy to clean runner rug around the dining table or kitchen table with hardwood floors. The long pile ensures comfort underneath your feet while keeping spills at bay with its stain-resistant properties.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

83. Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug 

Are you looking for a stunning area rug to add some flair and culture? One that brings out the bright colors in your space, adding art to your design so it's always present? Now we are not talking about any old rug with a simple design.But, our Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug is woven with traditional Persian patterns depicting floral motifs and intricate designs reminiscent of handwork from centuries ago. We know common kitchen stains like muddy pet paws can be an everyday issue but you don't need to worry about this problem when stepping onto this masterpiece because it is crafted using 100% durable wool which means it's easy to clean and machine washable.

Multi-Color Gabbeh Area Rug

84. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

With a gorgeous brown pattern and intricate design, the Brown Gabbeh Area Rug is a lovely addition to any home regardless of decor. As an indoor-outdoor rug, it's great for kitchens with easy machine washing and stain resistance. Along with being stylish and contemporary in style, it provides added padding on hardwood floors while keeping your feet warm in winter thanks to its wool construction; additionally, using our safe fabric protector will keep spills from soaking through onto the underlayment making spills easier to clean up!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

85. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara Area Rug delivers a style that can't be matched! With its intricate design and gorgeous pattern, this runner rug is sure to steal the show in your home. It's perfect for use as a kitchen mat or an area rug in any room of the house. Create comfort where you need it with our washable kitchen rug, stain resistant rug, best kitchen rugs--just use your imagination! Durability meets style with this indoor-outdoor area rug boasting low maintenance while at the same time absolutely stunning! This lovely addition will instantly update any space.

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

86. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

The Ivory Bokhara rug is a runner-style area rug made from synthetic and wool fibers. It is gorgeous in detail with an intricate design, and comes in different sizes depending on what you are looking for. This is perfect to spruce up your floor! It can be cleaned by the washing machine or vacuumed, plus it'll stay great even if kids spill things on it!

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

87. Blue Bokhara Area Rug 

This exquisite blue-shaded Bokhara area rug feels welcoming and homey in any setting. The yarn-dyed, semi-cut loop construction and intricately patterned design give it an eye pleasing backdrop to all of your favorite memories. With a runner length or as a room's focal point, this is the piece you will love for years to come! 

Blue Bokhara Area Rug

88. Ivory Bokhara Area Rug 

This Ivory Bokhara Area Rug is an intricate masterpiece that has a gorgeous pattern and is made of soft wool. The rug can be used in the kitchen both for decoration and as a functional floor mat to protect your hardwood floors from dirt and other debris. It will also allow you to create beautiful, stylish corner placements on your kitchen table with this area rug! Being easy to clean, its durable construction makes it super easy to maintain, just use cold water in your washing machine or hose down when needed! 

Ivory Bokhara Area Rug

89. Blue Kazak Area Rug

The contemporary design of the blue Kazak Area Rug will give your home a bit more personality. With knotting details and vibrant colors, this rug is perfect for adding warmth to even the coldest of spaces. Made with traditional Persian artistry in mind, it's durable and easy to clean—perfect for use as an outdoor area rug or indoor kitchen rug! It also comes in runner sizes so you can drop one down beneath any table without sacrificing comfort or style.

Blue Kazak Area Rug

90. Red Kazak Area Rug

This Red Kazak Area Rug has Cross-stitch designs and textures to create a sense of old-world charm with this gorgeous, tasteful runner rug. The intricate pattern makes the area rug both elegant and appropriate for any touch surface like hardwood floors or delicate dining surfaces. With its heavyweight wool construction and easy washability, it will be a beautiful addition to your home for years to come.

Red Kazak Area Rug

91. Navy Gabbeh Area Rug 

Treat your feet to our Navy Gabbeh Area Rug! Inspired by Persian Rugs from the main carpet-producing areas in Iran, this rug's intricate design and gorgeous pattern are sure to make it a lovely addition to most modern homes. In classic navy blue with white, gray, and olive accents, this delightful runner rug will serve as an excellent place for quickies anytime you need one on the kitchen floor while cooking or cleaning up after dinner.

Navy Gabbeh Area Rug

92. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

This beautiful Tan Gabbeh Area Rug is a must have! The intricate design and gorgeous pattern make it perfect for your home. It can be used as a kitchen runner rug, a blend in your living room, or even as the focal point of the dining area. This rug is both washable and stain resistant- making it easy to clean after accidents happen from cooking or spills.

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

93. Tan Gabbeh Area Rug 

This Tan Gabbeh Area Rug combines the tradition of Persian hand-woven art with a modern design sensibility, while still keeping it classic enough to match any style of home decor. Beautifully crafted in India from 100% natural wool on a cotton weave for durability and stain resistance, this runner rug is machine washable and safe for high traffic areas—perfect for use as an indoor or outdoor kitchen area mat! 

Tan Gabbeh Area Rug

94. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug 

Don't you just adore a stylish way to tie your kitchen together? With this Gabbeh rug's intricate pattern it is easy to create designs that match decor. The durable brown and tan weave makes this rug perfect for kitchens, as well as outdoor or indoor spaces. Use the runner design in high traffic areas of your home where spills are more likely, such as the kitchen floors or dining room table. The washable fabric on both sides makes dirty messes, something you worry about less often, because it can be washed professionally in a washing machine!

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

95. Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. But, it’s endlessly important to make sure the floor underneath you doesn’t have too much on its own. A beautifully designed Gabbeh Area Rug is the solution! Indoor-outdoor rugs offer beautiful functionality that can withstand any and all kinds of family wear and tear, including water with no problem whatsoever making them perfect for kitchen mats or area runners in high traffic areas.

Brown Gabbeh Area Rug

96. Blue Kazak Area Rug

This exquisite blue Kazak area rug features a tight, traditional knot and eye detail. Made of synthetic wool that is both washable and stain-resistant, it's the perfect buy for your kitchen or dining room floor. Made in Pakistan with pride by master craftsmen, this rug will give your house an elegant new construction feel. Comes complete with jute pad binding to offer enhanced stability while protecting floors from scratches and damage.

Blue Kazak Area Rug

97. Ivory Kazak Area Rug 

When you want something that looks scrumptious to your kitchen but without all the hassles of having to vacuum every day, then investing in an Ivory Kazak Area Rug for your kitchen should be at the top of your shopping list. This runner rug is finely woven with intricate patterns and gorgeous colors. You can also place it as a part of any room design by using the mat indoors or outdoors, low pile or high pile styles. If you have been looking for a very attractive area rug this season, we don't think you'll be disappointed after looking through our collection

Ivory Kazak Area Rug

98. Ivory Kazak Area Rug

This Ivory Kazak Area Rug features a delicate pattern and runner size for the perfect addition to your kitchen. With durability, hard-wearing quality, and easy care it is a clever conversation piece on your flooring or even as an area rug in high traffic areas. Beautifully crafted from a wool blend, this washable kitchen rug gives you that designer look without breaking the bank!

Ivory Kazak Area Rug

99. Red Kazak Area Rug

Our rug of the day is the Red Kazak Area Rug. The rush has an intricate design and a gorgeous pattern that will give your home décor new life with a traditional look to it. Put this around your fireplace for warmth, underneath favorite chairs as an indoor/outdoor mat, or under high-traffic areas in need of an update! These are absolutely stunning and easy to clean too; just throw them in the washing machine without worrying about stains because they're made from stain-resistant fabric!

Red Kazak Area Rug

100. Purple Kazak Area Rug

Blend your home's interior design with curves and intricate patterns. The gorgeous details of this purple Kazak rug will be a stunning addition to any room. Eye-catching colors, artistic motifs, and exotic traditions bring the beauty of central Asia into any space. It comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs: runner rug for hallways or kitchens, area rug for the bedroom or living rooms.

Purple Kazak Area Rug

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Rugs

1. What Is A Kitchen Rug?

Kitchen rugs are used to protect your floors, add a dash of color or style. These rugs are made of either polyester, cotton, or wool and have a plastic backing. A Kitchen rug is designed for easy clean-up and durability.

2. Are Anti Fatigue Kitchen Rugs Durable?

The Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug is designed with a heavy-duty, non-skid rubber backing. The rug will not slip or move from its place even when wet and soiled. The material provides excellent insulation underfoot - it absorbs sound to keep outside noises at bay while also minimizing noise made by people walking on the floor. So, Yes! these rugs are durable and can last for years.

3. Are Kitchen Rugs Machine Washable?

The Kitchen Rug is machine washable and will not shrink in the washer. These rugs are perfect for use in your kitchen as they are durable, easy to clean, and come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. You can wash kitchen rugs in the washing machine, but be sure to use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener. These are the best washable rugs. You don't have to worry about them fading their colors.

4. How To Take Care Of A Rug In The Kitchen?

Taking care of rugs is essential as they are expensive and it may require a lot of time to buy them. Here's how you can maintain your rugs:

1.Vacuum the rug regularly for particles that get lodged in the fibers.

2.Take care not to place any heavy items on top of or directly next to the rug as this will cause wear over time.

3.Wash the stain on your kitchen rug right away.

4.Rotate the rug every three months.

5.Buy a rug mat to prevent the water from damaging your floor.

6.Use rug pads to avoid slipping!

5. What Rugs Are Best For The Kitchen?

There are various types of kitchen rugs available. Your choice will depend on the rug's style and its material. These types of rugs are made from cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers (e.g., polyester) to imitate natural materials like silk or sisal which is one way to make them more sustainable. Traditional materials such as cotton and wool are usually used for kitchen rugs because they're easy to clean, durable, comfortable underfoot, breathable, and resistant to mold or mildew (natural fibers contain natural antimicrobial agents). In addition to being relatively inexpensive when compared with other types of floor coverings, these materials are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

6. Where Can I Place My Kitchen Rug?

Kitchen rugs can be placed under a table to protect the flooring or even on top of an ottoman for additional cushion and style. You can place a runner rug between the counter and the sink or you can place a rug right in the middle of your kitchen. You can place a rug in front of your oven or stove, as well.

7. Is A Non-Skid Rug With A Low Pile Height Good For Your Kitchen Areas?

Yes! Placing a non-slip rubber backing rug that has a water-resistant feature, so you don't have to worry about washing dishes and splashing water all over the floor. This rug is perfect for kitchen decor! You are decorating your kitchen as well as protecting it from getting slippery and dangerous for your kids and pets who are usually running around the house and most likely in the kitchen area. You can use a rug in place of the high pile mats as well. Make your kitchen look flawless by adding a rug that is both gorgeous and useful! Non-skid and low pile height rugs provide a cushioned feel to your areas.

We have made it a mission to deliver some of the most delicate quality rugs to your doorstep. We have hundreds of options at RugKnots from which you can choose without any hesitation keeping in mind that there are no delivery charges whatsoever and that our rugs are made for your home. If you doubt your decision about buying a rug, then fear not. Visit our Website to find out some of the best choices to buy rugs.

Furthermore, if you have more questions or want any rug done in a custom size, please email us at or call us at (301)-660-7046. We are happy to answer your questions, any time.

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