The Best Yoga Mats for 2019- Buyers Guide & Reviews
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It is quite tragic as a Writer when the name imparts the entire story. Nonetheless, an exercise mat facilitates warm-ups, yoga, and low-to-mild impact exertions. How does it do that? An exercise mat works dual way-providing traction with the hard floor as well as cushion to the body.  you can also use the yoga towels while yoga practice. Any could write an entire tale describing the difficulty of finding the right place to exercise. These special-purpose mats can turn any vacant house space into your personnel exertion zone and make it use for home gym. Let’s dig into the issue a bit! Why do people choose these specially designed different types of mats over conventional carpets or tiles? For once, tiles are slippery, and rugs offer too much traction. You can have ideas how to keep rugs on slipping. The former would burn your skin off, while the latter doesn’t facilitate work out one bit. Plus, the mats don’t burn your pockets, so why not? But do you need an exercise mat? A big yes! But there are alternatives you could go for. In this regard, what can I use as an exercise mat? If you are looking to save some bucks, you could always go for towels, softer fabrics, woven blankets, or even socks and gloves. Generally, you can use any stuff that offers traction without burning your skin off, or hurting your joints! as different types of exercise are here while you are going to join fitness. It’s easy to confuse exercise mat with a yoga mat, and I won’t blame you for it! Both are durable and often crafted off PVC. Yoga mats, however, are generally thinner than their exercise counterparts. Thick exercise mats, understandably, are more substantial and hence offer less motility. They could measure as much as 1 to 2 inches. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a thick yoga mat won’t (generally) be more abundant than 1/8 inches. A travel yoga mat could be as thin as 1/16 inches, making it light-weight and consequently more portable.


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Things To Consider While Buying An Exercise/Yoga Mat

With all the variety on display, it is easy to be dumbfounded while shopping for the fitness mat. Each one of us would be looking for the best exercise mat/yoga mat.  The term ‘best’ could be subjective and merely depend on user requirements. So, how to choose an exercise mat? There are quite a few things that need consideration you can also consider it a buying guide. 


Having already distinguished exercise mats from hot yoga ones based on depth, we do know how important a part width plays. The higher the intensity of your workout, the thicker your carpet needs to be. Ordinary exercise mats stand near 1 to 2 inches tall. On the other hand, best yoga mats are generally thinner. They measure anywhere between 1/16 inches and 1/4 inches. In that regard, how to choose a yoga mat?  That’s subjective! In case you require more comfort during yoga practice, you should go for a thicker one. The type of yoga you do also has a say. For more complex movements, you need a mat with higher traction.  All in all, what is the best thickness for a yoga mat? That again is subjective. I must add, though, that while a thicker mat is suited for seated poses, you may want a thinner mat for standing one. 4mm is one of the better thicknesses! Heat yoga for one requires a specially designed mat. For those who don’t know what heat yoga is, it is a form of yoga performed in a heated room. You might also want to be careful with the thickness and weight unless you perform yoga practice within your house because it affects mobility and its very eco friendly. 


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Are you a big guy who has trouble lying down anywhere? All you need is a large exercise mat! A standard yoga mat is 68 inches long. In case you are taller than 5.6, you might want a super-stretched piece.  All in all, consider your needs!

Special Needs

Furthering the issue of requirements, do you have any special needs that you need to cater to? This is way more prevalent in yoga mats than in exercise ones. Are you suffering from joint pain? In that case, you may fancy a padded mat. You may imagine one also if you have gone through a knee or hip alignment surgery. Talking of padded yoga mats, they are way more comfortable than conventional ones. Then again, they are never entirely washed.


This is a subset of all the three considerations mentioned above.  You need to ensure that the size of your mat is such that it remains portable. Thicker the carpet, the less convenient it is to move. The longer it is, the tighter it is to roll. Portability may not be such an issue if you workout in your backyard. It sure is, however, if you prefer performing yoga in the park down the street. Motility may not be that important a metric, but it is of utmost importance to travelers.


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Fabric and Texture

What is the best exercise mat? The best exercise/yoga mat is the one that doesn’t compromise on its functionality and yet offers comfort and ease.  In Yoga mats, especially, fabric and texture are significant as metrics. Firstly, be wary of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) mats. Despite the popularity, these have an appalling reputation in the yoga community. This is based upon studies that point them out as having carcinogens. In case you are a health cautious person, you may not want to buy one for yourself. Do adhere to your needs. The mat shouldn’t be either rigid or slippery. In case you don’t mind exercising on such surfaces, you don’t need a mat in the first place. Too slippery a mat doesn’t favor exertions while too rigid a mat could rob you of your skin. Rubber mats are a preferred alternative, and so are cotton ones. The best bit about cotton mats is that they are easy to wash and come in cheap. Plus, they are motile and hence cover all the basic aspects you need, except for extravagant comfort! In case you are into really unusual yoga poses, you must buy a non-slip yoga mat. Also known as sticky mats, they are crafted to allow all the rigorous yoga poses that a human body could sustain. Hence, if you are into rigorous forms of yoga, you better buy a sticky mat. It is worth mentioning. However, that sticky mats tend to have a really tough texture. Texture can make a difference as far as personnel comfort is concerned. Hence, if you are really light on endurance, better go for a PVC mat. Who cares about nature, anyway? 


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Look into the Price

Area rugs have diverse prices, some are expensive while some are relatively cheaper. the Price depends upon the making of rugs. In the last paragraph, we described ‘what is the best exercise mat to use?’ as ‘the one that doesn’t compromise on its functionality while adhering to specific user needs.’ Add price into that. Obviously lower the price, the better the mat. Like every other accessory, the prices of exercise and yoga mats greatly vary. You can get started from as little as ten or go as high as a thousand. If you are a beginner, you might want to start off from as little as you can. On the other side of the spectrum, in case you are looking to use it in the foreseeable future, you could go for a mat from a reputable company. Certain features, like padding and stickiness, are an exception here. They do cost a bit extra, but then again, for specific individuals, they are a necessity. Don’t shy away from these extras because it is always better to be safe than being sorry. The last thing you want is to re-rupture your knee while trying to better your health! Fortunately, cleaning mats isn’t as daunting as other house chores. Just read below to find out how to clean your yoga mat.


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Cleaning and Maintenance of Exercise and Yoga Mats

This portion would deal with the ways to clean and maintain your mats in pristine condition. Before we delve any further, however, I would like to point out cleaning frequency. The term refers to how often you clean your mats. The frequency depends upon two things-your workout routine and the fabric. The higher your workout intensity and frequency, the earlier you would need to clean your mat. The fabric also plays an important role. Cotton yoga mats, for one, need frequent cleaning. A regular cleaning frequency varies around once every 1 to 2 months. If you need to hire professionals for cleaning rugs, you are free to do!

How to Clean Exercise Mats?

Understandably, an exercise mat gets all drenched in dust and sweat after each workout. Germs follow! No prizes for guessing that. The condition is more prevalent in some given the nature of the fabric. Cotton yoga mats are an example. Medics clearly warn of the use of such mats because, given your proximity to the mat, you are highly likely to be infected. Most mats are convenient to clean. Padded ones are an exception because they are never thoroughly cleaned! The question is, how to clean a yoga mat? One way to clean your yoga mat is to wash it. Now, how to wash yoga mat? Just the way you wash your towel. Yoga mats are quite thin, and hence you can conveniently hand wash them. Just be careful with bleaches, soak excess water, and use a mild detergent. Unfortunately, the above method is restricted to ‘how to clean a yoga mat.’ For ‘thicker’ exercise mats, wipe the dust away and spray with a disinfecting agent from a couple of feet away. You need to be careful, though, for the mat needs to be wet but not completely immersed in the liquid. Just wipe away the liquid with a towel, hang the mat for 20 to 30 minutes, and you are good to go!


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How to Maintain your Exercise Mat?

The cleaning frequency could be reduced if you were to take due care. Another benefit of taking due care is that the mat needs replacement less often. Done with the pros, let’s look into the ways to maintain your exercise mats. Firstly, clean the mats regularly. This includes performing regular maintenance tasks after each workout. Secondly, wash your hands and feet before each workout. These areas of your body are in constant contact with the mat at all times, and the primary source of dust and sweat. Lastly, air your mat regularly. This removes the odors and dries your mat. It also helps disinfect your mat. Have you never dried your clothes in the sun?

To conclude, Exercise mats are a great accessory to have and one that any fitness freak would fancy. If you are really into intensive workouts, you definitely need to have them with the help of elaborating buyer's guide.  Not only do they provide comfort, but they also prevent any injury while you are up into your antics.  Get them as soon as you can! Also, make a comment where you got yours from so that the rest could benefit from your experience. RugKnots provides highest quality, most affordable original and custom hand- crafted oriental rugs with the fastest production time in the industry you can find our All collection over here. 


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