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As we always say, rugs are an essential design tool for every household. Rugs in the kitchen may sound a little weird to most people out there and we partially understand why. People think that rugs are only for focal areas such as living rooms and bedrooms but we completely disagree. We believe that there is more to rugs than these cliché definitions. We believe that rugs can be placed anywhere and everywhere! And we shouldn’t stereotype their placement and “existence”. They can be placed at areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as well and they would look amazing that way, too! It must sound silly but it is really not. Not that we are asking you to place just any other rug in your kitchen, obviously, there has to be a certain kind of material, type etc. But, it’s not that difficult or time taking that you must be thinking it is. You don’t have to research your mind out in order to get the perfect kitchen rug. It’s easy or rather; we’ll make it easy for you. Not just from a decorative point of view, it can be of immense benefit for you and your kitchen floors. They can add the warmth and comfort that you always wanted in your kitchen but failed to retain. In this journey of placing kitchen rugs, we bring you all the factors that you should consider while buying them. Be it the right material, size or placement, we tell you everything. You might need a little know how of using them around but don’t you worry as we got your back. Just hold back and keep reading!  

The Right Material 

While buying kitchen rugs, there are some specifications that you would want to take care of and that too, for all the right reasons. Some qualities are sure to be in a rug if you are going to place them in kitchens. Wondering what those qualities are? The area rug should be stain resistant, easy to clean, absorbent and durable. Considering that the kitchen is a busy area of a house meaning, there can be spills and high foot traffic. These are some of the topmost qualities that should be in a rug. Some fibers have such qualities and are a perfect match for kitchens. Let’s talk about some of those kitchen rug materials! 

Polypropylene Material 

Polypropylene rugs are one of the best rugs for kitchens. They simply possess it all to be in a kitchen. Considering that there might be some wear and tear that a rug may go through in a kitchen, these rugs can stand it. They can be spot cleansed and are easy to clean. Also, they are specially known for their durability. This material is fade resistant and is quick to dry as well, they are water resistant but oil spills are hard to clean.

Nylon Material 

Nylon rugs are probably the best for kitchens. They are simply the best. They are found to be extremely durable and resistant to high levels of footfalls. They are absorbent and can resist high foot traffic. Not only that, they are stain resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain. Such easy to go materials are best for kitchen rugs. 

Bamboo Material

Bamboo rugs are made up of natural fibers and are very durable. They are ideal for kitchens as they can take the wear and tear and spills. They are very beautiful as well!

Jute and sisal material 

Rugs made up of jute and sisal are also very durable. They can be spot cleaned and easy to clean in general. They are easy to maintain, too.

These are all the right and best materials for kitchen rugs. You can choose from any of these. There might be some other materials too but don’t forget to confirm if they can work in your kitchens. It’s always to confirm from the retailer rather than getting into a mess afterwards. These fibers are the ultimate best but always make sure when buying that the material you are buying is really something that you want! Remember, a durable, stain resistant, absorbent and high footfall resistant area rug will make the best for kitchens. 

What are the Best Kitchen Rug Sizes?

There is not a standard area where you should place your rug around the kitchen. Well, you can work around with your rug and place them at maximum places you want. You can place them in front of the sink or near the stove etc. but, let’s talk about the size that should work here. We would suggest you place a 3×5 rug size in front of the sink area. This should look minimal yet statement making. This area should not be barred with a big fat rug around it as it looks awkward and a little weird. So a small and minimal rug would look best around this area. You can place a runner rug as well. Wondering where? Well, just measure the gallery area and place a runner rug over there. Another size idea would be to make sure that you are sizing the correct way around the dining area. Not all kitchens have dining areas in themselves but the ones who do, here’s a little suggestion to help place a good sized rug. We always emphasize the fact that the size of every kitchen or living room differs from one another. So, we don’t really like giving standard size preferences but rather tell you the tips and tricks to help figure out the size yourself. So, as for the dining tables, you should place the rug in a way that it covers the entire dining area. Meaning, it should be under the table entirely or cover the hind and front legs of chairs, too. Remember to not partially cover the chairs as it would create unevenness and we are pretty sure that you don’t really want that. So, it’s always better to cover the entire dining set rather than going for specific pieces.

Quick tip: to know the right rug size, measure it! Yes, it’s that simple. The most common mistake people make is to fetch the wrong rug size. People tend to buy small rugs because they were simply “estimating” rug sizes. So don’t go for estimation but be sure by measuring it first. You can use the tape method for doing so. What you need to do is to tape the entire area you want to get covered by the rug. Then, you can measure the exact dimensions i.e. the width and length with the help of a measuring tape. You can never go wrong this way and you wouldn’t have to ship your rug back and forth. That’s a real hassle, trust us! 

The Right Placement of Kitchen Rugs 

Now, we want you to picture a kitchen. Let’s take the most common inception of a kitchen where there are some must haves; sink, stove area, some shelves etc. the best places to place kitchen rugs is to place them in front of the sink. It is one of the most essential places to place a rug at. It provides you the comfort and warmth while for example, washing dishes. This area is ideal as it can absorb the water and prevent the floors getting wet and all dirty. Another area is in front of the stove, again it can help your feet stay comfy and you feel cozy while standing there for quite some time while preparing food. We know your feet might become sour at some point while cooking but placing a rug can save your life in that regard. One more place is the dining area. You can place your rug at the dining area i.e. around the table. Wait, the list doesn’t end here; you can work a runner rug in your kitchen, too. Measuring the gallery area and then placing a good runner rug is also a great option to make your kitchen look good. You can try placing rugs in all these areas. Also, if you have a “special and unique” spot around your kitchen, you can try enhancing that by placing a beautiful rug over there. 

What Type/ Kind Should You Use?

We know, we know, we know. You must have been fantasizing about landing your feet in a shaggy, fluffy rug while making your Mamma Mia Classic, but umm… that’s not what’s possible. I mean, let’s be realistic. You can’t be working those kinda rugs in a kitchen, like you would have to lose something to get something! The best kind of rug for kitchens is a flat weave rug. Yes, those flat rugs! Those rugs are best in terms of kitchens. You can place them and forget about them. They are high footfall resistant and can be spot cleaned. These rugs don’t have a pile and knots are absent. That is why; they are flat as no knots are present. You can stand on these for hours and they will still be in their best shape and form. So always go for flat weave rugs when buying rugs for kitchens. 

What About the Color?

You might be imagining your favorite color and then getting a rug of the same color. It’s safe if your favorite colors are darker in tones but we are sorry if you like lighter shades more. In other words, it is very dangerous to buy rugs of brighter tones such as a white rug. Why is that? Well, the idea is pretty simple, you must understand that a kitchen rug must have to go through many spills and stained and placing a white rug will expose all those stains. This is obviously not a pleasant sight to see a dirty white rug in your kitchen. On the other hand, if you opt for a dark colored rug, the stains can get camouflaged and it wouldn’t look bad. Your rug will not get “exposed” and wouldn’t look dirty, too. 

Get a Rug Pad 

This is by far the most essential item when buying rugs. Getting a rug pad is extremely important for not just your rugs but your floors too, it prevents the rugs from slipping which is very significant especially in an area like a kitchen. Moreover, it protects your floor from constant wear and tear that may be caused by the rug. 

And that’s all for today! We hope that you found this blog post helpful and informative. We tried answering all your queries regarding kitchen rugs and their usage. We wish that you must have imagined your kitchen with rigs by now. It is obviously not conservative to use rugs in your kitchen but it looks rather extremely beautiful. There are many benefits of using kitchen rugs such that they provide comfort and reduce noise pollution in your kitchen. So don’t worry about working them in such “weird” areas. We feel you should start breaking those barriers and stereotypes about area rugs. The beauty of your kitchen will get enhanced with the help of these rugs and they would look everlasting. Don’t forget to add your own sense of style and fashion while working them in. We always believe that you should never neglect your own say in whatever you are doing because at the end of the day, you are doing it for yourself so you gotta love it first! So don’t worry and work it your way! 

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