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When you shop for modern kids’ rugs, you do not have to make tough choices and sacrifice comfort for style. You can have comfort and style both! At RugKnots, we help you buy modern kids rugs that will give you the perfect mix of cozy, comfortable, and stylish modern interior design. Our modern rugs for kids have the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic and the eclectic beauty to blend in nicely with your modern furnishings. So, if you are looking to buy modern kids’ rugs in the US, look us up online and browse our collection for the best modern kids’ rugs for sale. We want your kids to enjoy the soft landing that the rugs provide while retaining the sturdiness and durability of an authentic modern carpet. But before you head off to make your next purchase, let us give you a few tips on how you can decorate your kids’ bedroom, playroom, or den with modern rugs for kids. You need to know the perfect pattern, color, and size of the modern kid’s rug when you decorate. We could not be happier to help you out!


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8 Pro Tips to Decorate the Kid’s Room with Modern Kids Rugs

Shopping for kid’s rugs is a tricky business because you need to be just as mindful of your kid’s interests as you are for your interests. Most parents either end up picking a bland rug or one doused in the most flashy and gaudy colors. A multi-colored, super vibrant rug may work for your kids, but it does not do much for modern décor. So, if you are keen to buy modern kids’ rugs, you need to accommodate your kids’ tastes as well as your taste. For your kids’ room, we want a vibrant, whimsical rug with a trendy, contemporary look. That is a tall order for a rug, but hey, we will help you out! Now let us find you a quirky, trendy modern kids’ rug for your kids’ room!


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1.      Two-Toned Kids’ Rugs

Two-toned kids’ rugs are neither too flashy nor too bland. They work perfectly with polka dots and striped rug patterns. You can match them to the color scheme of your kids’ room, so they fit the rest of the décor. Most two-toned rugs are surprisingly bright in coloring and have a refreshing look. They have the minimalist contemporary appeal of a modern rug and the vivid coloring of a kid’s rug. Modern kids’ rugs are the perfect floor coverings for nurseries.

2.      Geometric Style Rugs

If you are a stickler for modern décor, you likely love geometric style rugs. Here is an idea: Go for a colorful geometric rug. The colors will cheer up the kids, and the geometric pattern will fit right in with your modern home décor. And there you have it, a modern kids’ rug. RugKnots houses a quirky and stylish collection of modern kids’ rugs on sale; we strongly recommend the lively geometric rugs!


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3.      Abstract Colorful Rugs

Abstract rugs are a trademark for sleek modern décor. Too many colors never harmed anybody, and if you could find an attractive mosaic patterned rug to throw in with the rest of your kids’ room décor, we are with you! A marble swirl of colors in a random, abstract pattern is one of the most popular choices for modern rugs for kids today. So, go ahead and grab one now!

4.      Striped Rugs

We all know striped rugs are super popular these days. They go perfectly with modern home décor, and a bright-hued striped rug is exactly what you need for your kids’ bedroom. We have an extensive collection of striped modern kids’ rugs in a variety of colors and material, take your pick! You can go for monotone, two-toned, or multi-colored striped rugs, and they would go perfectly with the furnishings in the kids’ room. So, if you are looking to buy modern kids’ rugs in the US, we highly recommend striped rugs.


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5.      Educational Kids’ Rugs

Kids’ rugs are not only about decorating; they are also about learning. At an age when kids are very receptive to learning, and they spend a lot of time playing on their rugs, why not teach them new things? You can teach your kids how to count, pronounce alphabets, name planets, and a lot more using the designs on the rugs! A lot of parents buy educational kids rugs to help their kids begin learning at an early age.

6.      Sculptured Rugs

Kids rugs come in sculptured way, too. They are different from your run of the mill, ordinary kids’ rugs, and look more real in comparison to cartoon prints. High quality, hand-tufted, sculptured rugs are a modern trend in decorating kids’ bedroom floor. These modern rugs for kids have creative designs of nature, themes, and popular cartoon characters. Sculptured rugs are eye-catching, stylish, and look completely at home on kids’ bedroom floors. Available in a variety of shapes, themes, and colors, sculptured rugs are functional, attractive, and make a strong artistic statement. So, take your kids along for the ride, and get them a soft, funky, and bright sculptured kids’ rug.


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7.      Nautical Themed Rugs

Cool, soft-toned and exotic – nautical or coastal rugs are a great choice for modern kids’ rugs. Beach themed rugs work perfectly for kids’ den and bedroom floors. They love the cool ocean colors, navy ships, sparkling sea glass, and multi-colored coral reefs. Nautical themed rugs are perfect for homes in hotter regions. They gave a cool, breezy vibe in the hot, prickly weather. You can buy modern kids’ rugs online at RugKnots and get your hands on some of our best nautical themed rugs!

8.      Flower Rugs

Kids, especially girls, are huge fans of flower-patterned and flower-shaped rugs. They love seeing the vibrant flowery shaded rugs in their rooms. Inspired by nature, flower kids’ rugs will make an attractive addition to your kids’ room. The soft and comfortable flower rugs will give a touch of warmth and liveliness to the kids’ room and make the room look bright and glowing. If you want to go for a sleek, modern touch, you can buy flower rugs in monochromatic shades to match the color scheme of your kids’ bedroom. This will keep the modern kids’ rug from looking too gaudy in contemporary home décor.


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Where Can I Buy Cheap Kids’ Rugs?

RugKnots clearance sale season is the perfect occasion to buy modern kids’ rugs for sale. You can buy from our collection of soft and comfortable nautical, geometric, and abstract modern kids’ rugs. You can choose between various rug sizes, color palettes, and material. The perfect rug material for kids is wool. It is naturally flame and stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and extremely durable.

Check out this video below for a flame test!

You can also shop for porcelain area rugs at our store to add a touch of class and elegance to your kids’ bedroom. Solid blues, pinks, and yellows will be the perfect porcelain area rug colors for a newly decorated nursery.


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How to Clean a Kids’ Rug?

Regular spot cleaning and vacuuming are necessary if you have a rug in your kids’ bedroom. Kids spill all kinds of things on their rugs, and you will have to clean them regularly. Spillage is one of the many reasons why we believe washable rugs are the best for kids’ space. If you can easily machine wash a rug and have it clean and dry almost instantly, nothing could be more convenient for a parent with toddlers. You can send it over to a professional cleaning service for thorough and deep cleaning of the rug every few months. You must remember that kids have sensitive skin and a still-developing immune system. So, it is essential that you prioritize professional cleaning and disinfecting of their rugs every few months. If you want to do the tough cleaning at home, you must buy EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning solutions to disinfect the rug thoroughly.


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Should I Buy a Rug Pad for My Kids’ Rug?

Yes, you definitely should. As far as rugs pads go, there should be no compromises. If you have toddlers and pets at home, a good non-slip pad is a must-have. Get a high-quality rug pad to place under your modern kids’ rugs. The rug pad will keep your kids from skidding and protect the floors, too. You need your kids and pets to be safe from all skidding and slipping incidents, and that is where a quality rug pad will come in handy. On the other hand, if you have a hand-knotted, heavy wool rug, it will very likely hold itself well on the flooring. So, it is not necessary to put a rug pad underneath a heavy, hand-knotted wool rug.

Learn more in this video with Naheed Mir!

At RugKnots, we believe in helping you have a fun and comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your kids. You can buy modern kids’ rugs online on our website or check-in with us at the store to get your hands on some of the finest modern rugs for kids.ative read for you. Until next time!


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